ShoStock3 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Multi-Window][V1.8.5]

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For those of you looking for a solid Jelly Bean experience with multi-window support and fast performance, check out the latest version 1.8.5 of ShoStock3 Jelly Bean ROM.

Last time we reviewed this ROM it was in its infant stages but now with many updates and bug fixes, I think ShoStock3 ROM is one of the best stable ROMs you can run on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777.

Notable features include an option for TouchWiz ripple or AOSP launcher, Multi-window with all apps enabled, smart rotation, modded camera with volume rocker and enabled during low battery, long-press Back button force-close app, and many fixes and updates. There’s also “Quick Access Camera”, which is nifty for fast unlocking if you need tend to take lots of photos on the go.

The biggest difference I see with the latest version is in the speed, it has noticeably improved and buttery smooth over previous versions.

If you haven’t tried the latest version, give it a test drive and let me know how it fares.


Download ShoStock3 Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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126 Responses

  1. Alex Boothe says:

    This is probably one of the best I’ve tried. I originally couldn’t find the program monitor, but never fear it’s there. This is a smooth ROM and, so far, no issues. I think this is one you’ll enjoy!

  2. Luis says:

    Do I install it without gapp ? I could not find any for download. Thanks in advance!

  3. Harsh Chandarana says:

    I know the question has been already asked. But I’d like to know why isn’t it necessary to flash gapps with this rom?

  4. Luis says:

    System is asking me PIN to Unlick SIM network right on the start. have no idea what’s that.
    Ps: My i777 is unlocked to any SIM and I’m using a International SIM. Any Clue ?
    THanks a lot

  5. Omer says:

    Hey Max, my phone restarts everytime i put it to charge.. That is after i flashed this ROM… Do you know how i can solve this problem..

    • markbc says:

      @Omer check your battery. This is a TouchWiz ROM that is close to the Stock Rom in many ways. One of those ways is in how the phone manages the battery.

      The ATT SGH-I777 has a slightly different battery from the International version (GT-I9100?). When you use the I91000 batteries in the Stock rom AT&T model, the phone will reboot whenever it is connected to any USB port. The batteries work, but you can’t plug anything into the USB port. Anything! So you have to charge the I-9100 batteries on an external charger. Only “real” samsung I777 batteries will work in it –or also some knock off batteries that meet the original specs (yes I have one -all red!) .
      It is funny in one way since other roms, which are NOT TW based, WILL allow you to use I9100 batteries and charge them and do everything. Kind of Strange! but I have used AOKP based ROMS (Like Task’s) & maybe the SuperNexus Rom (I think!) and had no problem charging them or hooking up my phone no matter what battery was inside!

      But any TW based rom will have this issue –not Shostock’s fault and not really a problem with his rom — actually the phone is working as it should -or at least according to how the ATT TW rom was designed.

  6. Omer says:

    Hey Max, my phone restarts everytime i put it to charge.. That is after i flashed this ROM… Do you know how i can solve this problem..

  7. J says:

    My battery life has taken a nosedive ever since I installed this. I’m new to this so maybe there’s something I need to configure? Juice Defender app is not helping at all.

    • markbc says:

      All new roms seem to have bad battery life until the system settles. Check this over several charges/days and see how it turns out. The XDA thread for this rom suggests that many have initial battery issues, but most seem happy with it. I have used this rom almost longer than any other rom I ever used for my I777. (Previous record was about 2.5 months for SuperNexus) this rom is smooth, works great and has no issues that I see.

      Oh, some have downloaded Set CPU and fiddled with the settings for I/O for the kernel, I did that as well but I am back using ondemand and noop and my battery life is pretty darn good. Every now and then I seem to go through a battery quickly, but I think that is more a function of what I am doing -or where I am (bad cell towers/connectivity) rather than rom issues.

      Just my two cents –hope it helps, Oh, I also use Juice Defender and it helps a little -not so much, but does seem to have a positive effect. Also I use LUX to adjust my screen brightness and it does a nice job of keeping it only as bright as I personally want and under different conditions. Try Lux –together with JD it is really helpful.

      Good Luck

  8. Lauren says:

    Hi Max,
    I recently rooted my Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 on official AT&T ICS 4.0.4 using Odin 3v185 & Siyah v.3.4.2. nomswapp like you provided on this site. Unfortunately I got all the glitches associated with this kernel bluetooth unable to turn on, black screen when watching video or using the camera etc. Can I install this Shostock3 JB rom with the Siyah v.3.4.2. nomswapp kernel or do I need another kernel? Will this fix the glitches? Thanks for your time.

