SHOStock ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

Looking for the best ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777? Well, it’s been couple weeks since custom ICS ROMs have been out for the AT&T version of Galaxy S2 and boy, I’ve got a great recommendation you will not regret, the all-new SHOStock ICS ROM!

When I reviewed the original Gingerbread SHOStock ROM, it was one of the best Gingerbread ROMs. Well, it hasn’t changed much, SHOStock ICS ROM is now better than ever and there’s never been a better time to get on the ICS bandwagon than now.

The SHOStock ICS ROM comes with LC5 modem, cherrypicker kernel that allows for up to 1.6Ghz overclocking (I recommend 1.6Ghz using LulzActive governor), extended Power menu, disabled wake from unplugging AC, 5Ghz WiFi, NFC (Android Beam YES!), in-call recording, hearing aid compatible, and a whole lot more you will have to find out by flashing the ROM yourself.

This ROM is definitely “near perfect”. Stop drooling, try it out yourself and let me know what you think of this ROM. I think it’s awesome!

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Download ROM:

Download ShoStock ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, please see AT&T Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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87 Responses

  1. fadhli says:

    I agree with you! This is probably the most awesome ROM that I used! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. steve says:

    why wont this work for me?
    i keep trying to load it from cwm but it just wont work! i am losing my mind!
    it says it cant open the file and aborts the installation. is it a bad link or what?

    • jcabia says:

      That happened to me with several roms… its an issue with the md5 so you have to download the rom directly from your phone because somentimes when you transfer the rom to your phone using windows it gets corrupted… Im not sure if that is the same issue i had but it seems to be

      • Melvin says:

        I always use the phone to download ROMs, I use the computer when I manage to brick the phone.

        I do it this way because I’m lazy and don’t like plugging the phone to the computer. 🙂

  3. JR says:

    Anyone know if this rom has a different way to take screen shots? or themes that can improve batt life.

  4. Max J says:

    Love this ROM! I tried a few others and ended up here, have it clocked at 1.4 which is comfortable. Seriously completely satisfied…except for 2 issues 1) I live in a 4G area and spend most of my time now on 3G service with this ROM, when before i was consistently on H+ , ran with a stock phone and the numbers were great, now on 3G they’re horrible, super slow downloads etc. and 2) Am I able to capture screen shots anymore. Number one is the biggy, I mean I’m keeping this ROM regardless because I love the UI and ICS experience. This is the first phone I’ve really played around with so if these are stupid questions please forgive me. If anyone has any help on getting me on stable on 4G again please let me know. Cheers

  5. cameron says:

    ok so i would love to try this rom and have downloaded it but cannot figure out how the process works. i will check back here later for responses. do i have to root my phone in order for this to work? any help would be great plz thx!

    • Ken says:

      Yes, you have to “root” your phone. You should do a good bit of reading before you go and try something that you apearently know very little about. You will brick your phone easily… and who will fix it for you? Before you even start you should know EXACTLY what you are doing and why!

  6. CL says:

    Is it me or the email sync is not working properly? I was able to sync my exchange emails initially but then i don’t get any subsequent push or manual sync emails. I like this rom but i think i have to go back to the stock rom.

  7. sp says:

    When i tried it kept saying that Logs Provider not found or something like that, and it would freeze and crash, and also my calling and messaging apps would not work, the same error would show. Please help, I want to use ics soo bad 😀

    • Max says:

      Hey i had the same issue the first time i tried installing this ROM. It gives you several options when you are installing. Like it asks if you want stock or ICS, or something like that. Choose stock, you still get a sick ROM! Also dont wipe the data, it gives you the option to wipe or not wipe during instalation. I tried several and finally got this one to work. You lose the ability to capture screen shots, but i downloaded an app for that in the market. Also i was on 4G service and now its always on 3G. Overall though im happy with this ROM. Just keep installing from ex sd card and going through different setup options. thats what i did and tweaked it just right

      • sp says:

        When I do the installation, it doesn’t give me options. Do you install with recovery or what? I use reco.very and no setup options show up.

  8. Shashi says:

    My message app just keeps crashing, I don’t know what the problem is.Any thoughts…?

