AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-I777!

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For this week, check out AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

This is the Build 1, which means it’s supposed to be pretty stable. I found everything working except camera but you can download Camera ICS app from the Play Store and camera works just fine.

Try it out and let me know what you think of the new AOKP Jelly Bean ROM!


Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777
Download Gapps

Credits – XDA

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91 Responses

  1. ncr says:

    can i install this AOKP jeltbean rom on my sgh-i777 as 2nd rom ? i have siyah kernel installed.
    Also, does google wallet work on this?

  2. eric says:

    Does this have Google now?

  3. Justin says:

    Where did you find this ROM I’ve looked all over the Internet for it but I can’t find it.

  4. markbc says:

    This Rom is fantastic.
    Eight hours of steady use and it still runs like a fine-tuned rom!

    If it’s like this tomorrow I WILL make it my daily driver.
    Everything works (even camera and Google now!) So far absolutely zero hiccups or issues… I hope it continues to deliver.. and I can’t wait for ver. 2 πŸ™‚

    Did not see this on xda… maybe I need to look at aokp site..

    Regardless, this works a bit more smoothly than the nexus JB Rom..

    Try it I think you’ll like it too!!

  5. ncr says:

    i have installed this rom in my sgh-i777 as 2nd rom with siyah kernel. after i reboot with secondary rom.. all i see is the aokp animation and frozen. Can you please help?

    • sreeves74 says:

      You cant use a ICS Rom with a JB rom.

      • ncr says:

        thank you! is there any latest siyah kernel that allows to run bth ics and jb roms? as primary and secondary? I see the latest 4.1.1 siyah do support.. but do not know if that works with my sgh-i777.

  6. marcusmichelsen says:

    hey all where is a link to this rom for the gti9100????? max mentioned it but i didnt find any info on a link i went on xda found something close but?????? thanks

  7. Eric says:

    Okay, so I used this rom for a week, and while I was excited to be on jb, I had to go back to the aokp rom. Jb just isn’t right without butter, meaning it is very laggy. Voice search is cool, but that’s really all. Apps tend to crash often as well.

  8. Kurt says:

    Same here…stuck on boot animation…I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I just noticed that the title of this post is for ATT S2, but at the bottom of the page it says these roms are only for Verizon phones….smh

  9. Kurt says:

    How can you NOT be responsible for bricking my phone when you have ATT at the top of the page and Verizon at the bottom???

    • markbc says:

      I understand how you feel frustrated –I’ve been there too!

      But I have the AT&T SGH-I777 and I flashed and used this ROM, which is bit better than the Nexus JB ROM for our phone. So I don’t think this is a Vz Rom.

      It installed nicely for me (unlike another new JB ROM for our phone that I have tried to install 2x in the past two days. It keeps giving me an install error that others seem to have overcome, but which I am not familiar –so I still need to do some research on XDA site for that ;-(

      Not this one –this AOKP ROM is very nice and works well on my (our?) AT&T SGH-I777. Also, I did not see the Verizon logo, but fortunately, the ROM worked. Had it not worked, however…well… that’s what they invented nano backup for πŸ˜‰

      It may not be a popular opinion, but my personal view is if I (or anyone) takes the steps to root and flash other roms, its my risk, not the fellow who is offering me the home-made or developer’s ROM. I should be careful. No one forces me to take the risks associated with flashing ROMs.

      I know there are bad roms out there -I have flashed a few ;-( I suspect the people who write them mean well, but get it wrong. Most of the time I have been able to recover (thanks nano backup;-) but once I flashed a ROM that damaged my phone to the point that I needed to return it.

      But I still felt that it was my risk and my choice since I stepped outside the phone company’s protective envelope and took the risks of the net to make my phone better. (It was some weeks before I dared to root-and flash again πŸ˜‰ I’ve probably tried to put about a dozen different ROM on my Galaxy S2 i-777 phone so far. For me the results have been that about 2/3 of them worked and only about three of them are really good enough to use or depend upon on a daily basis.

