ShoStock3 ROM + Siyah Kernel for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ROM/Kernel Combo]

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After doing some serious soul-searching on the best ROM for the AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, I’ve finally found a great combination that brings the best of features, speed, and battery life.

Check out the latest ShoStock3 ROM with Siyah kernel. Honestly, I was having some issues with running latest ShoStock3 ROM but after switching the kernel out with the latest Siyah, it runs near flawless with great battery life even with 1.6Ghz overclocking.

I don’t think you can beat this deadly combo on the i777, you get transparent multi-window with all apps enabled, custom ink effects, AOSP lockscreen, modded camera with volume shutters, long-press force-close, and lots more. Now, ShoStock3 ROM is fast already without any overclocking but add Siyah kernel with overclocking and dual-boot support and you’ve got one of the best combos for ROM + kernel.

If you haven’t tried this combo, definitely give it a try this weekend and let me know what you think but I think you will like it very much.


Download ShoStock3 ROM

Download Siyah Kernel

To install, reboot into recovery, install ROM, install kernel, then reboot!

Credits – ROM, kernel <--- Please donate to the developers of this ROM and kernel if you like it, thanks!

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236 Responses

  1. kenneth says:

    YEA BOY!!!! Thanks.max it.sounds like a great combo gonna try it TONIGHT

  2. Chris says:

    WOW!!! Max thank you so much for this tip! This combo works amazingly!!! + I got back the CMW in-ROM app & STweaks. My i777 flies now!.. Why Shoman (ShoStock Creator) didn’t add this to the ROM to begin with? Oh well..thanks again Max and to anyone second guessing about this kernal? DONT! It works long as you using it like Max explained then your good!

    • SWSL says:

      The developers of the SHOstock Rom and complementary Jeeboo (?) kernal are a team. They troubleshoot together and support that combination. Siyah is from another direction and not supported by the ShoStock dev with his ROM.

      • markbc says:

        I agree with SWSL that Jeboo’s kerenel is best set for this rom. And there is an even newer version (2.0) that he just put out yesterday! it is on the XDA Shostock3 thread on the 3rd entry!

        However, AJNewkirk’s Siyah kernel is well recognized and the dev mentions how it can be used with ShoStock3 rom (but won’t dual boot in this rom like it can with other roms). Finally, if you were to use Siyah on ShoStock3, you could go to the Siyah thread on XDA and seek support. Many folks do seem to like it, although I have such a nice setup with ShoStock3 and Jeboo that I don’t want to risk it just to experiment (yet!) πŸ˜‰

        • SWSL says:

          Actually I don’t mean to say which kernal is better in which way, except to mention how this ROM is supported with Jeboo Kernal and how those are a team, not likely to adopt a different kernal, that’s all. For Siyah+ ShoStock then just understand where that combo is supported, on Siyah thread.

    • Chris says:

      Well guess after 10 days with the Siyah Kernel in deciding to go back to Jeboo’s for his is the actual one that is meant to run on ShoStock’s ROM. I rely on my Google now too much at it just wasn’t working well with this kernel, not to mention my video player would FC. So in all Siyah is still my favorite kernel, Ima hold my breath till Shoman update his ROM to be compatible with it but if you not experiencing no problem with Siyah then that good for you.

  3. Brandon says:

    anybody try this with Apex Launcher?

  4. David Yang says:

    Yeah only thing is Google now voice search isn’t working. But other than the that awesome.

  5. richie ricapa says:

    a probarlo espero valga la pena.. me da algo de miedo..

  6. JCKwong says:

    Cannot download the ROM and the Kernel. The download link is very confusing and point to the download page with blank screen. I am using FireFox 18.02.

    • SWSL says:


      Search XDA for kernal under this phone’s forum

    • markbc says:

      Hi @jckWong
      I prefer dolphin with android –firefox is great on a pc/mac but on the android it is not so clear, and won’t do flash (i think!)
      use the link for the XDA website if you can get Max’s to work. On XDa the first post of every thread has the files to download and instructions on how to install them
      the thread for the ShoStock3 is
      ht tp://

      the thread for the Siyah kernel (which you really don’t need BTW – do recommend trying the normal kernel first -and see if you like it!) is
      ht tp://

      also if you do install the kernel read the other posts here on HOW to install the kernel correctly, or you may have some issues. (note, the XDA location of the kernal has THREE kernels listed . ..not just this one . . . at least two of them work for our phone, but you might want read that thread a bit to see if you want to try one of the other two kernels. . . .

  7. sultan says:

    My problem is that why can’t use adobe flash on this rom

  8. JCK48 says:

    Cannot add applications to the multi window bar. Version 1.8.5 allow you to do that.

  9. NY Yankees says:

    Has anyone gotten 4g to work?

  10. Alex says:

    Shostock3 is known to lose sim unlock. If you have the terrible problem with your SIM, please contact me.

  11. markbc says:

    @JCKWong -here is the rom download link from XDA –the latest version is 2.5.1
    ht tp://
    Don’t have the Kernel link handy.

    @JCK48 -the latest version does allow you to add any app to the multi window bar –are you running 2.5.1?
    @sultan Flash is being supported less and less by the JB roms. You can add it back yourself and get it working to a great extent, but only for some apps/browsers. If you google “how to use flash with Jelly Bean” you’ll find a lot of good solutions.

    @ Yankees – I think the speeds are the same -the stock rom shows 4g but it is really Hspa+ so the developer roms are only showing the more accurate data stream. This might not be correct, (and if someone has a better answer please let me know too πŸ˜‰ but I think you speeds will be the same in either rom (stock or Shostock). . . .try and compare (run speed test prior to changing from stock –run the speed test using data not wifi, then do the same speed test using shostock and let us know the speeds!)
    thanks and good luck!

  12. sultan says:

    Thanks Jck. I think this ROM is great but it makes no sense we focus on d big stuff n forget the small….

    • markbc says:

      Hi @ Sultan, I understand your point! There are so so many working parts to a rom that each person’s phone will have a slightly different problem or issue -and also each of us uses it differently so we won’t bump into the same stuff as each other. That is why it is good that you bring up the issues that you see, and I and others can do the same for the issues we have!
      For using flash on this jelly bean rom, which was one of the issues you mentioned, there are many many sites that address it -and you CAN work around it, although some browsers simply won’t do flash in JB and that is a problem. (I think boat and dolphin do -but dolphin claims they don’t support it, you can still get it working on their browser (I think!))
      Anyway here is one of the better links for getting flash back and running on this JB rom, I have not used this technique,but have done others to get some flash back!
      here is the XDA discussion and how-to thread –see if it can help! (I added a space on the ht-tp to get it to post early, simply delete the space and use it!)
      on XDA it is in the Android Development and Hacking section
      in the > Android General > [GUIDE] [HOW-TO] Install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
      here’s the link!
      ht tp://

      good luck!

  13. markbc says:

    OK, I have looked at the XDA thread for this Kernel. It really is a good kernel for this ROM (but the jeboo kernel that the rom comes with has worked p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y for me, no need to use this kernel. However if you DO want to run this kernel on top of the Shostock3 rom, the Kernel DEV recommends that you flash it immediately after flashing the Shostock rom, but also take the following steps:
    First, these instructions are for the Siyah-i777 v7.9b-S kernel. The kernel has a Download MD5 Sum: 161f10146a94ff218bd9729589c70f6c –so you can know if you have a clean or corrupted DL. Now here is AJNewkirk (the Kernel DEV);s tips on HOW TO INSTALL THE KERNEL so that you have no problems:
    Wipe cache
    Wipe dalvik
    Install Siyah-i777 kernel – DO NOT REBOOT YET…
    While still in recovery, go to advanced and reboot recovery
    After recovery has been restarted, go into kernel specific options and Reset ExTweaks profiles
    Reboot and enjoy the new kernel
    ok, if you want to look at the XDA thread and see what people are saying about the kernel, here is the link:
    (he actually has two updates, but it is not clear to me that they are better for our shostock3 rom. . .I am only mentioning that since on the OP you can see version 8.1 and version 8OS for our (samsung TW based) rom. . . sorry if this is confusing, the bottom line is above are the directions to flash the kernel in the best way, and below is the XDA thread link. > [KERNEL] Siyah-i777 v8.1 FINAL [JB]

    ht tp://

  14. sks says:

    Installed the Shostock3 2.5.1 rom and Siyah-i777 v7.9b-S kernel. Now I can’t record video and I cant even play video using video player. Video’s play fine by opening file from galary or files app.

    • markbc says:

      Hi sks
      I am using this Rom, but not the Siyah-i777 v7.9b-S kernel. I am using the original kernel that jeboo prepared and put in the rom with Shostock, all works well with it. But Here is what I would do:

      #1. Just in case you may have missed the detailed instructions for flashing the kernel –namely once you flash the kernel STAY IN RECOVERY AND GO TO THE KERNEL SPECIFIC MENU OPTIONS AND FIND THE CHOICE TO RESET EXTWEEKS? (and then Reboot) You might want to Re-flash the Siyah kernel and make sure you reset exTweeks and then reboot and see if your video is working.

      #2. Choice is to get back to the original kernel for the rom -the one jeboo prepared. You can do this two ways, I am not sure which is easier for you
      — one way is to reflash the rom and that will remove the Siyah kernel and you should be ok.
      — another way could be to just find the jeboo kernel (ver 1.3a+) which is located on the third posting on the XDA website where Shostock3 rom is listed (see above for the link). Anyway once you are at the shostock3 thread, look down to the third entry. It is posted by jeboo and he has a link to his kernel there. Youcan download that kernel and then flash it back on top of the rom in recovery.

      hope this helps. . . please let us know!

      • markbc says:

        CORRECTION.. . .the jeboo kernel version is now up to 2.0!

        • sks says:

          Hi markbc,

          Thanks a lot for the info, I tried the method mentioned to flash the rom and kernel but it didn’t work. Anyways I re-flashed the rom to go back to jeboo shipped with it.
          My only reason to try this combination was to get better battery life, previous version of the rom was draining my battery in about 1/2 a day. This new version of rom is better though.

          • markbc says:

            Hi @SKS
            Yeah! some folks did have battery issues with the rom after first flashing — but in the last couple of days people have been posting on XDA that their battery life is improving day after day/cycle-after-cycle and I found that to be true as well.

            When I first flashed Jeboo’s latest kernel last night (2.1?) it was a battery eater, but today it seems better and my phone is running well. I expect the next couple of days that it will be even better. πŸ˜‰

            To me, it seems that using Siyah in this rom is kind of an extra burden that doesn’t need to be done. My impression is folks get Siyah working in this rom by exception, while the Jeboo kernel seems to be only getting better and better!

            have a great day πŸ˜‰

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Sks

      Another fix for video issues! Here is the quote from the Kernel developer (AJNewkirk)’s XDA thread for this Kernel:

      “If you encounter issues with the Samsung video player….you can open files just fine by browsing to the file and opening it from a file manager. Installing this mod (see link below) will fix the “issue”….read the instructions carefully as it takes a bit of time to generate the thumbnails after installing the mod.
      (LInk provided by AJN for video fix with Siyah kernel)
      ht tp://

      hope this helps..

  15. Shashank says:

    Help pls…

    After I install this ROM,it directly opens into the recovery and shows the following error

    E:Can’t open/cache/recovery/log

    What should I do?