    • xofus says:

      Did you find an answer to this? I want to try this ROM but don’t want to mess with a new kernel right now.

      • markbc says:

        The problems that @Lauren has are not general rom problems. They are machine or phone specific. The best fix for that situation is a FULL WIPE (Factory RESET) clean the cache and the Davik cache and then reinstall. Also don’t reinstall all the apps data if restoring from Titanium Backup (and NEVER restore any SYSTEM Files). If Lauren follows this then there is a high probability that the phone will work normally.

        As to the Kernel. YOU DON’T HAVE TO MESS WITH ANY NEW KERNEL! If you flash ANY rom, then that new rom will automatically bring its own kernel. YOu don’t see it and don’t have to worry about it. IF for some reason you love the kernel you have (and that is usually only because the kernel provides a very specific extra functionality) then don’t flash this rom (or any other rom). Or, go ahead and flash the rom and then try to flash the kernel you really like on top of it.

        However, before doing this, I would read the XDA thread for SuperNexus and see if others are using the different kernel you seem to want to use –and that it works with the rom.

        But normally, you don’t have to even think about kernels, they are generally not an issue of concern and become important when you really have a functionality that they bring –and that you can’t find elsewhere.

        hope this helps!

    • markbc says:

      when you flash this rom it will automatically load a kernel that works well with the rom. I would recommend going ahead and trying this rom. Also do a factory reset, clear cache and clear dalvik cache when you do so. A bit more time consuming to reload your apps, but worth the smooth performance. You won’t lose and pictures or data files when you do this. . .
      good luck

  9. Miguel says:

    ill just wait till this work perfectly.. i really like this one.. hope they get it right (y)

    • markbc says:

      this 1.85 version is really solid and stable and has no real flaws -try it you’ll like it.
      (Of course changing kernels is a different story and the latest kernel seems much improved, no need to swap out to Siyah or others (unless you want to dual boot and that is another can of worms! πŸ˜‰

  10. Lunchbox says:

    Is it possible to add downloaded app shortcuts to the Quick Access Menu, and how would one do that?

    • markbc says:

      I think some apps can be added to the QAM and some can’t. Don’t know why,
      you can get into settings on the Quick Access menu and then drag and drop the app you want onto the menu –if it is supported, it will move over, if it is not supported then it won’t.

      not an expert on this –don’t use it anymore, tried it a while. Others may have more info that I have. . .

  11. daniel says:

    will this work for the SGH-i727? If not, any daily driver recommendations? I seem to have issues with Paranoid and liquid smooth. Im going out of town and need a daily driver ASAP PLEASE!

    • selw0nk says:

      No, your phone is the Skyrocket not the I777 Galaxy S. Go ahead and try it if you want and you will brick your phone.

    • markbc says:

      No no no no no
      please don’t /don’t use this on the Skyrocket! It won’t work and you may spend days or weeks trying to get your phone working again. Hey, why not go to the SGH-i727 thread at XDA and you will see many roms that work for your phone. Seriously, I did check there recently and the development for your version is quite good –but don’t use anything for an I777. Why Samsung calls these two different phones both Galaxy S2 I don’t know ;-( it only leads to problems!

  12. daniel says:

    Any suggestions?

    • selw0nk says:

      Search for SGH-i727 XDA for your phone and roms.

    • markbc says:

      GO here and look for the threads that say [ROM] in the title. You will find some nice roms to flash!
      http ://
      (I separated the link so it will post immediately -put the two parts together to load it!)

  13. Ian Pirie says:

    Shostock… you disappoint me greatly. I have tried your rom out twice and at installation both times, you had corrupted firmware which has bricked my phone twice where I have had to jtag my phone. I wiped my data completely(data, dalvik, cache) and it says that it had a problem with encryption and rendered my phone useless. Seriously, if you cannot install it… it is worthless.

    • markbc says:

      It installed great for me. . . it’s not the rom.
      Perhaps your download(s) are corrupted?

