ShoStock Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Multi-Window][V1.4]

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Cannot hold out any longer for multi-window feature from Galaxy Note 2 to be added to your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777?

Well, you don’t as the latest ShoStock Jelly Bean ROM comes with multi-window feature. Although it’s not working 100% like on a Note 2, it’s very much usable and you can finally do true multi-tasking on your AT&T GS2 without shelling out your wallet for a new Note 2.

Other than that, this ROM is built off the GT-i9100 XXLSJ build so you also get the latest TouchWiz launcher, gallery app, etc…etc…

Looks promising and I am sure this ROM is going to get better and better over the next few weeks.

For those of you who must have the best and latest, flash the ShoStock ROM and let me know what you think.

12/20/2012 – Version 1.4 is here!

-Added Flashlight Toggle
-Added Black and Red INK Lockscreen Effect
-Edited powerprofile.xml for sgs2 (Was set up for sgs3) Also Disabled a bool setting for a notification LED widget we don’t have. (I haven’t had a lockscreen hang since….This is only a test)
-Added JellyBean AOSP Lockscreen Toggle
-Added Phone and SMS shortcut to AOSP Lockscreen
-Fixed Notification Brightness toggle (Stays off now)
-Updated GooglePLAY to 3.10.10

-Fixed GTalk FC upon receiving message
-Fixed BackUp/Reset Menu FC
-Added back SNS.apk (Facebook Sync)
-Updated SuperSU v0.99
-VolumeSkip set to 500ms

-Added NFC and androidBeam
-Added Notification Panel Edit function (/settings/display/notification panel) along with BrightnessBar toggle (Broken)
-No SMS to MMS conversion
-SMS with up to 1000 Recipients
-Ink Lockscreen now has constant flow (Once in a while it doesn’t)
-Removed Cloud option in Menu
-Removed “Exit All” Dialog in the task manager
-Removed Number in Notifications (Not really readable)
-Fixed default LockScreen Wallpaper after flashing
-Removed AllSharePlay.apk (Posted it along with SamsungService.apk below)
-5GHZ WiFi Support

-Added Clock and AM/PM Toggle
-Disabled Scrolling Cache
-Added one increment in call volume(6 steps vs. 5 steps)
-Increased longpress time for Vol Skip (1sec)
-Changed SMS notification ICON
-Removed Samsung Dive options in Security Settings
-Added Nexus4 Ringtones and Notification tones
-Changed toggle on icon colors to white and the indicator to a darker blue
-Adjusted auto brightness to the same levels as SHOstock2 (not sure if it reacts the same)

-Updated Kernel v4a
-Added Ink Effect in Lockscreen (Edit color in lockscreen settings)(credit- jarai and ICS_XD)
-Themed SignalBars and Toggles (Toggles are WIP as I might change it some)
-Added Yahoo News/Stock Ticker support for lockscreen.
-Reverted GoogleNOW (upgrade from the market after install)


Download ShoStock ROM

Credits – XDA

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165 Responses

  1. bobby says:

    Need a quick reply… before flashing new ROMS, is there a process to be done such as factory reset, wipe cache, dalvik cache, or just straight up install it?

    • kasyak says:

      Yes, you need to do wipe/reset if you run into problems. I believe you have to wipe every time you change to a different line of ROMs (i.e. AOKP or ShoStock, etc)

  2. bobby says:

    Everytime i try install a new rom it doesn’t work. the first time i installed a rom it worked, but everytime after just doesnt… someone please give me advice

  3. dipesh raj says:

    i flashed this rom twice. each tym upon booting it said encryption failed. please reset ur device. i then had to unroot it. thanks only to u max. ur unrooting procedure saved my phone!!! bt want this rom badly. what can i do max.?

    • Avatarg says:

      The Rom attached here is version 1 (at least that is what the filename says) but there is already a v1.3 in XDA, and a new version is supposed to be released tonight.
      Maybe you should try with the newest version.

  4. travis says:

    why does downloadandroid not let me download the file it just gives mew a blank page everytimr.

  5. rondeaux says:

    I am stuck in a boot loop

  6. lacosoft says:

    Max Necesito ayuda, instale la Rom y me quito mi codigo de desbloqueo… y no lo tengo.. que hice mal?? vuelvo a la antigua o al backup y siempre sale bloqueado el sim.

  7. chessman says:

    It happened the same to me, the rom goes great but the phone asks for pin net unlocked simcard, any suggestion?