    • markbc says:

      Hi @ shashank

      I am no expert, and can’t provide any quick answer.
      I sometimes have error messages when I use nandroid backup and when I flash roms, but I tend to ignore them unless they affect the phone’s performance (maybe not the best approach, but it has worked for me;-)

      However, but I did google you error message. (That is a good way to start when you bump into something weird! You would be amazed that your actual error message had returns with a LOT of responses!!)

      Bottom line from looking at these responses with my novice/user’s perspective is that it appears that you may be able to ignore the error and continue on and your phone may work fine. . .OR it may not in which case you might have to go into download mode and use odin to reflash a stock version of rom and start over! (sorry…both possibilities were mentioned!)

      Only you will know what happens when you reboot and your phone works. . .or it does not. ;-(

      Here is a thread from the experts on XDA, where they talk about your specific error message . . please take a look and see if it helps. (I provided the link, but I also separated the two tt in the http so the post would work quickly, copy and fix the url to use it)

      ht tp://

      Hope this helps . . . please let us know!

  16. Nathan says:

    I ran into a problem. I tried to install the kernel and now I am stuck at the screen with the yellow triangle. I can’t even get into recovery. What do I do?!???! Thanks!

    • xPTM1219 says:

      You will want to follow this guide —-> bit(dot)ly/ZlbuAj [remove the parenthesis and dot and replace with a period or .]
      After that root it with the same guide so that you get the CWM recovery and that you can upgrade to JellyBean.
      NOTE: to enter the download mode, I prefer to press both of the volumes buttons and connect the phone to the computer
      I hope this works and have a nice day πŸ˜€

  17. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Greetings from Ecuador, I have the previous version of the rom, I really like, is incredible, fast and battery is great in my 777, my question is, I can combine the previous rom with Siyah kernel or must I upgrade to this rom able to use the kernel?

    I look forward to your reply.

    • markbc says:

      hi @marlon

      I have seen people use fire kernel with older versions, so you should be able to try this kernel with your older version.

      however, I recommend that you make a backup before you do this just in case it does not work.
      good luck!

  18. xPTM1219 says:

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is just fine, so I installed this ROM, everything is just fine, in fact I love it!! But when I try to record a video it just says “Disconnected from the camera” or “An unknown error has occur” or “Warning recording has stopped”. Does someone knows about this, or it is something that it can be fixed with an update? If not then I’m just reporting the situation or bug so that the team who made this ROM can fix it.
    Thanks and have a nice day or night πŸ˜€

    • markbc says:

      hi @xPTM1219
      I have no problems with video and this Rom.
      using the native kernel will get rid ofyourvideo problem. I searched the xda thread for this Rom and some folks did have video problems with some beta versions of the siyah 8 Rom. others did not, and the certainthat max provided should have worked well…
      my advice is:
      1. reflash the siyah kernel (making sure youhave the version that max provided, or at least notthe #8 beta). ALSO read the above notes on the right way to flash this siyah kernel with this rom).
      2. if that does not work then flash the jeboo
      kernel (read through this thread to see how
      to get it.
      3. reflash the Rom and you will have a good working kernel…

      hope this helps..

      • xPTM1219 says:

        Hi @markbc
        I tried the delete cache and dalvik and reflash the siyah kernel method, but it didn’t worked, anyways I flashed the jeboo kernel 2.0 and it works fine to me, thanks man πŸ˜€

  19. Romoe says:

    Siyah kernel link not working πŸ™
    Also backup in clockworkmod not working either. MD5 error

    • Romeo says:

      When tried to backup in recovery get this error “E :Can’t open /cache/recovery/log” and “E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last._log”

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Romoe

      1. did you follow the special flashing instructions (above) for the kernel? if not you can try to re-flash using that approach

      2. Or you can try to flash the Jeboo kernel back on top of the rom, and that is in a link above or at the xda site for Shostoclk3

      3. Finally, if you want to try and recover your Nandroid backup and overcome the checksum (md5) error, read this article on Android Pit which explains one way to do that (the http is separated to alllow posting – just copy and then paste and remove the space between the two “t”:

      ht tp://

      hope this helps!

      • Romeo says:

        thx mark. yes I flashed siyah using the special instructions. I also tried jeboo but backup still failed. I’ll try option 3 thanks!!

      • Romeo says:

        Problem solved! Turns out I got a bad Siyah kernel (v8). Reflashed Siyah (v7.9) and now backup is now working!

        • markbc says:

          Hi @Romeo
          Good News!
          I did not think of that (bad download!!
          Good Catch! I hope the new kernel runs well for you. I am working so well with the jeboo 2.0 that I am afraid to switch!

          Although both Max and may posters at XDA do seem to say that the 7.9 is a very good kernel! πŸ˜‰

          • Romeo says:

            Always something! Picture capture working but not video capture even with the special instructions for siyah. went back reflashed siyah using special instructions but also ‘fixed permissions’ in recovery before reboot and everything seems to be working now. Mysterious.

            • markbc says:

              When in doubt “fix permissions” πŸ˜‰
              At least you have it all working (fingers crossed!) –and with the Siyah kernel.
              (although I am still really happy with the Jeboo kernel!)

  20. markbc says:

    *************************ATTENTION IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ADD THE SIYAH KERNEL******************

    1. Wipe cache
    2. Wipe dalvik
    3. Install Siyah-i777 kernel – DO NOT REBOOT YET…
    4. While still in recovery, go to advanced and reboot recovery
    5. After recovery has been restarted, go into kernel specific options and Reset ExTweaks profiles
    6. Reboot and enjoy the new kernel

    ht tp://

  21. Rich says:

    OK, I am a newbie here
    I rooted my S2, installed Siyah, then ShoSttock, which replaced Siyah with Jeboo. Everything seemed to work fine, but The Triangle Remove app said it “Could not locate hidden partition or could not detect device model. Are you running Android 4.0 or newer and are you rooted and is your device supported?” Of course the answers to all these was yes.

    So, then I installed Siyah 7.9b which worked fine except for Triangle Remove. Surprisingly, it also took away the ShoStock startup screen and replaced it with the Samsung screen. Then, when I ran Titanium Backup, it said it could not get root access. Strange.

    Could it be that this un-rooted my phone?

    Anyway, I reinstalled ShoStock and Jeboo and everything is back to normal—Titanium Backup works, but the Triangle Remove still gives me the same dialog box.

    Anybody got any thoughts that might help.

    Thanks in advance, Rich

    • markbc says:

      whew! I knew I should have looked at this prior to going to bed:-)
      @Rich good job rooting.
      first, the Triangle remove app by Chainfire won’t really work on our ShoStock3 rom. At least it did not with the Jeboo kernel.
      I did the same thing and got the same message. I had to switch (for a moment) to Task650’s JB rom (ht tp:// Then, after I installed it (did not bother with anything but DL “TriangleAway” from Google Play, I ran it and it worked fine.
      After that I played a bit on Task’s rom, but switched back to this ShoStock3. . . so I think you are OK and don’t have to worry.
      TriangleAway just won’t run well on SS3 with Jeboo. . .but you already got what you needed out of that! Also, I never had it bother or affect root. . so that is strange.

      Second, so it sounds like you HAVE root for real, and you have (yes?) removed the triangle –perhaps it worked because you used the TriangleAway app when you were running the Siyah kernel?, I am not sure. BUT. .. I read on Chainfire’s thread for this app that when you remove the triangle some people have discovered that whatever pix was on their bootup screen prior to the triangleAway being run pops up! Here, look at Chainfire’s XDA thread and see what they say about it: (ht tp://

      I think that some users replaced that pix with another, others with changed it out with a black screen and some just left it. . .I did not have anything special occur when I ran triangleAway using Task’s rom. It worked and that was it πŸ˜‰

      I rebooted and while on Task’s rom had that Swagger screen. When I switched back to ShoStock3 my SGS2 started (starts) with a brief Samsung logo (like it should) and then goes to ShoStocks wild wall animation (which it should too!) . . .all seems well. . .

      Does that make sense or help at all?

      Good Luck!

  22. Rich says:

    One more thing,

    Does the AJK 1.4 zip file contain the Siyah 8.1 kernel? If not, where can I get 8.1?


    • markbc says:

      OH. .@Rich

      I just re-read your post, and it confused me -perhaps you still do have your triangle?? (I am tired!)
      anyway, If you D/L Task’s rom and flash it, TriangleAway should work. But if you do that please don’t forget to also D/L and flash GAAPs (google applciaitons) too! His rom is an AOKP rom, and they always require a separate flash of Gaaps –the JB Gaaps file file is on his OP/web page. You will need gaaps to get to the google play store!

      Just looked &it seems to me that the AJNewlirk Siyah thread on XDA no longer shows the older versions of his Siyah kernel. You can get 7.9 from Max’s link. If you go to XDA the version is many steps beyond 8.1. It is now called “Siyah1.4” from AJN’s site.

      Funny, I can’t find Siyah8.1 except in some cross-talk by users. .. sorry.

      Good Luck!

  23. markbc says:

    Hi MAX

    I am not sure that recommending this kernel with this rom was such a hot idea. At least without some tips. . .
    For some this package works, but for many others it appears to be a headache. Especially since Jeboo has released a new native kernel. . . two issues I see are these:

    #1. AJNewkirk –whom you properly mentioned for credit!- added a note in his OP for this kernel that we should use a special flashing step -to reset the kernel ExTweaks profile prior to rebooting and using the rom, and I did not see that mentioned in the video or the initial post and I bet some of the problems we have been discussing may have been from that ;-(

    #2. ditto from AJN OP where he also mentioned that some people will have video problems with the kernel. (We did have that here too!) AJN provides a workaround (start the video from a file manager) and also a link to a fix (a link to a fix site) as well.

    I just think that it would be great if you could include or mention any special tips that the Dev adds to ensure the rom/kernel runs well. Especially in the video since many of us look at your videos and jump right for the rom πŸ˜‰

    Not complaining since we all appreciate your work in finding these roms & kernels, and turning us on to them in your fast, accessible Galaxy S2 site (thanks!). But it would sure help if we also know that there may be special tips for using the roms!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  24. Rich says:

    Thanx for the helpful replies and especially for the GREAT GalaxyS2Root site. It is so helpful.

    I guess I will just live with the triangle for a while—no biggie.


    PS—did I notice a Android 4.2 on one of your screenshots. Where is that from??? Or maybe it was somewhere else. It was late last night and I’m old.

    • markbc says:

      Yeah, the Triangle is really only an issue if you plan on returning the phone! Also, when you finally do want to try another rom (likely not a Samsung TouchWiz (TW) version) then the TriangleAway app WILL work for you!

      The only 4.2 JB items I have seen are in two roms –Task’s newest JB rom and Faryaab’s SuperNexus 2.0 –both of those are 4.2 Android!

      Have a great day! πŸ˜‰

  25. yawar says:

    When i installed the last shostock ROm, it locked my phone.
    Are there any isssues off such kind now with this one?

    • markbc says:

      yes, it may re-lock your unlocked phone. The posts above explain that and also how to work around it if that happens. . .:-)

  26. Rich says:


    Has anyone reported on usingor do you have any experience with ShoStock with Siyah 6 beta??? Just curious what the results are and if there is any advantage over Jeebo.

