Perception ROM for Rooted AT&T Galaxy S2!

Perception ROM is another ROM that has a lot of mods over stock, try it out and let me know what you think of this ROM. Features are listed below.

Download ROM here:

Download Perception ROM

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  • Based on I9100XXKI3
  • i777 Kernel, Modem, CSC, APN List (Entropy’s Daily Driver Kernel – DD_10132011, kernel thread has sources and changelog)
  • Fixed capacitive button layout
  • Fixed home button haptic feedback
  • Fixed audio echo (other party could hear themselves echo)
  • Fixed audio noise suppression (always enabled, otherwise makes you sound far away)
  • Fixed bluetooth audio (needs further testing)
  • Tweaked build.prop
  • Rooted, Deodexed, Zipaligned & Debloated
  • Removed TV animation from feature set (always something wrong with it)
  • SIP over wifi and 3g
  • Accurate battery mod
  • Fujutweaks (2.3.7 (GRJ90) app_process & system_server (similar to fugutweaks, but newer, custom built, smoother))
  • CM Modded and
  • Disabled battery full notification/vibration
  • Video playback at any battery level
  • Use camera/camcorder at any battery level
  • Allow calendar week to start on any day
  • Stay awake dev option
  • Enable Unknown Sources by default
  • Updated system apps
  • Ad blocking via hosts file
  • Removed bootup sounds
  • Removed main bootanimation (only loop left)
  • Removed Swype (the build.prop edits break it from either firmware)
  • Custom launcher layout and wallpaper
  • Enabled hidden wallpapers
  • Cleaned up junk files
  • Mms.apk Mods:
  • -increased max message size to AT&T max 307200 -> 614400
  • -smsToMmsTextThreshold 4 -> 20
  • -maxImageHeight 480 -> 2448
  • -maxImageWidth 640 -> 3264

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