  8. Wilstib says:

    Friends, I have a problem with my phone. Install this rom and my phone lost the release. I’m from Venezuela, one will know how to release it? I root

  9. Chris says:

    well ive been using this rom for about a week now and like Max said its more like a beta version and still have some bugs to get out like…
    1) the multitasking dual window ability does work..but every now and then it might crash and leave a ugly bar in the middle of the screen.
    2) the lock screen ability to choose your own wallpaper sucks because the croper box only let u use half of the screen unless u use it str8 in the middle so u might want to use a 3rd party app.
    3) In-call volume is a hit or miss depending where ur at… on some calls people can not hear me until I put it them speaker phone.

    so by the way if u DO NOT experience any of these problem while using the rom then good for you…but for me this rom is good enough for a daily driver and SHOMAN (Developer of this rom) is pretty good with updates so ima keep rocking with this for anothe week or so

    • Wilstib says:

      Had problems with unlocking sim card?

      • Chris Calhoun says:

        No not at long as I did a full data wipe before installing everything went ok

        • Wilstib says:

          okay. I’m glad I did both and now wipe asks me unlock code sim card = (not as unlock. Wear the galaxy unlocker S and the galaxy s2 unlocker and nothing worked, any suggestions?

          • Chris says:

            hmm? well thats funny ..let me ask u have u ever set a password to your sim card before? your phone shouldnt ask u for such a thing if youre rooted or your service provider put that block on your sim card

            • chessman says:

              Señores aqui esta la solucion para desenllavarlo!

              Ya lo hice y me quedon con la super ROM esta.

              • Wilstib says:

                Man te quedo te quedo al 100%? xq a mi no me agarra internet sin wifi. Apartemente ya esta leyendo la tarjeta sim pero aun no me agarra conexion de datos =(

                • chessman says:

                  Sin quedo al 100% tengo internet por wifi y por APN, solo que en APN tuve que crear la cuenta de internet pero ya esta listo y al 100!! tal vez te falto hacer el wipe…
                  wipe antes de poner la rom
                  wipe despues de poner la rom
                  y luego configuras el APN para navegar por 3g.

                  • Wilstib says:

                    Man como hago para desactivar la voz? Osea cada vez que abro una carpeta, o cambio de pagina me sale una tipa hablando diciendo la pagina,o que se cerro la pagina,etc. Quiero quitar eso,es molesto =/ ayuda

                    • chessman says:

                      Eso si no se….nunca me ha pasado….iijijiijji que explorardor estas usando yo no instale uno nuevo sino que uso el que trae de base esta rom.. pero me imagino que en las opciones de navegacion podras matar esa opcion saludes

              • Chantanito says:

                ¿Tuviste que pagar? Porque me dice que el teléfono se puede desbloquear pero para eso tengo que usar la versión PRO (paga por supuesto)

    • AK says:

      Chris, I am having the same problem with the in call volume. Everything else works like a charm so far.. Waiting for the updates..

      • chessman says:

        its not a rom problem but only configure the phone correctly where it says:
        configure phone calls
        addicional configuration
        then unclick noise reduction…
        I have my phone in spanish so menus should be similar to that….

    • rondeaux51 says:

      This rom is so cool I love it. However I am having the same problem with phone volume so when they fix that I will reinstall, till then back to aokp

      • chessman says:

        Just configure as I mentioned before…it happened to me but then unclick noise reductions now it works smoothly!!

        • Chris says:

          yes I did the same thing….and it did help the call volume alot, but I have low signal reception too so I know that played a roled

  10. Lacosoft says:

    Amigos mi experiencia con esta rom es agradable, pero desde mi punto de vista creo que lo ke hace la rom es resresetear la carpeta efs. La cual contiene vital info del telefono inclusive el codigo de desbloqueo.
    3 consejos… 1 es tener a la mano el backup de tu rom original hecho con clockmod. Asi derrepente volviendo a esa copia puedas rescatar el desbloqueo. 2. Tener a la mano el backup de la carpeta EFS. pueda ser posible ke restaure esos datos vitales. 3 definitivamente contar con el codigo de desbloqueo. La verdad no se si sirvan mis consejos. Pero vale la pena intentar. O si no … pues a invertir 25 dolares en Dr.Sim para recuperar codigo. SALUDOS!!!!

