Task650 AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! [Best ROM]

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Here’s an updated AOKP Jelly Bean ROM by XDA developers Task650 and Ktoonsez. We did feature their ICS version couple months back but now they are back with a Jelly Bean version.

The new Jelly Bean ROM is nearly “flawless” in every area that I’ve tested including a working Netflix/Hulu, Bluetooth audio, camera/camcorder and everything else. And it seems to have incorporate all the best features of AOKP’s official Build 2 and even more.

You can expect full standard AOKP Jelly Bean features with flawless, buttery-smooth experience with the new version (as it just came out yesterday) so don’t wait. If you AOKP is your thang, give this ROM a test drive for your AT&T Galaxy S2 and let me know how it goes for you!


Download Task650 & Ktoonsez Jelly Bean ROM

Download Gapps

Credits – XDA <----- Don't forget to donate to the developers if you like this ROM, thanks!

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115 Responses

  1. Markus says:

    hands down the best jb rom for SGH-I777. Smooth, responsive and everything works. Updates every couple of days with even further improvements. Battery life is mostly good but watch for apps running in the background.

    • Harsh says:

      I have problems with the settings! When ever I go to Device Settings, it crashes! I have the latest update to it! Can you help me out here?

  2. ralph maddeaux says:

    Is the a jellybean from that will find your external SD card ,I haven’t found one

  3. andreas says:

    worked great. just had to realize i needed to flash to the latest siyah kernel for the i777. tried initially with v3.5.1, but it wouldnt go. then i reinstalled without doing a post kernel install, and it worked, but no dual boot.
    then i got version v4.1.5 nomswap… and now i can dual boot again (sammy’s ICS as well a AOKP’s JB) without having to flash kernel… i’d say one kernel to rule them all = indeed

  4. Juan Carlos says:

    Maybe one of the most complete AOKP-JB Rom right now. I tested for a couple weeks and work great, including Task and partner solve the permanent fault of the USB Mass Storage connection. They imp[rove the ROM in every new update. I recommend this one and RootBox JB Rom. However. Task solve some issues not scope for RB yet.

  5. peter says:

    Hey so I’m currently using the SHOstock ICS rom and since the maps don’t work I am looking to put this rom on the phone instead. I have not installed Samsung’s ICS as I never reverted back to stock to do the update and was wondering if someone could please describe how I should go about putting this rom on my phone. Think of me as incredibly dumb, and clicked all the buttons until my current rom somehow ended up on my phone. Relevant data about my phone to follow and I really appreciate any and all help anyone can give:
    Build number XWLP7SHOstock2-2.2.2
    Kernel version 3.0.35-Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap+ktoonsez@ktoonsez-VirtualBox) )
    Baseband version: I777UCPC5
    Android version: 4.0.3

  6. R.Dash says:

    After installing this ROM: (using the luncher NOT the Nova luncher)
    – Automatic Display Brightness does not work for me.
    – I had a few wi-fi disconnection
    – CPU speed set in Performance section of the ROM is not working properly.

    Stable so far and fast.

  7. Zack says:

    hey guys, do you know if any of these jellybean roms support mhl? Or have I just failed t hook it up correctly. I am still on the Super Nexus rom that Max originally posted. Any clues?

  8. dushan says:


    Max how to install adobe flash player 11i tried not working

  9. Miguel says:

    Is the back button not supposed to work or did I do something wrong when I flashed the rom

  10. AndyM says:

    Everything is looking good on my i777, really nice ROM.
    But like R Dash:
    Using launcher (not NOVA) the autodim doesn’t seem to be working properly. It can be selected but doesn’t react to ambient light levels.

    Other than that everything is good (battery, speed), love Google Now.

  11. lectron8 says:

    Did not like it, went back to JB build 1, Task650 had no oc so I flashed Siyah-s2-v4.0.1 and lost my back button and search button along with no call audio. Build 1 is the best so far.

  12. John says:

    If you set anything in animation manager and phones reboots, TW and Nova launchers force closes without end. It’s junk!!!

  13. Patrick says:

    This ROM is compatible with siyah kernel? I want dual boot.

    • ncr says:

      yes it is compatible. 9.24 build has different kernel, so after installing the 9.24 build rom, i just flashed my siyah 4.1.1 kernel back.

