Serendipity ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [TouchWiz UX]

Looking to try the latest TouchWiz UX 5.0 on the new Galaxy S3? Well, you don’t have to buy a Galaxy S3 just yet, try the Serendipity ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 which comes with it.

This is a pretty basic ROM but very stable and solid. The major feature being that you can choose from Trebuchet (default ICS) or TouchWiz UX launcher.

I know some of you have been waiting for this so go ahead, give it a nice flash and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

Download Serendipity ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, please see AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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85 Responses

  1. Justin D says:

    First, let me say I love your reviews man! I recently rooted my SGHI-777 galaxy and It was easy and done on the first try! Keep up the good work bro! 2nd the Serendipity ICS ROM for the AA&T S2. is the NFC working? I haven’t flashed the rom yet. I just wanted to make sure it (NFC) was working before I did. And I have one more question what’s you take on the upcoming ISIS app to use with quick payments with the NFC technology?

  2. neo says:

    where can i download the custom roms from ? i dnt see a link here

  3. neo says:

    oops, got it

  4. vash543 says:

    i like the r.o.m but it hangs up on some app’s

  5. JUan Carlos says:

    Actualy I am using AOKP v/37 and is working good. However, I will install during the weekend this Touchwiz ROM. I will comment my impresions. One question: The Google apps like gapps is the samed for all ICS Roms???same question with the Kernel (Siyah 3.2)??.

  6. neo says:

    brightness not working, any fixes?

    • usmank says:

      Well the brightness and recent call log is also not working other than that everything is working great

  7. Chris says:

    Keeps making the phone app crash whenever I receive a call. Any fixes?

  8. Mar3z says:

    This reply to Neo with the problem with the light setting I came across the same problem so what I did I install the Siyah-v3.2.4-nomswap-I777 kernel and reboot and it fix the problem for me so try it and I hope it work for you also

  9. Robert says:

    Thanks for all your help man … my S2 feels way better.
    I just install the Serendipity ICS ROM and everythings seems to work fine until i disconnected the phone from my home wifi and tried to access my network data … It did recognize my network and can do phone calls but I dont hace access to data. Any fixes? Thks 4 ur answer ! =)

  10. neo says:

    thanks Mar3z, my phone is rooted on 2.3.4 gingerbread. is it safe to flash the kernel u mentioned on gingerbread?

  11. neo says:

    btw, my kernel version 3.0.31 -cherrypicker-v1.1

  12. neo says:

    sorry for the trouble, m kinda new at this. plus android version shows as 4.0.3 after i flashed serendipity rom. so wud it be fine to flash the rom u mentioned?

  13. JUan Carlos says:

    Admin: Sorry for use this post to my question. I am actually using AOKP and would like to install Serendipity to test it. Also have installed Siyah Kerner 3.2. which I don´t know is included the option for dual boot. Otherwise, which one I have to install to make the Dual Boot??

  14. Kevin says:

    For all of these roms, do they not have the ability to select more than one receiver for messages?

    Like I’ve tried out all of the roms and none have been able to select more than one recipient for SMS unless you manually type in each person’s name.

    • admin says:

      I suggest use Google Voice if you are in the U.S.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Hey bro…it is my third installed rom and in all of them I used Go Suite without any problem. Go SMS Pro is an excellent app to handling the message abd also you can make a Go Chat with another part. Depend the Country. Test and let us know your comments.

  15. neo says:

    admin, if its nt too much trouble cn u giv me a link to the kernel that fixes the brightness issue?
    cz i cudnt find the exact version that Mar3z mentioned on his comment

  16. neo says:

    not receivin calls after installing serendipity rom

    • Juan Carlos says:

      I feel the same…Damm…!! I will reinstall the Rom if not working, have to install another one.

  17. Ryan says:

    Absolutely love this site! I’ve recommended it to many of my friends and they’ve had nothing but great things to say. Also, I’m curious as to where you got the white backplate. I’ve searched online but all I found was the backplate, not the white cover for the rear speaker. Keep up the good work though!

  18. Juan Carlos says:

    Some personnal comments I feel with this rom. I coming from AOKP and the last one offer more option to hanling the phone. AT&T G2 it is mphone. However, this one is more stable and smooth. Still has a problem with the Videos to open directly from the screen. I am force to open the app and trying loking the video I like tp see. Happy to use the full scren thanks to Touchwiz. One additional question….this Rom is coming with its own Kernel. I can install Siyah here with this Rom?????

  19. Steve says:

    Love the looks of this ROM. Love the way it feels. However lots of bugs that’s got me switching to another ROM.
    1. The Button Lights on bottom of i777 do not come on at all.
    2. No option for using USB utilities within the settings at all. therefore can’t use as a USB Mass Storage device.
    3. Thats as far as i got. Need those two so I killed it. Once it’s updated and plays nicer with the i777 I might try it again.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      That’s part of my comments. Meanwhile, you can use Airdroid app to handling the Mass Storage options. I feel could be a problem with the own kernel. I expect Admin clarify this point.