    • Oneximo Sanchez says:

      Ok, entonces por que galaxy_s unlock funciona con la shockstock anterior android 4.0.4 me lo desbloquea el cell, pero con esta rom esa app no funciona, puedo instalar la version anterior y desbloquearlo y guardar los datos? una vez hecho estoy vuelvo a instalar esta rom y sustutirlo o que? favor sugerencias

  11. rfb813 says:

    Version 1.3.5 now out on XDA site. I have had no problems with this Rom. If you want a more stock like experienced with Multi view try the Aberration 3b Rom on the same XDA site.

  12. bobby says:

    before installing new roms, do i have to FLASH clockwork mod recovery? like each time?

  13. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say that you can move multi window around the screen… just tap on tab and bar will come out… then long press it until haptic then u can move it around.

  14. LOGO says:

    ITS A SUPER ROM… BUT BATTERY back up is getting low day by day.. and its getting heated up soon… one more thing is 4.1.2 jelly bean msg icon, settings icon, cal icon, contacts icon was nice then the present.. To be very clear, settings background is not awesome as it was in 4.1.2 jelly bean

  15. LOGO says:

    ITS A SUPER ROM… BUT BATTERY back up is getting low day by day.. and its getting heated up soon… one more thing is 4.1.2 jelly bean msg icon, settings icon, cal icon, contacts icon was nice than the present.. To be very clear, settings background is not awesome as it was in 4.1.2 jelly bean

  16. Chantanito says:

    This ROM had deleted my EFS folder!!! Everytime it asks for the Unlock Code!!! Any help would be appreciated guys. I have several ClockWork backups but cannot find the EFS folder on any of them…

    • Chris says:

      Try going to the playstore and download app called “GalaxSim Unlock” it should get u that code u need to unlock your phones sim… as for yours ES Folder app ..did u use titanium backup?…its saves all apps your have on your phone in their current state so whrn u switch ROMS your apps will exactly how u left them.

  17. Alex Nater says:

    chessman como configuro el apn para 3 g. and configure the apn for 3G galaxy s2

    • Wilstib says:

      Yo use esta aplicacion TWEAKKER. La instalas y sigues los paso que te dice.

    • chessman says:

      entras a opciones de redes moviles luego a APN luego das boton menu y agregar…
      y ahi das las opciones probar para tu red….osea movistar, claro, tmobile, atyt, cada red tiene distintas configuracion de APN un password, usuario, etc.
      sino la conoces busca un amigo que navegue y entras a configuraciones y ahi copias esas opciones, no esta dificil.

  18. Joe Puff says:

    This looks like a great ROM but is anyone else having issues with the Mic during a call? No body can hear you speak during a call!!
    The XDA thread said to disable noise reduction in the ‘in call settings’. I turned it off, it helped a lot but I still think it could be better.
    Is anyone else having issues with this?
    Does anyone have a fix?

    Max, did you test this ROM to see if the calls actually work before posting a review? LOL We know you’re not using your GS2 phones anymore as a daily driver.
    We still love you Max, and your site. Thanks for all your hard work

  19. Fitzroy Brown says:

    Hi Max. I installed this ROM and now my phone is saying (SIM network unlock PIN) and i cant get on to my service provider. NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  20. Joe hen says:

    Can someone tell me how to upgrade to v1.3.5. Do I need a pc??

    • Chris says:

      You dont need a pc…just go to the “XDA” website for att i777 development and get the ROM package.
      it will be In zipped form but ..DO NOT UNZIP IT!..just downlaod it to your sd card and install it in recovery mode…IMPORTANT: if your not coming from the previous version then u will have do a full data wipe!

  21. Joe hen says:

    How much of a difference is the new version??

  22. Joe hen says:

    What do I have to do, step by step.

  23. Leer Eon says:

    MAX or Anyone Please HELP!!!! I followed the instructions and now my phone is asking for unlock network sim card pin. I see that others are having the same issue. Please help!!!

    • Chris says:

      go to the play store and get the app called “GalaxSim Unlock” it will help u unlock your sim card to use on custom roms

  24. Joe hen says:

    Chris can u tell me step by step what kind have to do. I had a friend root my phone because I’m clueless. Thanks

    • Chris says:

      1) use this link to go to the xda pg [] and click on word “downnload here” in the center of the page to download the zip
      2) go into recovery mode…hold volume up, down, & the powe buttom simultaneously for 10-30 secs til the recovery screen pops up and use the volume keys to navi.. and the power button to select
      3) go to install zip/install from enternal sd card/download…and select the zip and the phone should do the rest…after installation completes select “re-boot” and u should be fine

  25. Joe hen says:

    Will the zip that I want to download be labeled? Like will it say shostock v1.3.5 or something

  26. Joe hen says:

    Okay is there a big difference because I really like this rom??

