Mystic Glory ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Stable]

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I know, I know, many of you want to try Jelly Bean ROM for your Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. There is a port on XDA Forums and you are welcome to try it but I am going to try to focus on ROMs that will be stable and can be used as daily driver. Jelly Bean ROMs are still in its early stages so, I would not install them for the time being. But don’t worry, I will post them as soon as they are a bit more stable, should be another week or two.

And for this week’s ROM of the week for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, we’ve got Mystic Glory ICS ROM, this ROM is very stable and great daily driver.

Some interesting features on the Mystic Glory ICS ROM include 6 bars for GSM signal, separate WiFi in/out arrows, Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX launcher, circular battery icon,CRT off effect, HD YouTube app, BLN support, Beats Audio, 18 quick toggles, call recording, removed camera shutter sound, and more.

Give this ROM a go and let me know how it works for you!


Download Mystic Glory ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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79 Responses

  1. bggopal says:

    I will test it real soon, downloading the files.

  2. zboom says:

    I am having a little problem after first boot it keeps giving me the message ” Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” I completely freezes between the message.

  3. zboom says:

    I really like this rom. I have tried many others which I had issues with echo so people couldn’t here me. This one seems to be echo free. On top of that it is very fast and smooth transitions. It also has the stock ICS Phone, contacts, email ect. which I prefer. Many great features galaxy s3 touchwiz and many others. Great job on this one it is a keeper Thanks Max

  4. Brandon Newkirk says:

    I really like this rom I ran quadrant standard and scored higher than the HTC one X!!! My score was 4632

  5. Sharingan Chris says:

    Hey Max …this Mystic rom is pretty cool ..but tell me why cant I change my lock screen picture to I what want it to be, like a personal pic from my gallery this rom only allows share the same lock and wallpaper image..which totally there app that can fix this?

  6. Aayush says:

    Superb ROM…!!! The best I’ve ever used…….It’s great that finally I hv a rom with no echo issues

    • Devon says:

      Do you recommend this over the AOKP ICS rom? I’m currently running that now and debating about changing roms. I’m looking for something that has BLN control and right now I’m running the stock one with aokp.


      • sreevesmo says:

        Yes…I was running AOKP before this…MG is a nice upgrade. Worth a look.
        Backup your old rom in case you don’t like it.

      • Sean says:

        I do recommend this over AOKP. I was using AOKP for quite a while, but it started to act a little buggy. It would freeze up very often, and some apps just wouldn’t work.

        I flashed this rom and I like it a lot better. I even like it more than I liked AOKP when it was working fine. One think I really missed when I flashed AOKP was the original GSII camera, which is in this ROM.

      • Carlos says:

        Excellent rom i had aokp but this is most stable, in aokp some aplications dont work and great batery performance ! 😀

    • sreevesmo says:

      Been running Mystic Glory since 4.0 and 4.1 for a couple weeks now and have loved it.
      Very solid Rom. 3 co-workers have the new GS3, 1 with AT&T and the other two with Verizon.
      Using this Rom and SETCPU running @ 1.5ghz I beat all three GS3 phones running stock in Quadrant but just barely. So many features and toggle options. Give this one a try folks!

      A++ Rom

  7. Steve says:

    Just installed this ROM. Looks pretty solid.

    Would be nice if it had screenshot capability. I actually use that feature a lot so I may have to go back to CM9

  8. Layman6 says:

    Alright Max!
    I have this rom installed and it is running smooth, so far. The only thing that is a bother is the wallpaper and lockscreen images. The lockscreen images do not set and wallpapers are zoomed in when set as home. But I can deal with it until a update. Overall, it is fast, smooth, and everything nice. Thanks for providing us with spectacular alternatives for ICS.

  9. Steve says:

    So far the only “bug” I can find is that the “allow unknown sources” setting does not stay set meaning no Amazon market or other alternate apk installs.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  10. David B. says:

    Everything so far is pretty solid. No call echo and very minimal lag. Smoother lock screen than AOKP and none of the vibration issues either. Only cons are that this rom isn’t as customizable and the Touchwiz home randomly will forceclose and restart. There is a problem with Automatic Brightness also. It’s not very…automatic. Using Siyah Kernel 3.4.4 the battery life is very nice, but it’s rather touch and go.

  11. David M says:

    My favorite rom so far but a couple of complaints.