    • Squirmy says:

      I had same issue. I removed the shortcut in the tray and added a new one. fixed the problem

      • Cheyenne56 says:

        Squirmy, having the same issue with message icon. Hit it and it says “this activity cannot be launched.” New to android so how can I add new one/fix problem?

        Thank you!

        • Cheyenne56 says:

          Figured it out!

          Well FAMILY, this kernel/ROM is the one that has me shutting down my “other” phone!! Love the UI and the smoothness of the transitions!

          I know you guys here are used to it, so I promise no more outburst but D*MN, this is HOT!

  9. Deepak says:


    Please give us the link for the tutorial to fash with this ROM. Just the link is enuf, I will go thru it!

    Consider me as a noob and then give me the link!

  10. Deepak says:

    Please correct me if the procedure is wrong.
    Step 1: root your phone and confirm the super user app existence.
    step 2 : Back up your rom using Clockwork mode recovery and backup your apps using titanium back up.
    step 3: Download the shostock zip file and copy it in internal storage.
    step 4 : get in to boot menu and select this rom from internal memory.

    Please corerct it if its wrong!

  11. Victory Cross says:

    love the ROM. For fixing messaging, delete the original icon and replace with new drag and dropped icon to fix. However I can’t get exchange e-mail to work nor web browsing unless i’m on WIFI no matter what I try.

    Texting works(non MMS) as does voice calls and apparently almost everything else. No data is a killer for this for me though.

  12. kobos311 says:

    Screenshots are the power and volume up button

  13. kobos311 says:

    Actually its volume down and power button and it does great on screenshots no distortion of color or anything….i love this rom cept for the random reboots when using chrome browser..

  14. kobos311 says:

    I also have no issue with my data working works just great. 🙂 so i dunno why your data isnt working..

  15. Victory Cross says:

    I wish i could figure it out since I really like this ROM but without data it’s no good.

  16. cameron says:

    can we get a lil love here!?!? help us plz

    • Ken says:

      go to the top of this page and start reading and looking at videos until you understand how to do this. If you do not understand what you are doing you will turn your expensive phone into a brick… and I don’t think you know how to fix that either.

    • Victory Cross says:

      i have to agree. Go to sites like or and read about the rooting process.

      Those sites give easy step by step methods for rooting your phone. XDA is the jackpot for information but I’d say it’s geared for more advanced users.

      Take your time, read the methods. Then start over and re-read again just to be sure. You can trash your phone if you do something wrong. It’s not easy to do but it can be done.

      • sreeves74 says:

        Before watching Max’s videos and reading his info….I knew nothing about rooting/flashing.
        Just go through the sites videos and you will be flashing in no time….Max lays it all out for ya!

  17. Chris M says:

    For some reason I cannot use Clockwork Recovery to backup my phone. It always says “cannot mount sd card.” So I went back to AOKP for the time being.

  18. Rich1941 says:

    This guy deserves a donation for such a great rom!

  19. anshul says:

    I am on phonebricker 2.5 and never used shostock .
    Can any one who have used both the roms give a comparative review of the two.
    I posted it here because as usual xda does not entertain such question .


    • Chris says:

      I have tried both and I am back on gb unnamed v 1.3.2 which is perfect…although minor, ics roms are still too “buggy” for my taste

  20. Julio says:

    i still thinking Ultimatum 2.0 is the beast!!

  21. VI says:

    Great Rom. I have tried all three and this is the best. Installed the latest gapps and it all looks great. One issue though! Email does not work. Simply hangs. Have tried to flash multiple times. Any similar experiences???

  22. Ernest Jones says:

    The ROM is great, however I have to report an error message “LogsProvider” is not working. I do not know or could find that system app.

  23. mike says:

    I’m pretty new to android. The i777 sgs2 is the first android i’ve owned.. made the switch from iphone after the disappointing release of the 4s. The lag in release of ICS has pissed me off so much idk if I will stay an android user upon iphone 5 date. So it took me a while to figure out how to install the rom as i ran into some file moving difficulties.. but I got it, and this rom is really nice even though I havent tried any others but stock I can just tell this is a good rom. My only complaint is there’s no swype and i LOVE swype.. I guess i’ll download swiftkeyboard or something from the market for now but i’d really like to see swype on here.

