Phone Bricker ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [XXLPQ]

Been waiting for “flawless” ICS experience on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777?

UPDATE: See updated version of Phone Bricker ICS ROM here!!!

Well, check out this Phone Bricker ICS ROM (no, it doesn’t brick your phone), which is based off the official XXLPQ ICS for the i9100 series ported to the SGH-i777. So far, this ROM is pretty nice and you can get a “pure” ICS experience with everything working out of the box. There’s also lots of great ICS ROMs now and I will have more reviews coming this week but in the meanwhile, give this ICS ROM a try, you will like it I think. And let me know how it works for you!

Download ROM:

Download Phone Bricker ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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51 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    Woahhhh nice! Definately going to be checking this ROM out soon. Thanks Max!!! 🙂

  2. C J Reddy says:

    Max, is it possible to use this ROM without Apex Launcher and instead just the stock ICS launcher ?


  3. FrankieH says:

    running it now, apex launcher not bad. This rom is pretty smooth, try to install mysticride32’s xxlpq won’t install for me. BTW, shoman94 is going to release an ics rom sometime tonight.

  4. Andrew says:

    Getting a Logsprovider has stopped responding.

  5. Leer Eon says:

    just installed the ICS rom on my phone and the voice date stopped working. People can’t hear me when I am talking to them. I hear them but they can’t hear me. How do I fix it?

    • terry mcdonald says:

      I had the same issue, what I found is that this version of ICS has a “noise reduction” option and by default it is NOT ON automatically, once you connect from the call, click menu button and you have an option to “turn on” noise reduction, this will make the call clearer the only downside is you have to do this on EVERY call, and only AFTER the call connects so you have a minimal “down time” of hello….hello until you can change it. Hope this is an answer.

  6. markbc says:

    Well I tried it and it worked, it is a nice implementation, but not as pretty as stock ICE. Also there were issues, at least for me.
    (1) I did not see the panoramic mode in the camera -maybe I missed it– in this ROM.
    (2) the phone dialer displays the dialing pad and above it is a choice of favorites or the call log,
    you can’t have get to contacts unless you press the menu button on the bottom.
    (3) minor gripe – pehaps learning curve. . . I had to hunt for the “allow unknown sources” since it is
    now in location and security vice manage applications

    Most disappointing was that after installing this ROM after about 10-15 minutes of running it I got a
    disappointing error that I’ve never seen before “charging paused, voltage too high.” When the phone was
    not hooked to the charger!

    I reflashed the ROM and STILL received it (did the recommended fixes I found on XDA –except manually replacing the USB port, which is a step too far!) Changed the battery and STILL got the problem -an intermittent popup stating “Charging pauses, voltage too high” even or only when the phone was not hooked to the charger.

    That was enough, so I flashed back to my stable UnNamed 2.2.1 and the problem disappeared (so far, knock wood!) EXCEPT when I turn of the phone
    I now get a battery image on my off screen and the image of the battery charging with the dots underneath it also

  7. markbc says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong key and posted too quickly.

    Well, the phone (back to UnNamed) …. would not turn off “cleanly.” Sadly, when I turned off the phone while on battery power it would not shut down -just reboot. ;-(

    Tried this three times and in each case press power off, screen went dark, bottom buttons stayed lit, and then the darn phone rebooted.

    When I tried to turn off the phone with power connected, it finally did shut down (& displayed the battery charging logo until I pulled the power and it, too, went dark… finally)!

    I swapped batteries, checked to see the battery status (*#*#4636#*#*) it seemed normal, but when I tried to turn it off again, same thing –reboot. (also cleaned battery stats cache. . .also no good effect ;-(

    I replaced another battery in the phone (I have five) and still no clean shutdown.

    Strangely, one time it did shut down normally, but that was an exception in about 10 tries.

    If going to stock does not clear the problem –then it would be back to the dealer, after more than four months ;-(

    Sad, since I have flashed half a dozen GB ROMs and two versions of CM9 and never had a problem ;-(


    (If anyone else has had this problem and fixed it -please let me know. . .thanks in advance!)

  8. Juan Camilo says:

    Great rom but where is the photo editor program?

  9. Romeo says:

    Does this come with its own kernel?

  10. Leer Eon says:

    I have to put the phone on speaker mode so people can hear me. How do I fix this issue? Everything works fine except for that. Please Help!!!

