SuperNexus JB ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Build 5]

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Striving to make a “pure” Google Nexus ROM, XDA user Faryaab brings us SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM, this time with everything working out of the box including bluetooth (which wasn’t working in Build 2).  I am glad to say that this is finally stable Jelly Bean you can install on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777.

Inside the SuperNexus ROM, you won’t find any fancy AOKP ROM Control or anything like that but you will find a totally stock Galaxy Nexus interface.  Of course, it’s not all that completely stock though, it does have additional cool features like Init.d support, native SIP/VOIP support, OpenVPN support, and some more.  (You can check out the full feature list on XDA by clicking on the credits link below.)

So, if you are looking to experience the stock Galaxy Nexus on your AT&T Galaxy S2, try out this ROM and let me know how it fares as your daily driver.

FYI, It’s also available for Galaxy Note GT-N7000, Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, and even Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G.


Download SuperNexus ROM Build 5 

Download Gapps for JB

To install, reboot into CWM Recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot.

Credits – XDA


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140 Responses

  1. moriex says:

    Is compatible with siyah kernel?

  2. Andrew Clinton says:

    Ya, I was wondering the same thing myself. Would love to dual boot this with the new aokp 4.1.2 update

  3. wilstib says:

    Greetings. Brother how the camera works?
    I’ll explain. I have not migrated to JB because I installed roms but when recording the camera fails me. It is as if looking approach, and constantly repeated. Currently I have installed SHOstock2 v5.4

    Thanks for your help

  4. Joe Puff says:

    Great questions!
    Before I install this ROM I would love to know:
    1) Does the camera work without any issues?
    2) Is it compatible with Siyah kernel?
    3) Any battery drain issues?
    4) Any lock-up, freeze up, or re-boot issues?

  5. Romeo says:

    How do you access media files on phone and external sd card?

  6. Harsh says:

    I’m not able to open settings, neither am I able to go into the play store! Please help me out here!

  7. Eric says:

    Try reflashimg gapps. Make sure they’re jb. The latest is 7-26

  8. Russ says:

    Didn’t work. I was using the
    JB UNDERWEAR ROM when i tried to install the zip
    Got to the X start up screen and stayed there.
    Wound up having to flash the JB again. Any ideas?

    • markbc says:

      did you clear all the caches and factory reset prior to flashing? that is the usual culprit!
      try clearing all and reflashing (both the rom and gapps)

    • eric says:

      This rom will sit at the X start up screen for a LONG time before it starts for the first time. This is normal. Wait it out.

  9. Marius says:

    best rom i’ve used in a while.
    1) Does the camera work without any issues? no issues.
    2) Is it compatible with Siyah kernel? don’t know
    3) Any battery drain issues? decent batery life
    4) Any lock-up, freeze up, or re-boot issues? no ,no and no

  10. Prashant says:

    Can someone post a step by step guide for a newbie. Phone is rooted.

    • markbc says:

      I think this has been re-posted several times for different roms on this site, but here it is again:

      #1. do a Tintanium Backup of all APPs (not system files or system data)
      #2. download this ROM and download the JB GAAPS
      #3. re-boot into recovery
      #4. do factory reset
      #5. do clear cache
      #6. do clear Dalvik cache (found on advanced menu in some CM versions)
      #7. chose the install /flash file menu (from the main recovery menu)
      (note…you may have downloaded to your internal SD, so if you choose install and go to download directory and can’t see anything you downloaded, back out to the main install from SD menu and look for the option install from internal SD.)

      #8. find and flash/install the rom
      #9. repeat step #8 exactly -just to be sure (stay in the Recovery menu -you’re not done yet 😉
      #10. chose the install/ flash menu again and go find the “GAAPs” file you downloaded.
      #11. find and flash / install gaaps
      #12. reboot the phone
      #13. log into Google
      #14. your phone may recover all programs from Google if you chose that before (kind of slow)
      #15. also, you could download and install Titanium Backup and then restore all missing apps with data
      (do NOT NOT restore anything with the word system -do not restore system files or system data -that won’t work well).
      that’s how I do it.

      Please note:
      When you reboot for the first time this rom will be very slow to start -you will see the NEXUS “X” glow and shine for maybe 5 minutes or more –don’t panic, don’t turn it off or on or play with it. Just let it build. . . it is just this rom’s way. All roms start slowly the first time they are flashed, and this one starts more slowly than most!

      It should start after that -but if you are waiting more than 15 minutes something is wrong and you might go back and follow all the steps again –including clearing the cache, dalvik, and factory reset, those steps are usually where people go wrong in this process. . .(Actually if you are stuck after 15 minutes, I would first pull the battery and restart -see if it works, and if after another 15 minutes you don’t get anywhere, then work on the reinstall!)

      • Harsh Chandarana says:

        I did everything that you mentioned, but I don’t know why, my exchange services and E-mail don’t work! And for me not having email on my phone, is kinda messed up!

        • markbc says:

          a smart phone without email is not good. ;-(
          So you installed the rom and gaaps, but email won’t work?
          I can offer three tips to try and if they don’t work, I would just say “reflash.”

          Tip 1: see if you have connectivity -load gmail and try to use a gmail send or receive. If you don’t have gmail (kind of wierd on an android phone) then load the yahoo mail app and load a yahoo account and send /receive. (This is just to see that email and your network are operational -it won’t fix anything itsellf)

          Tip 2: Should not have to do this after an install, but it is worth a try: reboot into the recovery mode, and go to the “advanced menu” and look for “Fix Permissions” select that and watch the phone ensue the file system is ok. Reboot into regular and try email

          Tip 3: (maybe this should be tip one?)
          1. Go into the system/ apps/ menu and find email (Hint: you have to select “ALL” on the top menu bar when you are in the Apps menu to see mail!.
          2. In the mail app page
          – chose Stop the mail app
          – chose Clear data.
          – chose Clear Cache

          3. Then come out to the main screen and go to email program -you should have no accounts listed

          4. Go ahead and recreate your email account(s) (name, password, etc.).

          It may work again -or if not reboot one time and see if email is working.

          OK, Do that and see if the email works.