  14. Jonathon says:

    I flashed this ROM a few hours ago and it was the biggest mistake ever. The Android ID was changed and I couldn’t get back on Google’s network to get my stuff back. CWM was screwed up and I couldn’t recover anything with it. Luckily, I had Titanium and re-installed the ROM Manager app so I could flash the old CWM. Using that, I was able to get back to my previous backup. It was a pretty good ROM until I realized how screwed I had become. I don’t know how any of you got this to work with no problems. I did a backup, wiped the data, cache, and Dalvik caches, and installed this ROM and the gapps zip files. I had no kind of store app at all. If I didn’t have a brain and Titanium, I’d still be screwed. If anyone has a way to do this right, please reply

  15. Rednine says:

    I’m reading this entitled AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!, but at the bottom in red, it says
    NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Galaxy S2! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible! ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Galaxy S2!
    Huh? I’m a noob, easilly frightened by the word “brick”. Please explain.

    • Eugenio says:

      I would think that at the beggining, this site was only for verizon-based galaxy sII, and they copy-pasted that note since then… it is for I777.

  16. Justin says:

    Rednine, I’m hardly an expert but have been rooting/unrooting my Galaxy SII for months. This is just my take on it. “Brick” is essentially a loose term equating your phone to a giant useless paperweight. Obviously right.
    But in slightly more technical terms it means it’s important to use only ROMS suited for your version and carrier as not doing so could render the device’s firmware useless (‘firmware’ being the hardware code that tells your phone how to boot or negotiate the input of data), so much to the point that you are unable to do anything with the phone, flash roms, root/unroot. Nothing but possibly boot it into download mode (and then you have to hope it connects in Odin and then hope you have a kernel/ROM to repair it). Granted, if you use the appropriate ROM for your carrier and version. You should be fine. Horror stories about “bricking” are usually just due to the ill prepared and not the guy who followed the “incredibly specific” instructions. Trust me, I’ve been both ha. The best advice is to make sure to install clockwork mod. That once piece of software (as it were) has brought me back from what would have been an inescapable bricking numerous times.

    Also, regarding this ROM, I tried to install through clockwork mod without using the wipe date/factory reset option and it hung at the splash screen (“Initiating Swagger”) – but after rebooting back into clockwork mod I chose the wipe data/factory reset option and re-installed – works like you would not believe. The best ROM I have used to date – hands down.

    • Rednine says:

      Ha thanks for that! I am familiar with the term, brick, I was referring to the Verizon / AT&T discrepancy. If this web site is only for Verizon …….
      I’m just a bit gun shy. I rooted last weekend, and immediately downloaded ROM Manager and hit backup, then chose my phone type and… BRICK! Luckily I got it into download mode and unrooted, then rooted again, and I’m afraid to touch anything any more. I would like to try Jellybean, but I’ve never flashed a ROM. I can’t seem to copy anything to the root folder. Do you have to do that on your pc?

      • Justin says:

        Ahhh, gotcha – I thought the “Verizon” part might have been what you were referring to but I didn’t see it. This ROM is most certainly for the AT&T Galaxy SII i777 (US Version). I’m pretty certain that Max (site author) just copied that warning section from his initial Verizon ROMS forum. It’s at the bottom of all of the ROM screens below the video no matter what carrier section you go to T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/AT&T etc. That sucks about your brick incident though. I had the “Exact” same experience my first time rooting and then I luckily found a stock rooted kernel package on one of the xda forums that actually worked in Odin and brought me back to life. After that I was crazy gun shy as well, but I decided to jump back in (as is in my resilient nature ha) but when I did, I chose a kernel/ROM package that included clockwork mod. That has been my safety net ever since. Clock Work mod has gotten me out of absolutely Everything that could possibly go wrong with a ROM/kernel. I would honestly just download Clockwork Mod .tar first, install it through the BootLoader option in Odin, then back up your current (working) ROM, then start playing around with installing new ROMS. If you install one and turn the phone on and anything doesn’t work, or you just don’t like it, reboot into Clockwork Mod and restore your old ROM, it’s that simple. I hope this helps, I was pumped about ICS and that’s what prompted me to jump into ROMS and then Jellybean reignited that flame ha.

        As for your not being able to copy anything to root problem, I’m not quite sure. I did have that same issue, but the solution that worked for me was to reinstall my Kies drivers, take out the remove the battery, reinsert the battery, plug in and see if you can copy anything then.