      • Ian Pirie says:

        I downloaded the previous version of this rom as well as this one and both did the same thing. I am guessing that the writers don’t have sim card encryption available on the rom or something as I did it from a completely clean slate both times and the only item different from stock was the fact that my sim card was encrypted. That was the only thing encrypted on my phone and it flip out completely. Now unless both times I downloaded it, it was corrupt, then I must be the unluckiest person when it comes to downloading.

        • markbc says:

          I looked through XDA and found a thread “Encryption Failed after flashing SHOStock3.”

          The SHOStock thread itself have very few postings on this topic. I see the Developer SHOman94, stated [that the encryption/ problem] “has nothing to do with SHOstock3. Likely you’ll have to flash back to stock using ODIN and you might have to factory reset and start over fresh. I have heard of this happening to some when coming from AOKP/AOCP. I’m sure some searches in XDA will show you some results.”

          sorry I can’t find more helpful info, but it is an interesting problem (for me) and a real bother (for you!) and I hope you can sort it out!

          good luck!

  14. markbc says:

    Thank you Max, once again you’ve discovered a really great ROM. I feel like my Galaxy S2 is now a Galaxy S3!
    This is a very nice 4.1.2 rom and it has excellent stability, features and customizations. The DEV Shostock has done a really nice job on this and I don’t think Samsung and AT&T could put out a better rom!

    The only thing that would get me to change right now would be a 4.2 rom that is as stable and bug free (none out there like that . . . yet!)

    I appreciate your tips –I missed the camera setting when I installed it, and now I have that enabled as well!
    thanks again!

  15. Ozgur OZSEN says:

    Shostock 3 installed. But i have one problem, the memo (not) application does not work :/

  16. kingofsur says:

    I am new to Custom ROM’s. This is my First ROM and is very stable (3 days have passed) and also it fixed unresponsive device bug in AT&T ROM. I don’t have to restart anymore. Only problem is, Google + app is force closing, when I try to change Instant upload setting, not sure the reason for the bug.
    Thanks for the ROM.

  17. rich1282 says:

    I love this rom, but have run into my first issue I cant fix, the phone is telling me my sd card is damaged yet reads fine through file explorer and on my pc. Now before I wipe it out and start over I was just curious if anybody had a thought…low battery life or dusty card are something’s I have read…thanx all! Long live this developer and long live android!

    • markbc says:

      No never had that problem –I’d make a 100% copy of your SD on your computer and get ready for the SD to fail. Maybe you can reformat the SD either via computer or in RECOVERY Menu, then load back the data from your backup on the computer. . . good luck!

      • rich1282 says:

        Yeah I bit the bullet and reformatted last night, it was annoying me too see the icon, I appreciate your help though!

  18. piperane says:

    Hi!! I would like to have shostock3 rom in my device. Is it available anywhere for galaxy S2 (GT-I9000)?

    • piperane says:

      Sorry, for GT- I9100…

      • markbc says:

        Hi @piperane

        Quick answer is: No, I don’t think so.

        In detail, it seems that ,most DEV work on roms for specific phones, and this includes the specific models (I9100 vs I777). Some may work on multiple models, but that is rarer.

        Actually, I think that the I9000 was out first and also may have been unlocked or opened earlier for development. So what this meant is that many ROM initiatives came out for the I9000 model first. Only then they were they ported (later) to our I777. The “straight-line” adjustments of a I9000 rom into an I777 rom has become common, and it is commonly called “hellraising” the rom.

        I am not sure if doing the reverse –changing an I777 rom to an I9000 is still called hellraising. Perhaps Max or others here will know that answer!

        But the real answer to your question is no, as far as I know there is no Shostock3 for the I9000. However, you can go to XDA website and look for the roms that DEVs have written for the I9000 model! I am certain there are many.

        Good Luck!

        • markbc says:

          Oh I just saw that MAX has links for I9000 roms as well –Check them out too! πŸ˜‰

          • piperane says:

            Thanks for your answer. I will search a similar one

            • markbc says:

              AndroidPit and Android Central have provided links to the official Samsung version of JB for the I9100 -your phone.
              You can go there and download the rom and get a “stock” JB rom that way! (but update the phone using Oden. It’s explained on those online sites). Max has other JB roms for the I9100 on his site, but appears not to have gotten to that official version yet)

  19. JCK48 says:

    This ROM was working fine for the first few days and suddenly the Gmail auto sync does not work anymore. I have to sync the Gmail manually. Any idea to fix this?