    Thanx and keep up the great work


  27. markbc says:

    Hi Rich

    I did a quick look at XDA and there are folks trying Siyah 6 beta –seemed to be Galaxy S3, none with Galaxy S2, at least none with out SGH-i77. Also the threads I glanced at were not too good! one mentioned having screen issues (crt) another had heating issues ;-(

    Now, maybe it is getting better, but just those quick reads are enough to keep me away. By the way, there are at least a couple of DEV who are publishing Siyah kernels! This can get confusing!

    hope that helps

  28. Romeo says:

    FYI siyah1.4 works well after using special flash instructions but additional “fix permission” in recovery.

  29. Chantanito says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for quite a time, but with its own kernel (Jeboo v1.3a), and must say that it’s pretty good stable. The moment i read this post downloaded Siyah v7.9b-S and the first thing i noticed after rebooting was the amount of available RAM, 760 Mb, and also noticed that the unlock process (while sliding the finger on the screen) was pretty slow, reasons enough to get rid of the kernel. So, i decided moving to Jeboo v.2-1 and the RAM available was 826 Mb. Everything’s back to normal now, smooth.

  30. Carlos says:

    my sgh i777 after intall the rom, says that i need a sim unlock code… please help!!

    • Chantanito says:

      Here’s what i did:
      1. Had to install an ICS ROM for the app (Galaxy S Unlock) to work
      2. Get the unlock code and made a backup of the “efs” folder
      3. Reinstall SHOStock ROM
      Obviously, between ROM installs I made wipes.

      Hope it works!

  31. markbc says:

    Hi @Carlos

    Yes, for many many people, when they install this rom it re-locks their sim card. That is why the developer (Dev) put a link on his site to a free version of a program to unlock your sim.

    If you lost you SIM unlock please visit this thread:
    ht tp://….php?t=1846451

    hope this helps!

    • atari says:


      i cannot download it directly from the google play, but they do attached the file there.
      just copy the file to phone. run it, and unlock!


  32. Buck says:

    I Just flashed the Siyah kernal on the previous version of shostock3… (Didnt use the newer version of shostock) and so far so good… I overclocked it to 1.5 and so far, so good. Everything is working smooth… I Literally just did it, because of the poor battery life and im hoping that this will increase the battery life… I will keep you guys posted, but follow the instructions and everything will work GREAT!!! Thanks guys for all of your hard work.

  33. Rich says:


    What version of Siyah did you use?

    Also, I’m curious why you didn’t use the newest ShoStock??? Any particu;llar drawback???

    Thanx Rich

    • Buck says:

      I just used the one provided in the link. I have been reading through the thread and seen alot of complaints about videos not playing, phone over heating, and a few other things. I wanted to try it out on this version first and see the results, then if there were any problems, then try the more recent version of shostock3… Like I said before, still no complaints. Just wanna let the battery fill up and run it through a few cycles and see if there is any improvement. I will keep you posted on any new findings. Thanks

      • markbc says:

        @Buck I still think if you use this rom with its “native” Jeboo kernel you won’t have all those issues and the battery life will (after rom-settling-five-cycles/3-4 days) become pretty good!

        To my the real advantage of Siyah was multi-rom switching in boot up, but that can’t/can’t be done if you use Shostock3, so might as well use the stock kernel!

        hope this helps

  34. Rich says:


    I ran into a new issue today. My phone wont access the internet (or get email) through the cell towers. It only works in wifi.

    Do you (or anyone else) know of some setting that I may have screwed up???

    Thanx Rich

    • markbc says:

      Hi Rich
      Sounds like an APN issue. I saw in an rearlier version on the XDA thread where some did have some apn issues, but Shoman mentioned that his apns are really stock and support all the major phone companies. Still I would check to see if you may have inadvertently selected the wrong one or deleted one…

      (I don’t recall how to reload the correct apn, but I think if you reflash the rom (dirty flash -just clearing cache and dalvik) perhaps that would be enough -and then you won’t have to reload all the apps!

      0.K If not, then maybe reflash from scratch. 9sorry)

      good luck


      • Rich says:

        Thanx Mark. I’ll give that a try and let you know what happens.

        • Rich says:


          I found the following on the XDA website from deBricker. Worked for me.

          Thanx for your help.

          Name: Straight Talk (or whatever you want)
          APN: att.mvno
          Port: 80
          Username: Not set
          Password: Not set
          Server: Not set
          MMSC: http: mmsc. cingular. com (**no spaces and no”//”**)
          MMSC proxy:
          MMS port: 80
          MCC: 310
          MNC: 410
          Authentication Type: Not set
          APN type: default,supl,mms
          APN protocol: IPv4
          Bearer: Not specified

          • markbc says:

            great! that APN issue is often tough to get working –and so very frustrating. Thanks for the info (just in case my own setup goes south πŸ˜‰ . . .

  35. wawa says:

    The battery life suck…everything else works fine..

  36. gabriel says:

    hola soy de argentina..y un verdadero novato en esto tengo este equipo, descargue odin y la shostock3-rom. y quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar… como descomprimo los archivos y cuales son los qie se ponen en las distintas casillas de odin…desde ya muchas gracias

  37. Manuel says:

    I Installed this ROM with the suggested Siyah Kernel and every worked well except that my gps kept loosing signal and I could not get google voice search to work either… And yes I did follow the instructions on installing the Siyah Kernel.. I reflashed using the included kernel and everything is working smoothly.. I would also recommend trying the stock kernel that comes with the ROM

  38. George says:

    Anyone else having problems w/ the kernel link? It’s not working for me, at least today.

  39. George says:

    NM, I’m an idiot =P

  40. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Please link to download the 2.0 jeboo

  41. Marlon Alvarado says:

    I installed version 2.1 jeboo and I have the shostock3, after a couple of days I’ll tell you how it goes. Greetings from Ecuador

  42. Marlon Alvarado says:

    What I can tell you that before changing the kernel Quadrant 3942 marked me, now once changed to 2.1 the Quadrant jeboo 4242 mark me, now let’s see how it goes with the battery life and other things, we are in contact.

    • markbc says:

      wow good speeds @Marlon
      I will try Quadrant testing shortly!

      • markbc says:

        OK, finally got around to Quandrant testing
        I am running ShoStock3 (ver: 2.5.5) with the Jeboo Kernel (2.1+)

        Ran the test twice in a row:
        Test one: 4315
        Test two: 4115

        • Romeo says:

          Those are good speeds Mark. I have SHOstock3 v2.5.1 with 3.1.0-R65 v1.4.
          Stable up to 1.4 GHz, anything above will lock my phone up. Lock ups still happen once in a great while but not often.

          Quadrant tests performed at 1.4 GHz

          • markbc says:

            Wow @Romeo those are great benchmarks!
            I know it will lock up every so often with overclocking, but more important to me is that the rom stay smooth!

            I will see if I can oc this rkernel and see what happens too! πŸ™‚
            for the info!

            • markbc says:

              Hey, Romeo -what Kernel are you running on that Rom?
              I am a bit confused by “3.1.0-R65 v1.4.”

              • Romeo says:

                Sorry for the late reply. Using AJ Newkirk’s. I just noticed my gameloft hd games such as Gangstar Miami Vice stop in less than a minute while playing. An error pops up ‘unfortunately gangstar mv has stopped’.

                • markbc says:

                  AJK’s kernel is rather fast!
                  Sorry I don’t do games, but I have read on the XDA website for Shostock3 in some posts that the screen resolution is key –dpi (I think) needs to be native resolution or low, and the game(s) seem to have to be played in their lowest possible settings.
                  Other than that I am clueless πŸ˜‰
                  Good luck

                  Here is the Shostock3 link again, in case your want to hunt it down in detail
                  ht tp://

                  –it seems that people do use their phones for games successfully with this rom, but I don’s have any experience with it. . .

                  Good Luck Romeo!

  43. Chantanito says:

    The last SHOStock ROM version (v2.5.5) has Jeboo kernel v2.1

    Here’s the URL to Xda

  44. markbc says:

    Shoman94 has uploaded a revised version of his Shostock3 rom!
    Here are the changes, nothing earthshaking, but still nice. I read that it has a new startup animation as well. Also it includes the latest (2.1) Jeboo kernel, but you could still switch to Siyah (if you want)

    The link to the updated rom is the same as posted above (look for ShoStock3 Rom link in a couple of the posts). So now the newest version is (v2.5.5)
    -Update kernel to v2.1
    -Updated Home Button lagfix to support Apex and Nova. Also still allows double tap when using VoiceTalk App (Vlingo)
    -2 small changes to sirf.conf and help with GPS. (Enabled Sensor Aiding and SGEE Data.)
    -Updated PlayStore v3.10.14
    -Enabled Scrolling Cache. (Forgot it when I updated to LSD base)
    -Updated BootAnimation! Made by JohnMcW. ( I was gonna save it for my next phone but couldn’t….)
    -Updated SuperSU v1.10
    -Updated CPU Adjuster v2.7.6

    • Marlon Alvarado says:

      Hello, you say it’s the same link but updated, but when you open it in the description does not say that it is the version 5 version 2.5. Tell me if this good or what would be the link to download, ahh another thing, I do not notice a difference in battery consumption with jeboo 2.1, performance is better with siyah??

  45. Matt Van Leuven says:

    I installed jeboo v2.1 and am impressed overall with speed and function. My only problem is that I cant seem to figure out how to voice text in messaging.The microphone button is missing fro the keypad. Ang help to fix this issue and I would rate Shostock 3 flawless. Thanks!

    • Marlon Alvarado says:

      You did the wipe cache and wipe cache davil after installing the rom? Not if that solves your problem but I’ve had so I have resolved. Do not worry you do not delete anything or your data or your applications.

  46. Matt Van Leuven says:

    Did that but nothing changed. Its not that voice text doesnt work – its that there is no physical microphone icon on the messaging keyboard to turn voice texting functon on. Is anyone else experiencing the same question?

    • Marlon Alvarado says:

      then, other keyboard changes, or if you want to reinstall it. I personally use the latest version of swype and me brilliantly.

  47. Matt Van Leuven says:

    Please disregaurd my previous post.There was nothing wrong with the ROM – just the operator. Im case anyone else has the same problem, the microphone icon is under the settings button just to the left of the space bar. Voice Texting works perfect! Cant say enough good things about the Shostock3 /Jeboo v2.1 combo πŸ˜‰

  48. markbc says:

    — Battery life varies greatly among different users. I don’t think you will find two people who have the same results.
    — Overall I would say the battery life is always “bad” immediately after flashing. First, flashing burns up the battery pretty quickly (I think anything in CWM does that!); second, when any rom is new on the phone it takes time to optimize itself with the components –including the battery. So there seems to be a required time for the rom and the battery to “settle” whenever you flash.

    — I have read about people who flash a rom and then immediately get great 10-12 hours of use, but that never happened to me -and I have flashed many roms. . . (although “Slim Bean” JB rom for our phone did have a visible long battery life immediately after flashing -just had too many other little issues to make it do what I wanted, not quite as solid as Shostock3, so I went back!)

    — I am not sure how long it takes a new rom to settle, but for me it is about 3-4 days. After that period of time I generally am getting the battery life I will always get on the rom (until I flash again!).

    — Also, for me I just switched launchers. I read in a thread that which launcher you use -and how many apps you have that are always open and pulsing or “wake-locking” the system makes a difference in your phone’s speed and in your phone’s battery use.

    — So right now I am trying out Lighting Launcher instead of my normal Nova plus, which I was using for quite a while. I am hoping that Lightning will prove faster and also will improve my battery usage I am sure. Just not quite sure how much. . .yet.

