ShoStock3 ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out latest ShoStock3 ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777.

The latest version of ShoStock3 ROM is now based on Android 4.1.2 r4 XWLSN Nordic firmware, comes with multi-window enabled for all apps and Jeboo kernel. You will also find the latest AT&T modem UCLL6 for best reception.

Other interesting mods on the ShoStock3 ROM included ad blocking enabled via host file (file /etc/hosts, you can remove using ES File Explorer), smart rotation, modded camera with volume rocker shutter and ability use simultaneously during call, long-press kill app, screen-off music skip using volume buttons, CRT animations, and some more.

If you haven’t loaded this bad boy onto your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 yet, try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download ShoStock3 ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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160 Responses

  1. atari says:

    when i flash the ROM and kernel, the sim network is locked! When I restore the image from my previous ROM, the condition is still the same.

    I tried this several time with my current rom and this one, but its seems this new rom somehow locked the phone.

    Any ideas why?

    my phone is sgh-i777 AT&T, and currently using T- mobile plan.

  2. sergio says:

    will work my gs2 i777 and version 4.0.4 and 3.0.35-siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap+?

    • deyvis says:

      si te funcionara pero mejor es con el kernel de JEBOO
      corro el wipe kernel
      luego instala el kernel JEBOO

  3. Gonzo says:

    I’m still fairly new to this, I have flashed some ROMs though. I have one question though, I always boot into recovery, wipe/factory reset, clear cache and I haven’t had any issues but I notice the actual internal storage has leftover directories from previous ROMs. Am I missing a step on how to factory clear that out? I’d like to give this new ShoStock ROM a try, running previous version as daily driver. Any help is appreciated.

    • markbc says:

      Great approach -wipe/factory reset, clear cache -and go to the advanced menu and CLEAR DALVIK cache as well, then you are doing a clean install.

      Depending upon the rom, there will (or won’t) be any left over directories. You can use a kernel cleaner prior to finishing up the install but other than that I don’t know that there is any hard requirement to chase after old rom directories. Where are the old directories and what roms were flashed and replaced? These things are pretty specific.

      Also, even though you are using Shostock as your rom now. Ver 3.0 is prepared on a new base and Shoman94 recommended a full wipe (etc.) prior to installing. I upgraded from Shostock 2.59 and Shostock 3.0 works well.

      Good Luck!

      • Gonzo says:

        Well I first loaded the Shostock ROM 2.5.1, at the time using the Siyah kernel it would FC on camera and such. Loaded the SuperNexus build next, believe it was build 4 or 5. After that, I went back to ShoStock and upgraded to 2.5.6. Left the kernel alone of Jeboo. I tried the AOKP rom of 4.2.2, didnt care for it, FC and hangups pretty often with me. Each time I did a new ROM I reset/factory wipe, clear cache, and loaded ROM. Even did the davlik cache. The directories seem to be from apps installed on earlier ROMs. Does that make sense>?

        • markbc says:

          Hi Gonzo!

          Just saw your reply…
          I think it does make sense now that I read it, since in most cases, at least on the external SD, and the data partition, the files survive the flash…

          Also, I believe that the file system for 4.2.2 and 4.1.2 are a bit different. AOKP rom’s, especially the 4.2.2 do things a bit differently!

          For me, switching between them can be confusing. No big problem when I tried Task’s rom, but it was buggy. However, surprisingly enough, I had a bigger problem when I went from Shostock3 (4.1.2) to CM10.1 nightlies (4.2.2).

          the CM rom was nice, but a bit boring and one function was not working (can’t recall what, perhaps the video but not sure). Anyway, when I switched back to Shostock, it was a mess!

          I lost all my backups -the internal disk file structure seemed different and I kept getting the “disk full” errors when I had about 75% of the 12Gigs open and available!

          I had to reformat (not just clear) *cache* and even backed up and reformatted my SD card!

          It all worked out, but the 4.2.2. has some directory pointers (I can’t recall what they are technically called off hand) that I think 4.1.2 does not. This may have something to do with the change from ext3 to ext4 file systems but that’s about 100% of everything I know about it πŸ˜‰

          So, I guess I agree that, yes, you may see ghosts, but as long as they
          a) are not taking up much space and
          b) don’t cause FC, or give you the dreaded “disk full” error, when you really have tons of space,
          …then don’t worry about it! πŸ˜‰

          BTW, after my experience with CM10.1’s 4.2.2 I am much more careful on which roms I load. I definitely like 4.1.2 rom stability and lack of headaches!

          Good Luck!

  4. Staro says:

    sooooo…. im running stock android 4.0.4 on my att gs2….but i want to know if i need to root it before installing this rom…and if so how to do it….can u please post a step by step guide for the newbs…

    • Kike says:

      yes you must root your phone and this site has a step by step about how to root your device.

      • Staro says:

        ok after root…what do i need to do to install this rom…. i see the how to root link…with odin…but isn’t that an old version and an old kernel?

        If u can post the links in order here for me to follow…i think i can handle the rest…thanks

        • Kike says:

          when you flash a new ROM it replaces the old one including the kernel the modem etc.

        • markbc says:


          Don’t flash this rom with Odin, actually you can’t since it is a zip file. Odin uses tar files.

          Once you root, you have replaced the “stock” recovery with CWM recovery.
          (clockworkmod) recovery. That new recovery provides many, many tools to adjust your phone -including flashing (loading) roms! (the old stock recovery only allowed you to reboot, or reset the phone to factory data)

          So, once you download the rom, go into recovery (see if your power menu has a reboot in recovery option, if not then press power/vol up/vol down at the same time)

          Go into recovery,
          then back up your current system (BACKUP in nandroid backup in recovery!)
          clear data/factory reset, clear cache, go to advanced menu and clear dalvik
          then go to install zip from sd card

          then find and select the rom from your download directory -or whereever you placed it.

          flash it.

          reboot system

          you are done.

          Best advice is to follow SWSL’s advice, and go to the Shostock3 thread on XDA. That is the “home” of the rom and it is a thread that is very very full of great (but technical) information. the first post explains how to flash this rom correctly (but in very terse terms)

          Max has the link in his support the dev link above, but here it is as well
          ht tp://
          (no space in ht tp)

          good luck

          • Staro says:

            thanks man…i just dont want to brick my phone…and im tired of old ass ics….newest update only fixed a simple bug…i want to try jelly bean…btw i have 4.0.4 att gs2

  5. Omer says:

    Hey Max, a small question.. I have been using the previous version of the ShoStock3 Rom.. So if i want to upgrade to this version, should i format the phone?? Or just flashing the Rom, would be enough??

    • Luis says:

      I have the same question. THanks in advance.

      • markbc says:

        Even though you are using Shostock as your rom now. Ver 3.0 is prepared on a new base and Shoman94 recommended a full wipe (etc.) prior to installing. I upgraded from Shostock 2.59 and Shostock 3.0 works well.

        however, some people have done a “dirty install” which is bascially just flashing the new rom on top of the old rom -and they have not (yet) complained (much:-)

        Good Luck!

  6. chessman says:

    I love the new ROM but this version is kiiling the battery!!, I checked and “celular in espera” process is consumming the battery principally at night

    • markbc says:

      HI I have this rom and it is one of the best for battery life. . .ever. . .Please go to the web site for the rom and on the most recent pages, several folks are talking about the days of battery life they are getting out of it. (I am only getting about a day or so). Of course each phone is different and each user has a different configuration. ALSO, please don’t forget that after you flash a rom it takes several days and recharges to get the rom/battery combination to settle -and then you will see the “real” usage or battery life. Finally, I don’t even have a β€œcelular in espera” β€œcelular in espera” app or usage showing in my better battery stats or running programs. . .

      Good Luck!

  7. martin says:

    best rom ever. can’t live without it.

  8. Francisco says:

    After flash Kies application is not connecting. I’ve already reinstalled all Kies drivers.

    • markbc says:


      I have stopped using Kies and used airdroid instead (great wifi connect pgm), so I don’t have that much current experience with it. I *think* that Kies is supposed to work with Samsung based In the change log for the prior version (2.59) Shoman94 stated “Kies Wi-Fi works” and there have not been complaints about that aspect.

      Can you go into manage apps and clear the cache and see if you can get it to connect? if not perhaps uninstall and re-install Kies.

      Good Luck

  9. markbc says:

    Thanks Max . . . A very nice review of a very nice rom. Your feature review was helpful –especially the multi window and the alternative lock screens. While it does not have as many features as some of the other roms, it delivers a stable, professional looking API and it has my vote as the most reliable custom rom for the I777.

    There are other roms that are also good or interesting, however. I know we would all be very interested in your take on the CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies for our phone (the new, I777 releases, not the older CM9 or CM10). CM 10.1 i777 nightlies are now so stable and problem free (more or less) that they can be daily drivers as well. Yet CM10.1 is 4.2.2, which is has been a challenge for Devs to crack 100%. . . CM does it well, but your review would be very helpful too! Maybe that can be next week’s rom?

  10. Charles says:

    I tried this ROM and now my phone will NOT boot up. I need some help unbricking my phone. When I try to turn it on all I get is: “Samsung Galaxy S2”. Help!

  11. markbc says:


    Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. ;-(

    We could do with more information, like:
    – what rom are coming from?
    – did you factory reset/clear cache/clear dalvik prior to flashing?
    – did you add anything or flash anything after the rom installed? say, another kernel or a keyboard or something like that?

    However, in the meantime you may be able to self-recover this way:

    1st: take out the battery, put it back in and restart the phone and wait 10 minutes to see if anything good happens. . . .