  27. Joe hen says:

    Chris is tried downloading it and it says not enough memory, any ideas????

    • Chris says:

      then you must dont have enough space on your phone internal sd..
      which means you must use an external (as in removable) sd if u have one, go back and try to download it again only this time save to your external sd..
      and if all else fails then u can always stay with that rom u are on because that updated zip doesnt bring much needed features

  28. Joe hen says:

    Okay thanks man big help. I got it downloaded. Just gotta install in recovery. Thanks

  29. kervaughn meltz says:

    Could I use siyah kernel with this

  30. Joe hen says:

    Chris can u give me the steps to switch to a rom I already have saved on my Internal card

  31. Sami says:

    Greate ROM but It mest up my Unlock Code. I Downloaded Galaxy Unlock from Play Store and it work But Everytime i Reboot or Remove battery from my phone I have to run Unlock Precedure,

  32. Chris says:

    U cant brick yo phone unless u use a rom that is wrong for this phone
    As in installing..use the post I left for u on the website Dec.10th…its just that simple!
    Have faith in yourself and use the rom only for the i777 and you will be fine!

  33. Joe hen says:

    So it wipe data factory reset. Then install rom then install gapps. Then reboot

  34. Joe hen says:

    No dalvik wipe or something??

    • Chris says:

      its NOT NECESSARY!..your phone does it automatically when its installing a new jelly bean rom. That something that most people doesnt know

  35. Alex Nater says:

    I have a galaxy s 2 i777 AT & T but with a sim card from t mobile and data edge as I can make out for 3 g 4 g please help I can do Chris,Chessman

    • Chris says:

      The radio inside the i777 is for 1900 2100mz hspda+ signals and Tmobile uses 1700 1800mz hspda signals so rom developers only make roms thats is compatible with that phone company sim card …so in other words?…you will be stuck on “edge” no matter what i777 rom u use. Sorry

  36. joe hen says:

    What kind of wipe? Is wipe /factory reset???

  37. Don says:


    The rom works on my phone. However, it created a sim lock. How do i unlock to use other sim cards?

  38. blkhack91 says:

    does anyone know how to do the screen function with this rom???

  39. Toy Toy says:

    Beutiful Rom but, When I call, people don´t hear 🙁

    • wilstib says:

      I have the same problem. I yell or place the speaker. I have the version 1.4 and has the same problem. Any solution please

  40. Joe Hennessy says:

    Turn off noise reduction

  41. melinda says:

    Can I load the SGH i777 roms on my SGH i727?

  42. Chris says:

    Absolutely not!..YOU WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE!!!
    the I777 & the I727 runs 2 diffrent type of software
    configurations…even they both are galaxy s2’s

  43. Joe Hennessy says:

    Hey Chris can I download a new rom onto my phone without a pc and install it in recovery mode. Can I download a rom using my phone instead of my pc and install into my Internal storage.

    • Chris says:

      yes you can on both questions,..most Roms come in a “zipped” form
      so remember not to unzip it…and always make sure the Roms are I777 compatible
      other than that just go in recovery mode and install

  44. oneximo says:

    Hey someone fix the bug, when you call the other people cant hear you, please help me with that is a beautifil rom thanks

  45. Toy Toy says:

    turn off. no more. my rom perfect 😀

  46. romeo says:

    how do you kill apps

  47. Damian Walker says:

    Could I use siyah kernel with this rom? I would really like to know

  48. Pashin says:


    Thanks for the ROM. Its works great on the i777 S2. However I am facing a unusual problem. The mic seems to be malfunctioning. During a call the person on the other end can barely hear me. tried the usual sound setting but it seems to be a different issue.



  49. Juan Carlos says:

    Pashin… Hit Call button, then Call Settings, Additional settings and UNCHECK “NOISE REDUCTION” . And problem will be solved.

  50. Juan Carlos says:

    Guys… I suggest you all, visit XDA forum, section AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 and read the comments on the thread. I am sure, will clarify your questions.

