Go Launcher EX – App of the Week!

I am currently using this Go Launcher EX app on all of my phones including my Galaxy S2, this is great for people who install lots of apps as you can instantly uninstall any unwanted apps plus much more.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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6 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I have a new Tmobile galaxy s2. I’m interested in rooting it but was curious of the pros and cons. I did notice one of the pros was tethering which would be nice. i’m not really interested in overclocking it. Also the phone drains batteries. I can barely make it through the day even on moderate use. If I root my phone can I still receive the auto updates for the apps I have including the ones from Tmobile. For example Tmobile is suppose to be sending out a update soon for wifi calling? please let me know.

  2. BobbyPhoenix says:

    You will get the OTA from T-Mobile if you root, but you will most likely lose it, and need to root again. All apps will be able to update. The main pros I see since I’m rooted are the use of “root” needed apps. AdAway, Titanium Backup, Battery Calibration, and Avast with root features. I don’t really change ROMs, or overclock, but just those apps alone are worth it. Another great benefit is being able to freeze or even remove apps you don’t want.

  3. freemanfrog says:

    Sometime my glaxys2 is in error sign such as suddently stop the music during listining and can’t use anyother button or touch pad so at this time remove the battery because of the power will not be shut.why?
    What should i do?

  4. hp says:

    I use this for ever, and the problems with it does it takes up too much memory and it’s a little bit unstable. With that being said as a ton of functionality and is still my favorite launcher.

  5. Ravishankar says:

    Hi ,
    After instaling golauncher in my mobile samsung galaxy s2 which running with adnrido 4.0 i.e ICS os. I found a issue that when ever try view any new application or message or contact then i am getting red color border and it goes away. how to get rid of this?Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Syed Masood says:

    Yahoo! Great recommendation by Max. I even more happier to use it on ICS.

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