  20. poorns says:

    its a great rom allround. but my gps seems to be broken. I had 1.7 installed earlier now 1.8.5 but on both gps is not locking on properly. gps works with wifi and network loction though. I tried gps fix app and gps test app but didn’t work. does anybody have a fix for this

  21. Julie says:

    I flashed this ROM a couple of days ago, and so far it’s been working beautifully. It wasn’t until today that I noticed a strange kind of problem: my phone has lost connection to Google Play. I can access Google Play on the phone itself, and download apps that way, but I can no longer browse Google Play on my desktop and send apps to my phone to be installed.

    Has everyone ever encounter this before? Any ideas on how to fix it?

  22. Marcelo says:

    I was using Supernexus (no complains) but reading those comments I decided to try ShoStock 3.
    On the first screen it asks for the SIM pin (as another user has already mentioned), I tried the number but it didn’t work (I’m sure that this is the right one). So I dismissed it and tried the ROM without service.

    The phone still has no service. It finds the carrier but it can’t connect.

    I’ve already used a lot of ROMs and this is the first time that this kind of request appears.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

  23. Luis says:

    Your Phone is once again locked. Means you’ll have to unlock your phone for any carrier. I suggest galaxySim unlock app. Worked for me. You’ll have to pay for unlocking. ROM is great for far

  24. Jason says:

    How can I take a screenshot?

  25. Charles says:

    I am having an issue with alarms on this rom. I have the alarm set, melody selected and a tone selected. I get NO sound. This is a deal breaker for me on this rom because My phone is my alarm clock. Do you have any suggestions?

    • markbc says:

      my alarms work great with this ROm. Try clearing the data from the clock or your alarm app and see if it works. If not, you may have to do other things like download a different alarm just to test it, or (worst case) clear the dalvik cache and the cache and then restart and see if that works. (trying to avoid reinstalling the rom, but it may be necessary ;-(
      good luck

  26. chessman says:

    There is a new update on XDA site, now the ver 2.0.1 but this update consumes battery realy quick!!!!

    • markbc says:

      It’s already gone to 2.0.5!
      I think it burned through my battery pretty quick on the update –but that is likely just the rom waiting to settle. Others still rave about the great battery life they are getting. . . !

      1.85 was very good for battery life for me. I am going to see if 2.0.5 settles and is the same or not.
      I wish I could know why batteries react so sharply to changing / flashing new roms! They all seem to have that “settling” problem. . . and some (bad ones) never get better. . Based on the earlier versions, I think this 2.0.5 will settle down as well. . .we’ll see in a few days/ recharging cycles πŸ˜‰

      • chessman says:

        Hey Markbc now 2.0.6 is available!
        But I am still in 2.0.1 the battery problem is when the phone is inactive (in the night usually) the rom consumes so much battery when it is not being used!! I searched about this problem and it is frequently found in the galaxies 3. there is a patch in XDA for G3 to fix the mistake and the battery last so much longer. I am expecting to have a newer update and maybe the “inactive device” or “Celula en espera” problem is solved.

        • markbc says:

          wow! please let me know how that turns out. It sounds like you have some program keeping the phone active even when you are not using it -a “wake lock”
          Personally, I found that Google Now sometimes did that to me and I don’t even use it now. I just use Google Search and Locale, these don’t drain my battery as much. . .good luck!

  27. Eric says:

    will your sim lock if your on AT&Tnetwork ? or is this only with people with unlocked sim’s already

    • markbc says:

      @Eric: I believe that if your in the U.S. and got your I777 from a regular channel (AT&T/Best Buy/Amazon or some other phone store) your Sim will be locked -but it won’t matter on the AT&T network and the phone works fine on AT&T. This rom won’t change that.

      But, if you have unlocked your phone and are using your I777 on another network/country/planet ;-), then this rom may wind up re-locking your phone and the sim won’t work until you follow the steps provided in the XDA thread for ShoStock 3.0 to re-unlock it.

      I unlocked my phone to use it overseas in the past, but lately have only been here at home –and the sim works great after flashing the rom. I suspect I would have to re-unlock my sim if I were to make another trip overseas.

      By the way the version is now up to 2.0.5 at the XDA website!

