ShoStock Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Multi-Window][V1.4]

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Cannot hold out any longer for multi-window feature from Galaxy Note 2 to be added to your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777?

Well, you don’t as the latest ShoStock Jelly Bean ROM comes with multi-window feature. Although it’s not working 100% like on a Note 2, it’s very much usable and you can finally do true multi-tasking on your AT&T GS2 without shelling out your wallet for a new Note 2.

Other than that, this ROM is built off the GT-i9100 XXLSJ build so you also get the latest TouchWiz launcher, gallery app, etc…etc…

Looks promising and I am sure this ROM is going to get better and better over the next few weeks.

For those of you who must have the best and latest, flash the ShoStock ROM and let me know what you think.

12/20/2012 – Version 1.4 is here!

-Added Flashlight Toggle
-Added Black and Red INK Lockscreen Effect
-Edited powerprofile.xml for sgs2 (Was set up for sgs3) Also Disabled a bool setting for a notification LED widget we don’t have. (I haven’t had a lockscreen hang since….This is only a test)
-Added JellyBean AOSP Lockscreen Toggle
-Added Phone and SMS shortcut to AOSP Lockscreen
-Fixed Notification Brightness toggle (Stays off now)
-Updated GooglePLAY to 3.10.10

-Fixed GTalk FC upon receiving message
-Fixed BackUp/Reset Menu FC
-Added back SNS.apk (Facebook Sync)
-Updated SuperSU v0.99
-VolumeSkip set to 500ms

-Added NFC and androidBeam
-Added Notification Panel Edit function (/settings/display/notification panel) along with BrightnessBar toggle (Broken)
-No SMS to MMS conversion
-SMS with up to 1000 Recipients
-Ink Lockscreen now has constant flow (Once in a while it doesn’t)
-Removed Cloud option in Menu
-Removed “Exit All” Dialog in the task manager
-Removed Number in Notifications (Not really readable)
-Fixed default LockScreen Wallpaper after flashing
-Removed AllSharePlay.apk (Posted it along with SamsungService.apk below)
-5GHZ WiFi Support

-Added Clock and AM/PM Toggle
-Disabled Scrolling Cache
-Added one increment in call volume(6 steps vs. 5 steps)
-Increased longpress time for Vol Skip (1sec)
-Changed SMS notification ICON
-Removed Samsung Dive options in Security Settings
-Added Nexus4 Ringtones and Notification tones
-Changed toggle on icon colors to white and the indicator to a darker blue
-Adjusted auto brightness to the same levels as SHOstock2 (not sure if it reacts the same)

-Updated Kernel v4a
-Added Ink Effect in Lockscreen (Edit color in lockscreen settings)(credit- jarai and ICS_XD)
-Themed SignalBars and Toggles (Toggles are WIP as I might change it some)
-Added Yahoo News/Stock Ticker support for lockscreen.
-Reverted GoogleNOW (upgrade from the market after install)


Download ShoStock ROM

Credits – XDA

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