CM9 ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 with On Screen Buttons!

For this week, I am still on CM9 ICS ROM for my AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. I’ve updated to the latest nightly with on-screen buttons so you will have the ability to use the home button. There’s couple other ICS ROMs available at the moment but I believe CM9 ICS ROM is still the best so if you want ICS on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, I advise you to stay/install CM9.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

*Note – To flash the on-screen buttons you must at least boot once to your ROM after installing then re-install on-screen buttons with CWM.

Installation video:

Download ROM:

Download CM9 ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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49 Responses

  1. Anson Shurr says:

    I would strongly advise i-777 users to flash this ROM. Yes, it will work, but due to Samsung not releasing a kernel for the i-777 (its different than the international kernel), call audio will not work. I understand this oversight, as it is obvousally not the site owner’s main phone, but constructively, not raging in the slightest: testing call related functions is a much needed part of your testing process.

    • Anson Shurr says:

      I meant to say: DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM.
      Sorry, something about the commenting system.

    • Marcus Reid says:

      BS. I’ve been using it for weeks and call audio works fine.

    • Steve says:

      you are wrong. Way wrong.

      I’ve been using this ROM since the first build (before the onscreen buttons) on my daily phone and the only issue I have ever had was with the buttons. Everything else including call audio works just fine.

  2. William Stapp says:

    I installed and the main rom install after reboot it did not ask me to setup gmail like a new phone it just says click here for apps and shows a little tutorial. Any I reboot and install the buttons and then reboot again and it works. I just can not figure out how to get into Android Market at all. I can go the website but it will not download in apps. and there is no Android Market any where on the phone. There is Super User but no market. THanks for any help. I have tryed it twice.

    • Kyle Gifford says:

      To get your phone to sync with google and to get the market (now called Google Play) you need to install the most recent A quick google search should turn it up on xda’s website.

  3. William Stapp says:

    Just figured out I had to Install gooogle apps working great now. awesome build keep up the good work.

  4. Adam says:

    DO NOT LOAD THIS ROM ! ! ! Unfortunately there are too many serious problems with ROM’s downloaded from this web site. My other major problem is the author responds to troubleshooting issues he can fix but doesn’t even respond to the ones he knows nothing about. Not a good way to run a web site of this nature. Until you get more technically savvy people on-board I would highly recommend not downloading anything from here.


    Sorry, but it’d the truth. All you have to do is read any comment string and see for yourself.

    • markbc says:

      Hi Adam,
      Your post on this new ROM is right on the bug issues. But this is a CM9 ROM from CyanogenMod and it is still a work in progress. Unfortunately, there are more than a handful of different developers working on this ROM (part time since this is fun not paid work) and they all are bumping into a lack of code for certain parts of the phone. So the issues that are not working are hard issues and they won’t be fixed with a tweak or two. Moreover, most of the bug areas are well documented already.

      For example, the USB-to-PC issue, the can’t-see-SD issue, the back button /search button-does-not-work issue (for hard buttons), the screen-turns-on-when-sleeping issue, and the high-battery burn rate issue, are all known. MAX posted this ROM, but he is not the developer for this one; but even the developer(s) for this ROM, who originally posted it on XDA, can’t solve these issues right now. At least quickly. The solutions are hard for these elements and they likely will be fixed one at a time or all at once by the dev’s overtime.

      Why post and why use these ROMS when they have these “bugs”? Well, the ROM still gives us a chance to use and experiment with real ICE on our AT&T SGS2. Don’t think we will use it as the full time ROM for more than a couple of days, or at least if this phone is our main one (like it is for me).

      But getting to know ICE in advance of the Samsung/AT&T update is valuable and helps me to understand the commotion about ICE. About 80% of ICE is working well on this ROM for my phone and that 80% is interesting to try and use and get familiar with now. (I discovered that I love ICE and can’t wait for the final/ fully cooked version!)

      So, you make a good point that we all have to be careful on downloading ROMs and also to temper our expectations for support.

