ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-i777][CM9]

Check out this ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! A CM9 port, this ICS ROM is pretty complete except for minor things like the back button and search button not working. Other quicks include the screen turning off and on randomly during its sleep state but if that doesn’t bother you, you can get “almost” full ICS experience on your AT&T Galaxy S2 with Face Unlock working too. Other than those small issues, everything works including data/wifi/bluetooth/camera.

I know you’ve all been waiting for this so go ahead, download this ROM and try it out yourself, very-usable ICS ROM. And yes, it will only get better and better from this point on.

Download ROM:

Download CM9 ICS ROM

Download GoogleApps

Credits – XDA

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47 Responses

  1. Deon says:

    Where did you get the ROM? Is there a corresponding XDA thread?

  2. Seth Gilliland says:

    USB MTP doesn’t work?

    • Deon says:

      MTP is turned off when your phone is in USB Debug mode. Turn off USB Debugging if you want MTP (Why?!)

      • Markbc says:

        I read this and tried to make a USB connection with my computers, but it did not work! Strange. My prior phones (and this one using stock & UnNamed ROMs) showed up as drives on both my MAC and PC. Tried switching debugging mode both ways, still no joy. I don’t recall having “MTP” or PTP options to connect before ;-(

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve been running this rom for a day now. Its awesome! Everything except for the search, back and home keys work. The home key acts as back while the other two do nothing. Hopefully I can figure that out or someone will before I do.

  4. Cal says:

    This is nothing more than the CM9 port for the international version on the AT&T Galaxy S2. Calls will not work onm this version, and if you flash back to stop they will not work. Do not download this.

    • Deon says:

      Of course it’s a CM9 port of the international version, didn’t expect it to be anything less. But what do you mean calls will not work? The dialer doesn’t place outbound calls? “Flash back to stop they will not work” ? What do you mean?

  5. Romeo says:

    This rom is functional but not practical. I know it’s still in beta but I cannot access the market, titanium backup, my files etc.

    • Melissa says:

      I’m having the same problem…… I thought I did something wrong lol because in the video, he has Market and Titanium Backup, maybe even a couple other apps.

  6. A Concerned Man says:

    What the heck are you people saying?! This is an amazing rom, if you FULLY install it. Which means installing the ,kernel,GPS fix, gapps, face unlock, and finally on screen hardware keys. I have better call quality, and excellent

  7. Melissa says:

    I FINALLY figured it out. Max, I am disappointed you didn’t point out the fact we would need to flash Gapps for Android 4.0 for CM9. I had no idea wtf Gapps was… with a little bit of research, for those who are as confused as I was, you need Gapps in order to have Market and other Google apps. For those who want this, check out the XDA forum. This ROM is on there. Read the whole thread lol

  8. Markbc says:


    This is a great ROM to “go to school” on the actual ICE experience.

    I have tried it and spent the better part of two days trying absolutely everything from the Face Unlock to the different motifs for the Google Apps.

    Speaking of Google apps, in reading above, it appears that some folks can’t find the Market or Maps or all the Google Apps. That is understandable and normal because this ROM is different from other ROMS like “UnNamed” and some other Samsung based ROMS. Those other ROMS usually come bundled with all the Google applications, but all “CM” ROMs **won’t** include any Google apps!! (I think this is a result of some licensing issues or something between them (Google and CyanogenMod) a while back).

    But this is not a problem! The CM developers and users have packaged most typical Google applications in one file that they can distribute separate from the ROM and still be legal. SO it is super super easy to add those “Google Associated Applications,” by simply downloading and then flashing the “Google Associated Applications Package” (GAAPS).

    For anyone who flashed this ROM and has no Google packages (it seems wierd -I have done that πŸ˜‰ Just web browse back to the download site where you got the CM9 ROM, and then look lower on the same page for the GAAPS file.

    You should download Gapps file while you are downloading the CM ROM and you should install GAAPS while you are still in recovery and just AFTER you have “flashed,” but not yet rebooted the new CM9 Rom yet. (sounds complex, but it is really simple -just download gaaps after you DL the CM9 ROM and then flash GAAPS after you have flashed CM9 (twice?) (look for a link that mentions “gaap-ice-20120215-signed.zip.”

    OK, Don’t unzip the file -just download it gaaps to your SD disk next to the new ROM zip and then use recovery to install it. Then you can reboot after flashing gaaps and once again have everything.

    As to the ROM I do like it. It is fast, very snappy -the phone and camera worked great for me, the sound seemed improved in music and even the voice commands were crisper -on the same phone! Also the face unlock is a lot of fun.