      • Eric says:

        thank you, ill flash it today and get back with the results. BTW im usinf straighttalk network witch is the same as att just had to change my APN

        • markbc says:

          @Eric . . . Wow, using Straight Talk means you may have to re-unlock the Sim depending upon the phone’s source. . .If you can’t find the Link in SHOstock’s XDA thread for SHOStock3, let me know –I know I saw it when reading there one time. (Might be in the front with the original post (OP)!

          Also, I am using AT&T, but was thinking of switching to Straight Talk. I hear that when it works it is great, but if something goes wrong, service is a nightmare. Also service is supposedly good only in one’s home area. . . Don’t know, but I do know the cost is about half what I pay AT&T! How do you like Straight Talk with our phone?

          • eric says:

            @markbc, i hope not, i was just gunna flash it before i read your comment. when i went to straight talk i didnt have to unlock it. you can use a straight talk sim in any att or tmoible phone. all you u have to do is change the apn. when ordering the sim theyll ask you what kind of phone you have then send you the correct apn for you phone. as of sevice gos it great. never get dropped calls, always have full bars, the internet somtimes acts weird but it just turn off data and back on then it works fine. for 45 a month, you cant beat it. ill try flashing this rom….

            • markbc says:

              Good luck on flashing.. this rom is at version 2.06, so flash the latest version! There were a few problem with 2.01 & even 2.05 because of the new kernel. Anyway, shostock fixed it and the very latest version is good again. I noticed another person was asking in the shostock3 XDA thread about different apns and sho has afeed support -new apns- e for T-mobile and att…

              Also thanks a lot for the info on Straright Talks. Very helpful! I will look at them when my contact us up this summer… only hope I canoe my number!
              Good luck

              • eric says:

                Flash went well. Seems very smooth. No issues with locked sim. Ill test it for a couple days and get back

                • markbc says:

                  great! πŸ˜‰
                  please let me know how your battery life turns out after it settles.!

                  • eric says:

                    battery is doin great, dont know what everyone is talking about. ive flashed a lot of roms, but this one is by far the best…..

                    • markbc says:

                      Great! I agree it really is a nice rom –and after it settles it does have nice battery life (but I turned off Google Now because it appeared to me to be a battery hog –and I really was not using it!).
                      almost 7 hours of battery life -including ~1 hour on skype and GPS NAV when driving and then the normal web/phone/newsreader stuff! Pretty good!

  28. Marcelo says:

    It’s a great rom, but sometimes too slow.
    Specialy when you are answering a call.

    I’m thinking if should downgrade to supernexus again. It has less features but it’s faster than this one .

    • markbc says:

      Hi! I think that this rom does seem to go to sleep sometimes when I have the screen locked.. and then the phone rings and by the time I can answer it, the call has gone to voicemail!
      But I do like the shostock 4.12 camera better than that in supernexus 4.2.0 (stability of shostock seems a bit better to me, but I
      also really like super nexus! It has that new
      Google 3d view camera!)
      Both are the two best jb for now so I think you can’t go wrong either way!

  29. Sentinel says:

    Beautiful ROM! Love the multi window feature….one problem I’m running into is that I can’t get it to connect at 4G speeds in Pittsburgh( I got them earlier with ICS). I see H+ or E icons and the speeds are sad. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Josh says:

      Yes very Simlar,but I cant get HSPA (3.5G) which when stock I was able to get with no problem. yes H Apears by my single bars,Please see comment below.

  30. Josh says:

    I Really like this ROMthe best but for some reason the data is VERY slow,I tried flashing diffrent modems(even the stock one) I have the right APN (works on other roms I tired) but its so slow it can pull my email but the web crashes every time on my S2.Any suggestions to Fix this? Thanks! meanwhile I am running a diffrent rom but data works great with same APN.

    • markbc says:

      Sorry, I don’t think I am in a 4G area, and my speeds are pretty good anyway. Maybe go to the XDA site for SHOstock3 and download the newest version (2.1) and see if that improves it.

      Also you can go to the XDA site and go to the Development section (again!) and look in the SGH-i777 section for modems –there are about six different modems for our model there.

      Download them all and try each in turn to see which provides you with the best results. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not.
      — You download all the modems, then go to recovery and flash one, test it with speed test or whatever both on wifi and data, then go back to recovery and do the same thing for each –I did this without even clearing the cache (“dirty install”) and it provided interesting and useful results.

      BTW, each modem works better in different areas –there is no right answer for modem selection

      Good Luck!