          That is what I would do, I also would download another mail app –say if you are using an exchange mailserver (which always is messy/fussy) then try Moxier Mail just to see that you have the correct connectivity.

          Good Luck

  11. wilstib says:

    This rom is better than Task650 AOKP? I installed AOKP Task650 and had problems when recording videos. I hope to answer, to install the rom. Thanks

  12. wilstib says:

    Camera keeps failing me with this rom. It is unfortunate, I use JB. Back to SHOstock2 v5.4 with ICS = (

  13. markbc says:

    Thank you Max for re-reviewing this rom.

    I am using this as my daily driver. Everything works well. Battery life is best of any JB rom I have tried.

    Used it today for GPS tracking, for taking videos, for picture taking (regular and panorama) for listening to music (on BT speaker) and also for a couple of phone calls.

    I have had one FC in the five days I have used it.
    Can’t complain about anything (yet)
    Oh. hooked it up to my mac and had great access to internal and external SD as well.

    overall very nice!
    thanks again!

  14. Chris says:

    Hey Max this is a good rom for a jellybean experience but I cant access my External SD Card and ive use every good app possible to access it.. so i had to ditch it man any reason why i couldn’t access the card??

  15. sunny says:

    wus up guys i need help im new to android.. i install this custom rom SuperNexus JB ROM Build 4 … everything working real good.. only one problem i don’t have the GOOGLE PLAY MARKET APP OR YOUTUBE…. PLEASE HELP ME I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET THIS BACK.. IM USING A AT&T SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 … THANKS .. PLEASE GET BACK..

    • markbc says:

      Sounds like you need to flash GAAPS.
      “#8. find and flash/install the rom <<==you did this
      #10. chose the install/ flash menu again and go find the “GAAPs” file you downloaded.
      #11. find and flash / install gaaps <<== but did you do this too?

      For this rom you have to do TWO (2) flashes
      #1 for the ROM (supernexus)
      #2 for the GAAPS (google play, you tube talk, email, etc.)

      Go to the top of the page and look for the link that says
      "Download Gapps for JB"
      download that and put it in your phone download folder
      then reboot your phone into recovery and install gaaps
      you don't need to do any clearing , but I would still recommend
      clearing the cache and the dalvik cache prior to installing gaaps.
      (no need for a factory reset when only doing gaaps)

      good luck

      oh, if you did flash gaaps, and it is not working, then make sure you are
      flashing JB gaaps and not ics.

      hope this helps

  16. sunny says:

    Thank you sooooooo much MARKBC bro you Rock … i just intstall the gaaps file and now i have google play.. thank you again….

    • markbc says:

      Great! Good work!

      I hate to tell you how many times I have flashed a rom and discovered that I forgot to flash gaaps. . .:-)

  17. Ryan says:

    Can you please show a Mac version?

    • markbc says:

      I use a Mac (several, actually), and you don’t need to do anything special to flash this rom.

      You just need to get the SuperNexus rom (& Gaaps) onto your phone, then “flash it.” There is no MAC/PC aspect to worry about, unless you are downloading the rom to your MAC/PC and then moving it over to your phone.

      If that is what your are doing, then it should be pretty simple and sort of the same as using explorer on a PC.
      1. Normally, you can just hook your phone to your Mac and both internal and external cards show up in the finder window as drives. (you may have to hassle with the USB debugging on/off depending)

      2. Sometimes for a Mac, you may need to use the Android Fire Transfer (AFT) app, (I think it is free in the APPs store). The AFT is nothing fancy, it does more or less the same thing, as the Browser, but it looks for your phone and tries to make a special connection. (I think it is a bit more limited than the Browser, but it works).

      If you don’t get that to work (and that is a separate problem in itself!), you can still flash this rom, buy getting your phone and just using any phone browser to navigate back to this site and then download directly to your phone using the links at the top of the page. (Or, you can navigate to XDA and download directly –and may have to do that when he issues ver 5 which he has promised soon!) .

      Also, if you are using Firefox or Chrome, you can bookmark the page on your PC/Mac and then log on to Firefox or Chrome and pass pages/bookmarks between your phone and the computer.

      Hope that helps

      • markbc says:

        Duh! I forgot to add . . . when you connect your Mac to your phone, then drag the ROM and the GAAPS files over to your internal or external SD on your phone. I think CW defaults to looking at the external disk, but in either case it is best to drag the files to a specific folder on your phone –I always use “downloads” because when I DL from the net on the phone -the files go there anyway. So drag the files to the download directory, then reboot your phone into recovery, then do all the clearing stuff (above) and then go to the install from SD menu and look for your files. If they don’t appear then it may mean you put them in the DL folder for the other disk (internal) and back up and chose “install from internal disk” menu.

        One caveat is that when you download files to your computer and transfer them over to the phone, sometimes they get corrupted or the checksum is off. This means the file won’t install correctly. So if that happens re-download, or pay attention to ensure the file size you wind up with is the same as the file size of the original file. . ..’

  18. rfb813 says:

    Downloaded the new Vs 5 from XDA and then installed the Siyah 4.3.3 Mali kernel. Works great and overclocked to 1.4 ghz. This will not allow dual booting now but probably will soon. Don’t forget to flash the Gapps. There is an updated version of Gaaps in the XDA op for this ROM.

    • markbc says:

      Thanks @RFB813!
      I read earlier on his post at XDA that Faryaab has been working on ver 5 of SuperNexus,
      Thanks for the tip! It IS out now! Here is the link:

      I read the final couple of pages on the thread and see the reviews are all good so far –except many many people forget to update the GAAPS so they are having Google play problems –so good reminder @rfb813 on the new Gaaps!

      Oh well, there goes another couple of hours –just when I have this phone . . . perfect! 😉

      . . . . Time To. . . FLASH!

  19. says:

    Hi all, I installed SuperNexus JB ROM Build 4 for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!en mi S2 SGH-I777, I commented at the beginning and I did very well on everything, but, after several hours of joy I get that does not recognize the operator’s GSM network.
    Works like a charm on wifi, but as mobile is asking to enter a code to the network …

    • markbc says:

      HI @Jose
      It sounds like either you’ve inadvertently turned off data somehow or your have a bad APN setting.
      I am no expert, but I would recommend the following.
      #1. First go to System/ Data usage menu and check to see that “Mobile DATA” toggle is on. . . I bet that could be the problem!