    It took me an hour or two to catch on to how things are laid out, but after that customization is really quick and flexible.

    I am not sure if the battery is any better than UnNAmed, however.

    Practically everything worked. I tried almost all my applications, most were perfect, but I could NOT get the app “Seal” to lock or protect the couple of data base files and mail program that I had it protecting in UnNamed (Android 2.36),

    Also, the “Weatherbug” widget is sticky about switching locations when setting up multiple weather bug widgets. Finally, “Endomondo” sometimes crashes when changing menus, very strange since it works pretty well overall during my workouts, -but it did have the occasional crash (forced close) while switching from any menu to another.

    The GPS works well for me (I was worried since it took a bit of time to lock on the first time. After that all the apps used it well, Wifi management is good and the DATA MANAGEMENT in ICE is very nice. I have use(d) “3G watchdog” in Gingerbread on this phone, and the 3GW is very good program for tracking data usage. The (free) ICE DATA Management function is similar, perhaps a bit more slick, but also missing some little functions of 3GW. Still, in ICE I can control how much DATA I will allow the phone to use (foreground apps and background!) and also I can set it to shut off the 3G at any point or under certain conditions. I also can see how every app uses the 3G. Very nice.

    I have not had the phone turn off or the screen go dark or even go to sleep on me while using it. That was never a problem. On the other hand, I just put the phone down (face up) and I see that it wakes up or “cycles” by itself on the table. I see the screen wake up and the face lock screen pop on and seek to confirm an image to open the phone -when no one is asking. It will then go dark but repeat this about three or four times then stop for a while, maybe 10 or 20 minutes and then do it again. Don’t understand that.

    Finally the lack of “back” button is almost not noticed, and I think Max is correct that since the home menu serves the same function you can actually use this ROM for pretty much all daily activities. It can get a little awkward, but functionally it is not lacking and the searches done within the apps all work perfectly.

    OK That’s my two cents. I will probably clear all the caches and reset and go back to UnNamed as the time for the “real” Samsung ICE ROM approaches, but even if Samsung does not issue an ICE ROM for the ATT SGS2, I think this will easily mature into a great fully operational daily use ROM for the Phone.

    Thanks again Max for pointing out this ROM to me (us!)

  9. Romeo says:

    Thanks everyone for explaining the need for GAPPS.

  10. Markbc says:

    Hi I think Facelock came with the new GAAPs. I did not have it on the CM9 ROm when I first flashed the ROM without gaaps (I forgot too!)

    I found the latest GAAPS -the GAAPS for ICS and flashed that (it is the above version) and suddenly in my security settings, Facelock was an option half way down the screen. However, Facelook either triggers or helps trigger the unwanted wakeups of the phone very frequently. Maybe it is not Facelook that triggers the wake up, but when I disabled Facelock, the phone “slept” quietly on the table for at least the past hour or too.

    AS TO USB to PC! I too have a problem with USB mounting to the PC. It just does not do it. that is why I posted to Deon above about how he made it work. I read in the XDA thread on this ROM that there are two programs that work around it -using some Air sync options , I imagine it is sort of like doubletwist air sync. I am puzzled about that connection issue to a PC (and MAC btw, I tried with both my machines and failed on both.)

    Even with these issues, I think it is important to point out that these problems are not directly an issue of developers not doing a good job in creating or packaging the ROM. I think it is that they can’t get their hands on all the code or parts of the ICE that will work for certain features. So the GPS or the Phone or the Video Camera or the USB to PC controls might not work correctly because the DEVs don’t have the material that Samsung and/or Google have worked for our particular equipment.

    The CM/CyanogenMod team is a freelance group of developers who build roms for a ton of different phones -for free. Their Gingerbread ROMS were terrific for my HTC Aria and my brother’s EVO. Now they are doing the Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs and seem to have the international version of the Galaxy S2 done with limited bugs. The version that Max posted seems to be the best version for our ATT SGH-I777 Galaxy S2 model.

    The XDA Thread on this ROM is more than 60 pages long and it really has grown hotter as the different DEVs play off each other with improvements and suggestions and tweaks -all to make the ATT Galaxy S2 ROM by CyanogenMod work well.

    Samsung & ATT will certainly come out with an ICS ROM for our phone -but if CM cleans up the CM9 ROM by tweaking the little issues that remain, I am certain it will/would be better than the stock/commercial version. Still we have to wait!

    However if I can’t get the USB to PC working I will flash back to my UnNamed 2.21. That is also a super ROM (and it includes gaaps inside of it btw πŸ˜‰

  11. Steve says:

    Wow.. the comments are very sad.