    • Sean says:

      Same issue! Please let me know if you find a fix. I thought it may have been an issue with the phone speaker, but I was successfully able to play my Google Voice emails through it.

      • terry mcdonald says:

        once the call connects click on menu and choose, “noise reduction” by default it is OFF you will have to do this on EVERY call.

  11. David Harreld says:

    Having the same issue with not being heard except on speakerphone. Also, PerfectKeyboad will not stay enabled, and Android keyboard is missing the voice-to-text option. I’m sure the gurus will keep working on this, and I appreciate you making it available to us! I love how the S2 now has my favorites from Chrome! 😀

  12. Cody says:

    This rom is running smooth, its fast and fairly flawless. I drop from H+ to 3g constantly but that’s happened ever since rooting.

  13. Juan Camilo says:

    Noice reduction off fix the voice insue

  14. Robbie Mabry says:

    This is my favorite ROM so far. I hope the phone speaker flxed because this is the ROM I want to keep.

  15. Milinda W says:

    So far best ROM for the AT&T. Can any please tell can we turn off the noise reduction permenantly. If there is a way superb, If not i hope some one will do the needful by fixing it.

  16. Ken Weiner says:

    This ROM did brick my phone… perhaps I got a bad download or the load went wrong. After a reboot to load un-named back, the phone was stuck on the initial screen and would not turn off. With Odin I was able to unbrick it and then get un-named back on it… phew … it was close!

    • markbc says:


      DId you flash it twice back-to-back? I had to do that with the CM7 and CM9 ROMs –just flash the ROM, and while you are still in Recovery and prior to loading gaaps, flash the same ROM (zip) again. sometimes that helps for example early CM7 builds needed that or they got stuck at that point in the boot process.

      But, not me. . I won’t go near this ROM again! 15 minutes after loading & I started getting the “Charging Paused, Voltage Too High” beeping messages –and I wasn’t even charging! The battery indicators also went wild.

      I went back to UnNamed, but STILL had the problem (no message, but battery indicator beeping like I was connecting and un-connecting the power cable -even when I wasn’t). Plus, now my phone would not shut off -just reboot unless I pulled the battery!

      Flashed back to stock & factory reset (thanks Max -your instructions make it easy!) but that still did not fix it. The problem appears to be living beyond any one ROM or root!

      Of course my problem may not have been the ROM -just bad luck…Maybe the phone broke by coincidence while I flashed this update; but whatever reason, it’s unfortunately time for a replacement SGS2 for me.;-(

      Good Luck! 😉

  17. markbc says:

    BTW Good Point on using Odin to get unbricked –I used that myself on my Kindle Fire when I thought I bricked it as well.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Markbc I have exactly same issue as you have, have you had any luck in finding a solution yet?

      • markbc says:

        Sorry, I did not fix it. Swapping batteries, changing ROMs and even going back to stock ROM and wiping all data -still had the intermittent false charging reading and in ability to shutdown. (and I the ICS ROM I had the “Charging Paused…). So I returned the phone under my insurance plan (in stock condition). The store fiddled with it, and now will replace with a “new” refurbished. ;-(

  18. Leo says:

    Seems pretty good, except for the battery load. Reduced my i777’s battery life by around half.

  19. Alex says:

    please if someone knows how to fix the USB problem help me!!!

  20. james says:

    Hank Great rom but also experienced half of my battery life gone and annoying noise reduction when making phone calls. I also noticed 3g and hpsa signal back and forth sporadically and when I use the Craigslist app,it won’t allow me to copy and paste. Says something about that feature not available for tablets and they are working on it. I saw a forum for fixing the noise reduction by using an application called PUMa , Google it, it is a bit over my head but it would be great to have it added to any future updates. THANK YOU for this from, I am thoroughly impressed and hope that we can all work put the kinks.

    • james says:

      *Thank you, *rom, *out

    • james says:

      Hey guys, I resolved the battery drain issue. All I did was condition my battery three times in a row. Here is what I did: I charged my battery completely, but left it on the charger 3 hours after it was completely charged. Then i unplugged it, went into recovery mode and reset the battery stats.
      Make sure that you let the phone die BRFORE you charge it again. Please repeat this 3 times, but don’t reset the battery stats anymore. Also check that your display is set to automatic brightness, mine had reset itself to manual twice! Which obviously contributed to the battery drain. I went from a 12 hour battery to 24 hour with 30 percent left to go. I also turn on power saver,but I customized it to allow wifi and I turned off auto sync for my Facebook and Gmail accounts. I check the m periodically myself, so I saw no need for them to waste my battery. Good luck!