      #2. If not, then stay there in “Data usage” and go to the “More” (Under Data Usage) look at “mobile networks” (you will see options and the first one should be “data enabled” -it must be checked!
      that is the second possibility!)

      If that fixes it great, but if not

      #3. Go down and look at Access Point Names (APNs) in the same menu. I have three for my SGH i777: (ATT, ATT LTE, and StraightTalk ATT)
      – On my phone the ATT APN is checked, and I suspect you might want that as well. If anything else is checked change it to the first (ATT) setting. (Not sure if checking the LTE will do anything for us.). Finally,

      #4. If all that does not work then go down to “Network Operators” and press it you will have the phone search and display carriers (which likely are ATT or T-Mobile) push the “Chose Automatically” line and back out and reboot.

      OK, I am not sure any of this will work, but It sounds like your APN has not been registered well. In some of the other ROMS, (can’t say which since I don’t remember the specific posts) people have had APN problems and either re-flashed or waited 24 hours or so when the rom settled. I do remember one case where the problem was the carrier (ATT) and not the phone!

      So, go through the steps to ensure you’ve got data enabled and also that your APN is the ATT one and see if that works. If not, you may have to do a full wipe of the systems (cache, dalvik, factory reset) and then re-flash the rom.

      Good Luck!

      • says:

        Muchas gracias markbc , hare lo que Ud. me recomienda y le estare informando….!

      • says:

        Well, I’ve done everything and still slave to the operator AT & T because condigo keeps asking me to enter the network, ….. If I lived in the U.S. would have no problem, but I live out and buy it released.
        Is there a way to release or return to its original state?

      • says:

        Bueno, he hecho de todo y sigue esclavo a la operadora AT&T porque me sigue pidiendo condigo para entrar a la red,…..Si viviera en EEUU no tendria problemas, pero vivo fuera y lo compre liberado.
        Hay alguna forma de liberarlo o de regresar a su estado original?

        • markbc says:

          Two things
          First: Find someone on YOUR Cell network and find out the APN and try to copy that into your phone. hope that can work!

          Second: If you can’t get it working -you can restore your Galaxy S2 to “stock” original condition by UNROOTING it and MAX’s web site here has a link to “HOW TO UNROOT YOUR GALAXY S2”

          Good luck!

  20. Rene says:

    Hi all, I recently flashed Build 5 of this ROM but I can’t find WiFi Direct on settings, I justo see NFC and Android Beam options and by the way when trying to transfer I file trough Android Beam with another phone it has many errores. Has someone tried this features in this ROM ¿ If so, what’s your experience¿

  21. LLou says:

    I’ve been using this for a while and love it but am having issues with GPS. Though maps seem to work, and all Location Settings checkboxes are selected, most apps that use Location Settings are failing and keep pushing me to configure GPS. GPS always shows as “Searching for GPS” even though I’m in the same place I usually was before this ROM without issues. Any ideas?

    • markbc says:

      @LLou, I am on day five of the Ver 5 of this ROM and currently my GPS is working crisply and without issue. However, the GPS lock in this ROM really DID seem a bit sluggish at first -say for the first couple of days –as a matter of fact! At first, it was like my GPS seemed kind of out of sync, or not crisp with the maps or even my running program (Endomondo). When I saw it was taking a while to lock, I opened a GPS program I have had on my S2 for a year or so — the “GPS Status” app. It loads “GPS assist data” and also monitors your GPS working. You can run it prior to using your GPS programs and pretty soon you don’t even need it -that seemed to get my GPS working well. Good Luck!

      • Llou says:

        Thanks Markbc – I installed the GPS Status app and do see it fixing on satellites. However the issue I have is that Location Services don’t seem to be working in other location-dependent apps such as Google Search/cards. I keep on getting messages (with variations) that say Device>>Settings>>Location is not turned on, even though I can see that it is. Either the location information isn’t being shared with the app, or the setting isn’t really on, despite it showing otherewise. This is a bummer as so far I love this build, though I do experience the odd lockup/freeze and have to reboot.

        • markbc says:

          Hi @Llou
          Sorry, it seems you hit one of those software/hardware roadblocks.
          Here is what one site recommended:
          (1) “Download some GPS-test app such as GPS Status & Toolbox and look if your phone finds any satellites at all. Try to reset A-GPS data in the App’s tool menu.” (you sort of did this already in part!)

          (2) Also here is one of the several XDA threads that has a Samsung Galaxy S2 user trying to fix his GPS as well:

          (3) If that does not work, then try to flash a different ROM and see if you are working well or not. For an ICS ROM, I would recommend Aberration and for a GB ROM I would recommend UnNamed. The JB ROMs (like this SuperNexus) are getting to be pretty good (I am using SN and have zero problems now -it seems a bit “squirrely” when I first loaded it both times, but settled very quickly to be very solid. Also, you could be very conservative and do a factory reset & use a stock ROM to test the system.

          Hope this can help!

          • markbc says:

            I went off track at the end. Point was that if you get to the flashing a different rom, don’t use a JB rom at first. BTW, when you flashed I hope you did a factory reset and then when adding back apps, that you did not add back any system files or system data from any back ups. If you do that you will surely have problems getting the system to work correctly. Just asking. . .

  22. Brent says:

    Hey guys, I flashed the Build 5 version of this rom and it’s been working great, but I think I’ve just stumbled across my 1st problem. When I connect my phone to my computer the sd card won’t mount, so I’m not able to transfer music files to my phone. What do I do?

    • markbc says:

      @Brent. Since I am using a mac (mostly) I don’t have that issue. So I can’t give you great advice until I crank up my laptop in bootcamp and see how it goes in Windows.