    2nd: Do this
    #1. boot into recovery (power button +volume up +volume down, keep holding until you get to recovery)

    #2. go to “clear data/factory reset” -do it, also “clear cache,” also “clear dalvik cache” (on the advanced menu). then…

    #3. go to the backup restore menu

    #4 select your nandroid backup and restore it –your old rom (that which you backed up prior to flashing this one) will come back to life -as if this never happened. . . .then re-download the rom and try again. . .

    3rd: Try this
    Assume you did not do a nandroid backup. . . that would be bad, and not the best way to approach flashing custom roms, but it happens -and even when you do make nandroid backups sometimes they can disappear… If that is the case then do steps one and two (above) and for three do the following (reinstall). (you’re still in recovery remember & you’ve cleared everything again)

    #3. go to the install from zip menu.
    #4. navigate to where you located the Shostock3 rom zip file.
    #45. reflash it and see if it works. (wait 10 minutes after rebooted)
    If this did not work….

    4th Do this
    Assume that you had a corrupted or bad download and THAT does not work. . . That happens. .. in that case still do steps one and step two (since they are corrupted anyway) and then try something a bit unusual, but possible with some versions of CWM.

    #3.plug your phone into your computer –and while you are doing this, re-download the rom (or another rom for that matter) to your computer.
    (Remember you are still in recovery on the phone! -so you won’t see much effect.. . .(yet))

    #4. In the phone’s recovery menu – go the “mounts and storage” menu option and select it!

    #5. your SD card will soon appear in your computer’s explorer/finder window!

    #6 now, copy the new (better) re-downloaded new rom over to your cell phone by using explorer or finder.

    #7. OK, when it has finished copying over to your SD card, you can go back to the “mounts and storage” menu and select “unmount” (your phone will disappear from the computer’s explorer/finder window – you can unplug the phpne now too -if your battery is over ~35%!

    #8. Since you already deleted data (factory reset) & clearerd the cache (again) and cleared the dalvik cache (too!) you can now …

    #9. go to install zip from sd card menu

    #10. find the NEW version of the rom and flash it. . .MAKE SURE YOU FLASH THE NEW ROM NOT THE OLD ROM AGAIN!

    Hopefully you will get a full boot and start up well. REMEMBER.. . THE FIRST BOOT AFTER FLASHING ANY ROM WILL TAKE A VERY LONG TIME –MAYBE UP TO 5 MINUTES (and for supernexus (not this rom).. ..longer πŸ˜‰


    • markbc says:

      for option #4 step 4, going to the “Mounts and storage menu” i left out that you have to scroll down to the mount USB option. .. . the idea is getting your usb-to-computer link working in recovery so you can pass the file to the phone!. . . sorry if that was not clear.

    • Charles says:

      @markbc, thanks for responding to my post. I used Heimdall on Linux to flash a new kernel and all is fine now.

  12. Kyle Long says:

    I downloaded the shostock3 rom and loaded it on my phone, Everything seemed to have gone just fine, Except when I rebooted, My sgsII stayed on the boot animation and would change.
    Any ideas?

  13. markbc says:


    This is the same situation as @Charlie (above), including the missing information that could help.

    Have you tried the steps listed right above your post in my April 10, 2013 at 10:52 pm post?

    If not, I recommend you try them and you might be able to recover. . .
    Good Luck

  14. Harsh Chandarana says:

    Has anyone faced a problem like the phone getting locked? just like in the previous versions of this rom? I don’t want to face the problem so just trying to make sure if it doesn’t mess up and lock the phone.

    • Luis says:

      Wondering the same. Had to unlock my phone last time I installed ShoStock,(Rom is the best I’ve used) but I don’t wanna face this again.

    • markbc says:

      Yes. this is the same rom -albeit with updated base, modem and tweaks. If you flashed it before and you phone was locked, it will lock again this time as well -or at least there is a high percentage chance of that. The solution is to unlock it again using the link to the XDA post for an unlocking program.

      Good Luck

      • Kike says:

        Hola amigos instale esta rom muy buena por cierto sin embargo no me deja editar las aplicaciones en la pestaňa de multiwindows. Como solucionar esto?

  15. adrianjp16 says:

    seΓ±ores alguno sabe si esta ROM tiene para cambiar a 2G cuando no se esta usando el 3g o el H+ para ahorrar bateria es que no lo encuentro y me parece que no esta por todo lo demas esta super

    • Juan Carlos says:

      en efecto si tiene la opcion. Buscas en el menu ajustes la opcion “mas ajustes”, luego en el boton “redes moviles”. Alli aparece la opcion redes moviles y selecciones solo GSM.

  16. Kike says:

    Hello friends I install it.This rom is great HOWEVER not let me edit applications in multiwindows tab. How to solve this?

  17. markbc says:

    Hi @kiki

    Try: Turn multi window off in settings (in display), reboot, then turn it back on . . it should work. . . Good Luck!

    • Kike says:

      Hi Markbc thank you very much. I fixed the issue of the multi windows. Your knowledge about this rom is great. So far it is the best rom.

      • markbc says:

        Great news Kike!
        Glad you got it too work!
        (I have no special knowledge about this rom –I just use it A LOT πŸ™‚
        Also, I search the XDA website where Shostock3 rom is posted –most questions are found there already, and some good solutions too πŸ˜‰
        Here is the link to the Shostock3 Rom -pretty interesting!
        ht tp://

        Also this rom has good –sometimes very good– battery life. But you must wait about three days -and about four-five recharges before the battery life becomes “normal.” It takes 3-4 days for a rom to “settle” and to adjust how it uses your battery in the best way. . . Of course everybody’s battery life will vary since our programs and our usage are all different..

        Good Luck

  18. Kyle Long says:

    FYI- The Shostock3 is the BEST rom I have come across. Thank you

  19. Dan22 says:

    Como les fue con esta ROM y la pregunta mΓ‘s importante de todas cuanto dura la bateria????

    • Kike says:

      La mejor rom que he probado larga duracion de la bateria. La pregunta de cuanto te dura la bateria depende del uso que le des.

  20. Harsh Chandarana says:

    Has anyone come across the problem of their phone locking? Just asking again and making sure!

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Hash

      suprisingly enough…Yes!
      Even with this great rom setup I have found that my screen froze every now and then while using Shostock3.0. About once each 3-4 days.

      Shostock3 has nicer scrolling and adds the feature of taking screen shots from the power button menu, but there is something in there that affects some of us and has a weird screen freeze every now and then.

      I tried switching to AKJ’s Siyah 1.48s and running Shostock3.0 with that but it did not help.

      I have read that the newest AKJ Samsung kernel 1.25ss (yes, the number is old, but the old kernel has been newly-adjusted so it is now 1.25ss) works very well with 3.0, but I have not had a chance to try that.

      So, my solution has been to re flash Shostock 2.59 –right now I have had the absolute best luck with that rom. I am running it with Jeboo kernel 2.1, but I also have run it with AKJ 1.48s and in both cases it simply works very well. ..

      I guess this means that you can either try AKJ 1.25ss, or step back to Shostock 2.59, or read the XDA thread to see if there is another solution πŸ™‚

      Anyway, here is the link for SKJ kernel 1.25ss
      OK, really now, here is the link to AKJ:
      ht tp://

      Good Luck

  21. Kyle says:

    Question. I am really bugged at the GROUP Messaging ability, or lack there of. I can send a group text, sms, mms, but all of my replies come back as individual messages from those i sent to. Any advise or is there a plan to change this in any updates? Currently running an SGS II with Shostock3 (Badass ROM)

  22. julio says:

    shostock3 v 2.5.9 I have a need to do a thorough cleaning to install the new version?

  23. markbc says:


    Not sure what you mean by “format the phone” usually you only have “wipe” which is erasing the contents of
    data/factory reset and cache and dalvik cache. Formatting is a bit different function.

    Now as to whether or not you should you “wipe” your phone. . . well there are posts above that say it is a better idea, but not essential for going from 2.59 to 3.00. I would recommend wiping, but only after you have made a nandroid backup and maybe titanium backup as well.

    Good Luck!

  24. adrianjp16 says:

    anyone know if this ROM has to switch to 2G when not using the 3g or H + to save battery life is that I can not find

  25. Jordan JRokk Estes says:

    Dear Zedomax,

    I’m warming up to this ROM coming from the last jellyBAM.
    My question is what can we do about over-clocking?


  26. markbc says:

    Zedomax may have his own answer, but the answer I know from reading the XDA website for Shostock3 (and AJK’s alternative kernel) is . . .nothing.

    You can’t OC this kernel-rom combo.

    You can find old Mali type kernels, perhaps on AJK’s “everything works” kernel thread and try that since it can OC, but it is not stable with this rom.

    According to AJ Newkirk, he did not add OC to his Samsung kernel since it negatively affected the video, and I think that Jeboo has followed the same approach. . .

    So, you could experiment with other kernels -and find one that will overclock, but it risks the stability of the ROM for this particular Samsung (TW) rom.

    Good Luck!

  27. markbc says:

    the dev (shoman94) updated Shostock3 to Shostock3.02 here are the changes:
    -Added 3 sec delay to Take Screenshot
    -Fixed FC on Samsung EMail Preferred inbox and quick reply settings
    -Updated AdBlock hosts file
    -Updated Playstore (4.0.25)
    -Updated CPU Adjuster (3.0.7)
    -Updated YouTube (4.4.11)
    -Re-Added Servicemode apk (via *#0011#)
    -Added init.d script you can edit(using a root explorer) to change you WIFI hostname shown in connected device of your router. (/system/etc/init.d/99hostname)
    -Removed Polaris Reader as it doesn’t support “i777”

  28. zaga says:

    Plzzzzzx what suitable kernel is good for this rom ….