    – As for Battery life, in general **for the first couple of days** with any rom, the battery will only last me about 3-4 hours and then I have to charge it. (or change the battery –I have several). **After** those first couple of days, I believe I gain another hour or so –to give me about 4-5 hours of usage prior to charging.

    – This is with moderate-to-high usage daily which for me means doing about 10 things:
    emails throughout the day,
    web checks and browsing on and off,
    checking one or two videos that people send me,
    using the GPS and endamondo for exercise for about 1-2 hours, (GPS is always on)
    reading G-reader and other news sources,
    listening to about 15-30 minutes of Pandora or Amazon web or 3G streaming of my music
    a couple of phone calls,
    a couple of text messages and
    maybe taking a handful of photos, or taking one or two videos of things I bump into during the day.
    maybe one GPS-Google-Maps usage if I am driving to a location that I am not sure of

    I would call that moderate-to-high usage; BUT if I don’t do about three or four of those things, then I can get between 7 and 8 hours of battery life before I am down to 4 or 5%.

    Also, I have not used the Siyah kernel for more than a few hours. I am really happy with the ShoStock-Jeboo setup and don’t see a need to change.

    Hope this helps!

  49. markbc says:

    Shoman94 has uploaded a revised version of his Shostock3 rom! (again) now ver 2.5.6

    Jeboo has also provided an option for TWRP in the Kernel (TWRP is another way to do recovery –different from ClockWorkMod (CWM) and not a bad interface. . .)

    This rom keeps getting better and better!

    (I saw that one person updated his rom, but lost his unlock. . .however the unlock code/option link worked for him and he is up and running. . .just FYI!)

    • Marlon Alvarado says:

      hey @markbc!!
      Thanks for the tip, but I do not see where that upgrade, because opening the link to the rom posted this brings me to it’s 2.5, please help me with the link or the post, and if you can where I can view the details of the upgrade. thanks

      • markbc says:

        Hi Marlon
        SHOstock3’s link to the ROM is here. If you read the title of the thread it also has been updated to reflect 2.5.6 “[RoM][XWLSD-4.1.2-JB][SHOstock3 v2.5.6] [02/26/13][“mmmmm…JellyBean”]”

        So, page one has the information on how to download, how to install, what to do if you lose your phone unlock and also has an entry by Jeboo about the kernel. All of that is on the very first page!

        However, please go to the last four pages of the thread (use the page navigation buttons on the top or bottom of the thread press >> to get to the end and then page back!)

        And if you go to the end you can read the chatter on the latest update (for example: there is one post –several posts– by one fellow who had a problem with losing his phone unlock (he fixed it using the instructions found in the OP) and then another who seems to have Nova launcher issues, but overall everyone else (including me!) is very happy with the update!

        here is the XDA link (delete the space in http)
        ht tp://

        here is the XDA thread download link for the rom (you can also find this link in Shoman’s original post (OP) for this rom. –at the bottom of Shoman94’s first entry where you click on the word DOWNLOAD…
        ht tp://

        good luck

        • Marlon Alvarado says:

          I have found where my error, I’ve been looking at the same page as the original post this on the xda page, that’s why I could never notice the changes. Thank you very much for your patience and also for your explanation.

          I’m already downloading …

          • markbc says:

            good luck on this rom! you will like it. The only thing that is an issue is if you have unlocked your phone –this rom is likely to re-lock it again.

            If your phone does get locked and ask for the sim code number, then go to the below-link that I copied from Shoman’s OP for Shostock3 –it is developer spocky12’s application/program to unlock your phone again, and if you get the program from XDA it is free (or you can pay by getting the same program from Play store).

            Link for unlocking phone again:
            ht tp://
            spocky12 — [APP] GalaxSim Unlock 1.02, JB compatible

            • Marlon Alvarado says:

              I mention that already install the new rom and no problems locking, so if my attention is to pass the quadrant to see such performance with the new rom and I arrived or 3500, when the 2.5. one gave me over 4000, to be a matter of waiting for the rom is released? What do you think??
              I’ll leave it a couple of days and then I try again to see how it

              • markbc says:

                Got it!
                I had some OK quadrant scores with 4100. That seems pretty good to me, but I do recall that some folks have overclocked their phones and obtained quadrant scores of 6000 –they probably had terrible battery life. hot phones and may not be as stable however.

                Quadrant is not consistent -or the phone is not consistent since sometime the scores vary day by day. Before I had 4000+, but recently I re-ran quadrant and had some less good scores too. I had 3497/3467 & even 2997 the other day.

                I was testing quadrant while using this rom (2.5.6 rom) but kept changing the Launcher app for each test. I tested with Lighting launcher, TouchWiz Launcher and Nova launcher. I was surprised that Nova did the best! (The other day Nova gave a high score of 3497.)

                Today, just now I re-ran quadrant and got 4211 with this Shostock3 rom and the (normal) Jeboo Kernel.

                Marlon, I think our phone with this rom is probably going to normally deliver a quadrant between 3800-4100 depending on the day, the apps running, and maybe even the weather πŸ˜‰

                I used Nova Prime launcher –and I think Shoman94 may have optimized this rom for Nova. . .

                Anyway, those benchmarks are only part of the story –the rom is smooth and battery life is improving again (slowly -charge by charge) after the update the other day, still not sure what it will be (yet).

                One more point –I did read that Shoman94 will be adding tethering for those users who run this rom and this phone with StraightTalk service. (Straight Talk is an independent pay-as-you-go carrier) . . That tethering fix is already posted on the XDA website thread for his Shostock3 rom (one of the last posts) and he will add it inside of the next update to this rom. (So there will be a next update πŸ˜‰

  50. Rich says:


    I am using the older (2 weeks ago) ShoStock/Jeebo and got 4110 running Go Launcher, Also, tethering works on my phone as is—I love it for my laptop when I am out of WyFi.

    The reason I mention this is that I was planning to install the new ShoStock rom but if it does not have tethering, I will not.

    Can you clear that up???

    Thanx Rich

  51. markbc says:

    yikes! I just lost this post! now I have to rewrite it ;-( Hmm. ..

    Hi Rich
    OK! 4110 is solid and I will have to squeeze my phone to beat that πŸ˜‰
    (but I am not a big Go launcher fan, I know it is a favorite of many, but it just seemed to loose for me!)

    OK#2, Shoman94’s latest Shostock3 does not natively support tether for ST users ;-(
    However, in response to questions, he did some research and then added a file that when loaded (CWM flashed) added back tethering for Straight Talk users.

    The file is called “ – 15.98 MB” and it is located in posts #5291through #5297 (more or less -everyone repeats Sho’s original post in 5291!). That is located at Shostock3’s XDA website URL:
    ht tp://
    (but your page # may be different depending upon your browser and display

    Already several ST users have flashed it and claim it works! I am not sure, but that’s what they say ;;-)
    Sho states that he will imbed this into his next update so folks won’t have to take the extra steps!

    Good luck!


  52. Matt Van Leuven says:

    Suggestions for overclocking app that works with SHOshock3 and Jeboo 2.1 kernal? Thanks!

  53. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Well after having tried for two days to full use with version 2.5.6 and this time I tried the siyah 7.9 kernel should I discuss my experience:

    1. – So like I said Mark’ve had to wait for it to regulate the rom and I quadrant of 3400 under way to mark the start of 4100-4300 at most.

    2. – I tried the internet sharing via both wifi and usb and I have not experienced any problems in any of them, in fact I am currently connected from my laptop on my bed with my s2 via wifi.

    3. – I have not suffered from SIM lock

    4. – I have not had any kind of overheating the computer, but I have not tried to overclock

    5. – I can say that unlike jebbo with siyah if I feel more performance with my battery,

    6. – For my personal concept exploits siyah better audio hardware s2, the sound is amazing even in my headphones bluethoo in jeboo is sound was good, but when I used the perdia bluethoo quality with siyah does not happen, remains the same sound quality.

    I’m anxious to get out the new version of shostock but JB 4.2, greetings to all from Ecuador.

    • Marlon Alvarado says:

      Excuse the siyah a small correction is not the version 7.9 but 2.1.

      • markbc says:

        that’s really 1.2.1b right? or is there a version I missed? πŸ˜‰

        • markbc says:

          @Marlon OK I checked and the kernel jumped from 7.9 to 1.0 then 1.1 then 1.2 and 1.2.1! The final Siyah kernal by “AJK” –at least according to his own posting is 1.2.5 and for the Samsung rom it is 1.2.5_S. I have loaded it and it works well. I had zero problems with Jeboo –that was very nice as well, but I am experimenting to see if the Siyah provides any advantage in battery or other areas. . .

  54. markbc says:

    thanks Marlon this is really interesting and helpful. I think I will flash the same siyah kernel I tomorrow night when I have some time – just to get compare. Especially the battery life (and sound too.. I know the kernel can affect the sound quality)

  55. markbc says:

    Okay, Marlon I tried both the original siyah 7.9 kernel and now the latest (last) siyah 1.21s for our phone. The 7.9 was slow (quadrant 2150) but the latest kernel was pretty quick at 4118 or something like that. I think everything is working well so far my phone music sound is rich and good, but but really have not paid much attention n to that (sorry) up until the now. I, ll let you know about battery life in a few cycles / days, then we can compare Ecuador and California battery use πŸ™‚

  56. Ricardo Haynes says:

    Auto wifi toggle app not working on my Samsung S2 I777. I’m running Shostock3 v 2.5.6 with Jeboo v 2.1. Is there a way to fix it or is there another program I can use? App use to work on previous versions of shostock3

  57. markbc says:

    @Ricardo my auto toggle works great. Sometimes you have to press it frimly and directly on the button, but I just shut it off and turned it back on without issue –I have done this with both Jeboo 2.1 and AJK’s 1.21!
    I saw on the XDA site that someone had an issue with wifi –but he was using siyah and then the problem disappeared when he went back to Jeboo. Very strange!

    Try this
    1. fix permissions and test
    2. if no joy then reflash a kernel (any kernel -siyah or jeboo -you can get both!) and pay attention to also reset ExTweaks profiles (see above) THEN fix permissons again and try!
    3. If those two steps don’t work -try step 2 with a different kernel
    4. if all this does not work -then try a reinstall of the rom with a full clearing of data/factory reset, cache and dalvik –that’s what I would do (Or just restore from a nandroid backup at that point and try going forward again!)

    sorry I can’t give anything more concrete –it does not seem to be a widespread problem ;-(

    Good luck!

    • Ricardo Haynes says:

      @markbc …tried all recommended tips except different kernal and it is still not working…I guess I will have to see switch kernals so I can get it to work…thanks alot

    • ranjit says:

      Hi Mark,
      After loading shostock3 with its own kernel, my wifi stopped working and is refusing to accept the password – says authentication failure. It was working finr before on the stock ICS and on the siyah kernel …. any ideas??

  58. markbc says:

    Hi @Ricardo

    OK, I just searched the Shostock3 thread and here is one fix –but those users were not using Jeboo. . . .
    Originally Posted by razen_kain as post 5018:
    [razen_kain] ” For those having problems with the wifi toggle, try turning your wifi off with the toggle, reboot then turn the wifi back on. Mine was acting wierd like it would turn off fine but then it took 3-4 tries to get it to turn back on. I did this and now it works every time no problem. Hope this helps.”
    [Shoman94] I’m gonna assume you are not running the stock kernel?
    [razen_kain] Woops! Wrong thread. Sorry. No. I am using the siyah kernel.

