ShoStock ICS ROM v5.2 for Rooted AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

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For this week, check out update ShoStock ICS ROM v5.2 for your rooted AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. The updated version comes with a ton of improvements over our last overview including Jelly Bean animations, 15 toggles, 5Ghz wifi, latest Apex launcher, in-call recording, and a whole lot more.

If you are looking for a stable but simple ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2, give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!


Download ShoStock ICS ROM
Download GoogleNow (Install in CWM after installing ROM to get GoogleNow!)
Credits – XDA

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34 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Haven’t tried this one yet.. All other JellyBean ROMs over heat my battery and sucks the life out of my phone. Is anyone having this problem? Miui didn’t at first. The only way to fix it was to put my phone in Low or Conservative mode.

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome rom, I’ve been on Shostock2 since version 3. Very smooth, very fast, very stable rom, and excellent battery life. The thread on XDA has good settings for Ex-Tweaks as well if you use it.

    Terry – this isn’t a JB based rom, it’s ICS based. There’s no i777 JB yet though it was announced that it would be coming to the GS2 line by end of the year I guess? The JB rom’s right now for this phone are mehhh, their not smooth and not stable and battery life has been pretty bad from all the complaints you see on XDA. Shostock2 though is top notch.

  3. Robert says:

    I’ve installed this ROM but the camera doesnt work =( also, it doesnt recognize anything of my SD.
    Any advice?

  4. rfb813 says:

    I am running Aberration 1.3 and the Ported Salman 4.2 Rom. Both are good. The Ported Salman Rom with Google now installed and the video in video is working like my S3. Max you should look at both. You have the Salman Rom on the I9100 but have not shown the ported version.

  5. Taufik says:

    Hi Max,

    Just curious, can we flash back from jellybean back to ics?
    im on AOKP Jellybean right now and want to try other rom based on ICS
    im afraid of bricking my phone if we downgrade the version
    please advice thanks

  6. patrick says:

    Mail.apk please? Very good Rom !! Thanks

    • markbc says:

      Please check the Shostock website on XDA his SECOND POST has a listing of apps that will “round out” the ROM and make it work nicely –including the mail apps needed ( (secure and no security depending upon which you prefer). Here is the link:

      By the way — recommend anyone trying this rom check out that site since the rom has been updated yet again it is now on version 5.3 with the following changes:

      Update; v5.3
      -Added Manual Brightness to DropDown (Thanks Mirkoddd)
      -Incorporated CRT ON with CRT Toggle(Thanks Jeboo)
      -Updated APEX Launcher v1.3.1
      -Updated Kernel (ktoonsez v4.1.6) <-Thanks ktoonsez
      -Removed "ME" from Contacts (forgot lol)
      -Reverted to Stock Gallery
      -Reverted to XWLPX RiL's
      -Themed Volume & Progress Bars

  7. Rednine says:

    Will my external SD show up on this one? I’ve tried a few, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Is everyone just living without one?

    • markbc says:

      Some roms have the external drive listed under a directory called /sdcard/ext or /sdcard/ext_sd
      while other roms have the external drive listed under a directory called /emmc
      so if you can’t find the sdcard/ext , or that directory is empty, then look for a directory call /emmc

  8. Christian says:

    I flashed this rom but now my phone turns off randomly. Any clue as to why it’s doing that?

    • markbc says:

      never had a phone issue with this rom!
      it does not seem to me mentioned as a problem in the site. ;-(
      recommend reflash -but ensure you do a full wipe/ factory reset, plus
      wipe delvik and regular cache plus don’t add back any system data or
      apps if you use Titanium BU to restore!

      • markbc says:

        I scanned the Shostock page on XDA and one or two have complained about their phones not working and having to reboot to get them to work. No fix found or mentioned but Shoman seems to be working on why some have had that issue.
        (I never had that problem with the rom!)

  9. John J. says:

    How do you take a snap picture of the screen. The previous version had this function where by holding the volume down and power button at the same time takes at screen shot. A guess it is done differently with this new update.

  10. Rednine says:

    Power button menue

  11. John says:

    I tried this rom and it’s nothing to call home about. To tell the truth, it’s features is stupid. It comes with two status bar battery’s. One is a default that’s turned on in display settings and the other one is on forever. If you enable the one in settings, the phone will show two together. When rom is installed you’ll have to turn down system volume because it’s very load even at low setting.

    Aberration 1.3 is the way to go.

  12. Hmdot says:

    First of all great rom. Works great on my ATT samsung galaxy SII. Had a couple of things that I worked through
    and now works like a champ, fast and really nice setup.I did run in to one that I can’t seem to get working and
    maybe it’s just I don’t see it, but Kies will not bring up my phone anymore it says not supported.
    Any clues to this would be great, thanks

  13. moriex says:

    I’ve tried many ROM, this is definitely one of the best.
    One problem with NFC, can’t receive file ( picture), when transfer file finish in the other phone, my phone open google play app. And say element no found. Any idea?

  14. Albin Jr says:

    I have this rom, but my battery only reach 10hours without using my SII, when i use my SII i only have 3 hours, im so desperate !! Any body can help me !!

    • markbc says:

      Three hours is too little for this rom.
      This may happen when you first flash the rom and first recharge it about once or twice, but after that it should expand to better times (I think I got 5-6 hours medium use from this rom and about 10-11 hours when I did little on the phone).

      However, every single person’s battery life will be different -things like cell towers and even what type of wifi network you have at home will affect your battery life. So you may be a victim of your area or your router. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a simple way to make your battery life better.

      You could download and try “JUICE DEFENDER” (free or paid) from the Google Play store -it is a very reliable program and does a good job of cutting corners off of battery usage. Power users can do all that themselves, but we “regular” users can be helped by using Juice Defender.

      Also, you could download BETTER BATTERY STATS and start looking for programs that are using up your battery. So-called “wake-locks” that keep the CPU running or programs that are actively using the 3G or Wifi for ads or data all the time. The only problem with this program is you have to do a lot of reading on the XDA sites for the ROM and maybe other ROMs to understand what is going on and how to fix it.

      Overcoming a short battery life is not easy, and it is usually technical. More so than you will find on this page or other general info sites. 🙁

      So, to sum it all up: try Juice Defender and if that does not work -try the technical hunt into the battery usage, or another option is switch to another rom (I am using the Super-Nexus 5, reviewed by Max as Super-Nexus 4 but the link to the new one is there. ShoStock is a very nice rom, but the JB Rom implementation of Super-Nexus is also very very nice –simple, but nice and good battery life after it settles a few cycles.

      • Albin Jr says:

        Thanks a lot for the information!! I aprecciate your help !! Yesterday I decided to change to super nexus jelly bean, the battery charge quickly, is a nice rom very fluid, now im waiting to analyze how muy battery works !! And i already installed juice defender too!!

  15. Marcelo says:

    I noticed that for all ICS rom that I’ve tried, the scrool isn’t as smooth as it was on Gingerbread. Sometimes it stops when is rolling over.

    It’s intersting that nobody talk about this bug. I’ve already tried to change the touch sensitivity but I didn’t work.

  16. ricardo says:

    i would like a rom with the standard touchwiz interface with all the modifications of a rom like this one….is there any out there?

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