  29. markbc says:

    The stock kernel (Jeboo 1.2) is great as is. No need to change it.

    However, you can switch to AJK’s “everything works” kernel, which right now is version “1.25-SS Samsung”
    Another very good kernel is his 1.48s which is found in his second post. Here is the link for AJ Newkirk’s “everything works ” kernel:
    ht tp://

    Another option is to use a later version of Jeboo’s kernel which is found in the second post for the Shostock3 Rom by Shoman94. Here is the link to Jeboo’s kernel (look in 2d post).
    ht tp://

    The second link also has the newest version of this rom -newer than the version posted by Max.

    Good Luck

    • markbc says:

      one more thing –there are special flashing instructions for flashing the AJK kernel. Be sure you read the original post (OP), or the number 1 post on his kernel thread to learn how to flash this kernel without problem.

  30. Zaga says:

    Note…i jus rooted my phone… Running gingerbread at# t

  31. markbc says:


    Hi, if you just rooted and have zedomax kernel, you can flash this rom. YOu will be going from Gingebread to Jelly Bean and it is a nice change!

    When you do this, remember to:
    – first, boot into the recovery menu and
    – second, make a backup of your present (rooted) configuration. This is called a “nandroid backup” and if you mess things up flashing the wrong rom or whatever, you usually can get back into recovery and restore your nandroid backup and it is like you never had a problem!
    – third, after making the backup remember to
    –1st select clear data/factory reset,
    — 2d select clear cache,
    — 3rd select (advanced menu) clear dalvik cache,
    – fourth, THEN select “install zip from SD card”

    oh, One more thing, download this rom (and go download the newest version -it is shostock3 version 3.01) found in the first post at:
    ht tp://
    (no space between ht and tp!)

    But just in case after you start the flash of the rom and *if* the install chokes after a few seconds and reports ” system 7 error type 10,” your kernel just is not happy with handing off its work to the incoming rom!

    Basically that message states that the kernel is not compatible. Don’t think zedomax’s kernel has that problem (well not with most roms) but it could.

    Anyway, this is not a show stopper. All you do is download the AJK kernel ver 1.25ss from his site (located here: ht tp:// )
    Flash that AJK kernel, but DON’T REBOOT, just REBOOT RECOVERY -it is an option in the recovery menu.
    and, with the new AJK’s kernel loaded into memory, you will not get the system 7 type 10 error when you flash the rom.

    [ P.S. The trick is to either ALSO download AJK’s kernel in advance and park it in your download directory in case this is a problem, or, if you forget to do that, you can do it while you’re flashing and discover that you get the system 7 type 10 error message!
    – While still In recovery you simply go to the “Mount/unmount” menu and select “mount usb.”
    – Then hook your phone up to your computer via usb and you will see it in an explorer window as an external drive
    – Then download the aj newkirk kernel (ver 1.25ss) via your pc,
    – Then use explorer to move the downloaded kernel over to your phone -move it to the download folder where the shostock3 rom is -that is best!
    – After that, move the kernel to your phone, using the pc explorer window;
    – Then unmount your phone in recovery menu (select unmount usb in mount unmount menu)
    – Then -still in recovery– go to “install zip file and look for the ajk kernel where you placed it on the phone
    – Then flash it,
    – then DON’T reboot!!!! Don’t. . . just go to the advanced menu optio of “reboot RECOVERY” and do it!
    – NOW you can reflash the rom and it will work. ]


    • @ markbc says:

      tanx a million times………u r great……i just follow ur procedure as stated earlier …..n download jerbo kernel v2.1 with showstock3 .1……everything work like magic…..Showstock is amazing….but i have one problem … sim is lock…….tell me how to open it…….tanx really apprecite ur help………

  32. zaga says:

    Nevermind…..tanx….have unlock it with Galaxy unlocker from xda developer…..u r great……….tanx once again…..

    • markbc says:

      Good work -that’s exactly the way to unlock the sim! If you get any freezes on the rom, you can switch to jeboo 1.3 or 1.3b -it is the same kernel that came with the rom and Shoman94 used it I think because he felt it was a bit more simple/stable than Jeboo 2.1 -you can get the older versions of Jeboo in that same link on the Shostock3 thread at XDA! Good Luck!

      • zaga says:

        @markbc. sorry I didn’t reply earlier ….every thing is working great… When will the newer version found

        • markbc says:

          Hi @zaga!

          Great that your phone is working well! Shostock is one of the best roms -ever!

          The Developer of Shostock3, Shoman94, has just bought a Galaxy S4. He will soon finish using his S2 and focus on his S4!

          Shoman94 did say that he would update this rom again -nothing major, but some tweaks –but he won’t say when πŸ˜‰ I am guessing he will have an update within a month or so.

          Hope this helps!

  33. jeff says:

    I used ROM Manager to get into recovery mode and when i tried to flash the rom file i got a error messge saying ‘e: signature verification failed installation aborted’ or something like that.
    In the mean time i managed to recover my old rom but how do i flash this one without getting that message?


    • markbc says:

      Couple things:

      First, re-download the newest version of the Shostock3 rom (3.01) from the link that I provided in an above post. IT is found at the Shostock site. My thinking is you may have a bad download.

      Second – grab another kernel (just in case). Download the AJ Newkirk (AJK) “everything works” kernel version 1.25ss (for Samsung) and save it in the same directory as the rom. (You can look at my post above April 18, 2013 at 5:53 pm in which I provide the links to both the kernel and the rom).
      You may not need it, but if you get errors later in the process, you might have to flash this “compatible” kernel first.)

      Third – DON’T use Rom Manager to flash your roms or kernels. OK, it is a good product and I purchased it and used RM for quite a while. It mostly worked, but sometimes didn’t.

      However, I have since read so many many horror stories of folks with our phone who use RM and wind up bricking their phone. There is actually an active thread in the Samsung Galaxy S2 Sgh-i777 section at XDA developers that is totally devoted to “Don’t Use Rom Manager,” for the ATT S2! So:

      I recommend you flash the rom in the “old fashioned” way –namely:
      1. reboot your phone into recovery (power +vol up and Vol down buttons hold until in recovery).
      2. Then follow the 1st four steps in my April 19, 2013 at 3:08 pm post above (clearing data/cache/dalvik) and then you should be able to flash the rom.

      If you get the same error, or a “system 7 error 10,” then stay in Recovery but go back to the install zip from SD card menu and start by flashing the AJK kernel, follow the instructions for that kernel which state that immediately after flashing and prior to any rebooting you first must REBOOT RECOVERY (NOT/NOT reboot system!) and then go to the advanced kernel options menu and clear Xtweaks, and THEN (still don’t reboot!) then just flash your rom -it’s really just the same situation as that post above.)

      OK if this does not work (And I am assuming you are trying to flash the newer download, not the original download) then you could probably turn off verification -it’s an option in CWM recovery menu — and try to flash again that way!

      one way or another that should get the rom on your phone –I am curious what rom are coming from anyway?

      Thanks &

      Good Luck!

      • jeff says:

        Thanks alot, i’ll give it a try. My current ROM is the ‘F1 galaxy nexus ICS’ from this site from june or july. Would that have any effect on the installation?

        • markbc says:


          Wow “F1,” how di that rom slip by me! That’s one rom I never tried! So I am unsure of which kernel it had.

          In any case, I think you can flash the shostock3 rom via CWM, and if you STILL get an error (either verification or system7 error10), then either turn off verification and try again, or first flash the AJK kernel (1.25ss) and immediately reflash the shostock3 rom. One of those two methods should make it work!

          Good LucK!

  34. BobS says:

    I have been running SHOstock 3 on my Galaxy S2 I777 for two weeks now. It works well except I sometimes get “Unfortunately Touchwiz has stopped working”. Also the multi-window doesn’t work very well which is OK because its nothing I need to use on such a small screen.

    • markbc says:

      I use Nova launcher, not TW, but even TW should not FC on you -maybe go to settings/apps sections and go to TW and clear the apps’ cache and reboot.
      Also turn off multi-window, reboot and then turn multi-window back on and it works quite smoothly. However, I agree that the screen is too small to use this feature in any meaningful way. I disabled it (settings/display/multi-window).

  35. Rubic_Cube says:


    After trying a couple of ROMs (AOKP, CGM, Slim, JellyBAM, ParanoidAndroid) and therefore, switching between most JB versions (4.1.1 – 4.1.2 – 4.2.1 – 4.2.2) on my SGH-I777 (AT&T SGS2), I can conclusively tell that 4.1.2 is the best Android version for AT&T SGS2. Go any higher and you risk losing a few key features like voice search in Google Now and Camcorder. I could not ever get Camcorder feature to work on my phone when I was using 4.2.x.

    Specific to 4.1.2, ShoStock is the best ROM. Undoubtably! Everything works with Jeboo kernel. I feel as if I have a Galaxy S3 on my hand rather than an S2.

    Only one issue. My Polaroid branded 32GB Class10 MicroSD card suddenly stopped working about 2 hours back. I cannot mount it on my computer or anywhere. I tried an 8GB SD card and it mounted ok on the phone. Wondering if the S3 issue with fried MicroSD cards is the issue here. Could you please check or ask the community if this has been observed?

    Also, any leads in recovering data from a unmountable MicroSD is greatly appreciated.

    Much Thanks!