  17. chris says:

    hi max i am stuck on recovery for some reason when i try to wipe data or restore cwm doesnt do anything what can i do it just stays there but not performing anything

  18. Francisco Amestoy says:

    Just as someone said, “performance” in ROM Control setting is a disaster regarding CPU frequencies (max is min and vice versa). Had to put SetCpu to fix it, not sure if worked since my battery life seems worse than when I had AOKP ICS. Airplane mode, when switched from power menu freezes, causing that you can’t turn it back on
    (Although the plane symbol dissapear, the network doesn’t come til reboot). Had to put a widget for that. Everything else seems to work fine, gallery doesn’t have pics preview at the bottom anymore (when you are watching a particular picture).
    That swagger thing was unnecessary.

    I don’t know if I’m using the latest version, but found that this ROM is worse compared with AOKP ICS. Any ideas to convince me why should I still have it? ( I mean, does anyone found improvements from AOKP ICS to this version, that justified the change?)

  19. Rednine says:

    Well I tried it out and first off couldn’t find a way to get to “my files” like in ics. So when I finally got a file manager loaded, I went to my external SD card and it said it was empty. I’ve got everything on that card, so kinda a deal breaker there. I tried another with the same result. I panicked and hit restore. Lol I just want a nicerom that isn’t full of bugs. I’m new at this, and it just seems odd how many different bugs appear for different people. Is there a rom worth leaving stock ics?

  20. Martin says:

    Does anyone here have problems with GPS? Mine seems to be always in search mode.

  21. Ells Downing says:

    Definitely go to the thread and download direct from there especially for the most up to date version. The one posted here is 9/22/12 and the most up to date as of now its 9/28/12.

    Great Rom!!!! Love it.

  22. Lafayette says:

    so whats the abosolute correct link to the correct kernel i need to run this rom…. kinda lost? can someone help plz and thank you

  23. Justin says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with the 9/28 update, during update (using AOKP updater app) in clockwork mod I was GI in an error code “Status 7” and then given my Samsung splash screen with the triangle. I had to boot into clockwork mod and reinstall the 9/24 update to get it it to work again. Any ideas?

  24. Deepak says:

    Hey Hello All & Admin :

    I successfully flashed this ROM from 2.3.4 after rooting using zedo max.. I followed all this step:
    #1. do a Tintanium Backup of all APPs (not system files or system data)
    #2. download this ROM and download the JB GAAPS
    #3. re-boot into recovery
    #4. do factory reset
    #5. do clear cache
    #6. do clear Dalvik cache (found on advanced menu in some CM versions)
    #7. chose the install /flash file menu
    #8. find and flash/install the rom
    #9. repeat step #8 exactly -just to be sure
    #10. chose the install/ flash menu for GAAPs
    #11. find and flash / install gaaps
    #12. reboot the phone
    #13. log into Google
    #14. your phone may recover all programs from Google if you chose that before if not
    #15. download and install Titanium Backup and then restore all missing apps with data (NOT NOT
    anything system -do not restore system files or system data -that won’t work well).
    that’s how I do it.

    Evry thing is fine … But WIFI is not working .. It is trying to get connected and getting switched off,, Please help…

    • peter says:

      Hey Deepak – if I don’t have the correct kernel installed on my phone, what step would be flashing the correct one? And someone above said I needed Mic Swap for Siyah not nonswap, what is that exactly and where do I find the file / how do I “flash” it? I’m assuming just put it in zip format onto the phone, boot into recovery and install it…

      • Deepak says:

        Hey.. Just like you rooted your mobile.. just choose the file that you downloaded for Kernel.. It must be available in this forum or some where in XDA.. And flash thru odin .. I think thats the safest way to flash kernel.. And the kernel which comes with this ROM.. is great actually.. SOrry I am not aware about Swaps.. Thanks..

    • peter says:

      Also, on the xda page:


      If you click Jelly Bean FAQ, it says it uses the “Fluxi XX” Kernel – how does that differ from the “mic swap siyah kernel” and which do I actually need to use?

  25. Sajeev Nair says:

    The best rom i’ve installed .
    Insane battery life with the selective wifi feature. My nokia phone (N95) had this before i switched to samsung s ii . There is an option in wifi setting where you can make it use the wifi only when the phone is awake, other times it uses the data plan for push and messages. I don’t know if this feature existed on other roms.