      Max’s does a great job of showing us options and keeping us informed what is emerging.

      But if my phone breaks because I used or misused something that Max put out, it was my choice, not his and it’s my responsibility not his. That’s why I try to get the XDA or Cyanogen or other sites that have the ROMs he offers –to check and see feedback and reactions and tips beyond what he puts out here.

      You may not agree, but that’s my two cents πŸ˜‰

      • markbc says:

        SORRY, CUT OFF Before adding my advice
        In my (limited) experience, when flashing and stuck on startup logo it sometimes is from not doing a full factory reset first. Errors after flashing with Apps FC is usually from not clearing the cache or Dalvik.
        So the best I could recommend is to a) do a complete factory reset, b) clear the cache andc) clear the Dalvik catche and then reflash the ROM (twice in a row –the old cyanogen mod versions for our phone sometimes needed this, most roms don’t but I do that just to be sure). And don’t forget to install/flash the JB gaaps before restarting
        good luck!

        • markbc says:

          oops one more suggestion -you probably already did this, but to pull the battery and restart. This sometimes helps when stuck in boot up after flashing. . . .

  10. roberto esqueda says:

    just flash this room is cool but i can not get in to my internal memory and external memory did i did something wrog

  11. Ed says:

    Installed yesterday on duel boot as primary. Works great no problems. Also picked up my apps from mystic glory which is my secondary rom. Some apps naturally don’t work looking for different kernel.

  12. julio cΓ©sar says:

    The person on the other side does not hear my voice when I talk to her, does not call

  13. Juliano says:

    Just installed it and noticed a few bugs: 1-The lock screen when set to pattern will make the custom carrier label show only the half top like it doesn’t fit in the screen.2-The nice lock screen animation when we push the power button to lock, will only randomly work. 3-Can’t connect to the computer! simply doesn’t recognize the connection(with or without USB debugging selected). 4-Not a bug I guess but the nice long press back button to kill apps and many other nice customizations from ICS AOPK are missing on Jelly bean.

  14. josh says:

    What is the purple fedora hat in the top menu all about?

  15. LD says:

    I’ve tried 2 AOKP roms on my i777, Both have the auto-brightness all over the map. It seems very inconsistent. Its too dim in bright light, and fluctuates too much in low light.

    This rom ate my battery in 5 hours with not much use.

    Also the bluetooth wont connect saying “invalid passcode” I’m not sure if maybe there is somewhere I can give it a different passcode but I’ve never run in to that in any other rom.

    Its a shame I was looking forward to getting JB on my phone but back to Serendipity 9 for me.

  16. John B Goode says:

    Does anyone know if this supports MHL, namely HDMI out?

  17. Roberto Nuno says:

    Is there a step by step walk through available to install this?

    • markbc says:

      Like all other ROMS
      #1. do a Tintanium Backup of all APPs (not system files or system data)
      #2. download this ROM and download the JB GAAPS
      #3. re-boot into recovery
      #4. do factory reset
      #5. do clear cache
      #6. do clear Dalvik cache (found on advanced menu in some CM versions)
      #7. chose the install /flash file menu
      #8. find and flash/install the rom
      #9. repeat step #8 exactly -just to be sure
      #10. chose the install/ flash menu for GAAPs
      #11. find and flash / install gaaps
      #12. reboot the phone
      #13. log into Google
      #14. your phone may recover all programs from Google if you chose that before if not
      #15. download and install Titanium Backup and then restore all missing apps with data (NOT NOT
      anything system -do not restore system files or system data -that won’t work well).
      that’s how I do it.

      • markbc says:

        OOPs forgot to add:
        if the above leaves you in a boot loop…
        -try removing the battery and restarting
        – if that does not work then boot into recovery (may have to use the old fashioned method of holding volume up and volume down and power at the same time to get into that menu when you restart).
        – then clear all the caches (steps #4,#5,#6 above)
        – the go to backup and restore menu and chose restore
        – chose the last restore
        – let the restore work -perhaps 20 minutes
        – your phone will boot to restore configuration as if nothing happened.
        – figure out what went wrong -to try to flash a different rom.