    OK that is one approach! πŸ™‚
    also I think you should try to flash AKJ’s final version of Siyah version 1.2.5_S which is his last and best. Maybe that will do it (and also clear the kernal xttweaks) That last version is found
    ht tp://

    Also if all THAT does not work, maybe you will need to re-download the rom, do a TIBU backup of apps and data (BUT NOT ANY SYSTEM FILES) and then go to recovery and factory reset./ clear cache/ clear dalvik and then reinstall the rom –that should make it work. After reinstalling then go to Tintanium Backup and restore only apps and data and you should be good. . (I hope!)

    Good Luck!


  59. Ricardo Haynes says:

    @markbc, still not working. ..maybe I will need to download Shostock3 again because it could be a bad download…I have been using the same ROM that I downloaded the first time so maybe thats problem. Thanks for all your help

    • markbc says:

      Good Luck Ricardo!
      I know how difficult it can be sometimes with getting a rom to work well –especially when some people have no problems with that same rom!
      Very peculiar! (for example, I could not get “SlimBean” to work, tried quite a bit, but no success with the video –while others seem to have no problem!)
      Still, Shostock3 has been great and works well (for me πŸ˜‰

      But I hope you can get this one to work –it really is solid!

  60. phillip Z says:

    I just upgraded to 2.5.1. It works well but with 1.8.6 or something when I attached the USB cable to the phone.. music playing on my external SD card would still play or videos. Now with 2.5.1 it does not work anymore. everything else just works well so far only that I found.. I have not tested it much yet so far.. I am sure there might be a setting I missed. Is there a way to prevent that.. when attaching a USB to charge it or to the PC?

  61. markbc says:

    Wow -I did not think we could access our external SD when it is connected to the computer AND when USB is enabled and the SD is visible in explorer (or MAC android transfer window). I don”t know how you did that in 1.85. I will look around and see if others have that experience. It might be a kernel thing, but I am not sure.

    Meantime, why don’t you update to Shostock 2.5.6 it is the latest and has been out for a week or more — and is the best yet. Here is the link just in case.
    ht tp://

  62. phillip says:

    Bluetooth cannot connect even though it shows the icon as being turned on in any devices. v3ersion 1.85 works much better in that respect for everything. In fact I see no difference in the 1.85 and 2.51 as I have 2 Galaxy s2 phones.. one for my son and myself. Speed wise no diff as well. 1.85 seems more stable at least for me… I am going to revert back to 1.85 unless I can find a way to fix 2.51.

  63. phillip says:

    can you downgrade to 1.85 back? or do I need to do anything?

    • markbc says:

      – Reverting back to an earlier rom is just the same as flashing a rom.
      – I would recommend at least clearing cache and dalvik cache –after flashing and starting up the “old” rom check if you get any app forced closes (fc); try clearing those apps data and cache and see if they work. If the rom gives you issues, then take the next step of (again) clearing the caches and also clear data /factory reset.
      – Of course, not sure if you get your hands on 1.85 again –maybe this post or if your saved it.
      good luck!

      • markbc says:

        oh.. . one more point –if you did a nandroid backup in recovery prior to upgrading from 1.85 to 2.15, you can just reset data/factory reset, clear cache, clear dalvik then run restore for the nandroid backup of the old rom and your phone should be exactly like it was before you upgraded!

  64. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hi all, I write to comment on the experience I had, two days ago returning from a trip, check out my I777 and I was struck to see that it was off, I turned it on and soon trailed off again, but this time I felt it was very hot. With the little experience I’ve had in android imagine that the cause could be some process that was left unlocked and was giving problems, so I decided to take out the battery for a couple of minutes and fix it reboots.
    It was not until this afternoon when for my work I realized that to start videotaping an error occurred only when recording, video, for pictures worked without any problem whatsoever.
    One of the biggest attractions of the S2 is its ability to record in HD, but mine did not work.
    Probe all, wipes, reinstall the rom, there came to work but with jeboo kernel, so I thought it was all sorted and I reloaded the siyah, my biggest surprise when the error occurred again, failure Camera with siyah .

    Advantageously I have a bad habit of reading, and I saw in one of your comments @ Mark and get to the latest version of siyah, although among its features did not talk about it anywhere bugs with camara.

    Follow the process that is on this page ht tp :/ / T = 2110542, and voila! the camera worked again.

    I’ll try these days to see how it goes with this new version of siyah or AJK, morning after having restored my applications I will test with quadrant to see how it qualifies.

    We are in contact …

    • markbc says:

      Good Save Marlon! you kept your phone alive πŸ™‚
      Right now I am running the Siyah kernel! ver 1.25_s (for samsung) and it is really is great! I am even using the photosphere function (downloaded from play store!) and it works.!

      Like you –I spent a lot of time reading about the rom and kernel and I can see that early versions of BOTH kernels (Jeboo and Siyah/AJK) had some issues with movies. This is a samsung problem, but it is fixed in the latest versions of both kernels!

      One thing I learned in reading is that because of the sensitive way that the phone deals with video taking, the kernel can’t be overclocked. We are stuck at 1200! There is an option to load one of the other Siyah kernels at that same website (the mali kernel) but that is risky and “no one will help you when or if it fails” πŸ˜‰

      So . . .good job and watch out for that overheating -hot battery. Maybe one time a month or two I have that when some app runs crazy! I take out the battery, cool of the phone and generally put in one of my other batteries. But that is not often!

      have a great day!

  65. Les says:

    Thanks. I just installed Shostock3 and it was an easy install on the Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. I had tried to install Cyanogenmod, but kept on getting problems. I have not done anything with the kernel yet.

  66. markbc says:

    Great.. You should like it! Hopefully you installed version 2.5.6, which is the latest /newest and most refined.

    It had only one real issue – namely re-locking unlocked phones (for use on other carriers) but the Xda website for shostock3 tomorrow has a fix for that (see posts above).

    The Jeboo kernel is excellent but some prefer the siyah kernel .. The change is not essential.

    Good luck

  67. Frank says:

    It’s awesome rom and very fast, stable.
    I just want to know how to take screenshots ?

  68. markbc says:

    @Frank I think it was already mentioned above, or perhaps that was in the other Shostock3 thread here, anyway it it simultaneously pressing power button and the “home” button.

    It is tricky, you really kind of have to press the power button a fraction of a second ahead of the home button to get it to work –and it if works, there is a momentary lag or pause as it happens.

    it works –I just tried it (and after two, three tries I got that working), but I usually use screeshot ER which is a really good app.

  69. Ricardo Haynes says:

    My girlfriend is running jeebo kernal with Shostock3 and sometimes when she is msking a call or gets a call the other person can not hear her. Does anyone else have that problem?

    • markbc says:

      @Ricardo, some people have that problem and can fix it by going to the phone app, call settings/ additional settings/ noise cancellation and uncheck (turn off) noise cancellation. This fixes that problem in most cases. Good Luck!

      • markbc says:

        Another possible fix for this sound issue is to flash the Siyah kernel (version 1.2.5_s) by AJK (AJ Newkirk) using the links AND PROCEDURE listed in the XDA site –and copied above. . .

        Here is what AJK stated in his OP on the latest (& last) version of the Siyah kernel:
        (quoted. . .)
        “KNOWN ISSUES: None. Everything works.
        As of 03/03/2013 – this is the only custom kernel that is fully functional on CM10.1 .
        This is no surprise as we have known about this RIL update for weeks now and I have planned accordingly, having implemented that update over a week ago.. . .

        – AJK is also the only custom kernel that has clear sound on AOSP and Samsung ROM’s. No sound bugs here!

  70. mickeyblue says:

    I can install the ROM fine but when I run the kernal all i get is a blank screen any ideas?

    • markbc says:

      not sure what you mean by “run the kernel.” Does that mean that after you flash the Siyah kernel you boot into a blank screen? or when you are in the process of flashing it (in recovery) you get a blank screen when flashing this kernel? Also, which versions of kernel and rom are working with? More detail and we can help (maybe!)

  71. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hey Mark, I have two queries I hope you can help me, the other day I gave a link to the new siyah kernels, my question is: as which of the that you see is compatible with shostock rom? and the other question is if you know if you are upgrading to shostock JB 4.2??? I hope your comments

  72. markbc says:

    Hi Marlon
    #1. The link for the Siyah kernel that is best/most compatible with Shostock3 (2.5.9) is to AJ Newkirk’s (AJK) “everything works kernel.” You are right that is can be confusing since on that link there are THREE kernels!

    But the best link to use is the “middle one” that is labeled “AJK v1.47s Samsung.” (YES It is 1.47 NOT 1.25! he has updated it twice!!!) So here is the link again, just in case.
    Please Chose the second file -the second link with the name AJK AJK v1.47s Samsung.”
    ht tp://

    #2. Also, I don’t think Shostock is going to push out a 4.2 JB rom! He has not done so yhet. But if he does I think I would try it –and I will let you know πŸ˜‰

    I have tried a couple of other 4.2 roms, Like SlimBean and The COllective and Task650’s, but they all have small bugs or issues that some users have –some have problems with “this” and other users have problems with “that” so I am waiting . . . .

    Hope this helps !

    Good Luck!

  73. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Thanks for answering so soon, right now I’m making the change and hope to continue to improve as it has been with every change, but only a small query, I applied to my phone a program to eliminate the lag, changing the kernel, I apply again, and if I do the same with the battery calibaracion??? We are in contact.

  74. markbc says:

    I agree this is a really really solid JB (4.1.2) rom –it is as good or even better than many new phones which are just coming out!

    I also have used a program called “lagfix” and it seems ok to eliminate lag. (But with this rom and this phone, I don’t think I had much lag anyway πŸ˜‰

    I don’t use the apps for battery calibration, sorry. A long time ago I had a big problem with battery calibration and then ruining my charging function. After resetting the battery statistics in recovery, and trying a battery calibration program, my phone would not charge – or say it it was charging when it would not. I had to return the phone and get another one! So I just don’t mess with that function -probably could, but I don’t! I do track my battery usage with Battery stats plus and better battery stats, but that is only to see how it is running.

    Right now I am running the original kernel that comes with the rom Jeboo 2.1. I did download the new kernel for Siyah 1.47, and will try that out in a week or so, but the Jeboo kernel is really nice. Frankly, both kernels are really nice! πŸ™‚ this is a a great phone and great rom!

    Have a great day πŸ˜‰

  75. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Definitely agree that a great rom, Marck for what the lag found the lagfix, but I saw the warning that I could bricking the cell, with jeboo works, but not siyah with siyah ran the app seeder for what the lag and if I noticed some improvement, with the kernel you commented that i was like a week but the truth jeboo sound as much as I was not convinced siyah suddenly be because I’m a musician and sound quality if it is a very important detail, but even if you use headphones for $ 100 dollars, so siyah has up what I could try the best sound in both the car and with stereo headphones. Building on the theme I have seen that there are specialized and optimized kernels for sound, know any and if so could you recommend me one that works with this rom? Have a great day you too ……

  76. markbc says:

    Sorry Marlon, I am not a musician and I have a “tin” ear. All music sounds good to me no matter how it is played and no matter what kind of speakers. . . I have not followed any of the fancy sound discussions, but I am sure there is someone reading here who may know how to get the best quality sound out of our phone. . .anyone??


  77. Sterling says:

    When I press my sleep button, the Touch Key lights will stay on when the phone is sleeping, draining the battery extremely fast. Is there a fix for this?