      But most folks here will figure out that the heavy lifting for the ROM deveopment comes out on the XDA site and for CM ROMS, it is both XDA and CyanogenMod’s site (although for a while the AT&T SGS2 site on CyangoenMod was kind of depressing ;-(

      Why come here? well, MAX provides a centralized easy to access great heads-up on developments for our phone (and other stuff too!). His links are pretty good (but the UnNamed ROM link is for an old version -great for battery, not great for features;-) .

      However, I am not sure that we can view this site as a customer support desk with MAX on the hook for serious ROM support for us simply because he posts a link for it.

      I have tried some questions here (like when I bricked my SGS2 one afternoon for a few hours. whew! glad that’s over), and most of the replies to postings are from readers like us. Some are helpful, some less so. That’s kind of what I expect on this site, and I’ll keep monitoring it for newer or improved ROMs and the other stuff as well.

      Your comments help me confirm what I know about the ROM as well. The more input we get the more we understand the ROM and know that we are not doing something wrong -it’s just the build or version!


      Hope this helps!

  5. Requiem says:

    When I lock the phone, the screen would wake itself up in 2 or 3 minutes. And I can’t connect it to my PC now, the MTU driver can’t be installed.

  6. Requiem says:

    Seems like someting is hiting the task switch button.

  7. Markbc says:

    Hi Requiem:
    – CM9 ROMs for this model all have that “wakes itself up by itself” problem –CyanogenMod dev’s should be able to crack that sometime, but meantime it is a battery waster!
    – The inability to connect with USB to the PC is another one of those work-in-progress aspects of this ROM. However, there *is* a work around for this to connect to your PC; and that is to is to use the free app called “AIRDROID” (find it in the Android market/”play”). It uses a wireless network API to transfer all types of files between the phone and the computer. I have used it with this ROM and it was pretty good.
    – Sorry, don’t know about anything about hitting a task swithing button –so I can’t help with that ;-(
    hope this helps!

  8. paul says:

    Hey guys is there a version of this or any stock ICS for an SGH-I727 Galaxy s2? Or will this one work for that phone too?
    Thanks guys 🙂

    • markbc says:

      have not seen an ICE for SGH-I727 (yet), I don’t think this ROM will work well on the I727 ;-(

      • zack says:

        is this only a update or is this a full rom it has a small file size and the name has update in it.. .. could some one let me know if in coming from a different rom will this work i can’t find the full file if this isn’t it let me know asap i want to try ics but i don’t like my desserts giving me brain freeze.. …ha…. oh yes not funny but i need a answer please and thank you

        • markbc says:

          This is a full ROM –but it is an update of the only other CyangenMod9 (ICE) ROM for our AT&T model. This version included on screen buttons, that the earlier version does not include.

          (The other, older version is posted in MAX’ds website under the heading ICE ROM for AT&T I777 CM9 below (earlier) than this thread. Both are the same ROM but the newer one has some add ons like the buttons –that’s why it is called an update. (All the CM9 issues remain however, those are still not fixed until CM gets the ICE code for those parts/functions.

          So IF you are coming in from another ROM (like the thoroughly excellent UnNamed!) you can flash this ROM, but need to clear the cache, clear the dalvik cache and also clear all phone data, reset. (This won’t affect root at all, but will wipe all your data -except that on the SD Card(s)).
          hope this helps!

  9. Markbc says:

    H Paul:
    The Skyrocket is different enough from the AT&T SGH-i777 that if you do try to flash an i777 ROM the results may not be good.

    Even the different flavors of the “straight old Galaxy S2” can’t use the same ROMS (So I am waiting for the official ICE ROM, while the i9000 SGS2 ROM is already out there ;-(

    (Good news is that if you read the XDA threads for the Skyrocket –there are some pretty good procedures on how to unbrick your phone if you do flash the ROM and it does not work!)