  18. Devon says:

    2nd release here…

    I will be testing tonight.

  19. mark says:

    Love it… no problems at all… thx!

  20. Juan Silva says:

    i have to uninstall this rom because it gives me a lot of problem, the most significant one was that the play store didn’t work at all

    • Devon says:

      Make sure you have flashed the JB Gapps.

    • Gerry Madrigal says:

      You need to make sure you wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition on CWM, before installing this ROM and the GAPPS. I noticed there is a newer siyahkernel which runs much smoother. You may consider upgrading to that kernel after the other two, but the upgrade of the kernel is optional.

  21. Devon says:

    So far so good….BUT
    1) Cannot connect to computer-as mentioned above
    2) After install, went to camera and got an error saying SD Card is running out of space. When I go to “Setting–>Storage” I have the following:

    Internal Storage
    Total Space 1.97 gb
    Available 1.21 gb
    Internal Storage
    Total Space 11.36gb
    SD Card
    Total Space 14.83 gb

    It looks as if I have a partition or something where everything seems to get saved? What is going on??

    • Devon says:

      Also, I am unable to update some apps.. I keep receiving the error “couldn’t install on USB storage or SD Card”

    • Devon says:

      EDIT: The problem was from all the flashing/deleted files, my .Trashes folder had around 12gb of space it was using. Deleted this and problem solved.

  22. Kyle says:

    Hey! I notice you have the white backing for your i777. where did you get that?

  23. ncr says:

    I have installed working fine. But my NFC is not showing up. This not support NFC? NFC works with my old rom.

  24. Lance bray says:

    I downloaded the first build and didn’t have blue tooth audio or nfc. I I downloaded the second build on xda which was 8-28 I think and both work fine.

  25. neo says:

    hey max, how did u manage to get a white back cover on ur i777?

  26. Ronald says:

    Running the rom and for the most part things are great. Only issue is that some apps in the market say “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” Don’t know if there is something I can do to change this?

  27. jerem says:

    this crap is outdated.. doesnt even have camera file on it.

    aokp official thread for i7777.

  28. Joe Puff says:

    I really like AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for my i777! I installed the latest build 8.30.2012. It has everything working. Bluetooth, the camera, even HDMI out! In my opinion It’s almost finished.
    One problem though… Battery life! OMG the battery life stinks. I even switched out the kernel for Siyah. They have an AOKP version of Siyah for this ROM and it works with the ExTweeks app too.
    I tweeked and tweeked my settings. I turned the CPU voltage down as far as I could and I turned the GPU voltage down too. That didn’t help so I underclocked my proc from 1200mhz to 1000mhz. Still stinks.

    My phone is on a 2 amp charger all night, as long as the screen is off the phone will charge… eventually anyway. In the morning I’ll leave the phone plugged in and I’ll start checking email and stuff. Regardless of it being plugged in during this time, the battery will drain to 50% with in 20 mins. With my previous ROM (which was UnNamed ROM) the battery would stay charged for the most part and I could use the phone while plugged into the charger for hours at a time.
    I’ve resorted to Turning off the Nova desktop. Removing my live wall paper, removing all wigets from the desktop, and even turning off the data connection when I’m not using the phone.
    Even with all the above, with the screen off and locked in my pocket with the data turned off, the phone will heat up as it drains the battery. The battery will be completely dead within an hour or two. The phone will be warm to the touch. If I use it and the screen comes on, or if I make a call, the phone warms up faster and hotter than normal in my hands.
    Any ideas? If I can’t get this fixed I’ll have to install a different ROM.

    Thank you for setting up your youtube channel for us. I watch it all the time. Without you the process of upgrading ROMs would be painful. I’m glad you try them out for us and I always take your advice for the best ROMs.