      • markbc says:

        @JOSH –Sorry, I see that you already flashed different modems, Your problem is different ;-( I did a quick look at the XDA site and did not see references to something similar –but maybe some part of that thread might provide clues for you. . .sorry I can’t help!

      • Sentinel says:

        Thanks …I’ll try this.

  31. Alexis says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s II SKYROCKET i727 my question is if i can install this rom into my device.

    • markbc says:

      Alexis: The answer to your question is already provided in the previous comments above. Please scroll up and read the (January 23 5:49 am) question by Daniel and then the answers by selwonk (5:25am) and markbc (11:49am).

  32. Phillip says:

    How do I install this ROM. I can install in Odin Tar format but unafamiliar with the Zip format.

  33. markbc says:

    @ Phillip if you used Odin and rooted your phone by installing a tar file, then that “new”/adjusted/modified rom likely also has its own RECOVERY program and replaced the ATT version.

    – To “flash: a zip file rom means that you need to install it directly onto the phone. You do not /DO NOT unzip the files, you just download the rom zipfile onto the phone and then install it using the RECOVERY program menu option.

    – First get the new rom zip file onto your phone -preferably downloaded into the download directory, but it does not really matter where you put it.

    – Second restart your phone into the recovery mode. The traditional way to do this is simply to turn off the phone and restart while holding down the VOLUME UP and the VOLUME DOWN and the POWER buttons all at the same time. Keep holding them and the phone will start, then discover what you are trying to do and then it will restart –so keep holding all three buttons and finally it will restart into the recovery menu. (Actually most ROMs will have an option in their shutdown menu to “go to recovery”. . . Shostock3 does!)

    – Once in the recovery menu, follow the (below) procedure to install the rom. After you have done this, choose restart (not “restart into recovery” -that just wastes time) and your old rom will be gone and the new rom and your phone will restart (but it will load a bit slowly the first time) with the new rom.

    – Warning: prior to flashing the new rom, please make a nandroid backup. This is essentially a mirror of your old rom and can be used to restore the old rom in case your new rom stinks or does not work. You make a nandroid backup from the Recovery menu. Look though the Recovery menus until you find the advanced menu option for “BACKUP. ” Select it and make a backup -it is not fast (5-10 minutes, depending upon your rom and how much data you have on your phone). But it is worth it. If your rom install fails, or if you want to go back to the old rom, simply go to the discovery/backup menu and chose restore and you will see your backup file. click on it and then it will restore your old rom as if you never flashed the new one (I clear the caches and do a factory reset when restoring, may not be necessary, but not a bad step)

    – OK, when your backup is done, stay in the reovery menu and follow the below instructions to install the rom that you have already downloaded to your phone. (don’t go to recovery until you have downloaded the new rom onto your phone!)

    – Tthere are many entries on Max’s site that explain the specific steps for loading /flashing the new rom -but I will include one version here:
    I#1. do a Titanium Backup of all APPs (not system files or system data)
    #2. download this ROM
    #3. re-boot into recovery
    #4. do factory reset (your personal data is safe and not affected by this!)
    #5. do clear cache
    #6. do clear Dalvik cache (found on advanced menu in some CM versions)
    #7. chose the install /flash file menu
    #8. find and flash/install the rom
    #9. repeat step #8 exactly -just to be sure
    #10. reboot the phone
    #11. log into Google
    #12. your phone may recover all programs from Google if you chose that before if not
    #13. download and install Titanium Backup and then restore all missing apps with data (NOT NOT
    anything system -do not restore system files or system data -that won’t work well).
    that’s how I do it.

  34. phillipk says:

    I will try it now. Thanks so much for helping

    • markbc says:

      good luck! πŸ˜‰

      please remember to do a backup –it may not be needed now, but sometime you’ll have to go back to a “safe” working earlier rom (I had to do that tonight –experimented with my phone a bit much. . .went back to restore and now it is as if I never “got adventurous” πŸ˜‰

  35. vkaidan says:

    Does anyone know if this ROM is better than superNEXUS2 build 1? How is the battery life? Does it work smoothly? Is there anything not working? Please reply if you’ve used or are using this ROM atm! Thanks in advance!