    • markbc says:

      That’s not normal behavior. Rare problem,
      #1. Check this go to settings/display/Touch Key Light Duration and see what the setting is – in fact change the setting to always off and try again -then re-enable the setting for 1.5 or 6 seconds and try again. I can’t think of another fix. Anyway, just make sure the setting is NOT set on “Always On.”

      #2. If this does not work, then flash the other kernel -so if you are running the stock kernel that came in the rom, then flash the siyah kernel (1.47) and if you are running the siyah kernel flash the Jeboo kernel (2.1). In both cases remember to go to the kernel menu in recovery and reset Kernel/Extweaks after flashing the kernel but before rebooting out of recovery.

      Good Luck!

  78. santo says:

    Sorry guys, iam needidng your help.

    My Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 suddenly the wifi stop working as well.
    When i push button to put on. The Wifi show me this messege “Stating on…”
    But never finish to starting.
    and if I let a few minute alone, it put off automatically.

    I had made a factory reset and nothing.
    i changed the rom but nothing.
    Now iam using Stockshock 3 with syha kernel.

    is there any solution for this problem? or my wifi is already dead?

    i’ll appreciate your response.

    • markbc says:

      HI @Santo

      This does not seem to be a common to rom-related problem. I searched the Shostock3 thread on XDA and the only thing similar was a user not connecting to 5gig network. The fix for that was [“edited the nvram & murata files from GB “great britain” to US “united states”] but I think Shoman already put that into the latest version.

      So if that is not your problem, then I would try three things
      #1. Check to see that you don’t have any tethering apps installed. The rom has its own tether function and when tethering, wifi is disabled. So if you have some commercial tether app, then delete it and try to turn on wifi again.

      #2. Switch kernels back to the Jeboo 2.1, and see of wifi works after flashing it.

      #3 reinstall the rom, after doing a factory reset/clear data, clear cache, and clear dalvik cache

      Good luck!

  79. santo says:

    Thanks brother @markb for your sugestion.
    i usually use rom’s tethering, but never a third party application.

    my tethering Neither wants to turn on.
    when i push button, now it never gets a green color. it just stays grey.
    now i did what you say “about changing kernel”
    jeboo 2.1. but it Neither work.

    so i followed to third step. And sadly it didn’t work.
    My Bluetooth Works fine!.
    My Data Services Work Fine!.
    And after all those processes. My tethering worked again.
    But my Wifi didn’t.
    it keeps doing the same. “turning on…” and never boosting.

    I appreciate how fast was your last response.

  80. markbc says:

    Hi @Santo

    Sorry to hear it did not work. There is one more thing. Not a good thing, but if you can use another phone to check your service and try tethering. Sometimes the Phone Company will block tethering –and there was one fellow on XDA who had a tethering problem with the SS3 rom and discovered that AT&T was blocking his tethering. When he switched plans –his tethering worked.

    Also, if you are using Smart Talk, you need another /different APN for tethering and there is a different fix for that.

    So. . . after this I am out of good or bad ideas! Good luck πŸ˜‰

  81. Esliv says:

    Having issue with microphone. It works for calls but nothing else. When I use anything that requires a microphone it either freezes or doesnt work, examples off apps I’ve tried is google voice search, speech to text, video and audio recording. Everything else seems to run great so really don’t want to have to switch roms

  82. markbc says:

    That is a rare situation. Not much mention on the XDA site with this issue.

    The solution for microphone issues usually is to try to turn off “noise suppression” in the phone app, but your problem is with other apps. . . Still I would try this anyway.

    A second possible solution is to clear data on the apps that are having problems with the microphone, then reboot and try that app again. There may be a conflict with some old data or configuration data and this rom on your phone (did you do a full wife/factory reset prior to installing?)

    Finally, another possible fix is to reinstall the rom after doing a full wipe /factory reset since it does sound like the microphone is conflicting with something, possibly left over from a past install.

    Sorry I can’t help more!

    Good luck!

    • R says:

      Not that rare i guess… I have the exact same issue. Been bustin my ass trying to find an answer.

      But yah essentially every app included voice to text doesn’t appear to acknowledge the mic. Only works for phone calls. I even downloaded a bunch of stupid mic using apps, all of which failed to work as well.

      I did a factory wipe before the ROM install yesterday and other than this one huge issue it seems to be pretty solid.

      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

      P.S. How do you clear the data on the apps specifically?

      • R says:


        So I decided to say screw it and start from scratch, here is what I did…

        1) Factory Reset – Reboot (Didn’t Fix it)
        2) Factory Reset – Reinstall ROM – Reboot (Work(ed) now)
        3) Reinstalled Siyah Kernal – Reboot (Doesn’t Work Again)

        So unfortunately it looks like a compatibility issue derived from the use of the Siyah Kernal and the ShoStock Rom. I have about 24 hours of education on this whole Root and Rom so my knowlege is about as limited as it can be but I hope this might find its way to someone who can make sense of it.

        Meanwhie I will try the ShoStock aith the built in kernal and see if I get any stability issues. OR if someone has a better recomendation for the best i777 ROM/Kernal combo, please let me know and I will go that route.

        Hope this helps Esliv and anyone else with this issue though I wish we had a fix.

        • R says:


          After some more research, I ended up installing the AJK v1.51 kernel to give me Sho3 with a better kernel.

          Everything seems to be working flawlessly and better than new really, thanks to the upgrade.

          Only drawback is that the overclock option is not in stweaks anymore but it’s running fast and smooth so I’m not really concerned. Give it a try!

          Thanks again for a great site!

          • markbc says:

            Wow! so AJK updated his Siyah kernel –I will have to try it thanks!
            great that you got it to work. I really think this is most stable rom -and the original kernel is fine as well!

            I read the AJK site –you may have seen it too– that AJK stated he could not include components to allow overclocking and still have the video work. Some people use the old mali kernel on that same page and try to overclock, but it is dangerous and may or may not work!

            Great job –thank you for the updated info

            • R says:

              Glad to help… The overclocking is a nonissue for me as long as it keeps perforing as it has the past 24 hours. Smoother than it has been in a long time, mostly due to AT&T’s bloatware from what I have read.

              Also I wanted to correct myself or anyone checking out AJK.

              You want:
              AJK v1.51s Samsung (Make sure it has the “s”)
              Shostock 2.5.1 (As linked above)

              Here is the kernel and detailed instructions. Follow them exactly for best results.


          • santo says:

            do you have the link for ajk kernel?

            i would like to try your solutions.

            ummm, could you post even the kernel’s link and the roms that you used.

            • markbc says:

              Hi @Santo
              actually the link was published several times above here it is again: the latest version of Shostok3 is 2.60,

              ht tp://

              (delete spaces in ht tp)

              please try it it’s great! you don’t need another kernel just do a complete wipe and then load this rom. . . Also, I am not sure the siyah kernel still works on it. At least one person has said it did not. I have not re-loaded siyah yet to try.
              The link to siyah is also in the above links, but I will repost here as well

              ht tp://

              good luck

            • markbc says:

              R posted the link for the kernel -it’s above your post.
              there are many versions of the AJK kernel now out there and each user finds a diffferent version works best for him/her!

              I am using AJK 1.48s with Shostock 3.0, @R is using AJK AJK v1.51s and it seems he is using Shostock 2.5.1; so there are many combinations to try.
              OK, the AJK Kernel used to be called Siyah, but I was corrected by one poster who stated that it is no longer Siyah –it is ALL AJ Newkirk (AJK)).

              Anyway, when you go to the site and get it -please read the instructions in the original op. It says that immediately after you flash the kernel, reboot RECOVERY, and then go to the menu called “Kernel Options/Tweaks” (Something like that).
              And then click on “Reset ExTweaks.”

              After you do that you can reboot your system and enjoy it.

              Also, for @R, Inside the last four pages of the AJK thread, AJK stated that he re-wrote some of the old versions of his kernel -I think he re-wrote ver 1.25s so that it is compatible with newer Samsung roms (Shostock94 has been using new “bases” in his last couple of updates, and the older AJK kernels would not work well with them, enough people liked the old kernel that AJK updated the necessary lines to make the old version work -and he posted that version inside the thread –on post #2391. here is the link (but the page numbers where this post will show are browser dependent -so you may/may not see post 2391 when you use this link.
              ht tp://

              Anyway that is an effective, older version of the AJK kernel. . .
              not sure you need it -but just in case!

  83. sks says:

    I have Shostok3 2.5.1 with Jeboo 2.1. I have noticed that batter performance is bad al together but voice calls drains my battery a lot, about 20-30 mins will completely kill my phone.

    Any idea what might be causing it.


    • markbc says:

      #1. you should update to shostock3 version2.6 (see post above for link) Version 2.59 was better than 2.5.1 for battery and I am betting that 2.6 will be as good if not better.

      #2 recommend you get a battery app like better battery stats or something like that and see what is using your battery so much. Maybe it is an app that won’t sleep like FB or a news app. . . each phone is different, but usually when you are draining fast it is something that won’t turn off or an app that stays connected all the time…

      good luck!

  84. Ricardo Haynes says:

    Reverted Jeboo Kernel to v1.3b (I’m not convinced boot hang is 100% fixed)… you know why shostock3 was reverted back to kernal v1.3?

    • markbc says:

      wow! I missed that!
      I will read the release notes and see if it is mentioned, might feel out the thread if I can’t find anything and see why. I did read that Jeboo is very busy in his classes and can’t update this week. (One asked if Jeboo would update to keep pace with the rom, and that was the answer). Don’t know any more than that. . .but will check (And later in the week will check on how Jeboo 2.1 works with this. and possibly AKJ -although someone did complain already about that.)

      So far no hang -all is smooth and for those that use it Shoman94 added screen capture to the power button menu!

    • markbc says:

      OK, I see where you got that!
      Yeah, Sho himself went back to the old kernel version. I searched “hang” and there were quite a few people who had gmail and even some other apps hang after FC and restart the app. Also some hangs on bootup. So I guess he thinks it might be the kernel. . .Although I had zero problems with Jeboo kernel and the battery life kept getting better and better. I will try AJK later –I see the person who tried it on the new version actually used the wrong version of Siyah -he did not use one designed for our phone (1.48s or 1.50s), but that happens given that AJK has three versions posted (albeit with very clear instructions!!)
      thanks for the tips! I;ll let you know how AJK works tomorrow!

  85. French says:

    After 3 weeks of use, this ROM or combination, has too many problems, inside the OS and with different apps. wouldn’t recommend it. Great stuff with a big headache into it.

    • markbc says:


      Sometimes roms just don’t work for some phones. For example, many people love SlimBean, but for me it has video problems and I can’t get it to work well –so I don’t use it. Perhaps Shostock3 is this way for you.

      However, before you give up on it, you might try a “clean install” which is installing the rom after doing a factory reset/clear cache/clear Dalvik cache and see if it works. Might, or might not, but it is full featured and stable enough to try.

      Good Luck.

      • French says:

        You’re right, maybe I have the unlucky i777, I did a clean install and problems with shazam, google search/now (updated and not), reboots, crashes and lags, etc wouldn’t stop. I still think it’s a great ROM, with great functionalities.

        This night I’m giving a chance to the Jellybam v7. Hoping good luck hehe. At the end this is all the Android “Open Source” game, searching till we find what fits our phones and tastes.

  86. markbc says:

    HI Ricardo.
    if everything is working then for updating the rom from 2.51 to 2.6 you don’t need to wipe just go ahead and install the new version of the rom (the rom itself will wipe the cache and dalvik!).