    • Joe Puff says:

      Update… Installing the the Siyah kernel adds a custom version of Clockwork Mod Recovery. I booted into CMR and found ‘custom kernel’ settings. I changed the settings from ‘Default’ to ‘Battery optimized’. This isn’t give you over the top battery life, but it does help a lot and makes this ROM act similarly to other ROMs. If you use this ROM, installing Siyah for AOKP Jellybeen and changing this setting is a MUST; or your battery life will stink.

      Also, I tested HDMI output and it has many many many problems. DON’T USE HDMI OUT, EVEN FOR TESTING. I just doesn’t work and will mess up some of your screen settings until you reboot your phone. I’m sure AOKP will continue to polish this ROM and after reading their thread HDMI has already been addressed and will be included in the next build release.

      This is still the best Jellybean ROM for the i777 by far! Not just stock Jellybean, it’s way more than that and all features that matter are all working. This is my new daily driver! Bluetooth works, the camera works, AOKP custom ROM features work, and they are adding more features from AOKP all the time.

      • Devon says:

        I just flashed the newer 9/4 update last night (came from 8/30). I honestly had great battery life even with 8/30. Still excellent with 9/4 and didn’t even have to change the settings in CWM. Also, I am not using the Inverted Gapps…I’ve heard that saves a lot of battery as well.

        • AtheistLoveChristmas says:

          Where are you finding nightlies/updates? I can’t find our specific phone model on their site. Are u flashing the Verizon variant?

          • Joe Puff says:

            Your best bet for builds for your phone are to go to XDA and search under your phone model:

            From what I can tell AOKP only builds for the i777 but I’m not for sure.
            Here is where I am getting the nightly builds but they are ONLY FOR THE i777 from at&t:

            This is a link to a jellybean build from AOKP that he ported over from the i9100 to the at&t i777:
            I haven’t tried this one yet.

            • Joe Puff says:

              OOPS, the first link to search XDA for your phone model should actually be:


            • markbc says:

              Thank you @Joe Puff
              These are great links. But it seems to me that links one and two are both to the Task/ Ktoonsez JB rom –a great rom, and wickedly fast; but it also was a bit of a battery eater and kind of had some occasional camera issues (like suddenly taking multple pix at once when not expected!). I say that but note that the 9/20 update (& task is famous for updating his roms about once every 10 seconds πŸ˜‰ seems to have attacked the battery issue and the camera issue too! Overall it is a superior rom and exceedingly well cared for by Task & Ktoonsez.

              I thought the third link was really the original link for the rom that Max posted in the original post (OP) for this thread. It is a very solid rom by mlaws90 and seems a bit more mellow (read stable) but also less full featured than Task’s.
              I liked it as well, although I did feel a bit frustrated looking around for all those Task/Ktoonsez extras that seemed to be missing.

              As to the question by @AtheistLoveChristmas, well, we can’t use any other variant or rom except those that are specifically ported or hell-raised back into our SGH-i777 model.
              Still these are great links and give a good start to any who want to work in the JB world with our amazing and super Galaxy S2 (sgh-i7777)

      • Joe Puff says:

        UPDATE TO MY UPDATE! 9/11/2012
        Happy freedom day everyone

        I found that the app ‘1weather’ may have been draining my battery. There was an update yesterday to fix this. To be safe I uninstalled it completely and may add it back later.

  29. mike says:

    Too many flaws, its a real looking rom but some apps freezes. Remove and went bak to Super nexus been running solid for weeks now.

    • Joe Puff says:

      I’m running AOKP Jellybean 9.8.2012 and I’m loving it! Once or twice a week he releases a new nightly. Each one is solid. He keeps adding features. Soon AOKP 4.1 will be just as solid as AOKP 4.0 ICS! He’s almost there. I’m not having stability issues anymore. I’m going to stick it out with this variant for a while. I just love the extra features and all the extra customization in ROM control.