    • markbc says:

      Hi @vkaidan
      Didn’t I see you on the SuperNexus site? πŸ™‚ I am using this ROM (was using SN and still think aobut swapping back and forth, but this was is really nice!) Let me give you my answers:
      Q.”Does anyone know if this ROM is better than superNEXUS2 build 1?”
      A. I do like it more than SN, but both these ROMS are very good – this ROM gets updated WAY more frequently and in fact there is a new version (2.5) that was just released.
      Q. How is the battery life?
      A. Like all ROMs, when you first flash it burns down quickly, but after a while it delivers very good time. I think SN was good for battery life, but I think ShoStock3 is better.
      Q. Does it work smoothly? Is there anything not working?
      A. Everything is great -but if you have unlocked your phone, ShoStock3 may re-lock it. Not a problem, since he has a link in his XDA oriignal post (OP) for a free unlocking app (FREE..normally it is sold on Play!) and many have used it -you can see some of the comments above.
      Q. Please reply if you’ve used or are using this ROM atm! Thanks in advance!
      A. I am using it now and I do like it -it has the side window pull out to allow you to run multiple apps on your screen (split screen) at one time. I don’t do that (too confusing) but it is neat to see. I think it there are more features on ShoStock3 –than SuoerNExus, but not as many oas some AOKP roms. OH, one more thing, you don’t have to flash gaaps on this roms since it is based on a Samsung ROm.
      Do a nandroid backup of your current rom, and then download THE LATEST VERSION of ShoStock3 and try it. At first you will be a bit uncomfortable with Samsung TouchWiz and the other functions, also it does not have photosphere camera that I recall is in SuperNexus (right?) but overall I like it a lot.

      Here is the link for XDA site for it. .. . (remove the space in “ht tp”)
      ht tp://

      • vkaidan says:

        Hey, thanks for the quick reply! @markbc yeah, the was me on the supernexus site lol Thanks for the info, I’ll flash to this soon! Super nexus 4.2 doesn’t have photosphere either, but that’s not a problem, as it’s still a little bit glitchy anyways πŸ˜›

  36. kyle b says:

    I was wondering how to take screen shots with this rom?

    • markbc says:

      @Kyle that was already answered above… (see Jan 28 12:28 entry above) it just worked for me

      • kyle b says:

        Is there any specific order the home and power button have to be pressed, im am trying this and still having issues.

        • markbc says:

          Good question @Kyle. . . I had to play with it for a while myself.
          Technically, you have to hit both at the same time –but in reality you kind of prepare both fingers over the buttons, then press both at the same time.

          In reality this means that you really press the home button about one beat first and really press the power at-the-same-time . . . it is kind of tricky and I normally use a play app called “screen shot er” but there others on play as well!

          Good luck!

  37. vkaidan says:

    This ROM is sweet! That is all haha

    • markbc says:

      @Vkaidan Just a heads up –there is a new version, 2.5.1 which has the latest jeboo kernel, also has the ability to run any app in the multi window and finally has the ability to have 5 widgets on the lock screen! here is the site: (remove the two spaces between the ht-tp)
      ht tp://

  38. Nathanael says:

    Just installed 2.5.1. I’ve played just a little bit with roms, with not much success and a fair amount of frustration. But this is Amazing. Perfect, fast, and beautiful. No problems at all. Thanks!

    • markbc says:

      I agree! this is a perfect Rom! no matter what other roms I try, I keep coming back to this Rom…and it keeps getting better. πŸ™‚

  39. Harry says:

    Plz improve this ROM.
    The one and only minus point of this rom is when you installed it will lock your device and asks you unlock code.

    • markbc says:

      ~If you lost you SIM unlock please visit this thread (remove the spaces in between the ht >< tp):
      ht tp://….php?t=1846451.

      That is the XDA site where the developer of the unlock code app has placed the link to his full-featured version there!

      While you can also go to the app store and pay for it there (good to support the dev), he also makes it totally free on the XDA site.

      Also he has very clear, detailed instructions on how to use it, Also if it does not /not work then you can use that site -to ask the developer questions -and read how others have used it to make it work. So you need to get that version

  40. Alex D says:

    Good Rom – the only problem I have is the maps. It says in google play that the maps are not available … how do you fix it guys?

    • markbc says:

      Google Maps works well on this rom –I just opened it up. Also I just updated and installed street view!
      Something else is wrong, this is not a rom error.

