Official ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Leaked ICS]

Want to get the “leaked” official ICS on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777?

Although ICS is already out for the AT&T Galaxy S2 (there’s also Phone Bricker ICS ROM), this one is more or less “official” than ported ROMs from the i9100.

Official “official” ICS ROM should be here any minute for the AT&T Galaxy S2 but you don’t have to wait, go ahead and give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

How to Install Video:

Download ROM:

Download Leaked Official ICS for AT&T Galaxy S2

Credits – Rootzwiki

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59 Responses

  1. JK says:

    My phone is overheating and battery is drain in few hour

    • Mr Frosty says:

      If you enable the Swype KB on the leaked ICS, it will cause your overheating and battery drain issue. It happened to me on the first ICS ROM I flashed.

      • jk says:

        I dont use swype KB

      • Anshul says:

        I flashed this rom yesterday and have been using swype since then .and havent found any heating problem although the battery drains quickly. I dont know if it is because of swipe.

        • Mr Frosty says:

          To verify swype is causing your battery drain, just go to settings
          >battery and see what apps/services are using the most juice. I have an extended use batt and it drained from 100% to flat in about 5 hours. Usually I get 2 full days out of it. I checked my battery use and swype was responsible for 87% of the drain 🙂 I am running CM9 now and loving it.

  2. jocelyn says:

    after downloading this I can’t get my phone to root again? do i need another kernel?

  3. chris says:

    i lost root access… how can i root my att gs2 with the leaked ics

  4. itzik says:

    have same problem of losing root. please help how to get it back. thanks

  5. Anshul says:

    is there any way to root this ROM rather than flashing the already rooted ICS rom ?

  6. Danny says:

    I had issues with the odexed version (like no root access) so i used the deodexed version. No dropped calls, battery works better than stock GB, root access, CWM Recovery. There are some gripes (i.e., alarm) listed in the xda forum.

  7. Sebat says:

    I have the same issue with root access loss but its normal when you got to a stock, my main issue is the alarm clock, i cant setup the repeater on it, is there a way to fix that, and I would like to go back to unnamed ROM, even thought its Gingerbread at the moment I like it more than ICE stock ><

  8. eric says:

    Lost root, do we know how to get it back? I miss adfree android.

  9. Eduardo Sequera says:

    I have two questions:
    Q What are the problems has this rom?
    And what is the best launcher for this Samsung ICS?

  10. Anh says:

    i lost my root upgrading to this rom, but i was managed to get it back and install CM9, the latest build on their website. How i did it was:
    1) root it again using the same program that is provided here and root it like you did the first time.
    2) After the first it won’t load rom and will just freeze on the galaxy s2 screen with the yellow triangle(i thought my phone was broken after this but i found out that i was able to get into the clockworld mod menu). After this so you have to load into clockworld mod(don’t know if the name is correct but you hold the two volume buttons and the power button at the same time).
    3) if you have a rom saved into your sd then just install a rom normally by wiping the data/cache.
    4) if you don’t have a rom saved onto your sd like i did, what i did was, first i mounted the phone through usb (by scrolling down to mount and storage and go down to mount usb) and transfer the rom file into the destination folder and just install it normally.

    hope this helps. try at your own risk

  11. Nosferatu says:

    May I suggest this is a potentially dangerous ROM to flash as you’re updating bootloaders if this is the official one from AT&T. The developer’s community has made some very stable ports with full functionality out of the phone without touching the bootloaders. I recommend you’re site check out ShoStock2 for a working ICS ROM. There’s others but that’s the one I run and find it very reliable and stable. It’s updated practically daily and has great battery life.

  12. abgo says:

    Where can I download the Samsung drives from?

  13. Marcia Zerilli says:

    cannot send pics with messaging. Keeps saying sending and finally says FAILED. Help anyone?

  14. Kyle says:

    found a problem with the wifi. Seems that if you leave a networks area then return it does not automatically connect back to that network. Any way of fixing this issue, or has anyone else found this to be a problem? Everything else seems to work fine.

  15. Orlando says:

    has anyone tried ota rootkeeper…….during this update?

  16. Morkin says:

    I would recommend anyone considering to load this ROM to not. I tried it for a day, and the same echo from noise reduction that plagued the Stock Rom was present. Then you have to go through hell to restore the phone to try and reload CWM.

    I have been using the latest nightly CM 9, and so far it’s flawless. Great battery life and all features of ICS are working. Touchwiz however is not present, but I’d rather have a working phone than touchwiz and Keis…

    • Johnny says:

      how did you restore out of this? can you please help. after going to this, I can’t restore. Please Please Help.

      • Chris says:

        Yes, I would like to know how you got to CM 9. This ROM is riddled with issues, and the internet download speeds are ridiculously slow.