      HOWEVER, right away I would recommend trying to toggle on and off the USB Debugging setting found under SYSTEM/{DEVELOPER OPTIONS} /USB DEBUGGING. TRY PLUGGING IN YOUR PHONE WITH THAT CHECKED AND IF IT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR SD THEN UNPLUG YOUR PHONE, **UNCHECK** THE USB DEBUGGING AND THEN PLUG YOUR PHONE IN AGAIN. give it a couple of seconds and see if it kicks in.

      Also you may have a drop down in your notification bar on top that asks if you want to connect to the computer. If you get that request in the pull down, make sure you enable it.

      If all that does not work, I found an app called USB Mass Storage [that you should google since I don’t recall where I found it] and get that app and load it and see if that works to help your connection. I think I used it when some ICS roms would not connect to USB well.

      good Luck

      Sorry I can’t offer more!

  23. galaxys2 straight talk says:

    So i just put this supernexus on my s2
    . Everything works great. But when i try to download video’s. It will finish a download but wont go into my gallery file. I checked every other files fir the video’s but i cant find them. So can you help me figure out my video download situation?

  24. markbc says:

    Gallery is not a folder per se, it’s a program /app to hunt for all your photos and videos and then will display them back to you in an organized manner. Sometimes you need to rescan your SD card to “wake up” or update Gallery. If you have a SD Card scanner app that will do it, or just reboot/restart your phone and then you will see the photos and videos pop up.

    When flashing a new rom it is not uncommon for Gallery to show you nothing -zippo- for a couple of hours after flashing. Then all of the sudden all your files are there! (They just were not read fast enough by the phone/Gallery app). REBOOT twice and see if the files pop up.

    IF that does not work then go to manage app and find the gallery app and clear the data for it, then reboot. That should really fix the issue! (SETTINGS/APPS/GALLERY – CLEAR DATA) Good luck!

  25. Llou says:

    I am still having issues with Google Location Services in this build, as I did in Build 2. Any location-related app (Google Now, Locale etc.) keeps on giving me the “enable location settings” error message despite location being enabled. Using the GPS Status shows that it’s seeing GPS and identifying location but it’s not sharing with other apps. I have disabled/enabled and selected the “Agree” message but still no joy.

    Otherwise this ROM seems great – I’m going to go back to something different for now but look forward to using this at another time.

  26. moeen says:

    hey can it connect to the computer via usb

  27. Ne0 says:

    How is this Rom on SiyahKernel S2-v5.0i ? Any problems .. Where can I find Siyah kernel 4.2 ??

  28. Ne0 says:

    How is this Rom on SiyahKernel S2-v5.0i ? Any problems you guys faced .. Where can I find Siyah kernel 4.2 ?? Can you please post the link

  29. Ne0 says:

    My location services dont work well … when i ask google now hows the weather like today .. it tells me the weather for Atlanta, GA .. but I am in Florida ….. Anybody faced this issue ???

  30. Harsh Chandarana says:

    What about taking a screenshot? I tried everything for taking a screenshot.. But it doesn’t work! Also, does anyone know if they have an update to this current rom?

    • Neo says:

      Am sorry .. location services working just fine .. I was at work and had some difficulty with the signal i guess … and to take a screen shot press the power button and the volume down button ….

  31. camilo guzman says:

    good I wanted to ask you a few things and installed any version of android 4.1 cm10 or aokp or super nexus and always feels a little late I realize account appearing in the section on hardware in RAM only 730 0 750 MB that is normal or if I cel i777 this failing?

  32. vkaidan says:

    How long does it stay on the X boot logo? I’m new to all of this awesomeness, and am kinda nervous because my phone has been stuck on the X logo for a good 20 minutes now… did something go wrong? Thanks in advance!!!

    • markbc says:

      20 minutes is only a little bit too long. The first time I flashed it, the rom took ~13 minutes to get past the X. Normal reboots take a bit longer than other roms as well.

      Take out the battery & restart -if you go 20 minutes and STILL don’t get past the X, then stop. shut it down and go into recovery and reflash the rom again -two things, however, please make sure you have cleared cache, cleared dalvik cache and done a factory reset before reflashing the rom. Then reflash the rom and when you are back at the recovery menu -reflash the rom AGAIN. (I know this seems like overkill, but it can’t hurt and sometimes it really does help).

      OK, after you have flashed the rom twice, don’t forget to flash JB Gaaps so that you will get google play, and other google functions. .. .

      good luck

      • vkaidan says:

        Thank you, I waited 25 minutes and then reflashed the rom, had some errors with getting no response from the phone, and finally got it to work. I am now running this rom at 1.6 Ghz, and it is amazing… way better than stock 😀 I’m having a few problems though. It won’t read any contacts that I have stored on my SIM and doesn’t want to read my SD card. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again!!!

        • vkaidan says:

          *Correction… I’m running it at 1.2 Ghz but 1.6 volts (correct me if I’m wrong) … Why won’t setcpu go any higher? is it just the rom? Thanks in advance! (bear with me here, I’m new to this :P) XD

          • markbc says:

            I don’t think SuperNexus kernel allows overclocking. The voltage might do something, but I have stayed away from that since I am always trying to get the best battery life I can.

            I hope your rom settled on your phone and you can now access the SD card. I am not sure if accessing the sim is an issue with this rom or not. I have all my contacts on google, so when I flash the rom and log in to google, my contacts pop back in very quickly. . .

            good luck!

            • vkaidan says:

              Yeah, everything has settled, and I can access both the SD card and the SIM Contacts. Thanks for the halp! I really appreciate it! I was wondering, when playing music, is there any possible way to get music controls on the lock screen like in the original? Thanks again, and sorry for all of the questions! XD

              • markbc says:

                Hi @vkaidan, I actually am trying a different rom this week –The Collective (AoCP)– so I don’t have the SuperNexus screen in front of me, but I believe there is or may be a setting either in Google Play Music or in the Lock Screen menu to display the music controls above the (pattern is what I used) lock screen menu. . (I think I used it before while running!)

                Keep playing with the rom -you will find all the options and while this is deliberately a simple, “vanilla” rom, there are many options that can be adjusted. I do like the stability and the reliability of SuperNexus, it is great.