      Try doing this: Try clearing the cache and stored data for Google Play. Here is how to do this (sorry if you already know πŸ˜‰
      Go to System Settings
      Go to Application Maintenance
      Go to Google Play Store application and clear DATA and clear CACHE
      Then go back out and reboot and try Google play and look again

      If this still does not work, then it is something else
      -Question would be are you in the US and do you normally see the option for maps in the play store?

      good luck!

  41. Michael M says:

    Hey I had a quick question. I looked through all the other posts and didnt see an answer. I am having a problem with the phone going in and out of sleep mode for some reason. The power button wont turn the screen back on and I have to restart the phone every time I try to use it. I have tried tweaking a few things in STweaks but it still keeps messing up for some reason. I have the newest version and are also using Siyah.

  42. markbc says:

    Some people had the SOD (sleep of death) when they used 2.1 and older Jeboo or Siyah kernels, but the latest version (2.5.1) seemed to cure that! Try flashing the Jeboo 2.1 kernel on top of the ShoStock3 2.5.1 and see if that fixes it.
    Also, at least one poster stated that SOD was caused by Juice Defender -and when he removed JD his SOD problem stopped. (I used JD and never had a issue!)

    Good luck!

  43. phillip Z says:

    How do I update to 1.85 of this. I have the Siyah Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777. I have tried other Kernels and somehow some of the newer ones like 4.501 or even 5.01 does not work well. I have the USA ATT i777 version. It is the flat with 4 buttons below which are touch screen like. What kernel do I need to get the 1.85 working with this phone. The newer 2.5.1 or the 1.85.. what does the 2.5.1 contains. Thanks

    • phillip Z says:

      What Kernel other utilties do I need to update and how to? Using zip version or tar is better? Thanks

  44. phillipk says:

    what kernel do I need to use this ROM? Anyone please?

  45. markbc says:

    the link to the Shostock3 version here is probably old ..very old. the latest version is shostock3 ver 2.5.6
    it has its own kernel built in by Jeboo, and it works perfectly. However, some people switch kernels to a Siyah kernel written by AJ Newkirk (AJK). That kernel works well too. So the short answer is -you really don’t need anything except the rom, but you could add/swap another kernel if you feel like experimenting. The 2.5.6 version is miles beyond the 1.8.5 and even the 2.5.1. There is a summary of the changes –a change log– on the developer’s site (shoman94) on xda. Basically, it got rid of all errors, improved some of the functions and included the latest kernel. I would not run 1.8.5 or 2.5.1 I would recommend running 2.5.6.

    when you flash it will appear to consume battery quickly. give it three days and if it still has not settled, then try swapping to the siyah kernel by AKJ –some say it has better battery life. But after the swap you still need it to settle. Also, when you swap kernels, you need to go to the kernel options submenu on recovery immediately after flashing the new kernel and then chose “reset extweaks” to clear the old kernel effects. also they advise running check permissions as well. (there is another thread here on max’s site that talks about this same rom with the siyah kernel . . .) anyway either way it is a very nice implementation of jb and stable and effective and smooth. absolutely no problems –as if it were a commercial rom! maybe better.

    link to latest version (look at the first post by shoman94 –the original post and it has a download link and instructions: (remove space between ht tp)
    ht tp://

    link to latest ajk siyah kernel (look for the version 1.2.5_s (for samsung) it is best for this rom among the choices offered by AJK.
    ht tp://

    hope this helps

  46. markbc says:

    no no please don’t install this rom on the Skyrocket -it will brick your phone
    why don’t you read up the page a bit to the entries from daniel at January 23, 2013 at 5:49 am?

    That will point you in the right direction… But don’t flash any SGH-i777 roms on an SGH-i727 phone!

  47. Herin Anajwala says:

    Hello dear,
    I am using this rom since almost last three month. I other rom satisfied me as this rom doing so. Its jus awesome. Only one problem I got with it. My problem is I cant put my favorite application in multi window
    tab. Is there any solution for that?
    Plz help me.

  48. salas says:

    no lo istales blokea la sim

  49. Jason says:

    This is my first rom i have a straight talk galaxy 2 sgh-959g i flashed this and all works ok except for my data when am not on wifi i have tried many apn’s and I can call and get text’s but no data anyone have a solution for me thanks

  50. lital says:

    i flashed the rom but now its stuck on the startup loop
    i cant get it back to recovery mod

  51. jide says:

    Hi, my samsung s2 i777 trips off/shuts down when charger is plugged. Shows charging a few sec then stops. Any help plz

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