  36. markbc says:


    +1 on the comment about 4.1.2. I have traveled the same path and come to pretty much the same result.
    +1 on the Shostock3 -it really is the right rom for the right phone right now πŸ˜‰

    I lost my micro 32gig Sandisk SD card as well –after flashing back from CM10.1 to Shostock. At first I thought it was only a file system issue with that “ext4 vs. ext3” file system differences between CM10.1 and Shostock3.

    However, no amount of re-formatting and clearing and rewriting fixed the card. I kept getting “fisk full” or “can’t write to card” errors. Anyway, I wound up buying a whole new 32G Sandisk micro SD card and popped it in and it worked. I then reinstalled about 50% of the contents back from the SD Card backups I made (for internal and external SD cards) on my computer. Been going well ever since. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

    Maybe Max will chime in with a better answer (but he is juggling more phones than a Best Buy outlet with all his Galaxy[everyphone] sites πŸ™‚ !!!

    Good Luck!

  37. Rubic_Cube says:


    Thanks! Yes, I am enjoying this ROM like no other before. I doubt if I would move to another ROM after this. Any forthcoming ROM has very very big shoes to fill… πŸ™‚

    Re microSD cards, sadly that could be the case. I would have preferred for the installation instructions to caution users against it. If only I knew about it before… I would have taken the card out and used the phone without the card for 2-3 days and then install the card. Not sure if that could have made any difference.

    And yeah, looking for Max to answer my query…


  38. Rubic_Cube says:

    Update 4/25:

    + Tangible difference with the new modem firmware – I can hold the phone call at places where I experienced dropped calls. Same with WiFi. Phone is able to pull a stronger signal compared to the previous few ROMs.
    + No FCs anywhere. Did not have to reboot my phone in over 2 days. Big thing for me.
    + Juice Defender Plus now works as usual. All previous ROMs FC’ed Juice Defender. Big win for me again!
    + Love the new keyboard that comes with this ROM. However, I went back to using Swiftkey. The best one out there!
    + Camera produces better photographs from before. Internal processing seems to be better than all previous Camera.apk that I have used.

    — I do think that this ROM is a major success for me because of it’s Samsung origins and it being run on a Samsung phone. How true could this really be?

    The only negative:
    – Fried my microSD card. But I have possible reasoning. I moved progressively from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 while trying out newer ROMs. Maybe the file structure got updated each time with successive versions of AOSP. When I scaled back to 4.1.2, the file structure mismatch may have resulted in corruption of data. Therefore, instructions should specifically call this out.

    Suggestion for all ROM installation instructions going forward:
    If you are moving from a higher Android version (4.2.x), we suggest you to remove your microSD card, if you have one installed, and go through the ROM installation. Before installing the card back in your phone again, make a complete backup of all the data folders only (music, pictures, videos, any other custom data folder) and format the card to default standard (fat32?). Insert the clean card in your phone and let the phone mount the card as usual. Once the card is mounted properly and is recognizable by the system, attempt to copy all the backed up data back on to the card. These steps will ensure you do not end up with a corrupted memory card and the pain that follows.

    If one does end up with a corrupted memory card, please review this thread for different recovery options including a software that really works.


    • Rubic_Cube says:

      // If you are moving from a higher Android version (4.2.x), //
      should be
      // If you are moving down from a higher Android version (4.2.x) to Android 4.1.x, … //

      • markbc says:

        how on earth are you keeping this post at the bottom of the page??? πŸ˜‰

        • markbc says:

          #2. SlimBean (JB 4.2.2) ht tp:// showthread.php?t=2060384

          • markbc says:

            Hi @Rubic
            Sorry, for the spreadout message over probably half a dozen posts. . . .I have to say that this forum site seems to choke on URLs –even broken up ones with spaces.

            However, I think I have included all three URLs for the three roms that I would recommend.

            The CyanogenMod rom is the most tricky since it has three different sites (one for the nightlies, one for the forum, and one for the google apps).

            SLimBean is also has a bit more moving parts since you have to download THEIR version of gaaps and they have their own add ons to really complete the rom -not hard, but forces you to pay attention to their layout and comments.

            The Collective is straightforward and their site is pretty much like XDA’s site for Shostock. . . I think you can flash any of the three of them without issue.

            Shostock is also straightforward and people here are talking all about it.

            OK, one point to remember is that if you get the “system 7” when trying to flash the rom, then simply first flash one of the Samsung Siyah kernels from AJK’s “everything works” XDA site, and don’t reboot, just reboot recovery -just to load the kernel- and THEN flash the rom and it will work.

            (so I recommend that you “pre-stage” or pre-position a copy of the the AJK kernel in your download directory, just in case you run into system 7 errors). I don’t think that will happen, but might!
            Here is the link to the AJK kernel site for your use:
            ht tp: // forum. xda-developers. com / showthread . php?t = 2110542

            Good Luck

  39. Asystecmb says:

    I’m currently using N.E.A.K-2.0.6x on my i777. Awesome ICS and the only rooted one I’ve ever used.
    1-Other than all of the steps already mentioned above and in FAQ’s before flashing, can you think of any issues or any special precautions before flashing the latest ShoStock3 directly from NEAK ICS?
    2-What about clearing the battery stats, did you ever bother doing it?

  40. Kike says:

    En ocasiones la pantalla principal gira y se queda de ese modo como solucionar esto?

  41. Kike says:

    Sometimes the screen rotate and stays that way how to fix this?

  42. Omer says:

    Is WiFi Direct working properly in this ROM??? Because mine does not seem to be working..

  43. Matt says:

    Everthing working great except email contact list only showing google plus contacts. Any idea why?

  44. buchi says:

    @@markbc. I installed the latest vers on my frds phone.. sometimes the phone freeze when you want to open contact or when you jus minimize to your homescreen…plzzzz jus sd me the link to jerbo kernel v1.3 or v1.3b…. coz I cant find it on shostock thread on xda……tanx

    • buchi says:

      currently running jerbo kern v2.1 on it…. dont know whether if its the cause

      • markbc says:

        Hi @buchi
        Yes, even the developer, Shoman94, does not use Jeboo 2.1 in his latest rom. Of course, you don’t really need to find the kernel -you could simply “dirty reflash” the rom (without clearing anything -it will auto clear dalvek and cache, but keep your apps and (most) settings except perhaps email.

        But maybe you would like to just flash the different kernel -and try out several different Jeboo kernels. So, Jeboo’s post is post number three (#3) on the page. Here is the Shostock3 rom link:
        ht tp://

        But in case that gets confusing, here is the DIRECT LINK TO JEBOO OLDER KERNELS that Jeboo provided for all his older versions of his kernel. I recommend you try his version 1.3b. Here is the link to ALL Jeboo kernels:
        ht tp://

        Good Luck!

  45. CptCross says:

    I love it. This ROM is the best I ever one I ever had. But I have a big Problem. When I get called or when I call some1, the phone makes annoying sounds on my partners phone. He can’t understand me, but I can understand him. I also tried it with another friend, but always the same. I can call clearly on every other fimware. Whats the Problem? Please help πŸ™‚

    • markbc says:

      @CPT: try this please:
      — go to phone app
      — go to phone settings
      — go to additional settings
      — go to the setting for Noise Reduction
      THEN UNSELECT IT (UNCHECK IT) (turn it off)
      That should make your phone calls clearer to the other party.

      Good Luck!

      • CptCross says:

        Ok, thanks for your help. It doesnt work. It’s always the same. I can hear my partner, but he can’t hear me and have a very load scratching sound. Please! I need help! It’s so important!

        • markbc says:

          OK, if you have turned off the Noise Cancellation and you still have bad sound back and forth, I think you have two options that I can think of.

          The first is to flash another kernel.
          1. Please go to the AJ Newkirk “Everything works” XDA thread and download the samsung kernel for our phone.
          2. Then go to recovery and flash the kernel. DO NOT REBOOT, just REBOOT RECOVERY // OK After flashing the AJK kernel, DO NOT REBOOT YOUR PHONE, just reboot recovery (it is an option on the recovery menu), and then go to the Kernel tweaks menu choice and select reset extweeks. That will reset the kernel.
          3. Next you can reboot the phone.
          4. Try the phone and see if its better.

          OK, Here is the link to the AJK site:
          ht tp://

          The file you are looking for is: “AJK v1.25-SS Samsung”
          (Use this version with Samsung JB based ROMs such as ShoStock3)
          Select the “Download” link and you’re set.

          The second option is too reinstall the rom with a clean install – backup all files to titanium backup (or on your PC desktop), then go into recovery and clear data/factory reset, clear cache, clear dalvik cache, and then re-flash the rom. . .

          Try these two options and please let me know!
          GOOD LUCK!

          • CptCross says:

            Ok, so much thanks for your help!
            I tried both mothodes step by step, but it doesn’t work!
            It’s always the same and my partners phone gets this crazy loud swoosh when we try to call.
            I dont know why. It works perfect on every other Rom. Why not on Shostock3?!

  46. Rubic_Cube says:

    To anybody who could help me out … Max, markbc ??

    – Since this ROM was so great, I thought of making a complete ROM backup. As usual, I brought up ROM Manager and initiated the Backup Complete ROM action. The phone rebooted and since then it has been stuck in a reboot cycle and would not allow me to get into Download mode either.

    Have I bricked it due to any inadvertent action?
    What is my recovery option now?

    Thankfully, my most precious data is sitting on the add-on microSD card. So I can recover that.

    Thanks in advance for any leads…

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Rubic
      Wow, just winding up some quick reading when I saw this. . .