  20. Cody says:

    I also am receiving no incoming calls, when a call comes in I get “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”

  21. vash543 says:

    i just wanted to share this with the ADMIN & everyone is searching the xda forums and saw this i have it on my i777 now & i think is amazing so far figured i would bring it to everyone’s attention…..

    • Juan Carlos says:

      I recently installed and working good..all the perssonal information are properly handling by the Rom with own Kernel. Only one detail that will be report to the creator. I can find the way to configure my e-mail accounts. Only Exchange account is open to included. It’s a Touchwiz Rom direcyted to our AT&T Galaxy 2.

    • Ricardo dasilva says:

      Thanks for this link man. Nice Gs3 rom. Even has S-voice. Hey ZEDOMAX i think you should see this and review it.

  22. Juan Carlos says:

    Have somebody find the solutioin to teh problem that not receiving incoming calls? I reinstalled the ROM twice. I don’t know which one is the problem. Axs sdoon as I finish the installation, everything working good. Later, I saw, no APN are registered but not matter you included, still continue the poroblem.

  23. Ricardo dasilva says:

    Sorry meant this for vash543.

    i just wanted to share this with the ADMIN & everyone is searching the xda forums and saw this i have it on my i777 now & i think is amazing so far figured i would bring it to everyone’s attention…..

  24. Pranesh says:

    Max, Is there an official Galaxy S3 4.0.4 ROM out there for SGH i777?

  25. vash543 says:

    to everyone who that was having the not receiving calls problem here is a update to this “Serendipity” rom hope this helps everyone out

    • sreevesmo says:

      So I installed this updated Rom and it solved the issues with no call logging and calls not coming in.
      This Rom has been solid for several days and I am loving it! Be sure to do a clean wipe and after you reboot into the Rom for the initial setup be sure to go back into recovery mode and install the gapps.
      I’m so HIGH On Android!!!!!!!

  26. Juan Silva says:

    i just install this ROM and apply the updates that you can find in their website but i can sincronyze my I777 with KIES.. is their another way to upload my backup?

  27. neo says:

    does vash543’s link fix da call issue guys?

  28. richard says:

    Flashed this from this morning, the interface is beautiful but the phone hangs often .

  29. silrosriv says:

    Been running Ultimatum for several months without any problems but was looking to upgrade a bit. I have to say this rom is beautiful! Some apps hang sometimes but not many. Battery life has improved since flashing, and that’s always a plus! Look forward to the next one!

  30. richard says:

    I flashed the two updates yesterday and since then the phone has worked flawlesslSo many thanks to all.who worked on this from
    I am running it with siyah kernel and it is fast and smooth. Will continue to run this for a while.

  31. Jason P says:

    I flashed and it is pretty slick. I was wondering if we lost the screen shot option like the AOKP ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ICS ROM] had? So far everything else works great.

    • JUan Carlos says:

      Jason..This detail you mention as I understand is coming in the ROM´s based in AOKP..This one is based on Touchwith. I AOKP Roms based,.you may select the theme and have a chance to include the screen shoots. Personnally I don´t like it. I think AT&T SGS2 not need additional touch. buttons.

  32. Eric says:

    I love Serendipity! Having only one problem, i lost the touch lights. Any fixes for this problem?

  33. Myron says:

    Okay i need help. im on stock 2.3.6 with a rooted kernel with CWM. And i want ti flash this rom. is it simple as putting the rom on my SD card, wiping system & dalvic, then finding rom on CWM and flashing it? Or do i have to install ICS bootloaders to flash from stock straight to ICS? plz reply if you know

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Myron: I teste for a couple of days and made all wipes, and install from the SD without any exceptional issue. As I remember the Rom y coming with an installed (Sorry if make a mistake). Otherwise, if not, after you install the Rom, install the Google apps .zip gapps……Take a while during the first load and enjoy. It’s a Touchwiz Rom, and you can install all the Samsung option like Dive, apps, etc.

    • Jason P says:

      Yes it is that simple. I didnt even wipe my phone with the last install. Just download it or transfer it to the internal SD card (or external, it doesnt matter). When you restart under CWN choose “install ZIP from SD card” and then “choose zip from sd card (whatever sd you put it on) and then confirm the selection. Then it will do the install and restart. Sometime you might have a problem with processes stopping after the install. If thats the case, then do another wipe and it should be fine.

      I hope this makes sense. Using these instructions, I have installed about 8 different ICS’s on my phone. Good luck.


  34. David B. says:

    I just recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-i1777 using Max’s i777 root for 2.3.4. Worked great, even though I had to flash a stock 2.3.4 before rooting. I then just installed Serendipity 9 on my phone and it works almost flawlessly. I have a few problems though. Using the CM9 layout there is no stock e-mail application, only G-mail not allowing me to use any other e-mail provider except Google’s. Using the TouchWiz layout the stock E-Mail app is present and everything else seems to be in order. Another thing is that there seems to be no way to change the brightness of the screen. Having gone through every method the settings interface offered nothing seemed to change it. I’ll keep testing it for a few days and perhaps an update will come out.