  26. Sajeev Nair says:

    Try factory reset after you have installed the rom.

  27. Deepak says:

    Sanjeev Thanks a lot Man!!!! Really u r gr8!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jelly says:

    Hey Guys,

    I would vote this ROM the BEST ROM, Can anyone help me with this qn..

    Is there a setting to sync your fb calendar(Birthdays) in this ROM? If yes pls direct me..

  29. Eugenio says:

    Hey, so I REALLY need help with all this, I currently have the I777 phone with 2.3.4, kernel version, currently rooted. What are the steps I need to take to install this rom? Can it be installed through ODIN? Thanks a bunch, guys!

    • Eugenio says:

      Oh, and I don’t know if this is important, but, I am in Mèxico, Carrier is Telcel… These guys will block your phone if IMEI gets screwed (that happened to me with an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S).

  30. lectron8 says:

    OK so I gave it a try again using the latest 9.28.2012ver from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574718. It seems ok, but the kernel is still not over clockable , and I tried to flash both fluxi-xx-I777-7-6-2012.zip and Siyah-s2-v4.1.5-CWM and had problems. I still think aokp_i777_jb-build-1-20120824.zip is a better rom.

  31. wuiston says:

    i like this rom is very good, but I’d like a miui jelly bean better than cmiui

  32. Markus says:

    New version 10/02 is out. A few more improvements. If you have a rooted SGH-I777 you don’t need to flash another kernel before flashing this ROM, the kernel is included. If you want another you would have to flash that afterward, but I have heard of problems with this build with fluxi or siya. Again, so far this has been the best ROM for me, hands down. The first time you flash, I would recommend factory reset/wipe, for updates wiping cache and dalvik has been fine.

  33. lectron8 says:

    OK can you overclock this version? Does the camera work?

  34. Deepak says:

    when I reboot the phone.. total ram consumption is less than 300 MB.. but at the end of the day 900mb is occupied… Any solution to solve it.. Will moving apps from phone to memory help???

  35. Rednine says:

    So I’ve tried this rom and a few others, but I can’t really use them at all because I can’t seem to get them to see my external SD card. I’m still a noob, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something really stupid.

    • Deepak says:

      Download solid explorer , u will find your external SD…. Install you will see list of folders. then go back then u ll 3 demarcations , 1. internal 2. external; 3. USB . So have Solid Explorer installed.

      • Rednine says:

        Thanks so much. I’ll give that a shot. I restored because I apparently can’t live w/o my SD for five minutes. I also would like to thank Max and everyone else who helps us noobs out. It must take a lot of patience. Even with my limited experience I read some questions that make me smack my forehead.

  36. Deepak says:

    Hey Max/Anyone,
    Who have latest update Oct 2nd, Did u try Poweramp or MX player.. Both are getting stopped… when ever I start them.. ANy help will be highly appreciated…

  37. lectron8 says:

    OK I am trying this new version. Seems ok but I still can’t overclock. Don’t really care for the split screen. I do like the lock screen multiple targets capability. On another note to Deepak have you tried google play? I find it to be almost perfect.

    • Deepak says:

      Hey lectron8, Yeah I find it perfect , thank god I placed gapps.zip in after rom folder correctly,… So AOKP updater did the magic for me.. And yeah I am good with it.. The only prob I faced is downloading attachments from gmail was nt enabled, then downloaed gmail attachment plugin from google play.. splash and that also is solved… I am happy .. /m\ .. lets see the RAM management in this release .. in last release I was not happy with it every day I had to reboot 🙁

  38. Jeb Eldridge says:

    Is anyone else here getting data usage warnings from AT&T only days after the new billing cycle begins while using AOKP Jelly Bean variants? Its really annoying and I’ll probably have to revert to stock ROMs if this keeps going like this…

  39. Eugenio says:

    Is it my phone or do the colors seem too bright??

  40. Rednine says:

    Been running it for 2 days now. Awesome! The only problem is it wont send mms. It just says “sending” forever. I’m assuming I’m missing some bone head setting somewhere…

    • Rednine says:

      Oh ya and I can’t stand blue, so I change the signal icon to green, but it doesn’t change. 🙁

      • Neo says:

        Yes, I am not able to change the color too .. i was able to change the status bar color but the wifi, signal and battery indicator color dont seem to change …..

  41. Ne0 says:

    Thanks for this great JB ROM. I am loving it. Looks awesome ….