      First, although it’s very convenient, Rom Manager frequently does things to our SGH-i777. I bought and used RM quite a bit, but finally gave up using it, since the risk of things just like happening is too high. For anyone SGH-i777 users, you can read this XDA thread (some of it a bit rude, but the point is still clear) about the dangers of RM for us ;-( ;-(
      ht tp://

      Second: Can you try to “manually” get into the recovery mode -not the download mode. Remember that this is done by holding down the volume up and the volume down keys while also pressing and holding the power key -hold it down through two “mini boots” and don’t let go until you see the recovery screen.

      If you can, then I would recommend getting to the recovery mode, clearing cache and clearing Dalvik and trying to reboot and see if that will work. If you STILL get into the boot loop then you can go back into recovery and clear data (factory reset)/ clear cache and clear Davlik (advanced menu). Don’t worry, this does not affect your user data on your SD card, although it erases all apps.
      After clearing -reflash the rom (hopefully, you have it still in your download directory, but if not, just hook up your phone to the computer, go to the mount menu option in recovery and mount usb. You then should see your phone (after a minute or two) on the computer and can copy over the rom to your phone so that you can reflash. ..)

      OK, IF you can’t get to recovery to do any of this, (and I would be surprised if you couldn’t since about 90% of the time I get to the samsung logo at boot up in a boot loop, I can still get to recovery)
      then you need to get to recovery. It sounds like you have tried to get to recovery (I recall that is with power-plus volume down plus usb cable plugged into phone and computer, i think ) and can’t get there, then you need a “Jig” of “factory cable” for the SGH-i777. This is a micro USB connector or a micro usb connector with cable that is designed to “short the connectors” on your phone’s usb port and automatically force it into the download mode. It is a hardware option and virtually ALWAYS works -providing you have the jig or factory cable. (This is NOT a regular cable at all btw).

      So that is your third option to get back –once you get a jig for the sgh-i777 you can get to the download mode and use odin to reflash a tar that might be stock rooted or whatever you have used in the past –Max has some here and the XDA site has some as well, although it is kind of confusing to find the right files over there. . .

      Good Luck!

      • markbc says:

        In paragraph five above (“OK if you can’t get…) I incorrectly wrote “then you need to get to recovery. It sounds like you have tried to get to recovery..” In that portion I should have said then you need to get to DOWNLOAD mode and it sounds like you have tried to get to DOWNLOAD mode…

        Recovery is used to fix issues from within the phone (mostly) and Download mode is used to “thump” the phone from an external hook up -most likely your PC. . .

        Sorry for the confusion

        Good Luck!

  47. Rubic_Cube says:


    Thanks for the detailed instructions. The phone does not go into Recovery mode ever! I managed to get it to Download mode once somehow, but was unsure which file to flash using ODIN … if I was on ICS, I would use the Siyah kernel. But I was already using 4.1.2 via ShoStock3. So, after endless attempts to get to Recovery, and since I do not have a USB jig, I just initiated SGH-I777 Stock Firmware recovery through Kies. I realize it would push me back to ICS because that’s the latest version deployed on SGH-I777 through official channels. I may have to root again and start from there.

    Now that I have a fresh opportunity to pick a kernel, choose recovery, and choose a ROM, what are the leading recommendations?

  48. buchi says:

    tanx……really appreciate…qm on it now

  49. Rubic_Cube says:

    πŸ™‚ I have no idea.

    Btw, I did go back to ICS and have rooted again. Might use Shostock again, but evaluating options.

    • markbc says:

      HI @ Rubic. . .That’s Talent! πŸ˜‰
      By the way, yesterday I tried posting a list of roms to recommend, but the site would not let me post -just the short post about your “sticky” post on bottom of the page? IF this works great! I will include my recommended list of roms (in order) which are: Shostock3, SlimBean 2.0, The Collective 5, and CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies. . . I have links to all of these -just getting them to load here seems to be an issue!

      • markbc says:

        #1. Shostock3 (JB) 4.1.2
        This website has two thread about it, so I won’t go on, but I think it delivers the most stable most smooth and enjoyable JB 4.1.2 experience of any rom. It has a few very nice extras -like phone call recording, multi-apps on the screen at the same time (split screen), and google apps are included right in the rom because it is a Samsung- TouchWiz (TW) based rom. Also nice battery life.

        #2. SlimBean (JB 4.2.2)
        – This rom is not a TW based rom, so you need to add or flash GAAPS (google applications package) immediately after flashing the rom, it’s no big deal -as long as you don’t forget to do it!
        – The best thing about this rom is that is has the best or greatest battery life. Also it is more feature feature rich than any TW rom.
        – The downsides are that you have to take a few moments and download a few “add ons” for this rom to run it. EVERYTHING for SB rom is unique. They have their own SlimBean GAAPS, and their own SlimBean add ons and extras all to make the rom do quite a bit. So, you have to download the rom, from their site and download their GAAPs, and then download their “extra” packages and flash all of them, but I think it is worth it.
        – The rom runs very well, has a small footprint, has tons of extras -and unlike some XDA JB rom threads, the people on the Slim Bean thread are friendly and willing to help.
        – One more (small) downside on this nice, but weird rom. Since SlimBean is a pretty big consortium of folks (worldwide) and because they write this SB rom for tons of phones, not all of the SB folks who are on the XDA site as SB admins actually own a SGH-i777 phone! I have seen a comment on the XDA page for SB like “well, I don’t own the phone, but send me the Cap Log and I will see if I can figure out why ….” Whew! that is weird.
        – Still if I were not using SS3, I think I would be using SB!

        #3. The Collective (JB) 4.2.2
        – This rom is also full of more features, you also have to flash GAAPS (“normal” GAAPS) , it is very well maintained and has a very helpful, active bunch of supporters and team members. I like this rom, although I am kind of shy about 4.2.2.
        – Battery Life is good, features are very good and stability is good as well (at least when I was using it).
        – The downsides for me were small quirks of 4.2.2 -like the timezone thing (4.2.2 does not like automatic timezones and your phone might change its time when you least expect it!) Most of that is fixed or managed (don’t use auto TZ, use manual!).
        – Like I said, the rom is stable, and the folks are active and helpful as well it’s kind of fun thread…

        #4. CyanogenMod 10.1 “Nightlies” (JB) 4.2.2 (Links = Rom, Forum, Gaaps)
        – It is very stable, you also need “normal” GAAPS.
        – It has very good support and practically every night they issue a new update making it just a little bit better each time. (and that update can be automatically flashed more easily than using CWM!)
        – It is not so feature rich and a few of the features are different from the fancy stuff we see on the XDA pages, but the rom works well and some big-brained people are focused on it, even for our aging phone!
        – one downside is when you go from CM10.1 back to another rom, sometimes there are hiccups. I can’t tell you why, but I think it has to do with the CM file structure and their use of ext4 vice ext3.
        – Anyway, I had some issues and only by reformatting (not erasing-re formatting!) my cache, SD and system partitions did I get my phone back to “normal” for shostock3. Others have NOT had my problems, but at least one other did, so I am cautious about recommending CM. (and I like CM! It was the first rom I ever flashed on my first Android phone -an HTC Aria πŸ˜‰

        OK, there are the Roms I like and why GOOD LUCK!

        • Ruchira says:

          well i never flashed a rom other than CM. currently im using CM 10.1 Nightlies and
          i found so many bugs on when its released now with all the updates it gets better
          but my battery life is not so great and hoping to flash a new ROM which i never flashed before well i like new fancy stuffs and gadgets i hope u prefer a good and stable ROM for me?

  50. markbc says:

    #3. The Collective (JB) 4.2.2 http:// showthread.php?t=2132220

  51. markbc says:

    OK, I can’t seem to be able to upload the CM 10.1 links to this website ;-( peculiar, but there are three, one for the nightlies download, one for the forum chatter (they have their own forum) and one for the GAAPs. . .

  52. markbc says:

    #4. CyanogenMod 10.1 “Nightlies” (JB) 4.2.2
    ht tp :// download. cyanogenmod. com/ ?device= i777& type= nightly
    (no spaces!)

    • markbc says:

      #4. CyanogenMod 10.1 “Nightlies” (JB) 4.2.2 (Forum)
      ht tp :// forum. cyanogenmod. org / forum / 494-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-att-experimental-mod /
      (no spaces!)

    • markbc says:

      #4. CyanogenMod 10.1 “Nightlies” (JB) 4.2.2 (Gaaps link)
      ht tp :// / g / gapps +for +4+2+2+ mediafire . html
      (no spaces)

  53. Rubic_Cube says:

    Who are you?! …. jk! Thanks a bunch!!

    ShoStock3 – Loved it! Absolutely!! Worried if it would send me into a tizzy again? Maybe I should not use ROM Manager to take full ROM backups. Is Nandroid a better choice?
    Slimbean 4.2.2 – Been there. Liked it. Camera app isn’t great. But the camcorder wont work for me. Dealbreaker!
    The Collective & CGM – I remember trying them out, but was not very impressed. When you work with a ROM like the SS3, you become prejudiced towards it. Know what I mean?

    Rewinding back to one of the previous posts, I think 4.1.2 would be the most stable version for the SGH-I777. 4.2.x seems to break some of the core features.

    So then, would SB 4.1.2 Stable version be a better choice? I have used SB 4.1.2 pre-final versions, RC1, RC2 … and all the way to 4.2.2 Build3.

    Anyways, for now, I am on ICS 4.0.4 official version, running Siyah kernel *Rooted*. Will probably be back on SS3 once I have the right answer for the best app for complete ROM backups.