                Right now I am really trying the Collective 4.1.2 since the thread claims (as all of them seem to these days!) better battery life, also a few more features that AOKP and CM had introduced, but which were missing from stock 4.1 Android. Also it has the 4.2 camera as an optional OTA update. (That is the camera with the bubble effect –if it can be made to work correctly. . . kind of interesting! Also I have added the new Android 4.2 keyboard which has its own swype style in it.)

                But you can even download and use these 4.2 features and use them with SuperNexus (and also the newest play store and the newest gallery (yuk with advertisements!) so that is not critical for a change of rom!)

  33. markbc says:

    Hey Max, I bumped into another JB ROM for our phone –
    [ROM] 4.1.2~Jellybean~AoCP CP 4.4~The Collective (11/09/2012)
    would it be possible for you to review it? (Or, if you don’t think it is ready for prime time -then let us know that too 😉

    thanks in advance!

    • markbc says:

      i used “The Collective” rom for about a week. It has super customizable features and is very straight forward and easy to set up! Work very well –very stable as well. Unfortunately, I found that for me it burned through the batteries very quickly. I was getting 5 hours of battery life for it, with GPS, email, pulse/news360, etc. reading and some web browsing. Since I have 7 batteries, this was ok, but I got tired of the very quick battery down to 15% notice and ultimately reflashed to SuperNova with its better (but not great) battery life!

      hope this helps!

  34. Carlos M says:

    I have the GS2 from AT&T but it says SGH-I727, will it still work?

    • vkaidan says:

      I don’t think it will work because you have the Galaxy sII Skyrocket. Try looking for a ROM specifically for that model. XD

    • markbc says:

      HI @Carlos

      @vkaidan is right – don’t flash this rom! It won’t work -it will create problems for your phone!

      Most every ROM is model specific. Even the Galaxy S2 ROMs from Sprint & T-Mobile won’t be able to work on our SGH-I777 roms. yet they are all Galaxy S2! ;-(

      OK, so in almost all cases roms are very, very phone specific -and your phone is NOT a SGH-i777 your phone is the SGH-i727, a good phone, but different. So please don’t use this rom!

      So, here is a link to XDA website. That website is a great source for finding roms and information on your phone -how to do anything with it. Be warned, since XDA is a bit “techie” in their approach, but it is also a great place for you to find Galaxy sII Skyrocket SGH-I727 roms (open the link and look for the threads that have [rom] in the beginning of them). Also it is great place to learn about your phone. There are tons of threads talking about everything you could possibly want. (The link I provided is to development -that is where the roms are (and you likely can’t post there yet). If you go to that site you will see there also are general information pages that everyone can post to and get into as well. So this should be helpful, but time consuming. (I don’t think there is a site like Max’s for the Skyrocket -sorry!)
      SO here is the SKYROCKET SGH-727 WEBSITE LINK:

      good luck -and please don’t try a SGH-i777 ROM, even though they both say Galaxy S2, they are really different phones! .

  35. Chase says:

    I followed all your directions to the T. After rooting and installing all recommended software my ICS phone it crashed/bricked when installing CwM recovery.. Looking online I found a lot of complaints with CWM crashing/bricking phones. I was able to bring my phone back by DL gingerbread from your site. So now I am stuck on ginger bread. What do we do now that CWM is junk? Not even you ICS link works.

    • markbc says:

      sorry to reply so late, but I was traveling and away.
      I am surprised that you have problems, since CWM (Clock Work Mod) is really very reliable. But if you have flashed CWM twice and sitll had problems with it, the I recommend you use an alternative: here are two alternative options:
      — the first is TWRP and
      — the second is Mr. Robinson’s recovery app.

      You can google these and find each in XDA website –hope this helps you! 😉

  36. carlos says:

    when i connect my phone to the computer it says it doesn’t recognize it, how can i fix this problem?

    • vkaidan says:

      Try re-installing the device drivers on your computer, if that doesn’t work, try different usb cables and plugging them into different USB ports on your computer. I just had this problem yesterday with an infuse that I was rooting. I finally got it to work by switching to a different USB port! Good luck!

  37. carlos says:

    I just installed this rom, but have some issues like the auto-rotate of the screen is tanking longer than usually or stays in landscape mode, the only way to change this is to push the home button and open the program again :S
    The other thing is how I can add more screen to the phone? where i can that option, in ICS to add a screen i just have to make the move of zoom out and i can add the screen and organize my screens

    • markbc says:

      I am not sure you can add more screens… I am back on this ROM and I looks to me like you can add more screens to the rom than the native five. EXCEPT that if you use a different launcher (go, Nova, or other JB Launchers, you can add as many screens as your want!)

      hope this helps

  38. Sami says:

    I don’t know how other People Like this ROM but in my sgh-i777 works better then any other ROM i ever Install in my phone and it is really fast. Better then Stock GB better then Stock ICS. Build 4 battery life wan not satisfied but in Build 5 was improved witch is really good battery life.

  39. Sami says:

    Sorry for misspelling.

  40. markbc says:

    I 100% agree with you! This is the best rom for our phone I have found. I did turn off Google’s Now feature since I think it burns up the battery too much for what it delivers. However this rom is stable, smooth, delivers the phone and computing features one would want. Other roms have more features -I spent a week on another rom and it was nice -all of the bells and whistles– but the battery life was terrible, the phone every now and then would lock up or freeze and the maintenance I needed to keep on the phone made the rom not worth keeping. So I switched back to this rom and I get great(er) battery life, smooth operations and dependable performance all of the time!

    Very good!

  41. vkaidan says:

    Everyone seems to be getting great battery life with this ROM, but for me, it is like half of what I got with stock ICS… Are there settings I should change to help prolong the battery life? Should I try reflashing the ROM? (I have two batteries that I’ve tried, one being brand new, and I’m getting the same results.) I’ve also installed advanced task killer and constantly kill all apps when I’m not using them. I love the ROM, but it stinks to have the battery die after a half day of moderate use (checking email, playing music, Facebook, the occasional game) :/ Do you have any suggestions? @markbc

    • markbc says:

      Hi @Vkaidan!

      I know exactly how you feel -once the rom works well, the issue always seems to focus on the battery! Also i am no expert, and have some good days and some bad days with battery usage.