    Below is a link to your phone’s XDA developer’s forum and it has listings for many ROMS. A couple say “ICE” but they really are only Gingerbread with ICE themes –maybe you’ve already seen all this -and if so sorry ;-( [but That Skyrocket XDA page is pretty good actually! ] (menu of all choices) (InSaiyanone’s “all in one” thread)

  10. ScorpionHD says:

    Max have you tried replacingthe boot animation from the XDA thread? I cant seem to make mine work. I follow the steps to place the file in system/media folder but it doesnt work.

    • Melissa says:

      Download the you want. Place that on your SD card. Use Root Explorer to copy/paste the you want (located on your SD card) into your system/media folder. There should be one already in there, so it will ask if you want to overwrite it. Hit yes. If it says you cannot paste in that folder. Hit the box on the top right that says ‘Mount R/W’ and hit Paste.

      Hope this helps lol I know you said you did it, but it works for me.. :/

  11. UC says:

    Samsung Galaxy S II I777 (AT&T Version) Android Version 2.3.6 Kernel Version (don´t know what it is but sharing for reference)

    Need help here, this is my very first time rooting a phone, there is so much information and so many versions I got lost. please help.

    I look for some videos on youtube but guys start working without showing where to get those programs to work with the phone, they mention “I´ll be uploading links to get it” but nothing. I believe the name of the program was “Odin” not sure.

    I believe this phone is unlocked, but I need to root it to make some changes. for instance I can´t share internet with my cell phone it keeps poping up a message of “Movil data is unabailave or invalid SIM” but I can make and recieve calls, can browse internet in the phone. I´m also having problems to send SMS´s, I recieve them but can´t send them.

    Appreciate the help. **English is not my primary lenguage but I try my best.

  12. flanarybm says:

    I just went through this process and can’t seem to sync to more than just google mail. I use google contacts so my contact info is all uploaded there. Also, it seems that none of my apps or information is still here. If that’s not possible with cm9, I have backed up to both the PC and in ModRecovery, so I’m alright. Is there a way to regain this information and sync with Google services?

    • markbc says:

      when you flash the ROM, remember to also flash the file for goolge apps since CM9 does not include them. It seems that you’ve done that since you have gmail (and market/google play?). When you load a new ROM you will often have to reinstall your apps –sometimes google backup reloads some of the apps but it seemed hit or miss for me and I wound up reloading my apps with this ROM. Most work well but some are not ICS friendly.

      One recommendation –if you want to restore your apps from a backup -like from your PC, restore the app but not the data (if possilbe) since some apps have data files that are written in a way that will cause the app to crash in the new operatiing system –good luck

  13. Clif says:

    Installled the CM9 ROM nightly 20120314 and love it. I can deal with most of the issues except the no call volume. Is there a fix out for this yet. Please email if anyone knows how to fix this issue.

  14. Clif says:

    I figured it out.

    • Vin says:

      How did you get the call volume fixed. I think the calls are connecting but cant hear anything on my end.

      Thanks for you help.

      • Melissa says:

        @Vinn Try redownloading the zip and reflashing. Could have been a corrupt file or something. I’ve been using this ROM since it’s first release and have had no problems with the call volume, but I have seen some people on the XDA forums have had this issue. :/ Hope you get it working

  15. zack says:

    i want to update to thi s rom but it appears to only be a update is this the full rom if so why does it say update. .. I’ve had difficulties in the past essentially having to re root since i have no pc of my own this is a huge hastle if any one could let me know i would greatly appreciate it thank you

    • markbc says:

      Zack: See my post reply to you above.
      Also, if you are doing this without a PC that is not too bad, but I would do two things.
      #1. create a recovery back up of your present ROM –so if/when things go south, you can just
      bail out and go to recovery and reset –just like you never did anything! I did this when I tried
      each of these ROMs, and then when I needed simple/stable/old, just went back via recovery to
      my tried and true UnNamed ROM set up.
      #2. remember to do two things a) wipe ALL data and caches (well the battery data does not matter) and load the CM ROM twice –just wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, wipe all user data /reset, THEN flash the CM rom –and after it settles and you are still at the recovery prompt -re-flash the rom again (no need to wipe anything). OK now for b) You’ve flashed the ROM twice, but STILL stay in the recovery and flash GAAPs for ICE as well. CM9 –all CM ROMS– need to flash the Google apps separately so they build a gapps package to do that –the ROM works without it, but you’ll see that without things like Google PLay, mail, music and stuff it is a weird experience.