  24. Steve says:

    I installed this ROM. Awesome job. Love it!!
    I noticed a few things that are wonky. I’m hoping someone can help me resolve this.
    1.) Periodically the lit up Home/Menu/Search/Return buttons, the light goes out and I have to go into settings and turn it off then turn it back on.
    2.) I don’t have the option in settings to play with the overclocking and all the other customizable tools in there. None of them are showing up in my settings.
    3.) The 1st time I flashed this ROM, My battery WAS at 50% but 10 minutes later it was at 15%. I removed it, wiped it, put it back to stock, re-flashed everything and seemingly my battery is actually BETTER than before Rooting.

    Obviously number 3 is not an issue but if anyone can please help with the first 2, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  25. Jared says:

    This rom is really nice however the dialer drove me nuts.(contacts not in dialer) so I had to switch

  26. guy says:

    Hi every body,is that rom support full Hebrew language ?can someone check please on setting >language and keyboard >choose language >Hebrew
    Thanks alot

  27. nächo says:

    nice root… but battery life sucks… and audio when phonecalling sucks too…

  28. Mike D says:

    Is there a way to get swype working?

  29. VI says:

    Best ROM for sure!!! Been using it for 3 days. Everything works. Battery life is mediocre. Playing with power settings helps..

  30. Jon says:

    the last 3 ROMS i have installed wont launch the messaging. but everything else seems to work fine. i sense there is some sort of overlaying error. any input?

  31. steve says:

    Hey, my camera keeps crashing my phone. If I use the shortcut, if I got to the main app, if I open it from message or Facebook, even when I download a new camera app. It freezes and goes black. I can lock athe screen and when I unlock it it will tell me “unfortunately the camera has stopped.”
    Do I need a kernel or something?

  32. James Roberts says:

    Flashed 2 days ago, and so far Im more than happy with this ROM!!! I found I had an issue with my camera as well, but a batt pull resolved and so far Ive had no further issues. This one is a KEEPER!!

  33. Ricardo Silva says:

    For some reason after i’ve flashed AoKp and went back to SHostock my capacitive lights are not working correct anymore. can you help me Max . I’ve tried going back to stock unroot rom with wipe dalvik wipe data and cache and nothing. Even tried to go back to my batista rom and come back but it seems that its not working right on any rom im flashing but before i went to Aokp the phone had no problems.

  34. Ahmed says:

    After bricking, I’ve been flashing all day and this is the 1st that WORKS! And is quite awesome in the little ways we have wanted! :))
    Now to install all my apps and configure.. :-/

  35. Mike says:

    I installed this on my AT&T s2. Works great. Some tips:
    1. S2 comes with 2.3.4 stock. Root with Zedomax kernel to not only root but install CWM recovery.
    2. Download Shostocks 2.3.6 Gingerbread rom and flash. The devs at Shostock noted their ICS rom flashes better with fewer issues to a 2.3.6 phone. Don’t know why, just does.
    3. Once the above is done, download and install the Shostock ICS 4.0.4 ROM.
    4. From the XDA site, find and download a, and install from CWM recovery.
    5. This last Download really helped me: Go to the Serendipity ROM website and look under “add-ons” tab. There you can make a custom zip package of Samsung components that would have originally come with the phone. I didn’t use everything, but the MMS, email and DNLA components seemed important to me. Create the zip package, download and install via CWM. They also have some unthemed Google apps too.

    My S2 has never run better. For extra flash I installed the Nova Launcher and Perfect Keyboard. Love this phone!!!

  36. Jamison England says:

    1.6ghz boot loops my phone. 1.4ghz works just fine.

  37. Josh B says:

    great site, learning a lot with all the cool things android can do. i currently have this ROM installed. how would i get the Swype texting back as an option to choose when selecting SMS text input.


    • James says:

      you can do a google search for swype beta, and follow the instructions to reinstall the sype keyboard to your phone

  38. Sameer says:


    i have samsung sghi777. i have flashed shostock2 v3 but after flashing i m regularly getting error “unfortunately apex launcher stopped unexpectedly”. i have tried go launcher instead but :(. Same problem i m facing after flashing ultimatum 2.1 with apex launcher.

    can somebody help?????

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