    • markbc says:

      Ah! I saw your post “hidden” between the older ones!

      yeah, listing all these roms akes me sound like I am or was a charter member of the “rom-a-week” club! However. . . . I see you are familiar with all of these roms as well!!! :-))

      I have been on SS3 for many months –longest of any rom– with only a brief tests of updates a couple of the above roms. Maybe I am slowing down, and just enjoying a SS3 phone rom that works well and provides 99.99% of everything I want! (But I might try SlimBean again. . .just to try it! again!)

      I agree with you that 4.2.2 is kind of quirky –for ANY rom. I had the exact same Camcorder issue with SlimBean, I thought that only I had that issue. However, I may try either the last version of SB 4.1.2, or the latest version of SB 4.2.1 again just to see if I can get “Mr. Camcorder” working on their final packages… maybe tomorrow or Tuesday πŸ™‚ )

      @Rubic, I don’t think it was Shostock that took down your system. It could have been, but usually for me it has been getting BACK to SS3 after tinkering with another rom that is the hard part.

      I am no DEV, but I feel that Shostock is so close to Samsung’s TW rom that it does not always flexibly accept AOKP/ AOCP/ CyanogenMod rom “leftovers.” I know that is not technical, but I just think SS3 may not process residual file system directory structures, or possible system files/apps that may linger after some wipes. So it’s not only an SS3 thing, it’s what’s left behind!

      When SS3 has acted funny for me after trying another rom, I have re-flashed SS3 twice in a row even before rebooting -just to ensure that it was 100% flashed/installed correctly when coming from a fussy and “strong” other rom. (of course after CM10.1 I had serious SD disk issues coming back to SS3 (and NO problems while using CM10.1!) In that case, I not only erased, but also re-formatted the system, cache and both SD partitions to get my poor phone back to a smooth SS3. Whew! that made me gun-shy to make changes for at least a week! Needless to say I did flash another rom for a couple of weeks.

      As to backup solutions, I don’t see why you don’t try actually backup using the “old fashioned” “nandroid backup” –done manually, by which I mean go into Recovery manually (not with Rom Manger) and simply do the backup from the recovery menu! I think that will work for you. Really, just staying away from Rom Manager (RM) should be enough.

      So you should feel pretty confident going to recovery (manually πŸ˜‰ and selecting the menu option for backup and go from there. To be safe you can make a backup both on internal and on external SD disks. That backup will survive flashing any 4.1.2 rom, but may get bollixed up with some 4.2.2. rom file systems.

      So. . . as an extra safety measure. . . after you make your nandroid backups, reboot (or mount your usb) and copy the phones internal and the external micro SD disks to your desktop pc. For example:
      – If you backed up via nandroid and made a copy on your PC, and then ran into a problem by flashing a bad a rom or do something that mucks up your phone.
      – All you need to do is reboot into recovery, find the nandroid backup and restore your phone and you are right back to a great, working setup.
      – If you can’t get to recovery, and have to use download mode to restore/re-root your phone you can do that and then copy back your CWM directory/ sub-directories that hold your nandroid backup onto your phone, and then reboot into recovery and do the restore to save you from rebuilding the system setup again!

      Sometimes that won’t work, but I would say about 80% of the time nandroid works to pull you out of the mud when experimenting gets too ‘exciting”!

      Hmm, time to download SB 4.1.2 stable and see if camcorder works (and if not, then SB 4.2.2 v5 for the same mission. . .but first, a nandroid backup and copy my internal and external SD disks to my desktop!

      Well, rom-of-the-week club time again . . . at least for a few days!

      Good Luck

      • markbc says:

        OK, I just tried SlimBean 4.2.2 for the past 11 hours and now am back to my Shostock3!

        SlimBean 4.2.2 worked rather well:
        – The video camera actually worked on both of my camera apps!

        – The battery life is still there -it seems to run on air!

        – the rom boots fast and is very responsive. (although the screen touch responsiveness seems a hair slower than SS3). However, this rom is fast in switching screens, and menus and all that.

        Now why I switched back:
        – My widgets seemed to have issues with SlimBean -or at least Nova launcher. At least once every couple of hours, Business Calendar blanked out with a “can’t access disk” error -yet when I opened the calendar it worked well. Nova (now the default for SB) seemed to choke on my widgets in general. Since I used only the same widgets I had used in the past with Nova on SS3, this was puzzling.

        – Second, the email app choked on my yahoo account. I loaded the yahoo mail app and it worked, but the default email app FC, every time I tried to access yahoo. Cleared data, reinstalled email app and still had the issue.

        I did this on a fresh install –cleared data/factory reset, cleared cache, cleared dalvik, re-formatted cache, re-formatted system and then installed. (By the way the install process was pretty nice – the aroma installer for the add ons is a nice touch. You can pick and choose what to install and how!)

        But did not like the gliches -also I liked the added control provided by SS3 in its “Blocking” app vice SB’s quiet time. (with SS3, you can allow exceptions for calls or text messages from personally-identified contacts, like family or work!).
        Finally, SS3 has the phone call record option, and while I have not used it except to play once or twice and see if it works, I like having that option vice not having it in SB. . .
        Best was that this morning, I went into Recovery, cleared cache, factory reset, cleared dalvik and then restored nandroid backup –rebooted recovery, went to kernel tweaks and cleared tweaks and then rebooted and all is exactly as it was before after about 15 minutes!
        Well, that’s my experience with SlimBean, perhaps I should have tried 4.1.2, but for now I have done my rom-swap for the week πŸ˜‰

  54. markbc says:

    Not too make JB 4.2.2 too tempting, but this post 518 on the JB 4.2.2 thread seems to fix the Video Recorder issue:
    “Re: [ROM][4.2.2] Slim Bean Build1 – i777
    If you are holding back on updating cause video recording are broken. You can flash ajk kernel and it fixes the video and adjustable CPU freq.
    The latest Slim is so slim as always and smoother than 4.2.1
    Running 4.2.2 with ajk 1.21b ”

    So, perhaps flashing 4.2.2 and then flashing AKJ 1.21b may be the fix!
    (but back to the 4.2.2 “excitement” on what really works and what doesn’t quite work πŸ˜‰

  55. Rubic_Cube says:


    Lot of action, huh? After itching to try SB 4.1.2, I decided to give SS3 the benefit of doubt. Loaded it up and enjoying it all over again. And I was able to take a full ROM backup using Online Nandroid. I am noticing a faster battery drain this time as compared to the previous times. Wonder why… I have reduced the sync frequency wherever possible, reloaded Juice Defender Plus … still it seems to be draining faster. Is there a way to check battery health like in laptops?

    Re video on 4.2.2, I am content with SS3 now and probably would not move to another ROM for a while. It would take a lot to convince me to move off of SS3 .. πŸ™‚

    The only issue I now have is that of the recovery software. I have Clockworkmod Recovery Touch 5.x installed. After SS3 Rom installation, I do not see the Touch version of CWM Recovery, and am unable to upgrade it? Instead I see CWM 6.x based recovery installed. I never installed CWM 6.x… did it come with SS3? There are 2 new lines under Recovery, that I did not ever see before.

    How do I get my older CWM recovery back? Flashing a CWM Recovery file? Will it be safe if I do not want to mess SS3 again?

    If I cannot or should not change my recovery software, how can I reset Battery Stats from Recovery? There is no option in the current recovery.

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Rubic!

      Let’s see touch CWM and Battery life πŸ˜‰
      OK, for the most part our CWM recoveries are associated with kernels.

      You can flash a CWM separately, but it can become problematic.

      (Just now in testing, I mistakenly flashed a touch version of CWM -but discovered that it was for the Galaxy Note 2!)

      – I did not reboot the phone, but simply flashed the AKJ kernel on top of it and rebooted. Unfortunately, the phone stuck at the Samsung logo and would not boot. Flashed another AJK with the same bad result; even flashed a Jeboo kernel and could not get the phone past the Samsung logo! That Galaxy Note CWM must have sidetracked something –even though I had not even rebooted the phone!

      So I restored my latest SS3 nandroid backup and all is well. . . But that was an interesting half hour ;-(

      You won’t have this problem since you already have a good, real SGH-i777 working kernel right now (jeboo 1.3b I bet).

      So the easiest way to get a better CWM (that I know of right now anyway) is to flash an AKJ kernel on top of you current SS3 rom. No need for factory reset or any of that (maybe cache or Dalvik clear, but I have flashed kernels without doing any of that -ususally ok!

      But flashing a different kernel will get you a different recovery. (and when you flash different roms -each with its own kernel, you will automatically replace whatever CWM you had before!)

      Currently, I am using AKJ Kernel 1.25S on my SS3. I just checked and that AJK kernel’s CWM IS CWM V

      It is a touch CWM! (which I am not too fond of btw, my fingers always hit the wrong options -give me the buttons! πŸ˜‰

      You will like this kernel. Here is the link to AKJ’s “everything works” Kernel as background:
      ht tp://

      Here is the direct download link to AKJ’s really nice kernel for our rom: AKJ 1.25s (S for samsung!)
      ht tp://

      Here is AJK’s link to an updated version of this same kernel (in case you DON’T like the original! the newer one is called 1.25 SS!)
      ht tp://

      (I recommend the former, but DL both… just in case!)

      That should get you a touch based kernel!
      It also has an entry in the advanced menu to reset battery stats –and I think it will work well for you.
      & It is one of the best kernel combinations for our SS3 rom.

      I use it since it is stable, it offers kernel tweaks in CWM, and I think it “might” provide a bit better battery

      OK, here is one tip from AJK’s XDA page (“everything works kernel”).
      #1. Right after you flash the AKJ kernel 1.25-S, do NOT reboot phone. Just reboot recovery!