    Other than that I am quite satisfied.

    • David B. says:

      Found something else, the call log doesn’t seem to be tracking my missed, made, or received calls. Not a big deal but it would be nice.

    • JUan Carlos says:

      David…Do you download the lastest version of this ROM…it´s 9.1, which suppose to solve some issues, basically the problems with the calls. I tested for a couple hours because the phone did not reciceive calls….later the developer, issue a new update, but I had no chance to reinstall again. Actually I try with an AOKP v37. Good look

      • David B. says:

        There was actually an update for Serendipity from 9.1 to 9.3 which basically fixed all of the problems that I stated above. It was actually posted earlier by vash. Iv’e been using it quite a bit and it seems to be pretty nice.

        Here is the link to update to the latest version of this ROM.

  35. Juan Carlos says:

    Hey guys…I reinstall this Rom..I hate the Google Search bar un te Marín screen.ouldn’t gind te option ti disable ghis option.Somebody can help me ti do ir????

  36. Juan Carlos says:

    Sorry for all the mistakes. Its the problem wthe speel check.

  37. miclo says:

    hi, i installed this rom and works great but cant get data connection. im in panama, central america and here is cable&wireless, i set apn and everything but cant get to work. please help, i really like this rom

    • JUan Carlos says:

      Micio..Realizaste todos los wipes???…Personalmente, hago todos los wipes dos veces como minimo, e instalo el ROM dos veces…Es posible que algun archivo no se instalara y no te funciones adecuadamente. Prueba esa formula.

      Do you makes all wipes?? Personnaly, I make all wipes twice, same as a ROM instalation.- Could be possible, some files are not properly installed. Test and comment us.

  38. Paco says:

    I cant see apps in the app section that were moved to sd card. The only apps that show are the one that are in the phone.

  39. Paul says:

    Installed Serendipity 9 mod. Menu, Home, Return, and Search buttons don’t light up. Any suggestions. \
    By the way love your videos. Where I work try to keep em from going apple ho. Love android!!!

  40. MikeyMike01 says:

    If you’re having problems you should try downloading the newest version from XDA.

  41. Aasim Khatri says:

    Do i have to flash gapps with this rom ?

  42. Aasim Khatri says:

    Thanks !
    but while im downloading apps from the playstore and i minimize it the download progress just freezes ?
    Can you fix that?

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Revise the options. In all the recent Roms, the creator include inside the options, the alternative to download any file. i.e. only wifi, during the power charging, in standby, etc. Check if these options are activated or not.

    • Max says:

      Clear cache in CWM Recovery.

  43. Scharf says:

    I like the Serendipity 9.1 on my i777, but there are issues.

    1) No call log
    2) app freeze up at times
    3) sometimes I can’t make incoming or outgoing calls unless I reboot.
    4) Wifi is sketchy at times

    Personally I’d stick with this, but I want something more all around stable.
    The search continues…

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Hey..I am surprise with your problems. I install twice this Rom without problems. The second time I confused during the last one, because I played with the Recovery Config. and Kernel and affect the operation of the Rom and did not listen my phone calls. I revised all the options and solve the issue. Later install other Roms, but Serendipity is working fine and one of the benefits are you may install Samsung Account and enjoy the Dive. I suggest reinstall the Rom from Cero. Practice twice the wipes and rinstall the Rom and test again and comments us your experiences.

    • sreeves74 says:

      Download the latest 9.4
      Very stable and issues are resolved.

  44. daniel says:

    will this work on the galaxy s2 skyrocket?

  45. daniel says:

    there is no galaxy s2 skyrocket roms on this website 🙁

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Daniel…go to XDA Forum…They have a separate areas for each phone. You can follow all the updates and comments. Don’t use these ROMs here from Galaxy2 I-777 in your Skyrocket. I read ypou can brick the phone. They have different specs.

  46. x90jay says:

    I was wondering if siyah kernel work wit this rom it gives u cherry picker kernel wen u install it but I want to knw if I flash siyah kernel will the rom still work properly

    • Scott says:

      Yes, the latest Siyah kernel will work with this ROM. I had no issue’s with USB mass storage with siyah as well. Make sure to use Siyah with mic swap.

  47. Scott says:

    Just flashed this rom, and it works really well. I just have one issue: whenever I scroll through the home screens, it lags every time. Does this happen to anyone? I am using the touchwiz UX launcher. Any fixes? thanks!

  48. nick says:

    How do i get my recent call log to work??

  49. Gary says:

    I got this rom downloaded but it will not install through cwm. I’m using the i777 with CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.1-Siyah kernel. I did a full wipe including data cache and dalvik, installed and it says…
    — Installing: /emmc/”path to file(on device storage)”/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E:Can’t open /emmc/”path to file(on device storage)”/ (bad)
    Installation aborted.
    Can someone please tell me what I did wrong? I didn’t edit the zip file at all. I got it straight from serendipitynine[.]weebly[.]com.

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