  42. Deepak says:

    Volume is so low in Oct 5th update 🙁 .. anyone has the same problem??

    • Neo says:

      what volume are you talking about? I cant find any problem as of now …. except for I am not able to figure out how to edit the no of desktop pages … i want to delete some of the pages as they are too many… which i cant figure out how …

      • Deepak says:

        If I play a music or video, Volume is very low in phon.. head fones its okay.. to reduce the no of screens just pinch the screen… you will get a chance… Thanks neo..

        • Deepak says:

          Solved the problem by myself.. I reset my volume settings and evry thing fine ….

          • simple_son says:

            Deepak, how did you “reset” the volume settings? I’m having the same problem. I actually switched Kernel’s from Fluxxi to Siyah to fix this. It did improve the volume, but it is still lower than it was on CM9 before flash.

    • Rednine says:

      No not really. A suggestion though, when using the update in settings it didn’t give me the option to reinstall gapps. So I had to go back to CWM and do it afterwards. No biggy but I kinda freaked when I had no gmail etc.

      • Neo says:

        Yeah I had to do the same thing … Gmail , gtalk never seemed to open … and I installed them again by going to CWM .. but I had to log in to all again …. that was a bit annoying ..

        • Deepak says:

          Guys,, One thing you have to do to get rid of all the problem is . place gapps.zip in afterrom folder in aokp.ota folder in ur internal memory u can find this folder… SO as soon as the new rom is updated , after the rom i sflashed gapps will be flashed automatically…

          • Neo says:

            @deepak thanks for that info … but i hav a question .. do we hav to re log into all google apps again when we update the rom and gapps gets flashed automatically when placed in thaat folder ????

            • Deepak says:

              No re logging is needed at all.. If you do it by proper procedure.. All you have to do is move gapps.zip to /aokp.ota/after-rom/ and AOKP updater/->setting->select Install files after ROM… I have never done log in again after updating Oct 2nd and 5th , Since I have done both the things mentioned above… Thanks

  43. Ken Potts says:

    i tried using AOKP-OTA Updater ver 3.01.. started download and whem finished got this message… Download complete . install update in cwm? i do yes … android upgrading …. 81… it rebooted then got error message.. “Unfortunately , AOKP OTA Updater Ver. 3.05 has stopped…ok” clicked on google play and it flashes but doesnt go to site. contacts gone .. reinstalled gapps… had log back into gmail to get google olay to work…. every time i reboot phone i get “Unfortunately , AOKP OTA Updater Ver. 3.05 has stopped… report or ok” click ok… how to i fix this????? this is the first time i have ever rooted… please help… thank you

  44. peter says:

    Max or anyone that can help,
    The JB is unusable on my S2. The MediaScannerService is working 24/7 draining my battery like crazy. Can anyone suggest what the solution for this is? I’ve rebooted, taken battery out, reloaded rom, etc and nothing works.

  45. KEN POTTS says:

    Unfortunately , AOKP OTA Updater Ver. 3.05 has stopped… anyone else get this from the new update? Keeps poping up.. No idea what to do

  46. lectron8 says:

    Max I want to thank you for all the help and guides, especially the videos. I have been following your advise for over a year and have really learned a lot. I really like your FB updates.
    I have been using this rom for a over a week and really like it, I just used the OTA to upgrade to 10-5 and was very pleased how well it worked.I really like the kill all button. My only complaint is Why is there no overclock kernel?

  47. Seshu says:

    I installed this ROM for my At&T i777. Everything is working flawlessly so far though i use basic features out of it. I ran into very strange issue that this ROM does not support telugu fonts (eenadu.net). I tried diffrent ICS and GB roms earlier and no issue with fonts.

    Can any one help me to get out of this issue. I tried everything i could but cannot get it working.

    Thanks, Seshu

  48. Deepak Prasad says:

    10/10 update is out , check it out guys… Updated CM .. 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 .. More surprises waiting…

  49. lectron8 says:

    Thanks Deepak, flashed it this morning, it was flawless, no need to restore anything.
    what surprises?

    • Deepak says:

      Butter smooth… and so on.. What else you need??

      • Ne0 says:

        @deepak I dont see an option to reject calls from unwanted numbers in this ROM and also not able to set up speed dial setting …. any idea where i can see this option ….