      I did try better battery stats to see what was keeping the phone running and burning up the battery –looked for “wake locks” and “partial wake locks,” but this became too technical and I simply didn’t have the time (don’t have the time) to bore down and learn how to capture the battery issue that well. So, too, with kill programs/task managers.

      My feeling is that, overall, this rom really is pretty good on the battery –especially when compared to other ROMS. But here is what I found for me.

      Last week I tried a different rom –the Collective, which has nice features but with everything running all the time, it was a stretch to even get to 5 hours! So I went back to SuperNExus, but instead of restoring my Nandroid backup, I factory reset/cache/dalvik and reloaded the ROM with nothing else.
      I stripped out everything except the ROM, and then slowly added back apps to see what made the battery burn faster.

      OK, this process required patience –because when you first “reflash” the rom again (and don’t let Google restore your programs) at first you still have to let the phone ROM “settle” for a day or two -you can use it, but you will still see that the ROM will burn the battery at the “old” faster rate.

      But then -after two or three recharges (days) it will seem to be better (meantime, you will be going nuts because you have not loaded back all the things you normally use!)
      (I cheated and added back a couple of programs anyway… 😉

      So I did this and got back to a best time of just about 7 hours when doing the following activities:
      reading (roughly 1.5-2 hours total a day of pulse/news360/flipboard/amazon kindle/usa today)
      listening (roughly 1 hour a day of amazon mp3, Tunin radio, Pandora)
      video (roughly 10-20 minutes a day of Youtube or some news articles or simply video)
      email & text editing (roughly 30 minutes a day each)
      photo taking (& auto upload to dropbox) (roughly 10 pix a day – maybe one video ~3-5 minutes
      phone calls & text msgs (roughly 4 calls @ 10-15 minutes, maybe 1x 20+m and 1-2 TMS daily)
      GPS, or web searches for addresses while out and about: ( ~ 1x every 2 days for each)

      I think that this type of use is “medium-to-heavy,” with many of these activities done at the same time, resulted in the following:

      — I can get from unplugging at about 9am to 15% at about 4pm (or maybe even 5pm if I use it less),
      — but sometimes I am already down to 15% at 3pm.! it is not always consistent.

      For me very good usage is 7 hours,
      OK/good usage is 5-6 hours of *heavier* use (more GPS and media), and
      anything less than 5 hours in any case, is bad.

      I think I am a medium to heavy user with the activities and times.
      No games and no social media per se.

      I also found that –regardless of the ROM– when I used Google NOW my battery usage was much more –for me it G-Now is a battery hog. I disabled Google Now and seem to get a bit better battery.

      I found that using fewer programs with geo-tags, or using my location helped (I suppose I could simply turn off my gps, but I kind of like just turning it on and forgetting it)

      I reduced the weather programs I had on my phone and that made a difference -also reduced the pulsing for the one weather program I did use (weatherbug)

      I reduced the pulsing where I could for news programs. let them sync and wake up on when I started the app. (some won’t let you do that ;-(

      The video camera burns the battery up big time. No getting around that.

      As to kill programs/task managers, well I don’t like them much -they seem to run all the time by default and I wonder if they are not burning more than they save. I do press the home key and unload (swipe away) programs from the list every now and then, unless I am flipped between programs in which case the home key is a great task manager/ program swapper.

      I also used Juicedefender (and still have it); but sometimes I think that even Juicedefender is not so hot. RIght now I am comparing a week without using it to a week of using it and then will let you know.

      So, to sum up for me:

      -everyone will really get different battery usage depending on how they operate the phone and how their local cell-towers and phone networks. May it is just my impression, but everyone also seems to “stretch” their usage claims a bit. I rarely read people writing about how poor their battery usage was (like mine was in collective rom, whew! nice rom but 3 or more batteries a day is a bit much!)
      -even I re-read my post here and felt I had to cut back on my times a bit I initially was adding an extra half hour to me “norms,” but the more I considered it the more I felt it was a bit lower on average. It seems that we want to remember and claim only the best times. 😉 But the reality is that some days are better than others.

      – If the ROM gets hot and consistently seems to have bad battery life, then try to see what programs you were using prior to that starting -or did you add something that triggered this. I have done that and even when I could not find the source -I simply reflashed -or even just cleared the cache, the dalvik and fixed permissions to see if that made a difference. (sometimes yes, sometimes no!)

      – keeping an eye on which programs pulse the net a lot does help. For me it is mostly news services and weather services and Dropbox/ Evernote! Sometimes the social media programs (maybe) Watching or adjusting how they connect to the net can help if you reduce the amount of time they access the network.

      – running less features really does make a difference! Google Now (which btw seems great until you actually need it -I was traveling last week and it spewed out all sorts of local junk, but nothing helpful. I prefer the “Google Local” app which is more direct,controllable and used only when you want). ROM features matter -the less rom activity the better for battery (of course you will need to let the ROM do what it can for all of the features you like!)

      OK, now you know everything I know about battery life. I have three different types (brands) of SGS2 batteries and they all seem a bit different as well. The original Samsung ones seem a bit less hearty, but do have the nfc capability (which I have not used much btw!)

      Good Luck! and don’t forget, if the only problem with the rom is battery life, that’s pretty good!

      • vkaidan says:

        @markbc Thanks for the reply! I’m going to try to watch which apps use the most battery, maybe I can get more out of it!

        • markbc says:

          I do that too! Recently I noticed that I had gone down to about 15% in only 4 hours! (Of course I had been tethering, and also some video and phone calls and reading -so I was not too surprised). However, I decided to see how long the battery would actually last and continued to use it. I went shopping, out for an appointment and then home for some hours. Generally very light usage for the latter part of the day and the phone battery was still alive at about 5% AFTER FOUR MORE HOURS!
          So I got a total of 8 hours on that charge, but it varies –a lot– because of usage. And even if it appears that you are burning through your battery fast initially, check what you are running and see if a slow down in heavy consumption will result in better life.

          Of course, sometimes you can’t control how you are using the phone -you must do some tasks or functions. But knowing that the phone burns through battery only when heavy use is occurring is a good data point!