    Lets face it people, if you cannot follow the simple and easy instructions on installing the ROM then perhaps you should get in line with the sheep and buy an iPhone.

    • Markbc says:

      Don’t agree. It’s easy to say that when you’ve done it many times, but even then, I would offer that it’s not really about following instructions.

      I think that it is more about what we *expect* to see in the ROMs bundle(s). Most of the SGS2 ROMS have gaaps already in them, but NONE of the CyanogenMOD (CM) ROMS have gaaps.

      So, unless one is familiar with CM style of ROMs, the first time one flashes a CM ROM, there is likely to be a surprise when the screen settles and there-are-no-Google-basic-apps!. Talk about confused!

      In reading many android fori (forums?) there are tons of threads mentioning so many folks who go through the “CM surprise” that first time. (including me ;-(

      So, don’t look at is as sad, look at it as part of the fun of learning this stuff. πŸ˜‰

      Also CM9 definitely is a work in progress so there WILL be questions — that XDA thread on this very ROM is quite animated on a ton of old and new issues surrounding this ROM –and this one is one of the best ICE ROMS for our phone!

      Besides, Iphones are boring -and MAX has not done a sheep video yet (I think)

  12. Numan Suri says:

    I can’t get the android market(Google play store)
    to work

  13. Markbc says:

    (Thank you Melissa πŸ˜‰

    Numan, I am no expert, and not too sure –but my old icon for Market was still on my phone after teh upgrade, but it simply did not work. There is now a NEW AND DIFFERENT ICON added for the Google play (under g or p -not sure!) so check for that –you may have upgraded to the new play, but still only be looking at the old icon. Also check to ensure that you flashed the right version of gaaps for ICE (should be: “gaap-ice-20120215-signed.zip”).

    One more point about the ROM. Some (and I) have mentioned that the CyanogenMod ICE ROMS don’t seem to work for USB to the PC. Not sure if that is 100% impossible (someone may succeed), but there are many postings on that issue. Today I tried a recommend solution by one of the posters -to use Airdroid and it really really works as a good substitute.

    (Actually I found “Airdroid” when I went to the XDA site where our ICE ROM was originally posted. It turns out that the developer has also posted a second version of our same ICE ROM for I777 phones, but this time using MIUI kernel /launcher etc.

    I flashed it and found included on it the Airdroid app. (also, I was not sure if the MiUI had gaaps so I just went ahead and flashed that too πŸ˜‰ Anyway, the Airdroid app is a workaround for the lack of usb-to-pc if you have it. Just start the app go to your computer and open your browser to the IP Address that it provides -then you xfer files and all that.

    BTW the MIUI ROM is really very pretty and nice! (Same hiccups as the other CM ICE ROMs i.e. back button and search buttons don’t work and the darn thing keeps waking up when left unplugged in. . .still the crisp display and nice features of that ROM are attractive. I have read that it burns through the battery faster, but I will play with it for a while.

    Finally, while it is easier to come here to MAX’s site to see the latest info, if you want to slog through the XDA website and go to the page where this ROM emerged from, then you can go to XDA and look for the “AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 –> AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Ported Development –> [ROM][PORT] CM9 for I777 [3-5-2012] ” posting. Also, you could go to XDA and search for original postings from the ROM’s developer: ktoonsez. He is one of the many devs there actively tweaking these ROM(s)

  14. dexter says:

    how do you set up facelock

  15. Markbc says:

    I think it was added to the security menu when you flashed gaaps for ICE. So here is how to find it and a link to a video and the word instructions below.
    ” – Just open Settings and then select Security to get access to Screen Lock.
    – Here you have all the old Android lock screen features plus the new Face Unlock tab.
    – Click the Face Unlock option and then set it up by holding your phone like a mirror in front of you.
    – Now hold the phone steady and have your face inside the dots that fill up around your face in an oval shape.
    – Once done click continue to set up a backup lock.
    As a backup you can either set Pattern or PIN lock so that if Face Unlock fails you will still have access to your phone. Now on when your phone goes to lock mode Face Unlock will jump in and only if a proper match is found it lets the user in.”
    see: (http://compixels.com/13109/how-to-set-up-android-ics-face-unlock-facial-recognition-feature-video)

  16. Melissa says:

    Gah, I used this ROM for a few days, but it did drain my battery hardcore. Plus without the USB connecting, I couldn’t put my music from my computer on my phone (I don’t have wireless internet so I couldn’t use AirPlay). Also, it seemed to crash A LOT. I’d be just checking facebook, listening to music, playing words with friends, using the camera, simple things like that. It would either force close the app or freeze and reboot itself. Other than the very few flaws this ROM is pretty amazing and I love how it gives you the feel of having ICS on your phone. When you want to show off your phone to your friends, this is a great ROM to do so πŸ™‚

    @Mark I saw the MIUI ROM on the forums, I will definately flash that soon and check it out. Thanks a lot for explaining a lot on here. REALLY helped me out lol πŸ˜€

  17. dexter says:

    My bad yall I had to reflash everything lol but every since I’ve gotten it had a Exchange and email problem any ideas I tried to reinstall them and thanks

  18. kennie says:

    Can This be install onto my Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 ?