        • Rednine says:

          When you go to that number called and hit options, you can check All Calls to Voicemail, but it doesn’t seem to work.

        • Deepak Prasad says:

          As far as my r&d there is no in built facility to block calls, there are loads of apps in playstore for call blocker,, Enjoy it from some free bies…

  50. Varuna says:

    By mistake I installed ” Task650 AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! ” Rom to T-Mobile T989 phone. Now it is not booting at all. Even can’t go to Download mode.

    Please help if someone knows how to repair my t989 phone.

    • Deepak says:

      A wild guess ! to goto recovery mode in I777 WE do vol + n Vol – n power button.. try that.. not sure it will work.. but give a try .. and also Google xda sure you will find one case like this..

      • Varuna says:

        My phone is Samsung T989. And by pressing Vol +/- and power button doesn’t make any sense. No Display at all. Nothing will display even if i connect charger or to laptop.

        How to unbrick hard bricked phone ?

  51. Harsh says:

    I have problems with the settings! When ever I go to Device Settings, it crashes! I have the latest update to it! Can you help me out here? Also, it won’t let me have access to my emails! I cannot go into the play store! Won’t let me add an account on my email app! Please help me out!

    • Neo says:

      you gotto flash the google apps zip file after every update OR OR OR… its better if you put the google apps zip file in ur sd card folder aokp.uta/AFTER ROM and enable the install from after rom option in the AOKP settings … then all of that works fine ……….

  52. Neo says:


  53. peter says:

    So how do I get this rom to work??
    Wiped data/factory reset/cache/dalvik
    flashed rom, get status 7 originally, but since changing roms to a different ics one, it says it completed the aokp rom download
    flash gapps
    flash the siyah 4.1.5 kernel
    reboot and nothing happens, have to go back into recovery mode and reflash my old ics rom/kernel

  54. Rednine says:

    Just updated this morning using the built in rom updater. I’ve had no problems updating before. This time however, when I plug in, my phone wont charge, and media/download manager is eating up my battery like crazy. Did I mention I can’t charge my phone? Please suggestions b4 I’m dead in the water…..

    • Deepak says:

      Did you solve this problem? . I gotgotthe same problem too with 10/28 release.. mymyphone is not charging ..

      • Rednine says:

        Yes… it was an odd coincidence. My charger shorted out at the same time I updated. What are the odds! Try a different charger and cross your fingers. I’ve noticed that after a while on some of them, that the connection gets more and more loose over time. Especially if say your dog trips on the cord and sends your phone flying across the room. 🙂
        Car chargers are even more picky. For example, my wife’s works on her GS2 but not on mine.

  55. lectron8 says:

    Can somebody tell me if there is a kernel that is compatible with this rom that will let me overclock? and where to download? plz

  56. Disappointed says:

    Beware everyone make sure to check if your connected to wifi asa your around your access point. This Rom not only deleted su (noreason?) forgot my wifi network as i left my house and came back in. Ended up draining almost 4/4’s of my data usage even though im still pissed apart from that its an ok rom just make sure u know how to use!

  57. Rednine says:

    I’m really loving this rom. I really didn’t know much about Google Now, and didn’t really even open it. I had a doctors appointment the other day in my calendar, and as I was leaving work getting in my rig, a notification pinged and said “Time to leave for doctor’s appointment” it then showed my appointment time, and more importantly, travel time, and a link right there to Navigation. One tap and I was on my way. So innovative, convenient, and completely unexpected.

  58. Rednine says:

    I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who has a problem with the defaults that I set sticking. Usually its when opening an image file that constantly asks which app I want to use.

  59. Rednine says:

    The latest update says the camera is fixed. What camera?

    • Rednine says:

      So I did a factory reset wiped everything reflashed, and there the camera was. Nice. Went to use it today….. its gone. I dont really use stock camera apps any way, just thought I would throw this out there.

  60. trevor h says:

    Hey guys,
    I have an issue with the stock dialer in this rom. It doesn’t seem to use the t9 function correctly. It shows some of my contacts but only a few and then gives up. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find an answer for this. I already cleared the data and after several builds I have the same problem.

    Any suggestions?

  61. Luis says:

    Another 7 ROMs came up since this one was released… Is this still the BEST ROM ? Really ?
    I was wondering if Cyanogenmod isn’t a better options. Had a HTC with Cyanogenmod and NEVER saw a bug.
    Thanks for any reply.

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