    1) Can’t get music control’s in lock screen
    2) Don’t like the bubble colors when texting, prefer the ones on stock rom
    3) The position of the attachment and send are switched when text messaging
    4) No restart option when holding down power key.

    The biggest killer for me is the music controls. I wish it gave an option for stock lock screen on gs2.

  12. Devon says:

    Would someone be able to post a picture of the Contacts list and text message screens? It wouldnt take that long if screenshotted and uploaded to imgshack. I was not a very big fan of AOKP and personally like the stock GB layouts better. I would very much appreciate it. Saves time having to flash all over again to just check out those screens. Also, does this have the Swipe to call/text options that GB had?

    thank you very much!

  13. siggy says:

    Swype keyboard isn’t there 🙁

  14. Shaun says:

    I like this one a lot so far! He said it comes with Beats Audio, I did not see that anywhere. Does anyone know how to enable that?

  15. siggy says:

    I previously had the stock ics now that I switched to this rom my 4G icon on top disappeared I only get 3G and H+. anyone else with this issue?

    • Paco says:

      H+ is 4g only with a different display icon

    • GS says:

      You should blame AT&T for that.. That was AT&T’s way of fooling people to think they are on 4G while they were actually on HSPA+ (the H+ indicates HSPA+). technically 4g is supposed to be faster than HSPA+.

  16. Ray says:

    unfortunately, Samsung keypad has stopped. did a factory wipe, wiped davik cache, wiped cache, reinstalled, still getting the message. Any ideas?

  17. nano says:

    Link to download this rom can somebody reupload it ?

  18. Cory says:

    for Nano –>

    Just wanted to say this is my first ROM installation. I’ve been waiting for a really stable, similar-to-stock ROM, and this one is fantastic. I’ve been running it for about a day now without any issues. Wifi hotspot, GPS, phone calls, bluetooth, battery life are all excellent. This ROM runs much BETTER for me than the 4.0.3 ICS update from AT&T/Samsung.

  19. Harsh says:

    USB Storage not working did any one face this issue……

  20. Devon says:

    I have a few questions.

    1. When I previously flashed a new rom I never had to re-download or restore my apps with Titanium backup, any thoughts as to why I would need to now?

    2. Is anyone else missing an option for Rom Control, specifically, adding more custom apps to the lock screen?
    3. Where is this Beats Audio located?

    Thank you all in advance!

  21. siggy says:

    So i added a bunch of home screens by mistake (I have 9) then when i pinch to view all the home screens it crashes

  22. Sac says:

    Great ROM. I prefer this to AOKP. Doesnt have as many customization options as AOKP but still good.
    Quite stable though I had an issue with touchwiz crashing every 2 mins. Wiped and flashed again.
    Has been working fine since then.
    BTW .. great blog.. I have found your videos really helpful. Thanks Max.

  23. Arnoldo says:

    I tried installing it, and I got an error: Can’t open /emmc/Mystic’ (bad) Installation aborted.

    Anyone has any ideas why? and what can I do to install it?

    • Devon says:

      Save the .zip file to your internal phone storage, not sd card. Chose the option that says flash zip from internal and where you saved it.

  24. notnowme says:

    There is a 4.2 version from the XDA site
    but when I download it, it says (GT-I9100)Mystic’ is that the same thing.

  25. sreeves74 says:

    Mystic Glory 4.2 is out. FYI, note that after the install it still showed 4.1, I PM’ed MysticKing32 and he said he had forgotten to update the version info on the “About Phone” page. Great running Rom A++

    Here is the download link –

    Here is the thread on XDA –

  26. Elkindelta says:

    OK after the first install everything is okay but there’s are some bugs like the administrator of works doesn’t update when the application open always show me 0 application running and back button don’t close the explorer for example you are in Facebook and click in a link after that you can’t find come back to face t

  27. Gaganjot virk says:

    firstly i root my samsung by kernel siyah-v3.4.2 and i put mystic glory4.1 rom in it .now its not booting or starting .need help urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Miguel says:

    I can’t change my keyboard, anyone else have that problem? I put the check right beside the keyboard I want, but when I press back, it just resets itself.