  21. Bill Dicken says:

    I attempted to flash the rom and when I did it wouldn’t flash, I have tried it on a few different roms and still to no avail.
    Is there any way that you could make this into a .tar file that would work for use with ODIN?

  22. temuri1996 says:

    This ROM has problem with micrphone. When you are talking to someone they cannot hear, but when u switch to speaker it works perfectly.

  23. Booman91 says:

    Max!! lol how do we actually install this UMS 1.0 apk file please help, I’m begging you!! lol

  24. Booman91 says:

    Nvm I fixed it lol thanks anyway Max you always have the answers.

  25. Rob says:

    I flash this rom and everything was running well except my message icon wasn’t working. I went to put it in recovery mode and it stay at black samsung screen with the exclamation mark. What do I do??

    • Rob says:

      I think I could have brick my phone…

      • markbc says:

        Try pressing the power key to go back to the recovery menu.
        If that does not work then try pressing the home button –on the bottom front between the “menu” and the “go back” button.
        (This should put you back a window to the recovery menu where you can reboot or reflash).

        If all that does not work, you can follow Max’s video for unrooting and unbricking your phone –using the Odin program and loading the original version of the AT&T Galaxy S2 rom.

        (Then, you can do the same thing to root and start again with a “clean” phone!…;-)
        hope that helps!

  26. Milinda W says:

    Ive used this rom for two days and installed the leaked official ICS rom Odian. Its battry drains fast. So ive flashed to Phone-Briker. But now when i dialed some number or when i got a call and answers after few seconds call just cut off. No signals on the bar for few seconds and it comes back. Any idia ? I want to flush my phone totally and load the phone briker again as new. Please tell me is there way.

  27. juan camilo says:

    i lost my imei after that. and now i cant use my phone..

  28. Jean Mauri says:

    it really did brick my phone

  29. Ken Weiner says:

    When bricker bricked my phone and I used odin to return to stock, it still had issues, like it would reboot instead of turning off and the phone did not pull up right… couldn’t make or answer calls… bum-mer. The only thing that worked for me was to do a restore to a saved (total backup of ROM and apps) un-named ROM that I had made just before starting this mess. It returned my phone to the way it was before the weirdness, and now I am wondering if ICS is the way to go since un-named ROM is just so awesome anyway… I mean it is just so fine to have a great ROM that does EVERYTHING that you want it to!

  30. OU18 says:

    I just loaded up this rom on my GS2 ATT. It works great except for the CALL ISSUE. Where you have to turn off the noise reduction. A fix for this to have it in NRD OFF as default would be a great fix and make more sense to be honest…. But all in all I havent noticed any real problems thus far. Still playing with it. Phone seems faster to respond over the gingerbread i had on it. .

  31. Andrey says:

    Was working good accept I couldn’t my MTP driver to work. And wired probes with a mic ones an while

  32. Kevin says:

    I just installed the Phone bricker rom on my phone and I must say it works great, but I did have one issue, which was with the e-mail application, it won’t open. “Unfortunately, Email has stopped” message appears when it tries to open. Is there a solution to this minor problem?

  33. LiLChris says:

    I really suggest removing this LPQ version, it was the initial release.
    Check out the current version –

    Feature list…

    ICS 4.0.3
    Deodexed, Rooted, Zipalign
    Siyah Kernel
    UCPLC5 Modem (ATT Leak)
    Touch Recovery
    Init.d Support
    V6 Supercharger ready
    Sammy Touchwiz based
    Using APEX Launcher
    Android Keyboard
    BLN - Back light notification
    NFC / Android Beam
    5ghz Wifi fix
    Removed Update Notification
    Removes sms/mms from logs
    AOSP Lockscreen
    AOSP Gallery
    No Home Button Lag
    Native Adblock by host file
    Custom TWwallpaper chooser
    Wake on unplug = Off
    Removed Full Charger Notifications
    Accurate Battery Mod (blue)
    Extended Reboot Options
    ExTweaks support
    Supports SetCPU (use with caution)
    Font Sizes
    Awake When Plug option
    HDCP options
    SMS Tweaks
    Hide AM/PM & Clock Toggle
    15 Toggle - Wanam/Lidroid
    Camera Volume Shutter
    Debloated 200mb

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