        • Sebat says:


          Download root files from the “how to root your SGH-I777” and root, after odin says you are done, the phone will reset and freeze on the GT-I9100 screen with yellow triangle. Thats when you need to hold down volume up and down + power button. Your phone will reset to clockworksmod and you can upload a new custom ROM to your SD card and change to that ROM (if you dont have a file on your SD card just mount using USB option)

          • Christopher Allen says:

            Well I tried that and now I can’t get past the screen with the warning sign.

          • Sebat says:

            so when you are on that screen with the warning sign, hold volume up and down + power until it flashes and screen goes black, you should get clockworksmod working, that’s what happened to me and the guy above me. It works I tested couple times.

          • Sebat says:

            I also installed ShoStock2 and personally I dont like it, just doesnt with my style, so I went with Phone Bricker and it works awesome, battery life is amazing and its fast, very fast.

  17. Ryan says:

    Hi I’m on stock 2.3.4. unrooted. Do you need to be rooted to flash this official ICS leak?

    • Sebat says:

      Yes, you need root to be able to upgrade to ICS leak, but really ICS leak has many bugs so I wouldn’t recommend it, I had lots of issue with it and after a day I was looking for a way to get back to my old 2.3.6 or custom ICS 4.0.4

  18. Mark says:

    Can anyone help me with getting back to stock 2.3.6? Not impressed with this leaked ICS. .oo many bugs and annoyances Thank you

  19. Master Frost says:

    How long Does it usually take to flash the phone

  20. erik says:

    I too have lost root. Just have this new ICS, which is great thank you, but I would like to overclock my CPU. Could you get a rooting solution for this problem, and a compatible overclocking solution with this ROM? Thank you Max for all your extremely helpful Vids!

  21. Robert Garza says:

    I dont recommend this ROM since, my phone is overheating drastically, battery drain even worse than 2.3.6, once you get out of range and the WiFi loose connection it wont connect back unless you do it manually. I tried to get the 2.3.6 back and once the phone starts it starts giving this errors and the phone will get stucked on the ” Touch the Android to begin screen” <– Any help with this will be real helpful.

    • hung says:

      install samsung kies, take out the battery, write down your serial and the model, cap sensitive so make sure to enter cap letter with cap letter.

      run samsung kies without the phone plug in, go to tool and select firmware upgrade and initialization. enter serial number and the model, then follow the on screen.

      put your phone into download mode. you know the drill, hold both vol up and down and plug in the usb cable from your computer, let go of the volume key and hit the volume up to continue.

      this will load 2.3.4 on to your phone, to get to 2.3.6, just do the ota update. hope this will help

      • Robert Garza says:

        Hung, thanks for this info, i did the steps properly and now i got my i777 running perfectly on 2.3.4, goodbye overheating!! Kudos!

        For the record if anyone else wants to try this steps, (IT WILL TAKE TIME TO DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE AND INSTALLED ON THE ANDROID), for me was ~45 mins.

        I should wait for the ICS official release from ATT.

  22. Aaron says:

    I have no auto-correct in text messaging

  23. Esteban Ibarra says:


  24. Scotty23 says:

    The only real problem with daily use of this rom, that i could find, is the lack of ability to use the repeat alarm function.

  25. Julio says:


    how can i instal CWM to change this rom?

    • Dennis says:

      I’m having the same issue. I don’t want to use this anymore, but can’t find a rooted kernel to switch out. Have you had any luck?

  26. Dano says:

    I’ve been using this for a few days (5) no issues at all thanks everyone for the info :-[

  27. Korey says:

    I hope people don’t get this rom because it is terrible. Battery life, Play store, face unlock, alarm, browser, speed, lags, freezes, and when charging it won’t work in less you wait tell it has 10 and up charge. Play store doesn’t work anymore in less you durn phone off an on. Face unlock is just like play store. Alarm clock only let’s you set for one day no repeat. Browser is terrible. Slow speed on all apps. Lags and screen goes off. But I’m goingnto reset my phone and I’m getting the s3 rom.

  28. Wilman says:

    hi all, Guys I’m Stuck in this Leak, I cant get out of it, I get to the triangle part and when I boot up in clockmod recovery mode It wont let me do ANYTHING.. every option I press it will show a black hat icon and thats it.. and If I press the power button it takes me back to the recovery menu… So I dont know what to do now.. All I can do to put my phone operational Is Install this leak again I put it in Download Mode and run the I777UCLC2.exe, So am back to the leak…. I want my old Gingerbread 2.3.6 🙁 … This gets my battery drained and the phone gets Hot.. I need Help Please..

  29. deyvis says:

    gracias amigo te saludo desde ECUADOR todo salio bien.!!!

  30. don says:

    now my phone is dead wont turn on at all after doing this how to fix?

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