    Also for the kernel (if you change from Jeboo 1.3+ to AJK 1.48s or 1.50s Siyah), you also should not need to wipe. HOwever if you do flash the Siyah kernel, please don’t forget to reboot recovery immediately after flashing the kernel and before rebooting the phone. Then you will go to the kernel menu that will be displayed in recovery and chose the kernel menu and then chose “clear or reset exTweaks.”FInally, you could fix permissions in the advanced menu and reboot the phone.

    I did this and the 1.50s AJK Siyah works well –although I have lost the Shostock3 boot animation, (It becomes only a simple samsung animation when using 1.50s!)

    Good Luck.

    • Ricardo Haynes says:

      I noticed the lag / freezing issue is still happening after upgrading to 2.6, do you have the same issue withe kernal you are using?

      • markbc says:

        Yes, I had lag with 2.6 rom as well! I was using the original 1.3 Jeboo kernel and it seemed ok, but Then I switched to the Siyah 1.50s and it has started to freeze in some cases -like when I was searching contacts to make a call the screen froze, and when I was searching the internet the screen froze. I switched back to Siyah 1.48s and will see if that cures or fixes the problem -not sure yet (it’s only one day), but so far aok.

        Shoman94 also switched his kernel back from Jeboo2.1 to Jeboo 1.3 –so I think there is something in the update that does not like the newest kernel modifications. I can’t say what yet, but I will keep trying this 1.48s and see the results.

        Hope this helps –please let me know, too, what results you get from switching kernels back to another!

        have a great day

  87. Z says:

    Hi Markbc,

    Let me preface this by saying it’s probably very off-topic, but you seem very knowledgeable so I thought I’d ask for your help.

    I’m wondering if you can help me with an issue I’m having with GPS lock. I’ve been using the 12/2 Task650 AOKP Jelly Bean ROM but having an issue with very slow/no GPS lock. I’ve tried factory reset and reinstalling the rom, but no difference. Even tried Task’s 4.2 rom with no luck (and don’t want to stick with that due to other bugs) But, when I try this Shostock ROM the GPS works great. It also worked great when I tried the CM10.1 nightly build for the i777. I’ve tried to flash different radios on the AOKP ROM but it doesn’t seem to make a difference (but I’m not sure if there’s any trick to that). I’d prefer to stay with Task’s 12/2 release on AOKP but the slow gps is a real pain. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve seen the issue raised in Task’s XDA development thread but there was never an answer.

    Thanks in advance!

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Z

      OK I am no expert and have used Task roms in the past (but don’t anymore) I actually may have tried the 10.31.12 version. . .which seems better for gps than the later version!

      I did scan Task’s site for GPS problems too, from what I read it seems after the 10.31 version some folks did have GPS problems, but not too many helpful replies (as usual on that thread). However, three things that have come up in posts and in also looking at AJ NewKirk’s (AKJ) Siyah kernel site. . . maybe one or all of these done together will do the trick –but I have to say that the 4.2.2 roms are still a bit rough in parts –95-99% perfect, but that 1-5% of issues that just won’t go away ;-(

      OK here we go! (good luck!)

      #1. Use the app “GPS Status” and start it ahead of using the gps -this program downloads local data, and “exercises/works the gps and usually can help the gps lock faster and more reliably.
      So please try GPS Status. (I use it and my GPS locks faster and my endamondo exercise program is more accurate when I do so (OK, sometimes I do have to reboot -maybe 1x in 10/15 when the darn GPS just does not seem to want to lock for some reason, but most of the time -almost always, when I start GPS status and then start endamondo or maps, the GPS works well!)

      #2. Please flash and use a specific, different version of GAAPs. It is odd to read (or write) this, but one person on the Task thread strongly stated that when he flashed a different version of gaaps, his GPS problem was solved! Here is the version of GAAPS that he used and which he said worked:
      ht tp:// (delete space in ht tp)
      (The poster, richguypoor, said he did not even have to clear his cache when doing this! ). ..

      #3. The third choice is to try a different kernel, maybe the AJK v1.21 Old MALI (Use this version with pre-2/24 CM10.1 derived ROMs – AKA old MALI ROMs). . . Not sure that is the right kernel so also download another kernel like 1.51 AOSP just in case you can’t reboot and need to flash something else (Even better, please do a nandroid backup also -in case you can’t find another kernel, and if your system does not boot, you can get into recovery and get back to where you are now by restoring your nandroid recovery -really a great option.

      OK, the new kernel choice might be your last option, since it is a bit complex, but if you plan to do that, you could go to the AJK’s site where he posts his versions of the Siyah kernel he writes:
      “KNOWN ISSUES:-None. Everything works. There is a JB bug (NOT specific to this kernel)
      where the internal SD or external SD appears to be corrupted and sometimes will not be
      recognized by the OS. It can also cause seemingly random issues, such as GPS not working
      properly or random crashes/FC’s. If this happens to you please refer to the following link/post as
      it contains info on how to fix the issues (Thanks twcobra!)
      (here is that post: ht tp:// )

      Please read the post, but it seems that the advice it give is just to fix permissions (go into recovery/advanced menu and chose “fix permissions,” but make sure you don’t have your usb cable attached for charging or connecting to pc..) So that might be a forth option:

      #4. fix permissions!

      OK Good luck with this, it sounds tricky, but one of these might do the trick! (or a combo of doing all of them πŸ˜‰

  88. R says:

    After trying numerous combinations of Shostock3 ROMs siyah/ajk kernels I have concluded that the the most stable solution is just running shostock3 2.6 as is with stock kernel. Although the various kernels do smooth things up in general and provide a few bonus options, they have all had a different glitch that made them not worth the headache or completely unusable in some cases.

    On a side note I have one issue that I can’t seem to kick no matter what. The only thing I have yet to try is a free wipe and romantic install followed by loading everything fresh as opposed to using titanium backup.

    I have tried clearing app data reinstalling etc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that may save me from the 3 days of tedious installation and configuring that seems to be my only option?

    • R says:

      Romantic = ROM… Thanks SwiftKey

    • markbc says:

      Hi @R
      A romantic rom is best for Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚

      I read your most recent post and I am inclined to agree that 2.6 with the stock kernel is probably the most stable and error-free (although for past 8 hours using SKJ 1.48s, is also error free!

      But what is the one issue you still have? I may have missed it, but what may make you start all over?
      let me know! thanks

      • markbc says:

        OK almost three days with Shostock3 2.6 and SKJ’s Siyah 1.48s kernel. All is smooth and no problems, no freezes and battery life is good-getting-even-better. . .
        I see his thread has a mod to make scrolling even smoother, and I may try that in a few days if i have time. . . some already have and say thier phones scroll even better than stock 2.6 (which is pretty good to start!) . . .

        • R says:

          Yah I probably should have mentioned the issue… What an idiot, haha

          I am getting duplicate text messages. Not every time but at least 30% of them. I have tried clearing data on both gosms and stock sms app with no change.

          Please let me know your thoughts…

          On a side note, I was pretty happy with AJK 1,48s as well. The only issue I had was that the touchscreen would start freaking out whenever the phone was on on non samsung charger. This made it unusable on many of my chargers. Other than that seemed pretty solid.

          1.5+ Caused Freezing and 1.25 I think had the same charger issues.

          • markbc says:

            Hi @R
            OK, I searched and Shostock has no “duplicate Txt Msg” or duplicate MMS issue associated with the rom. However, there are billions of people who get into this situation and there are some fixes and some not so effective. Clearing data and clearing the cache is one solution. Here is one so;lution written by ” brucefan42″ who wrote: ” You can find the solution here”:
            ht tp://

            But it sounds to me like it is not a specific rom thing. . . Good luck with this –sounds hard to fix ;-(

            Weird about that charger thing. . .I don’t recall ever having that unless I was using eBAy I9100 batteries in the phone -and these days Shostock rom supports them!

            OK Shostock has gone and updated again –reintroduced the scrolling cache, a new modem and some other positive changes.
            I am downloading Shostock3 ver3.0 right now –so will report back tomorrow.

            Good luck on that mms.Txt Msg thing -that sounds bothersome!

            Basically, you need to clear the cache for your two texting apps (Handcent and Text Messaging) individually.

            The problem is NOT with Handcent or with the DX text messaging app. I have friends who don’t even have a smart phone on Verizon and they get duplicates. Verizon has to do a reset of the individual text message account, which has to be done on their side. Nothing you don on your phone will fix it. Verizon just needs to a mass reset of everyones text msg account to fix it as the problem is VERY widespread, just that most people learn to live with it

            • markbc says:

              sorry I left some junk at the end of my message -when I was cutting and pasting and reading the txt msg stuff . . . I know we are not Verizon, at least with the i777 πŸ˜‰

              • R says:

                Good news! Well at least so far knock on wood…

                I think the issue was caused by handcent… I completely forgot I had it installed so never even looked thought about it.

                So although the solution may be as simple as clearing handcent (and all SMS related cache/data)… I ended up doing that for all three. Then I uninstalled GoSMS and Handcent completely. Disabled the stock SMS app. Reinstalled GoSMS fresh from the market (No Titanium).

                Somehwere in that mess of hopefullness and desperation, I may have fixed the problem. So far 24 hours and the phone has been flawless.

                Thanks again for the response and ironically that verizon forum was what reminded me about handcent being installed.

            • Ricardo Haynes says:

              Quick question. What is scrolling cache? Whats the purpose of it….sorry if that is a stupid question

              • markbc says:

                Sorry, just saw this.
                The Scrolling cache is a memory cache that works to adjust the speed and smoothness of screen scrolling (left to right and top to bottom).

                The debate was whether having an active scrolling catch really improved performance or not. Shostock94 tested it and he feels it does, so he added it into his latest version.

                Hope it helps!

                ( I am using Shostock ver 3.0 with AJK kernel ver 1.49s and all is perfect πŸ˜‰

  89. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hi Mark, I tell you that I bought a S2 Skyrocket I727 and wanted to see if I could recommend a rom like shostock but for this model, thanks in advance

    • markbc says:

      Hi Marlon
      Wow! Hate to have you leave the S2 i777 world for that bigger screen, faster phone. I did read of a couple of really good roms for the Skyrocket, so I will get back to you tomorrow about this time –long day and no chance to dig though my notes until mid day tomorrow!

      Good luck in advance –it is a bit different from our phone, but I suspect it is every bit as customizable. The only problem will be that few Devs are writing roms for it. You will have some good roms, but not so many as our Galaxy S2 i777 –there are just more of the older phones out there!

      Will write back tomorrow!


  90. salas says:

    Da problemas blokea la sim

    • Ricardo Haynes says:

      Puedes desbloquearlo usando este link

      ht tp:// β€” [APP] GalaxSim Unlock 1.02, JB compatibleReply

  91. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hey Mark, please don’t forget me, need ur help with the rom for mi 727……

  92. markbc says:

    HI Marlon

    Thanks for the reminder! Although, I did not forget you… i was just going crazy with some home work stuff that had to get done.;-( The Skyrocket is faster (4G), but was less popular and seems to have moved a bit off the radar. This means there are fewer developers making roms for it. But the good news is that there are still quite a number and most of the custom roms out there are Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2!