      Finally not having a pc is no big deal -if you can get to the links and DL the files to your phone directly –lately that is what I am doing so it saves the hassle of connecting (not a big deal, but since I work mostly on my Mac, it is easier just to use the phone and get the files directly. ).

      Hope this helps

  16. Steve says:

    A quick FYI for those following the various builds of this.

    The latest nightly build – 3-18-12 break 4G. Previous builds work great though.

    • markbc says:

      thanks I was going to try that build, but I may wait now!

      • markbc says:

        I am using the 3-14-12 build since the on screen buttons work (you can add a patch for an on screen back, home and recently used apps buttons just above the phone row and it works great). I also downloaded a file from the thread that fixes the USB to PC issue. Basically you install this app (UMS1.0.apk) and it reconnects the USB function. Run it once and then next time there is no need. REally great, I also added a GPS fix, but my GPS was running ok anyway.
        So now with the 3-14-12 version I have everything going except the occasional self-wake up from sleep and the movie camera. (The panorama camera works very well, by the way).
        The battery life won’t be as good as my UnNamed, I am sure, but the full-feel of Android 4 ICS is very nice –including the recall button for recently used apps and the ability to shut them by swiping them away from that menu.
        If I can upload it here is a screenshot with the latest button menus active . . . .

  17. Kenny says:

    Can this rom use in T989?

    • markbc says:

      ROMs are really machine-specific and although on some phones the same MOD can be made to work on two similar models, for this CM9 version I think it will only run well on the SGH-I777 (AT&T SGS2) ;-(
      If you try it –please let us know (but I would not recommend flashing this rom on that version phone)

  18. sgs2 says:

    Did anyone fix the call volume issue? I need it fixed bad. Can someone please tell me how do you fix this volume issue?

    • markbc says:

      I think the XDA post for this rom had some discussion on this –and I thought one dev said he did (or would) put in a patch that would allieviate that issue. However, while I was running this ROM I had no problem with call volume, but I think I read that some others did. DId you try reflashing?

  19. Ricky says:

    Hello!, this ROM works well with Zedomax OC Kernel?

  20. Mohammad says:

    I’ve had this rom for a few weeks now, its excellent. The only problem I’m having is the YouTube app. Video looks very poor quality, like from a camcorder to a tv with the green lines in it and what not. Built in video player is the same, but one from the market fixes it, still need to fix YouTube though. Anyone come across anything for it?

    • markbc says:

      YouTube works well on my phone, strange. I did see some posting on the XDA thread that had a “YouTube fix” zip file, but did not take it. Check the thread there for this ROM and if you can’t find it the thread let me know.

  21. Paul Scibilio says:

    Masterpiece…..Great job. Thanks.

  22. ssconceptz says:

    seems a bit redundant that you would have to flash a CWM addon to enable the on screen buttons when you can simply decompile the framework-res.apk and go into bools.xml and enable it there.


  23. Dylon says:

    I’m stuck on the load up screen, or is it supposed to take longer than 15 minutes?

    • Dylon says:

      Alright, now it wont load google services when I first load up. So I cant add gmail, for my contacts or anything?

      • markbc says:

        sounds like the ROM may not have flashed well. I would go back to recovery and reflash the ROM -install from zip file, twice in a row without doing anything else. That is flash and after it says “done” and is waiting (still in recovery) then flash again. When that is finished and you are in Recovery still –make sure you flash gaaps for ICS as well –to get all the basic google apps. So reinstall/reflash the ROM (x2) and then reinstall/reflash gaaps one time. and maybe that will make it work! good luck!

  24. Steve says:

    This is still the best ICS ROM avail for the i777. There are ZERO bugs and I use this as my daily use. Ignore the other comments about call audio etc.. that has all been fixed with the latest CM9 build.

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