  51. wilstib says:

    alguien sabe como quitar la barra de aplicaaciones que sale del lado izquierdo? a veces estorba

    anyone know how to remove the application bar leaving the left side? sometimes clogs

  52. Juan Carlos says:

    Guys… Last night SHOMAN posted V. 1.5 . enjoy it.

  53. Joe Hennessy says:

    Chris how do I delete stuff off of my external sd. Trying to make some room on my phone

  54. John M Golaszewski says:

    Okay just want to know if anyone knows how to fix this… the first tomorrow I installed work fine and than I installed this new shop shocker..everything on the rom works great but when I try to make a phone call no one can hear me or barely but I can hear everyone just fine…

  55. Joe Hennessy says:

    It’s the noise reduction. It has to be unchecked.
    Did anyone install v1.6 yet? I’m trying to find out if u have to do a wipe before installing it.

  56. Paco says:

    Everytime I reboot the phone most of the apps appear to be not installed but when i see th app manager those same apps appear with the sd card icon and the com…file name and i have to install them again to make them work. Any suggestion?

  57. Joseph says:

    This ROM is great but once in a while you have to toggle the WiFi ON and OFF to make the WiFi work.

  58. Paco says:

    Now i had an error when i open the gallery. it says “Not Enough Space. Delete unnecessary items such as downloaded software, pictures, videos, and documents.” i clear the data, clear the cache and nothing and i had over a gig of space internal and a gig external too

  59. Zack says:

    Trying to install this as my second os. Currently using shostock ics. For some reason I install and then it boots to a black screen and nothing happens. Any ideas? Thanks.

  60. ryan says:

    Fully bricked my AT&T i777; beware. Hope this saves someone…

  61. Martin Ha says:

    Well, It successfully Broke My Unlock. Thanks ALot Shostock

  62. Martin says:

    I LOVE this ROM. Its excellent. feels really good. oh and for people missing a SIM unlockcode, just call AT&T forthecode. give them your IMEI and they’ll gladly give you the code. you don’t need to be a customer either

  63. moeen says:

    hey its keep askin for sim pin even though i download galaxy s unlock its still not working so please help me with this

  64. Tim says:

    If i want the updated version do I have to install the new version or is there another way?

  65. poorna says:

    The galaxsim unlock didn’t work and even when i install a different rom still the sim is locked. any solutions

  66. Lacosoft says:

    AMigos como puedo hacer screenshot? (Captura de pantalla) ya intente con varias combinaciones y nada. Alguna ayuda?

  67. Beto says:

    i just flash this ROM in my SGH-i777 that was working perfectly with ICS stock and now it doesn’t get GSM network when the phone starts says: SIM network unlock PIN, i’m in Venezuela and my company is Movistar, anyone knows how i can fix this?

  68. Ricky says:

    everytime i download the file and put it on my card and try to install, i cant find the file. which file is it, i have like 3 different ones plus folders and neither files are supported..

  69. Joe Hennessy says:

    How do I flash and updated kernel???

  70. KIKE says:

    Hola amigos, ustedes podrián decirme alguna rom JB para el galaxy s2 i777, que no presente el problema del bloq

  71. KIKE says:

    Hola amigos, ustedes podrián decirme alguna rom JB personalizada para el galaxy s2 i777, que no presente el problema del bloqueo de la sim??

    • oscar says:

      amigo la unica que yo eh instalado y no pone problema la sim son las de cyanogenmod y una que se llama super nexus rom pero claro esas roms todavia tienen bastantes bugs a mi no me funcionan bien cuando conecto mi cel al pc

  72. KIKE says:

    Hello friends, could you tell me some JB custom rom for galaxy s2 i777 without sim lock problems??

  73. Alex says:

    So far it’s working great. What I’m missing is the Program monitor. Any thoughts no this one?

  74. Joe Hennessy says:

    I can’t send text msg

  75. boogiepop says:

    i installed the shostock 3 and now the H+ dissapeared, i can only get H speed, i can’t write to the dev on the forum because i dont have , any of you guys know something about this?


  76. Zack says:

    Ok got this install works great and I love it. My thanks to the developer! I have one problem. I can’t edit my multi window menu. Sucks needing to scroll through everything to find the right app. Anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  77. jorge says:

    Hey Max I have a problem I can’t install any ROM to my i777 I tried to install shamrock 2 and 3 but I can’t dI
    All the wipes like the delvik one I keep getting a red message that says something about file signature not being able to find it please

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