  19. kennie says:

    Can This be install onto my Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 ? .

  20. Markbc says:

    – Hi, I am no expert, but I did look at the XDA site and can’t find any ICE ROM, maybe one is there, but I think that MAX would have posted it in its own thread were an ICE ROM to come out for the ?T-Mobile? version of the Galaxy S2, (I think that is who sells the SGT-T989).
    – Anyway I would not try it, since these different models are so finicky and sensitive. For example, the international version and the Sprint version and our own AT&T versions all have some differences in their builds and they won’t work without some necessary tweaks to move them among the different models.
    – That is why I think it would be frustrating to take this SGH-I777 ROM and load it on the SGT-T989. Part of me wants to say “let’s see how that baby reacts!” But part of me is asking “Do you really want to spend a weekend unbricking your phone and learning waaay more than you wanted to on exactly how to unbrick a SGT-T989?” πŸ˜‰
    – You probably already have checked out the XDA site for your phone, but here were the two sites there for your model that caught my eye and might be helpful:
    1. [HOWTO] How to restore to complete stock / Recovery from a bad flash (“I’m just saying”. . . .;-)
    2. [ROM BIBLE][Desktop APP] T-Mobile SGS2 ROM App by biohazard [v0.01B][Alpha-PREVIEW]
    So that is all I can add on the SGH-T989 (sorry!)

    @Mellisa: I agree the battery drain it more on this, and you might have seen the DEV’s reactions which were pretty much “duh… it’s a beta/work in progress, so what do you expect!” –sigh– talk about being teased by the “almost perfect” ROM!! I have not had it crash that much. I did have it bounce out of Endimondo when changing menus a lot, and weather bug widgets could not change locations on set up as I wanted, and Seal would not work to password protect apps like it does on GB, but not a lot of FC otherwise. (Did you install with *all* caches cleared and reset to factory conditions? sometimes not doing that will leave some old data that will choke the update –also if you reinstalled system data, even on some apps if you used a backup program to restore apps (Like Tintanium Backup -if you use it to restore apps, please don’t restore the data (if possible) and you might avoid the FC. This is not the final ROM. so it does frustrate, “but the good news is that we have gotten to get a real feel first hand with a real ICE ROM phone. I had “ICE motifs” on some GB ROMS and they were nothing like the real thing. ICE does have a different feel from the Gingerbread version –I like the ICE, but just this evening I went back to my UnNamed for now, This weekend I need to stop thinking about the phone and live a little.
    (I did get to learn what I wanted to learn out of the two ROMs –and please do try the MIUI ROM it is ICE but with a different feel. It seems to have nicer fonts or a bit crisper display. Still has all the warts/hiccups of the CM9 ICE at this stage (Ala battery drain, no USB-PC, no back button, and more), but I enjoyed working with everything on that phone (while the battery was alive). Also the MIUI ROM did not seem to read my external SD. Curious since the original CM9 DID read my disk well. But the MIUI still may have the “earlier” shortcoming of not seeing the external SD. There is a work around, but since I was using this for two days for fun, I did not bother (and yes, I, too, had no music and pictures for that time –since I keep all that stuff on the external SD! πŸ˜‰
    MIUI has a different concept -the apps are all out of the desktop, kind of like IOS, and there is no “drawer” to pull up/out to access apps. But it has some intangible nice feel to it too! I can see why folks get hooked on MIUI ROMs!