      • Devon says:

        The 9/11 build is awesome. Fixes a lot of flaws that 9/8 had. I went from 9/4 to 9/8 then back to 9/4 because of the flaws, now running 9/11 with Fluxi XX kernel and no problems whatsoever

  30. Brandon says:

    does anyone else know any keyboard lag, particularly with swiftkey 3, when typing somewhat fast? maybe I simply type too fast but I do notice some latency in contrast to the stock roms

  31. Taipan says:

    How do you use Odin to install this rom?

  32. Markus says:

    This is the best ROM I have seen. It’s stable, fast, responsive with lots of features. Battery life initially was meek at first but is fixed since update 9/14. Even includes OTA updates from the nightlies now. Great job AOKP

    • Markbc says:

      one question –have you been able to use flash in a browser (Dolphin is the one I use and when using this rom I had a problem getting flash to work -perhaps it’s the browser, but I thought I read a comment stating that JB does not support flash. . . I was using the older version of this ROM and really liked it (and yeah, battery life was not so hot). But now I am going to try the 9/14 build! Thanks for tip!

      • Joe Puff says:

        Adobe Flash will never officially work with JB. Dolphin browser has disabled flash permanently when you install it to a JB ROM.
        You can install the ICS version off flash from Adobe’s website; then you will have to use the stock browser that came with your JB ROM since Dolphin and Chrome both disable flash.

        • markbc says:

          Thank you @Joe Puff
          I thought as much! But I did not have the fix!

          I also have a kindle fire and had it running JB too, (KF is great when you use either ICS (CM9) or JB –as long as you don’t need video phone calls!)
          Anyway, I had to step back to ICS because I often watch Amazon instant videos on the KF, and I could not get the JB version of Dolphin to load the right flash no matter what I did. Your advice will help me with this and it also gives me the reason why I could never get dolphin to figure it out!
          Thank you! πŸ˜‰

    • Joe Puff says:

      I can’t get OTA updates to work. Have you yet? I still have to install manually.

  33. Ronald says:

    Stopped using this ROM because I couldn’t connect to computer (for music etc.). To anyone who is using a more recent build, do you have issues connecting to a computer?

    • Joe Puff says:

      No, there have been absolutely no issues connecting with a PC. I’ve been using this ROM since the beginning. I’m up to 9.20 now. Love it!

  34. Joe Puff says:

    This ROM is really shaping up!
    Battery life issue is a thing of the past. I recommend swapping the Kernel for Siyah 4.1.4:
    This has way more options for processor throttling. You will easily be able to keep your proc running at 200mhz when you aren’t using it, then it will automatically increase as you need it. I can use the stock battery for 24 hours with light use with this ROM/Kernel combo!
    Once you swap out the Kernel don’t forget to get the Free app that controls it! ExTweaks:

    This is shaping up to be the best JB ROM so far!
    Thanks AOKP!

  35. Joe Puff says:

    Don’t do what I did. Don’t install NQ Mobile security and antivirus! It will kill your battery in just a few hours and will make your phone run hot!

  36. erik says:

    should i be using the nova launcher or no?

  37. Rednine says:

    I tried this out but I could not access my SD card! Isn’t there a nice rom that doesn’t have all these hickups? I’ma noob just rooted last weekend and this was my first crack at it. Any suggestions? I love ics is there a step up?

  38. bigdaddy says:

    rooted my at&t s2 on GB.. installed ROM and its stuck on the boot animation. anyway to fix this?

  39. kelly says:

    i Had to unistall it πŸ™ because the battery life was terrible in my phone it would drain in 6 hours without me using it. and it would froze and wont do anything. i really liked it, but it didnt worked in my phone

    • Joe Puff says:

      Go to the credits above, click on the link to XDA. Download the latest build. The battery issue was fixed a long time ago. This is a really good ROM my friend. One of the best for the I777.
      Try it with the Siyah kernel too. Makes it even better!

      • markbc says:

        Good advice!
        Also please consider that whenever you flash a new rom it does need to “settle” as the term of art goes.

        It is typical that a newly-flashed ROM will have shorter battery life for several cycles,

        Wait until you have used and recharged the phone for a couple of days and then check the full-to-empty life again. It will be a more realistic figure for the rom.

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