  29. gagan says:

    i root my samsung galaxy s2 (at&t)by kernel siyah-v3.4.2 and i put mystic glory4.1 rom in it .now its not booting or starting .need help urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzzz when i press power key its show samsung galaxy2 GT-I900 WITH yellow triangle after that its show blank screen .. max plzz fix my phone i will pay you also if you want just fix it plzzzzzzzzzzz .i can mail you my galaxy s2 also

    • Raj says:

      Hi Gagan,

      I was in the same situation. All I did was went to this website,
      then follow instructions 1 through 8 carefully. After that you will be able to get into recovery. (Turn phone off, press power + vol up+vol down all at the same time until the galaxy i9100 appears, disappears and appears second time, and let go). Once you are in recovery, follow above instructions to install Mystic glory.
      Bye they way now I use JB ( although not as smooth yet!

      Good luck!

    • elkindelta says:

      make a full wipe and reinstall wipe data/ wipe dalvik wipe cache wipe battery stats all wipe and reinstall xD

      • gagan says:

        friend thanks for replying but how do I wipe the data?? Every time I start my phone, it shows the screen with GT-I900 WITH yellow triangle after that the screen goes blank. I’am unable to do anything on it.

        • sac says:

          hold volume up+volume down+power button.
          It takes you to clockworkmod recovery.. (if you have it)
          Check other videos on the website on how to use it (if you dont know)

          • gagan says:

            i try many times its not gng to clockworkmod recovery

            • gagan says:

              if i connect my phone with usb cable to computer its goes to downloading mode but by this i can only download kernel not a rom ( without connecting usb its don’t goes to clockword recovery)

              • Raj says:

                You should be powered off, and completely disconnected from computer to get into recovery.
                Follow my suggestion in the earlier post since it worked for me.

                • gagan says:

                  thanks every for helping me ,now my galaxy2 is working and now another problem the calender widget in not working(when i drag calendar widget from widget list it show problem loading widget)

  30. Monty says:

    Is anyone else having problems connecting the phone to Kies software? And if so, how can I use the backup I made using the program?

  31. Rishi says:

    Hey this rom works just fine :)..
    But the problem i m facing is the poor call quality mostly due to built-in noise cancellation there something to disable this feature…earlier in my stock rom i had an option to disable it on my call menu(after diualling number) but i had to do it for every call…but in mystic custom rom i dont even see that option.

  32. Alex says:

    After 2 weeks with this room, I can say it sucks !
    Cannot change the Homescreen and lock screen wallpapers or it zoomed
    Swiftkey did not work (automatically jump back to google keyboard)
    Cannot set GPS satellites and google location service
    wifi signal is not stable (the signal frequently drops even when I sit next to my router)
    With the room only, the battery is ok but right after install some softwares battery sucks even though I killed most of the processes running in the background with Taskiller.

  33. Josse says:

    ola a todos esta rom esta en español y me podrian dar un tutotial para instalarle en mi sgh-i777 graxias soy nuevo en esto…

  34. Vikram says:

    Hello Max,

    The Mystic Glory Rom is awesome with Siyah Kernel.. Its almost 2 weeks i’m enjoying it.
    BLN control, Beats Audio, TouchWiz UX launcher, circular battery icon,CRT off effect, HD YouTube app everything is working fine and good.
    But have only one problem while pairing the device with bluetooth.
    I’m using Sony MW600 bluetooth its working fine with call option(phone) but its not connecting to media audio. So i’m not able to listen to any songs using this bluetooth device.

    Please help me what to do.

  35. Raja says:

    Having trouble with google maps navigation the screen just starts flickering………. maps opens fine i can search, check directions everything is fine only if i start navigation the screen goes shaking……….

  36. Ovi says:

    I just want to know how to do an update of the ROM. Also to ask if the hi galaxy and drive mode canbe install or not.

  37. Makhdum says:

    which kernel should i use?

  38. John says:

    How do you instal beats audio, i really want to have that option! Please Help!!

  39. Jonathon says:

    How can i be sure that all of my data will be accessible after i wipe everything? Is it possible that i can just flash the rom without wiping anything clean?

  40. Scott says:

    To get flash this rom, do I have to wipe battery stats and format the system & mount?

  41. Daniel says:

    I use this ROM for my Samsung Galaxy SGH-i777 and i think it’s the best ICS ROM that you can find on the web, easy to install and very stable, Sometimes I have had some problems with the TouchWiz UX launcher because sometimes freezes and didn’t work

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