      #2. After recovery reboots, the AKJ kernel will take over. You will see a new type of (touch!) menu. Please go to the menu option for “kernel specific options” and select it. – Then select “reset ExTweeks profiles”

      #3. OK, NOW you can reboot the phone πŸ˜‰ –oh no, wait wait! While you are in the kernel part of CWM, you may want to select a kernel option for better battery life!

      #4. In that same “Kernel specific options” menu is a choice to tune the kernel for “performance” or “battery life.”

      #5. Please try (“Use battery optimized”) and see how it works for you!

      OK that should do it.

      Now for the Battery issue:
      You can reset your battery stats in the advanced menu of this Recovery!

      BTW, once you load the new kernel and run it, please make a new nandroid backup so you save yourself time in the future. The nandroid backups do consume space, but you should be able to fit two at least!

      As to battery life. Well, please give the rom about 3-5 days before making a decision. It takes that much time and that many recharge cycles to get the battery and rom in sync. (I don’t think resetting your battery stats will help, but it is an option (although I had bad luck with messing with that. . .))

      As to battery life. the Samsung batteries will last a couple of years, but they seem to lose a lot of their “edge” after about 14 months or so -at least for me. I also have a pack of Chinese I9!000 knock off batteries that are worse, but v. cheap and will last about 75% of the time of the “real” samsung.

      Even though my Samsung is getting old -battery programs will still say “health good.” Try Battery+ it has four screens that provide great data and a pretty motif.

      I also have Battery Stats Plus and Battery States pro which aggressively manage the phone. I also have better battery stats -which taken in combination with the preceding has told me what burns the battery and what does not. So I can make some choices.

      I don’t use Google Plus, since it burns the battery fast

      I also don’t use Google Maps for the Same reason (and both of those track me like some school teacher -I hate that!)

      Finally there is an App I recently got “Greenly” that many people on XDA rave about -it’s supposed to help ID the battery burning apps.

      But two things” 1) the rom must settle and that takes some days, and 2) you have to figure out your usage with all these battery “whatever” programs and see how they reflect what your phone is doing. Chasing Wake locks and all that can get really tedious and while it gets to be an obsession, it has diminishing returns after a certain point -just carry another battery πŸ˜‰

      Good Luck! Hope the Kernel gets you the CWM you want!
      (we probably could find a CWM flash for the GS2 I777, but using the AKJ kernel kills two birds with one flash!)

      Also please don’t use Rom Manager for updating CWM or anything on this phone! REally! πŸ˜‰

    • markbc says:

      Oh, things like this battery guide site can help too πŸ˜‰

      ht tp://

      (& maybe helpful:)
      ht tp://

      also the app i mentioned yesterday is not “Greenly” it’s “Greenify” πŸ˜‰

      Good Luck!

      • Rubic_cube says:

        @markbc –

        Sorry, could not respond earlier. For now, I am just continuing with the ROM and the Recovery that comes with it. Maybe I would tinker during the weekend.

        Re battery life management, wow, you really have been through so much to know as much! Kudos for the effort and Thanks for sharing. Again, I will review carefully in the weekend and see which one works for me.

        Update: I was able to complete a full backup of the SS3 ROM using Online Nandroid. I no longer use ROM Manager for anything. I do still have it, but may uninstall it. Re battery life, I am certain that the battery %s drop pretty quickly compared previous. Will try to validate battery health and then make a decision to either replace the battery or implement some intelligence on the OS side.

        • markbc says:

          Hi @Rubic
          Wow! I never even heard of “online nandroid”!
          I always just used the power menu to boot into recovery & went through the recovery menus.
          Now I just downloaded Online Nandroid & will try it tonight or tomorrow.

          (Once I make a new nandroid backup update my copy my SD cards (internal and external) on my PC so that I have a secure “off phone” nandroid backup and no matter what, I can eventually get back to the state I am in now! πŸ˜‰

          I think your Battery will settle after a couple of days -perhaps a week! Also you may try swapping kernels with an AJK kernel a couple of times to get the right one (AKJ or Jeboo) for your phone.

          Finally, you can dump Rom Manager (I kept it for half a year on my phone -because I paid for it! πŸ˜‰ Speaking of battery draining apps, watch out for Google Now and Google Maps -both of which are pretty aggressive on your battery. My life is so routine that Google Now is really not useful -& I tried it on a couple of trips and it was not timely or accurate enough to make a positive difference -so I got rid of it. Also I use Mapquest instead of Google Maps. Not quite as good, but actually pretty good and less battery intense (& less nosey). Check for Social network apps -they also are battery drains (I am not on any of them!).

          Have a good week and hope your weekend brings better battery life πŸ˜‰

          (P.S. just spent 12 hours on JellyBam 4.2.2. It’s the smoothest and most usable 4.2.2 rom yet. Unfortunately, it is not quite stable and certain things like some TiBu functions, and some phone settings’ menu selections all set off some repeated FC loops from hell! Too bad -I really like the feel of it! So now back to “Old Reliable,” Shostock3, which Shoman94 promises to minor update at least once more before he moves to his Galaxy S4;-)

  56. Sohaib says:

    I am having problem downloading roms from here. The downloads start but are stuck after downloading a few mb’s.
    Any help to this would be great.

    • markbc says:

      Download the Shostock3 rom from the following link -it works well:
      ht tp://
      (no spaces between the ht and the tp!)

      Good Luck

  57. Omer says:

    Is WiFi Direct working properly in this ROM??? Because in my phone it doesnt seem to be working properly

    • markbc says:

      wifi and tethering work great for this rom on the SGH-i777 phone.

      If you are having problems, then best to:
      1. backup your data with Titanium backup or another program
      2. go into recovery
      3. delete data/factory reset
      4. delete cache
      5. delete dalvik cache (advanced menu)
      6. re-install the rom
      7. do NOT load back ANY system files for an earlier rom or any system files
      from anywhere. Just load back your apps and their data.
      it should work well!
      Good Luck

  58. Omer says:

    This ROM is just too good πŸ˜€
    Cant wait for the Android 4.2 version of this ROM to come out..

    • markbc says:

      I don’t think the Developer will make a 4.2 version of this rom.
      He has already bought a Galaxy S4 and developed a rom for that new phone ;-(

  59. adrianjp16 says:

    existe alguna forma de activar 2g en esta rom para ahorrar bateria???

  60. adrianjp16 says:

    is there any way to activate this rom 2g to save battery???

    • markbc says:

      Sorry , No. This rom does not have a “toggle” to switch between 2G and 3G
      (as far as I know -and I have used it for many months!)

  61. carlos says:

    This ROM comes with android market? or i have to install it and where is the link i can get the gaaps?

    • markbc says:

      This rom comes with Google Play and all the GAAPs programs.
      You do not have to flash gaaps for this.
      All TouchWiz/Samsung-based roms are like that –they come with gaaps and all you need to do is flash the rom!
      good luck!

  62. Rubic_Cube says:


    How’s ya, buddy? Just dropped in to say, this ROM is the longest ever I have used on my phone after rooting it. And one more thing, I have not had to reboot my phone in days. This ROM is that good. Re battery life, I feel if I use a battery saving program like Juice Defender, I end up losing more juice. The native power saving mode is good enough. Features like Smart Stay and Smart Rotation etc. are really great in day to day practical use.

    Re our previous discussions about kernel and touch recovery, I decided not to mess with the kernel or the CWM recovery. Happy with what I have…

    If you do use a battery saving app, which one is it? Or which ones do you recommend?

    – Rubic_Cube

    • markbc says:

      welcome back -I’ve been away for a while as well, and just got back on this thread and just saw your post. I have been busy with the phone as well.

      I went back to CM10.1 nightlies and they are much better now (risking my SD though πŸ˜‰ but battery life on CM is not so hot. Shostock3 really does have one of the best battery lives (provided you don’t use Google now, and google maps). I also just loaded a rooted version of Samsung’s stock Jellybean 4.1.2 that was ported over to ATT by Mr. Cook. It is now on XDA and called “cooked.”
      Here is the link, and since it also is a TW/Samsung rom there is no need for gaaps (but you have to add back an email app or follow the steps he lists on page to get the email app “active”)
      ht tp://

      OK, what am i doing for battery life? Well, I used to use Juice Defender and it worked but not so much. It was a good app -and the best “first app” for battery saving, but now I don’t use it. [However, IF you use JD in the full manual mode you can make it really squeeze your battery life up there, but that is a lot of fussing and you then have to live with pauses for most operations. . .a bit much.]

      So now, what I have done is
      #1. turn off Google Now (I simply don’t need it and it does pulse or wake up the phone incessantly) #2. also took the extreme step of replacing google maps with mapquest. Mapquest is not a slick or full featured but it gets the job done and does not wake up my battery every few minutes like Gmaps. Also google maps tracks where I am (was) and that annoyed me.
      #3. Next I added DS Battery Saver running it with the the “Balanced Mode” setting (I am not sure if this is a paid app or not, sorry, don’t remember). But DS battery saver does seem a bit more effective than Juice.
      #4. Also I added Greenify and run that, but have not tweaked it yet.

      The results of DS Battery Saver and Greenify seem pretty good, also cutting the g-apps helped too! When I just switch roms I get terrible battery life and then the battery life improves over the next several days. With SS3 and moderate usage I can get 8 hours sometimes as much as 12 or more. Once or twice things just seemed to work and I got 16 or more hours, even when using the screen for almost an hour. But that is not consistent -the next day it was back to about 8 more or less (15% left when reaching the 8-9 hours point that is). Once or twice I got only 6 hours or so as well. So usage is the key and cell towers are also a big factor.