  42. Leo says:

    Hello! First of all, thanks for the great ROM, everything is fast and error-free. However, I have encountered an issue that have not been mentioned so far in the comments, regarding the auto brightness function.

    After booting up for the first time after flashing the rom, auto brightness was working correctly. However, after I locked and unlocked the screen for the very first time using the power button (2 fast clicks), the auto brightness stopped working and just stayed at a very dim level (the same brightness as the lock screen when you wake the phone).

    I tried toggling to different brightness modes using the quicksettings panel, and even rebooting the phone did not solve this issue. Have anyone else come across this issue at all?

    Actually one other thing: the rom I was using previously was the ultimatum ICS rom, and in it’s contacts settings there was an option to display only contacts with phone numbers. However, this option no longer exist on this rom. Is this normal? I can’t imagine a pretty useful feature like that not being a stock feature.

    • markbc says:

      For the brightness, I did not see any problems when I use the rom!
      One thing you might try is a program LUX. i found it when I tried the Collective Rom and then got the full app and it works very nicely for controlling the screen brightness. Also you can adjust it or tune it to learn how to keep a specific brightness level -try it!

      Don’t think the standard vanilla Nexus rom allows display only contacts with phone#s, so this rom copies the stock Nexus style (I think!).

      • Leo says:

        Thanks for the reply,

        I think I commented too quick, as the auto brightness did function correctly. It just doesn’t change to a different brightness as quick/much as the previous roms I used.

        As for the phone-number only contact list, it’s actually located on the right most tab in the dialer (the person icon), in case anyone else needed that function.

  43. ALEJANDRO says:

    I couldnt calibrate my battery after I installed this rom, I hope that someone can help me with this

  44. Rahul says:

    Hey. The build 5 is amazing. Just one quick question – Does this support MHL/HDMI???

    • markbc says:

      I tried to connect it using the Galaxy S2 HDMI connector and could not get it to work ;-(
      So I am thinking no –unless I am doing something wrong!

  45. Amol Walekar says:

    Just installed last night and I must say it runs very smooth. Other than a few freezes and one crash, it has behaved well. One thing I do notice is that when I’m viewing a webpage following a google search or just regular browsing, it tends to go back a page on it’s own without me touching anything. Don’t know if it is related to the rom or it’s just my phone messing up. Anyone care to chime in?

  46. Dbond says:

    First off thanks, the Super Nexus ROM seems to be working well. Have a newbie ?; with AT&T the phone auto connected to AT&T wifi hotspots such as Starbuck’s and other locations, is there a way to get this feature back on a rooted phone (i777)?

  47. gs says:


    This Rom works very well and pretty smooth.

    I only have one reservation, Quora doesnt work, the body of the quora app, always shows that the page cannot be loaded, while everything else works. any workaround?. Installed it on att galaxy s2.

  48. michael rubio says:

    i dont know whats up with my phone but i dont get the yellow triangle anymore. it randomly disappeared one day. OK so heres the real problem, i recently bought a new sandisk micro sd 32gb class 10, for some reason it shows its empty but wont save anything to it and i cant even unmount or format! any ideas ?

  49. Nitesh says:

    I installed this ROM and I see missing toggles in notification bar. is this ROM like that or something wrong with ROM.

  50. vkaidan says:

    Hey, just a quick question. Have you tried flashing Gapps 4.2 onto your phone? I just did it and am having trouble with video recording from the back camera and the music player. Please reply, thanks! @markbc

  51. Harsh Chandarana says:

    I have the build 4 on my phone, and had the latest gapps.. Phone was working completely fine, until yesterday when my phone won’t start any applications, so I decided to reboot. But not the phone is stuck on the X for hours. It won’t start. I’m able to go into recovery mode though.. Is there anyway I can get it to work??

    Please reply ASAP!

  52. venkat says:

    Hi markbc/Micheal,
    its my first time trying to tweak my phone…so excuse me for my little knowledge abt this stuff.. should i root my phone first to do this? or does this process take care of the rooting as well? If I have to root my phone then based on the article for rooting my i777, I would be having siyah 3.4.2. So will SuperNexus work on top of siyah 3.4.2? Also, during the root process can I include any other kernel or does that root process work only siyah kernel.. pls help..

    • markbc says:

      Just saw your post from early last month. Not sure if you’re following it now or not. Sorry I did not reply –I have been using SHOstock3, another (very good) Jelly Bean rom for this time, so I have not checked back here.
      #1. [Q. Should I root?]
      Well, if you have been using your phone and have no interest in changing it more than superficially, then no. You can change the appearance simply by downloading another LAUNCHER from the Google Play store. You can try launchers like ADW or GO or some others and then customize the screen displays without changing the roms or even rooting!
      However, if you are interested in bumping up the capabilities -to newer versions of Andriod and some (relatively interesting but not so major) improvements in what your phone does and how it does it, well then rooting the phone is a really big step on that patch.

      #2. Q. [Does loading this rom root your phone or do you need to do that first?]
      NO flashing or loading this rom does NOT root your phone and you DO need to do that first before changing to any other rom!

      #3. After rooting would I have Siyah3.4.2 (kernel) and would that work with SuperNexus.
      After rooting, you will likely have a different or modified kernel, and I think the type of kernel you have won’t really matter for loading (“flashing”) SuperNexus onto your phone. Roms usually have their own kernel –or are packaged with a specific kernel, so when you flash you will normally lose the old kernel. Some kernels and roms are better together and many people first load a new rom and then, even before rebooting load a special or new kernel on top of the new rom because they like that new kernel some how. Finally, some kernels don’t work well together and that may limit the ability to even flash a new rom for a while. Usually people worry about getting a rom working well, THEN then start wanting to “tweak” that (new) rom by changing the kernel for more versatility or “firepower” 😉
      #4. [Q. During the rooting process can I included any other kernel or not?] Yes! as I said above you can do this process: first root the phone, second download the new rom you want to load on it, third download GAAPS (if the rom developer says you need to in the instructions –some roms don’t have Google apps pre-built in and some do. For those roms that don’t have Google apps you NEED to load a GAAPs file AFTER you load the rom –or you won’t have play store, email and other vital apps!) OK, fourth download the fancy new kernel that you want to use with the new rom –if you don’t do this, don’t worry, the rom has a good kernel anyway so really there is not need.

