UnNamed ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

Here’s an updated overview of the UnNamed ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i77, which is probably the best “stable” ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 right now. There’s a ton of features that come with this ROM including support for 1.6Ghz overclocking, BLN, unlocked USB/wifi tethering, and much more (you can check out full features list in the Credits link at the bottom).

If you have been looking for a great daily driver (until official ICS comes out), try the latest version of UnNamed ROM and let me know how it works for you.

Download ROM:

Download UnNamed ROM

Credits – XDA

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17 Responses

  1. Gaganjot says:

    if i root my samsung i777 can it will unlock network setting

    • FrankieH says:

      after rooting download galaxy s unlock from google play store (market).

      • markbc says:

        Thanks FrankieH
        I knew there was something I had forgotten to do with my phone.
        This is the easy, but I had not done any long distance travel that would warrant unlocking until now.
        The apps worked great -you go through the steps and you’re done! WIth a back up and ability to reset lock too! (Although it was a bit scary when it does the reboot after unlocking step (and you wonder whether it ruined your phone or not!).

        • FrankieH says:

          you’re welcome! I don’t change carrier much either, it’s just the feeling of not locking down the phone that’s why I did it.

  2. markbc says:

    Thanks Max for this ROM link. I agree that this is a really great ROM the dev (gtg465x) did a fantastic job. Perhaps not so eye-catching, but simple, smooth reliable and very rich in features.

    I have been playing on the CyanogenMod9 versions of ICS (android4), but when I simply need the phone that has no limitations (like taking video or connecting to the PC, etc. etc., I take the 10 minutes or so to restore my UnNamed 2.2.1 backup and use that version -never had a problem with it.

    (But now that the ICS code for the Galaxy S2 has been released, I am hoping that even our AT&T
    versions of CM9 will be updated and released without those little hiccups )

    Some people think that the battery life on UnNamed 2.2.1 is not as good as the original (1.3), but I have not any real difference. Battery life is very good and it does have more features.

    It is one of the few ROMS that lets your use NFC (near Field Communications), which is built into the ROM menu. It also has tethering -built into the menu.

    I don’t do netflix, but I have used the Samasung Media Hub (Yeah am one of the two folks out there who do that;-) and this ROM keeps the Media Hub app and its functionality. (BTW, you can even watch Google movies on this ROM and phone! (maybe any rooted phone…) if you install Voodoo OTC Rootkeeper app -that temporarily “unroots your phone with a push of button, then when you finish you movie you can reactive root with another button push!).

    The low-power video and camera options (less than 15% is really great! You never expect to use it, but taking photos/videos last weekend during the SF Saint Patty’s Day parade I ran the power down to 12% and still continued videoing. The activity wasn’t going to wait for me to stop and replace the battery, and while I finally did find a good pause to do that without missing anything it was a plus at the time.

    The UnNamed launcher is kind of similar to Samsung Sense. OK, but I use the ADW Ex and that is tremendously customizable and quickly spoils you to its look and feel.

    The full list of features and updates for this ROM is at the developer’s page on XDA. it seems that this is the final version now has moved on to some other device. ..still it is definitely a prime time ROM.

    (Until we get a fixed / fine tuned version of ICS that is 😉

  3. Gabriel says:

    Please can you tell me step by step how install this ROM in my at&t phone… I have my phone root and whit 2.3.5 but i never install a rom

    • FrankieH says:

      1. download rom.
      2. boot into recovery, there are three ways to do that download a small app called quick boot. tap on recovery (superuser will popup, just tap allow). Or power off your phone, hold down onto both volume up and down, then quickly hold down the power button, wait til the samsung galaxy logo flashes the second time, release your fingers. (rom manager from market can do boot into recovery, too).
      3. Once in recovery mode, make a backup.
      4. Do a full wipe.
      That’s it, pretty easy right?

      • Gabriel says:

        thanks dude..! Done! great ROM! Super Fast! all working amazing! Now just waiting for the ICS for this version! any idea when come out?

  4. Jimmie says:

    This is a nice ROM, but you can’t beat SHOstock! Best battery life and awesome features! I used UnNamed for a while, but once I tried SHOstock I was truly impressed!


  5. Mike says:

    I have a simple question and before everyone asks I read entropys “known battery drainers” thread and a bunch more. Ive been getting fantastic battery life since installing UnNamed 2.2.1 and Entropys DD Kernal 3/7/2012…. unless I use it. I have display set to the lowest setting and it still drains 55-60% of my battery. I can watch the battery drain 1% every min or 2 while in use… If I attempt to play Gun Bros I can loose 10% in 5 min of play… BetterBatteryStats says gun bros and display is sucking it down, which I can live with not playing to much but just reading email browsing or even staring at the phone doing nothing I can watch it drain % by % in min. Any solutions? Ive been hearing about bad batterys but this phone is only a month old and I would believe the problem would be resolved by now. Any help would be great Thanks

    • markbc says:

      That’s odd. While using UnNamed I did not get any unusual battery killers. I don’t dim my display and still have had pretty good battery life –nothing as fast as you have. I did remove AP press which was pulsing the network way too often, but other than than no problems. With UnNamed I get about 7 hours on average use. 9 hours when not using it much and my low was about 5hrs 45 min when I was “living” on the phone with many apps used and driving navigation and several internet searches and a little music streaming and one or two short videos –all during a sightseeing morning in San Francisco . . . Sorry, I can’t offer any more detailed tips or advice ;-(

  6. abgo says:

    So I downloaded the rom and installed it into sd card did wipe and tried to install the rom but it fails is there anything I am missing is there any other files I’m missing to run this .. please help not much of a wizard at this

  7. Charlee says:

    Installed this ROM…only issue I have with it is that the wifi connection keeps dropping. Any others having these issues? I’ve tried to find the belkin driver patch, but no working links so far.

  8. mohnish says:

    the installation fails, please help!!!!

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