    #1. Embryo 6.9:
    It seems to me that the best supported Skyrocket rom is the Embryo 6.9, which is based on Samsung’s Touchwiz (TW). So this rom looks a lot like Shostock, (except for the phone model). OK, here is the link for Embryo ver 6.9 which is 4.1.2 (the same as Shostock3!). Also, I don’t think you need to add gaps -just flash the rom!
    ht tp://

    #2. Slim Bean 4.1.2:
    This is the stable and rich version of a famous Rom that is used on many phones (including ours). The SlimBean 4.1.2. rom is very good and has a lot of people developing for it. One hard thing to figure out with Slim Bean is that this rom (Slim Bean) has its own version of gaaps and its own versions of some rom-add ons. They are all on the Slim Bean website so that is different. OK, this rom works well, but takes some time to figure out!
    ht tp://

    #3. SKY ICE-UCLF6 ATT:
    This rom (SKY ICE-UCLF6 ATT) is my final recommendation for today. It is a stable good rom and is really an official AT&T release but is rooted already –it is a rooted version of the stock rom!
    ht tp://

    VIP: Helpful Guide and FAQ
    OK, Marlon, here is one final point. Below is the link to the Skyrocket FAQ on XDA. I have read it and this is a really, really great place to start, Look t it to see how the Skyrocket is different (not much, but a little) also please read how they (you! πŸ˜‰ root the Skyrocket, how they use recovery, and how they do all those things we do to our Sgh-i777, but to the Skyrocket! Here is that link
    ht tp://

    OK, I only used the Skyrocket in the store prior to buying my Sgh-i777. I actually Liked the feel of the skyrocket, even though they initially had some production and software issues. But lately, it works well and the custom roms have made it even better! Good luck on your new phone and save your S2 I777 in case you get bored and want to go back to the fun roms of our “older” phone πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck!

    • markbc says:

      Marlon, I forgot to mention CM10 and CM10.1 roms. They are there on the XDA website and the nightlies are available there and at cyanogenmod pages as well. These are also very good roms, but in the case of CM10.1 I would be careful, since it was hard for me to go back to Shostock and 4.1.2 after being or using the 4.2.2 file structure of CM10.1. . . .

      Good Luck

  93. Ronald says:

    My phone is not currently rooted. Can I use this siyah kernal to root my phone?

    • markbc says:

      This is a good, & interesting question. . .

      To root, one usually uses a PC program (Odin) or a MAC program (Heimdal) to install a kernel that gives you access to the operating system partitions (which are right now “read only”).

      While this kernel might have what you need (it DOES have CWM), you can’t use Odin or Heimdal on zip files. You need to convert them to a “tar” file (example kernel.tar). And install this “tar” after you have rebooted your phone into the “DOWNLOAD” mode.

      @Ronald, my recommendation is review the site here where Max has gone through rooting your phone and he actually has some pretty good videos and comments on doing it -even depending upon which version of android you are running.

      If you want to read up on rooting at the hub –it’s a bit more technical, but XDA is a great place to start as well. Check these links:

      **AT&T SGS2 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)** DO NOT USE ROM MANAGER!
      ht tp://

      [How To] Easily Root your SGS2
      ht tp://

  94. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hey Marck, recently I have a little time to thank you for the information you gave me, definitely Embryo rom which was closest to the shostock, I’m very grateful. Only it is not due, but if I had the 727 processor 1.2 of the quadrant gave me better results than 4000, with 1.5 suppose would happen 5000, but oddly enough not pass the 3600 skyrocket. Already using rom I have more than a week but I see improvements. In your experience do you think it is due to the rom or the phone?? Greetings from Ecuador.

    Pd, if you know something else that you think might interest me the skyrocket, I can send without problem, I would not mind … je…je

  95. markbc says:

    HI Marlon!

    Great to see you have your Skyrocket working –great news!

    OK for speed, the Skyrocket will be a bit faster, but not much. You will have to see or figure out what is normal for the skyrocket.

    For speed and benchmarks, I have noticed that two things affect a phone a lot
    #1. is the Rom itself -some roms are really fast and others are not

    #2. is the kernel. Some kernels make a rom go faster than others –even without overclocking (And …some kernels can be overclocked -or run faster than the processor /cpu normally allows!)
    #3 there is a 3rd factor and that is the phone’s hardware– but that is usually unchanged no matter what rom you have πŸ™‚

    So my advice is
    #1. first use the phone for a week or so -in order to get the base-line speed with the rom you have on the phone.

    #2. Next, change the kernel to a different kernel –but make sure your kernel is the proper and works on your phone.
    (But WAIT! when you do this, first make a copy of the rom’s zip file and put it on the internal SD card and the external SD card –just in case you flash a bad Kernel and maybe you can’t get into nandroid backup or restore (or there is nothing in backup or restore). If that happens, then still no problem if you have the rom on both the ROOT directory of the SD card and the PHone. . .

    That might make your rom faster and if not, you can choose another rom and flash it to test!

    This is just like the SGH-i777 but different! fortunately, for Samsung, most of the configurations and equipment are pretty similar. . .

    Good luck Marlon!

  96. adrianjp16 says:

    seΓ±ores alguno sabe si esta ROM tiene para cambiar a 2G cuando no se esta usando el 3g o el H+ para ahorrar bateria es que no lo encuentro y me parece que no esta por todo lo demas esta super

    • markbc says:


      No, I don’t think Shostock3 has the option to switch down to 2g when 3G/H are not available. Some Roms have that as an option, but I have not seen it in this rom. Of course I may have missed it πŸ˜‰

      Perhaps some other users have seen this feature?

  97. Plamka says:

    I tried here spoken questionable combo ( + and the microphone is not working but I like the loading animation with Samsung logo.
    Then I installed and everything seems to be working fine. I can’t use the CPU speed adjusting from Siyah’s kernel but I don’t want to try to change the kernel.

    • markbc says:

      Yes, I have read several complaints that the kernels which work in this rom can’t be overclocked -and if you use a kernel that can OC, then some bugs, (mostly with video and camera functions) often appear.
      To me the quality rom is worth the loss of overclocking! πŸ™‚

  98. Tin Tin says:

    Everything works perfectly except the camera in video mode … Error pops out everytime i try to record a clip … πŸ™

    • markbc says:

      This usually happens when you are using a different kernel on this rom, or if you try to overclock the kernel. . . Reinstall after a full wipe -don’t change the kernel. . .
      Good Luck

  99. Paco says:

    I can use only the mic for calls only, any other app doesn’t allow me to use the mic, it says that is been use by other app or simply doesn’t respond to sound. Any help?

    • markbc says:

      I have not seen anyone complain of that, you may have to reinstall
      but make sure you do a Titanium back up (or simply reinstall all apps later)
      FULL WIPE: (In recovery)
      — Factory reset/clear data
      — Clear Cache
      — Clear Dalvik Cache (Advanced menu)

      THEN reinstall -first try not changing anything -don’t mess with the kernel at all– and see what kind results you get!

      Good Luck

  100. Kushal says:

    im using the jellybam rom for the i777 can i just instal the kernel like i would do a rom?

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Kushal
      This thread is for Shostock3 and not Jellybam. Max has another posting for Jellybam and you will get a better answer there! However to try and answer your question:

      YES you would install a kernel just like you would install a rom.
      You would FLASH the kernel in recovery (do not use Root Manager!)
      You don’t need to clear data/factory reset, but you should clear the CACHE and clear DALVIK cache too.
      Finally, when you flash a KERNEL, you should REBOOT RECOVERY and see if you have a menu option in recovery called Kernel Options or Kernel Tweaks. IF you do then go to that menu option and select it and chose “RESET EXTWEEK”
      Then you can reboot your phone with the new kernel.

      Good Luck!

  101. Marlon Alvarado says:

    Hi Marck!
    so long without visiting the forum, as you remembered it had acquired a powerful S2 Skyrocket, then after a week they have been enjoyed was the victim of a robbery in which I lost my beloved companion.

    Just 15 days ago was to purchase a s3, but my attention a model of LG, I mean the LG Optimus 4X HD, after reading about him and after visiting several pages in which comparisons are made between the S3 Lg and finally opt for LG, and although I’ve never had an S3 could not say whether or not it exceeds the LG, however my friends that if they have the s3 and were able to get his hands on my LG, if they see the difference, and I am very happy with the LG, has no lag at all, the battery using it normally takes me 12 hours, using it to full, games, music and videos 8 hours and gently used 2 days. I’m really happy, that I’m using the factory rom.

    Marck Well, I just wanted to give a greeting and ask if you have knowledge step performance of this model and if you could recommend me some forum or blog where to get custom rom for my new LG.

    Greetings from Ecuador.

  102. Rich says:


    I have successfully used the Shostock3-Siyah combo for a few months—ever since you suggested it was the best combo available.

    Now I am thinking about updating and as I value your recommendations, was wondering what you think is the best way to go now.

    Thanx in advance,

  103. markbc says:

    Hi Rich!

    Thanks for the kind words, but I really am just a interested user and no expert. So my two cents is not all that hot πŸ˜‰

    On the S2 SGH-i777 I have been using SS3, but lately have switched to CyanogenMod10.1. nightlies (again!). The newer nightlies are even more smooth, fast and bug-freeI CM10.1is a bit simpler and I lose some of the nice features, but I like the change of interface and the camera seems to respond faster. So for me, the SGH-i777 rom choices are CM10.1 or SS3. At least for now.

    If you are thinking of another phone. Well, I seems to me that the HTC One and Samsung S4 are the two “best” out there for today.
    –The HTC has more style, a better price and nice capabilities, its downsides are no external SD disk and no replaceable battery. There are 3 styles (a “normal” version with sense, a “google” version with just 4.2 and a “developer” version that is easiest to root;
    — The S4 is a super fast has-everything phone that does it all. All but ATT are unlocked bootloaders, but the ATT may be rootable as well, it does have the plastic less-appealing body and would take a lot of time to get to know all the possible features. It also sees for a bit more pricey.

    If i were to buy a new phone it would be one of these two.

    Good Luck

  104. Rich says:

    Thanx Mark. And, me thinks you are a bit too modest!

  105. Tammy says:

    I have been using the ShoStock3 and love it so far. However I am unable to send or receive pics. I have my WiFi and data. I have searched his forums for help with no success. They seem to dance around some questions. Can anyone please help me with this???? I am very furstrated.
    Any help would be appreciated!!!

  106. Anrojo says:

    Hello, First of all thank you for this informative post and useful comments. However, I need some help…

    Ever since I installed this ROM/kernel combo I have not been able to connect to KIES. Is this something that is fixable or is it unusual? The KIES program just stays connecting to the phone forever, even though windows 7 says all the drivers are installed ok.

    Any knoweledgeable users around please help! It will be highly appreciated! Thank you!

    • markbc says:

      I think Kies works with this rom -I used to use it, but then switched to airdrop
      Try removing and reinstalling Kies and see if that helps.
      Sorry, that’s the best advice I have for this issue!
      Good Luck!

  107. blueraheel says:

    Greetings from Pakistan
    I installed shostock3 rom and siyah kernel on my sgh-i777. It works great but I have a video recording issue , it says error recording. I reflashed the kernel but nothing. I reflashed it with special instructions given here above (wipe cache, wipe dalcik, reboot recovery then reset EX tweaks profiles and reboot) but still I have the problem.
    I really need help.

  108. Ricardo Haynes says:

    FYI….Samsung S4 camera can be installed on our phone (i777). I just installed it and works great. I installed it on Shostock3…Just thought I would let you guys know.

  109. Destin Johnson says:

    Does this rom lock and or reset your phone?

  110. mrdreamers says:

    im on rooted stock do i flash the kernel first or rom first?

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