    @Dexter: Whew! sounds like you have reloaded this ROM almost as many times as I have πŸ˜‰ I don’t use the phone to access any exchange servers, so I was at a loss to replicate an exchange email error, but the ROM does have a terrific exchange server setup menu –did it not work? or was there a certificate error? (In my limited experience those darn certificates are a hassle! If there is an option to accept all certificates, that sometimes makes the exchange or IMAP setup problems go away. . . but I don’t think re-flashing will help the exchange thing. I will scan XDA and maybe CM websites this weekend to see if they have chatted up this issue for our ROM (Or the International version, from which our version is derived). Now I am starting to have some sympathy for Samsung and AT&T on their efforts to get ICE onto our version (but only a little –they did make these phones and have ALL the code, after all!!! ;-(

    • Melissa says:

      Haha I definately read all the replies on the forum about the battery draining, etc, because it’s in beta. It is expected. I can’t wait until there is a ROM that is complete with this lol to answer your question about Titanium Backup, I only restore my apps. Some with data, some not. I did it manually scrolling through each on and selecting them to be restored. I learned the hard way to not restore system data because one ROM I tried, it said not to do it. (Me being an idiot said to myself… it shouldn’t hurt it) Haha. And whatdaya know.. it gave me a problem. I forget if it was stuck on a boot loop or what, but now I just do in manually πŸ˜›

      This ROM mostly crashes for me in Words With Friends in which I play a lot πŸ™ Also I don’t think the camcorder works. I haven’t had a chance to check out MIUI yet, but I’m pretty excited to do so. I probably will within this next week to check it out. But for now I’m going to stick with ICScrewed πŸ˜€

      • markbc says:

        Hi Melissa . . . I tried ICSrewed as well, but still wound up going back to UnNamed ROM (the last version he made). UnNamed is kind of boring, but very very stable, pretty quick and since I sometimes still use the samsung movie site (which UnNamed supports), I am happy. I recall that ICSrewed was pretty quick and had a nice launcher however!

  21. Chris says:

    I have the AT&T SGS2 but I couldn’t find the XDA thread for this ROM. Could someone post a link?

    • Melissa says:

      It’s under AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 > AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Ported Development. They have two sections now.. Ported Development and Android Development. Here is the link for CM9:


    • markbc says:

      you can go to XDA and look for the β€œAT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 –> AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Ported Development –> [ROM][PORT] CM9 for I777 [3-5-2012] ” posting. Also, you could go to XDA an
      d search for original postings from the ROM’s developer: ktoonsez.
      Sorry I don’t post the link, but it would take me llonger wn than I have right now. If you go to xda & follow the above info you should bump into it… if not I well run it down next post…:-)

  22. MJ says:

    Hey, I downloaded this ROM, the OS Works fine but I can’t hear any sound or be heard during calls? Help?

  23. mark says:

    I have been using this rom for about a day now…and i just cant get use to no having my back button. And the fact that the usb dont work scuks…how can people use this as their daily driver..its too incomplete

  24. NUB says:

    my phone is experiencing boot loop WHY?? πŸ™

    • markbc says:

      Hi, I am no expert, but from what I have seen, sometimes the bootloop thing is caused when you flash a different ROM from your old rom, but don’t clear ALL the caches. When you go to recovery (and I think you should be able to boot into recovery still–even with the boot loop thing), just go to the cache menu and clear it, then go to dalvik cache and clear that (VIP) and then unless you are originally using a CyanogenMod ROM, clear all your user data /reset. –That won’t hurt Root at all and what it does is let the new ROM install and load without any confusing threads or pointers to an old ROM.
      SO try that . . . hope it helps.

  25. E says:

    Just curious. How will closing apps work on this ROM? Will it not wok like Stock ICS were you slide left to right to close? If not, what button do you have to hold down?

    • markbc says:

      OK if you don’t have the onscreen ICS buttons (home back and recent apps). then you simply press the (old) home key twice to close the app. you probably have to go to a task manager to “really” close it. but if you update this rom (its about two posts up on the main page) you can add the ICS buttons and you can use that recently used apps button just like in a typical ICS ROM (push the button scroll recently used apps/open apps and then flick the one(s) you want to close left or right to “really” close them.
      hope that helps.

  26. markbc says:

    what I did was to just press the home button several times and that closed the app –or at least backed out of it. I did not know of the slide left or right trick and when I reinstall the newer build (with buttons –actually I will get an even newer build on the XDA website!) I will try that as well. The apps in general were pretty stable -I mentioned a few of the problems I had in the above posts (somewhere πŸ˜‰ ~

  27. levi s says:

    Getting an error when trying to install zip…

    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verifcation failed
    Installation aborted

    Any suggestions or help?

    • markbc says:

      I had that problem with a couple of different ROMs I tried. With one I was able to re do the download and flash the new copy without a problem. With another I never was able to flash that ROM . . . I know this ROM works –I have flashed it. So I would recommend re-downloading it, either directly on the phone or using another computer from the first one you used. (sounds silly, but if I DL a file and it does not work, I often will DL it using my laptop and see if I get a better file from that)!

      I don’t think it is the cache or dalvik or data since you’re not getting to that point in the install yet with these error messages.

      hope that helps

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