      – Greenify and Better Battery Stats (Free on XDA) can tell you where you battery power is going,
      – DS Battery Saver can help you make it last longer.

      Let me see if I have a link to a battery saving site or two. . .
      ht tp://
      ht tp://

      OK, that’s a lot to digest! Happy Hunting &
      Good Luck!

  63. gonzo says:

    CAUTION Rooters!!!!
    I installed this rom, but I’m 95% it comes a trojan horse. First of all it never loaded to the main OS screen. It got stuck with the same boot animation. Then the next day I got a warning message when I logged in the fb app saying someone else logged from an unknown location. Other apps started working in a weird way, crashing systematically when they never did it before. Watch out if you are trying to install this rom cause it could leak your personal data stored in your phone.

  64. Willian Bueno says:

    Guys, so far this is the best room I have ever downloaded from this site. It works flawless, Not a single problem detected so far! Much better than MIUI and Paranoid (altough paranoid was super faster)…

  65. Rubic_Cube says:


    Long time! Hope the powers that be have been kind with you… ! All’s well at my end.

    Speaking of battery consumption, I have an observation and would like you to weigh in your thoughts. Will a launcher result in additional battery consumption in anyway? I think it should not, but am not completely sure. Launchers like Apex or Holo do not result in additional consumption because they are just skins with incremental customization possibilities. However, launchers like OR Aviate – thought outstanding in presentation of views etc. – consume more battery power. Reason could be that they are always active and keep refreshing content based on location and other parameters.

    What’s your thinking on this?

    Also, I demo-tested a S4. Wasn’t impressed. Liked the HTC One more. However, if I could get an S4, root it, and load custom experience like that of the HTC One, I think I would be happier. TW just does not cut for me anymore… TW on a beast like S4 is undermining the capacity of what that phone is capable of.


    • markbc says:

      Hi again Rubic_Cube!
      (I am working backward from the last post)

      Great to hear from you! and Hope all is well in your phone world πŸ˜‰

      #1. To get to your point, in my experience launchers seem to affect performance more than battery life. For example, I use Nova but have found that it is a bit slower than some of the other launchers, but using it did not drain my phone noticeably faster than the other launchers (same results on my rooted, Kinology-rom running Kindle Fire HD 7″ for that matter).

      Still, I like Nova -I am used to it; and when I update the roms, I can restore my Nova setup as “step two” after restoring all apps. TW does not let me save the configuration ;-(

      #2. For best battery I still think that doing two things works best:
      First, install Greenify and use it to hybernate all google apps except play and any other app that you don’t need “real-time” and constantly. One very good thing about using Greenify is that when you want any “hybernated” app, that app starts and comes to life immediately. Later, when you don’t need the app, Greenify it puts it back to sleep. You just have to go through the steps to tell Greenify to hybernate the apps you feel may hurt your battery.

      Second: install and use DS Battery Saver, which puts almost everything on the phone to sleep and yet the phone wakes up periodically to check feeds and also when you need it. (Use the balanced setting).

      These two measures worked best for me . . .and I use them on my new S4 as well.

      Speaking of which, I just read your comments on HTC One vs S4. Here is what I think – The One is an absolutely beautiful phone -and I always will have a soft spot for HTC since my first android phone was an Aria! HTC has a nicer looking implementation of android on its phone -even with that wierd blink-feed thing. . .

      However, the ONE’s screen is smaller, the CPU is slower, the battery is smaller (and not removable), there is no SD card slot and the ONE has DDR2 ram while the S4 has DDR3 ram. While both are rootable [[although the newest S4s . . .models ending in CUAMF3. . . are NOT currently rootable until a new exploitation is found!]] There are more roms (I think) for the S4, but all that said, the S4 is kind of boring when compared to the One. . . I see that!

      Still, just for computing and phoning – I do like the power and capability of the S4 -it feels like a mature and unfettered S2 to me. Also I don’t want to run out of battery and not be able to keep going until I find a charger. (this is not an Iphone πŸ˜‰

      So I upgraded to the S4 (sold my S2 for about 170 on swappa (XDA site) and bought the S4 under contract at COSTCO for 160!); but there was tax and insurance and all that -so I would up spending a bundle. . .But not so bad.

      My first impression was that the biggest change from the S2 is that battery life on the S4 is MUCH better than the S2. The S4 does it all quicker, but after saying all that, it’s mostly the same basic phone.

      Next I learned the new features and I tested them all. I actually do use some of them (the Samsung camera is great -used the eraser function and it was fantastic!). Some of the other functions are neat, but some are kind of goofy.

      I am rooted, using Shostock2.1 custom rom and pretty content with using the phone. It has taken me longer to “tame” the phone and get all the settings back to the way I like it -that was something I miss from the S2 -which was easier to know what you can and can’t change or adjust!

      OK, this is too long so please have a great day
      And I hope you get to try Greenify and DS Battery saver and that they work for you!

  66. Rubic_Cube says:

    @max, @markbc:

    I like the camera app included in SS3. However, I would like to try the latest Camera app thats included in Android 4.3. Here’s the link to the apk: Is there a way I could install this camera app in addition to the SS3 camera app? Please tell me how.

    – Rubic_Cube

    • markbc says:

      Wow , , , I just saw this. Sorry.
      I wonder how it went? I bet it worked, but your Gallery may have crashed -or you are running two cameras. . . Android Central has an article which states that you can do this. (See here “Camera app from Google Play GS4, HTC One can easily be loaded onto other phones” link:
      ht tp://

      But it’s not for me. . . I have sold my super duper great S2 and updated to an S4 (i337) rooted and running SHOstock2.1 for Galaxy S4. (It’s a great phone btw!)

      Good Luck!

  67. Rubic_Cube says:

    All who are using this ROM on their S2, I just found that the Kernel has been updated to version 2.3a. ShoStock3.0.2 came with kernel version 2.2. You can now update this to v2.3a. Check below…

    This is the official kernel repository for this ROM. All binaries will be posted here from 11/26/12 onwards!

    1. Jeboo Kernel — thanks to drowningchild for config/initramfs help, Entropy512 for his excellent patches, PhilZ for his recovery source!


    — Fixed minor issue with mounting external sdcard in CWM
    — Settings/About now shows ‘SGH-I777’

    — Added exfat (ROM+CWM) support using native Samsung driver (1.2.4)
    — Updated CWM to
    — Added touch support to CWM! (gweedo767)
    — TWRP support discontinued

    — Updated initramfs to XWLSS (PhilZ), bootloop-fixed
    — Added zzmoove governor 0.4 (ktoonsez and mialwe)

  68. Rubic_Cube says:

    Meanwhile, I tried a few other ROMs this weekend – BITFOR, SIV Series, ParanoidAndroid and the SuperNexus (again!)… Got to say that nothing matched the beauty of ShoStock3 ROM. Glad I had made a full Nandroid backup and was able to come back easily to ShoStock3.

    Any recommendations on new ROMs that exceed ShoStock3 performance?
    Anybody tried the IllusionROM 2.5? XDA forums going gaga over it. Some screenshots looked delish…

  69. Gary says:

    When I first installed this Rom with the siyah I777 7.9c kernel, everything worked flawlessly. Now I cant send any sms messages but I can call use the internet and receive messages. can anyonr help me with this issue. I am on straight talk’s tfdata network on the sgh i777.

  70. Jacobus Maximus says:

    So, how do you determine “stability”?

    I had a SGS2 and after doing extensive research, decided to install SHOstock3 with the Jeboo kernel. I think the phone had problems from the time I got it, but it seems like those problems increased after installing the ROM. I would constantly get error messages like “Unfortunately the clock has stopped running” and “Unfortunately Google Search has stopped running,” etc. Sometimes there would be a pile up of messages like “Unfortunately has stopped running” and on down the line of various apps that I didn’t even have open. Screen to screen transitions became sluggish and occasionally the phone would go into boot loop (where it just kept restarting on its own and I would have to take the battery out and let it sit for a minute or so and then put it back together and reboot.) And I would constantly get a message “Insufficient storage available” when downloading apps, when I know there was plenty of room both on the internal HDD as well as the SD card. I think this is a problem inherent with Galaxy phones, but I was hoping it would cease with installing a custom ROM. I also had a lot of issues with the GPS and Google Maps. It seemed like whenever I needed to use Navigation, I would have to reboot my phone, and even then that didn’t always work (it would get kind of hung up and not move onto the next set of directions.) I’m sure SHOstock is a great ROM, but stability? I don’t think so. When it worked (which seemed like 25% of the time at best, but I’m sure it was better than that) it was like Scotty threw another dilithium crystal in and shifted into seventh gear, but when it wasn’t working, which seemed like all the time, it was like “why the hell do I even have a smart phone?”

    I’m going to be upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I want to root it and install a custom ROM (mainly because I feel that custom ROMs are the way to go if you want a streamlined version of Android OS without all the bloatware, etc.) I really don’t want a repeat performance of what I experienced with my old phone. I need Carl Lewis crossed with Secretariat here. So I’m looking for a ROM/kernel combo for the SGH-i337 that will run like SHOstock did on its best days…

    Oh, I will say this. I drink from the trough when it comes to batteries. I just don’t care. I do nothing to make the battery life better (not actively, but I try.) After getting the phone (the S2) I got an extended battery (3500mAh) and after installing SHOstock3 and doing a few tweaks, I would get 10 hours between charges with very heavy use and close to 18 hours with no/little use. So obviously SHOstock is good for battery life…

    (My question is What is the best ROM/kernel combo for the SGH-i337?)

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