Unnamed ROM – Best ROM of the Month for Rooted AT&T Galaxy S2!

The best ROM of the month for the AT&T Galaxy S2?  I would have to say it’s Unnamed ROM, which comes with a ton of features over stock, super-fast, and gives you free wifi-tethering/USB tethering.

The Unnamed ROM comes with Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers, another added plus.

Try it and let me know what you think, this is what I am using right now.

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27 Responses

  1. Arvin says:

    Hi, I have SGS2at&t version rooted on CWM kernel but on stock rom. I would like to know how to unroot and return to stock kernel so I can get rid of that yellow triangle om boot screen. I want to return my phone at walmart because im having problem with overheating, and a purple color on night pictures with flash on on still photos. Thanks in advance. ANd when i get my new replacement, what rom would u recommend for sgs2.. Thanks!

    • Sorry says:

      Sorry to say it, but if anyone looks at your phone closely they won’t be accepting a return. The reason you’re getting the yellow triangle is because you flashed a custom kernel/rom on your phone and in the process incremented the built in flash counter. Flashing a custom kernel or rom voids the warranty on your phone. As I understand it, the only way to reset the flash counter is to use what they call a jig, but I’ve read that newer firmware updates have closed this loophole as well.

      • Marsel says:

        Well you dont have to turn the phone on and off to return it? You can just leave it on, or off, I would say on and show them the pictures they will def return it. I’m sorry to say but your average walmart employee is not gonna have a clue what that yellow triangle means, yet a lone what rooting and flashing custom roms is. Lol if anything they will prob look at the yellow triangle and think oh this phone has to be messed up and return it without thinking twice.

  2. ces says:

    Can you give any additional details on hacked USB tethering and WIFI hotspot?
    I know that AT&T is monitoring data usage and wondered if there was anything like PDANet has about ‘hiding’ usage but they are only USB / Bluetooth… I would really love it if somehow data was masked with the hotspot in this rom…
    Any thoughts on that?
    Day 1 with new GS2 coming from iP3GS and feel free !!!
    Thanks so very much for this site. It was a contributing factor in my purchase today!

  3. Gary says:

    Hey there… I’ve updated to the unnamed ROM and everything seems to be going well with the exception of my WiFI keeps turning itself off after a few seconds. Any remedy for this? Thanks in advance.

  4. alex says:

    hey there, I update the unnamed ROM. what is the screen lock. I can not rest it.

  5. Ed says:

    Is there any way we can flash or add an addon, rom or app besides “just shake” that allows to skip songs from lock screen or using volume keys while sceen is off and on,while playing music using any music service like Pandora? Just Shake is limited to the phone music player.

  6. Funk says:

    I think Voice Dialing in a car over BT is borked with this ROM. When I try Voice commands my car tells me my device does not support voice dialing. When I go back my rooted backup it works fine.


  7. Chris Funk says:

    I installed the Perception ROM and voice dialing over BT works just fine.


  8. chris says:

    been using this rom for a couple of days and its great. just 2 minor issues: 1) wifi tethering, i can connect via usb no probem, but quickly disconnects with wifi..2) i cannot overclock to 1600 w/ “no frills cpu control” i tried a couple of times and it froze….any help would be welcome thanks = )

  9. Bobby says:

    It’s an awesome rom but it has a tendency to randomly shut off my phone when i lock it, i redownloaded it and doesn’t do anything

  10. StumblingAcres says:

    This might be a stupid question but, I also have an ATT samsung infuse phone. Can this rom work on it or do i have to find roms just for that phone. If you know of any good roms for the infuse phone I would sure appreciate the help. Thank you and while I am at it thank you for making my galaxy phone awesome. Great website and lots of good information,

  11. ej says:

    i have been using this rom and after a day of use i cant make any calls or see my call logs it says theres an unexpeceted android process. pls help? do i have to reload the rom. all im actually looking for is to be able to gain the free tethering any suggestions

  12. Erik says:

    Really appreciate your work. Converted to android from iphone recently and your work has made that transition much easier for me. Easy to follow guides. Would appreciate your thoughts on other ROMS such as Galnet MIUI. I have found several other ROMS for ATT Galaxy S2 posted around, but am not sure about stability and what not. Also sometimes it’s not stated whether CWM is included and it makes me worried I won’t be able to backup from CWM in the future.

  13. Mike says:

    Hey, does this ROM includes all the packages like Modem?
    I read that some other rom , you have to do a separate install for Modem, etc.

  14. ikeyes says:

    Just installed… works perfectly! Thanks for the write up, and for others reading this the current build is 1.3.1

    Available here:

  15. Abid says:

    Is it possible to have stock ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 with the bloatware removed. or is there a way to root the stock rom and remove the bloatware without having to flash another version of system ROM in it. I want to only remove the bloatware (selected apps) without messing with new ROM installs…


    • Anthony says:

      I played with the stock ROM prior to swapping out to this one, just install Titanium Backup, make sure you backup whatever you’re deleting, and go in and remove all the system ones that pertain to the bloatware (use some careful common sense of course 😉 ).

    • Marsel says:

      Agreed read my comment down below, stock rom is over-rated. Unnamed and Cognition blow it out of the water hands down.

  16. Jon says:

    Here is the updated version from XDA:

  17. Anthony says:

    I just rooted using your guide and this ROM. Simply amazing. Had one flaw where I had no voice calls coming in (realized google voice had to be reset using that 004 code) and I seemed to have fixed it. I do have a question though, I noticed under settings NFC is now there so is it functional finally since I know AT&T blocked it on the stock ROM to not compete with their new ISIS coming out soon.

  18. mentokid says:

    do you advise running the zedomax kernal on the latest Unnamed ROM? reason I ask is I installed Unnamed v.1.3.1 while traveling overseas. I think because I am roaming, after installing it, I was not getting any data services, only phone and WIFI. I then used Titanium back up to restore my apps and data which turned the data service on but now the WIFI does not stay on. Any idea what I should do? will the zedomax kernal fix is error? I read somewhere not to restore any data or apps using Titanium back up. Any help is appreciated.

  19. rick says:

    hi…i installed the unnamed rom and it seemed to work pretty good until i tried to download apps that had on my phone previously…no it either doesn’t show my phone as compatible or the app isn’t compatible….i have a att gs2…what should i do?

    • Marsel says:

      Use titanium backup, to bring all your apps over from your previous rom, thats what I do its must faster than redownloading them and it’s so easy and works every time.

  20. Marsel says:

    Abid I feld the same way at first and wanted to keep my stock rom at all cost. As time went by I was checking out these videos and reading all the tweaks/hacks and stuff that help your phone. So I backed up my Stock roms and wanted to try some new roms, ever since flashing I have never gone back to stock. I still have my backup but I will never use it. Unnamed was one of my favorites and has probably the best featuers and animations out of them all. Also try Cognition X2 Beta4, its probably the fastest rom I’ve used besides MIUI. All the roms are good but I was having connectivity issues with CyanogenMod 7 and MIUI. And I find Perception and the new ICS Screwed roms not as nice as Unnamed or Cognition, so go ahead and flash this baby.

  21. Tony says:

    How do I flash this ROM onto my AT&T Galaxy S2? I’m new to Rooting and don’t fully understand everything just yet. Please help? Thank you in advance.

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