      After you’ve downloaded all these files (ROM, gaaps(maybe), KERNEL) then go to recovery and do a factory reset (Don’t worry you data is still safe), clear the cache, clear the Dalvik cache (advanced menu) and then go to the install file menu (Install from internal SD ususally) and then find the new rom and select it to install. when that is done you will still be in the install menu, so go and install gaaps (if needed), after that you still will be at the install menu so go and install your new kernel (it won’t hurt the rom or gaaps!) and then you will still be at the install menu! Back out and restart the phone and . . . .wait .. . wait…wait. New roms take a really long time to load into the system the first time ESPECIALLY Super Nexus! (It is the slowest set-up/load rom ever!) DOn’t worry if you are waiting 5 minutes -maybe more. It will eventually start. After that it will start normally (well, not as fast as some roms, but not so slowly) and you are done

      based on the questioned you asked I would say just go ahead try using different launchers first -you can really customize your phone screens and actions without any harm or risk to your phone. IF you want to fundamentally change the capabilities of the phone, then go ahead and root it and flash a rom like SuperNexus (or SHOStock3). I don’t think either one needs gaaps and they both have great kernels. After playing/working these for a while then go ahead and try a new kernel or two to see how you like the performance change.

      Sorry this was late, hope you see it!
      good luck!

  53. Eli says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m curious if this ROM is still running smooth? I really want to try it but just want to make sure its still running well.

    Thanks in advance…

  54. B Good says:

    Will this ROM support a 64 GB microsd card? How about the MHL interface (USB-to-HDMI output)?

  55. markbc says:

    not sure, I think I tried the HDMO out before in an older version and could not get it working, but others may have more info on this. . .

  56. kapil says:

    Hello i have flahsed the rom and super nexus but the problem is it is taking more than 25 mins and i am not able to go back to that screen where i came from which has the options like clear cache etc even though i tried to use odin and flash cf root it still not letting me go please help

    • markbc says:

      Hi @kapil sorry you are having that problem ;-(

      Introduction: I will try to give you some tips that I know, but I am no expert, so if it does not work be prepared to do some Google searches ;-). Also, there are very good and detailed instructions on the XDA website (htt p:// for fixing your phone when you are stuck and even if you are “bricked

      (of course Max’s site here has tons of information too! So if this does not help you, then don’t panic 😉

      1. FIRST:
      a. The name of the screen that you can’t get back to – the screen that has options like: “factory reset”/”clear cashe”/”instal rom” is called the: RECOVERY MENU.

      b. A program called CLOCKWORKMOD installed that recovery menu, so you will hear people will say “go to recovery” or “go to the CWM (clockworkMod) recovery menu.” OK that’s all we need now how to get started…

      2. SECOND:
      a. Turn off your phone

      b. Next reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by doing the following:
      –HOLD DOWN THE VOLUME UP BUTTON and the DOWN BUTTON at the same time
      — then, while still holding down both volume UP and volume DOWN,
      (SO hold all three (volume up/volume down/power) buttons together)

      c. Your phone will start once, but still KEEP HOLDING THE BUTTONs!! Then your phone will restart again and finally will get into the recovery screen.

      3. THIRD (restore a backup)
      a. at this menu, select “clear cache” and do it. Next select “Factory Reset” and do it. Next go to the advanced menu and select “clear Dalvik cache” and do it.

      b. OK, stay in the advanced menu and go to BACKUP-RESTORE. This is known as the “NANDROID BACKUP program. (I don’t even know why!). And now you should go into the backup-retore menu and then go to the RESTORE Menu.

      c. Select restore and you will see (I Hope) at least one or maybe two restore points –just like in windows. Select the latest one and the run it. IF all goes well in about 10 minutes you will be back at your rooted phone with the old stock rom.

      d. This assumes that you did a backup after rooting. It is very important to ALWAYS do a backup before flashing a new rom –and sometimes just to ensure you have a working backup for your rom on the phone.

      4. FOURTH (reflash)

      a. if you did not do any backup, and can’t find any backup in nandoid backups, well that happens. Not good, but it happens! In that case I would recommend two options.

      b. IF you don’t see any backups, then you should try to reflash the rom. This time you have made sure that you have CLEARED THE CACHE, done a FACTORY RESET and also CLEARED THE DALVIK CACHE so the odd of having a good installation for the rom are higher!

      c. So after not finding any backups, go ahead and clear all the caches, then go to install from sd card again. Then STAY THERE AND FLASH GAAPS file ( google apps) and THEN you can restart.

      d. let the rom try to start for about 10 minutes and maybe 15 minutes. If it does not start, then pull the battery and restart again. It should start in about 10-15 minutes. If it STILL does not start, then you probably have a bad download of the rom. See #5

      5. FIFTH (reroot)
      a. If nothing works, then you may have to re-root your phone, or restore it to stock rom and start all over again.

      b. I don’t think you can do this from the recovery menu, I think you need to get to the download mode.

      c. To get to download mode do this:
      – Pull the battery and leave it out.
      – Hold down volume button and plug in the USB cable. (PC will supply the power)
      – This should boot the phone into download mode.

      d. Then you can use odin to re-root again or to restore to stock rom

      e. I put a link for XDA site where others had a similar (but not the same) issue. That site may help you to get through this is what I wrote does not help!
      ht tp://
      (delete the space between the two “t” in http!)

      Good Luck!

  57. Cristhian says:

    I connect my galaxy normally to charge it, i enter to the debbug options and i put something that make my Galaxy dont stop rebooting, and when i connect to the pc its has recognized but i cant see any information of my galaxy, PLEASE HELP!!

  58. Mak says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have rooted my SGH – i777 following ur video, after rooting i have applied the Super nexus build 5 and gapps, now my phone is locked and is asking for a network sim. It was working fine for past 1 yr.. and now i m not sure what to do ?? Please help..

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