How to Backup/Restore Apps with Titanium Backup on Galaxy S2!

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Once you’ve made a backup of your current ROM, you will also want to learn how to backup and restore with Titanium Backup app as this method will allow you to quickly restore your apps when you install a new ROM on your Galaxy S2.  (The ClockworkMod method backups up your WHOLE system including the ROM itself so you need another method to restore your apps such as this Titanium Backup app when installing new ROMs.)

First, you will need a rooted Galaxy S2 of course.  Next, go ahead and download the free version of Titanium Backup app from Market.

Second, hit “RUN” next to “Backup all new apps & new verison”, this will backup all of your non-system apps such as ones you’ve installed off the Market.

Once that’s done, you can go hit the “Backup/Restore” tab, which will show you all the apps that’s backed up.  If there’s an app you want backed up but didn’t backup, you can manually back it up here.  I did that with the Memo app, which contains some important memos that my friend wanted to keep on his Galaxy S2 after moving to a new ROM.

After you install a new ROM, simply install Titanium Backup app again from the market, hit Menu->Batch then “Restore all apps with data” to restore all of your apps.


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28 Responses

  1. Wilder Aparico says:

    Can somebody please help me?The camera app was’nt working, I downloaded the one from the GSM SGS2 and it also didn’t work so now I need the one extracted from a rooted Epic 4G touch,right now im doind good with an app from the market but the regular app was better.Thanks,please leave a link to the apk.

  2. John says:

    I did make a backup with CWM after rooting my i9100.
    Can you tell me whether I will still need Titanium backup again to backup my apps?
    I am asking this since you said “The ClockworkMod method backups up your WHOLE system including the ROM itself so you need another method to restore your apps such as this Titanium Backup app when installing new ROMs”.So do I need TB or not?Please reply

  3. Leo says:

    I tried this but still see that there are no backups of anything. My android is pretty much stock so I guess there’s nothing to backup? (It only backs up stuff that’s not on stock?) I did a NANDROID backup with ROM manager though.

  4. leo says:

    Really helpful.


    salutes from COLORADO

  5. Ernest Galvan says:

    “Next, go ahead and download the free version of Titanium Backup app from Market.”

    I think you should encourage folks to support the software authors….

    Your writings carry weight, folks listen to you.

    Maybe you could at least add
    “buying the app helps support the authors, and encourages further development.. thanks”

    Thanks for listening

  6. abdulla shiyam says:

    i lost my all contact number and applications. can u tell me how i return back

  7. Moedaking2323 says:

    When finish rooting, will the original apps that came with the phone gonna be deleted?

  8. Irie says:

    It won’t let me load my backed up apps. Titanium back up is asking me to change settings in applications, but the options it’s asking me to chose don’t exist on the Chicago ROM or are not in where it should be. There is no check box that allows “unknown sources”. Help anyone?

    • admin says:

      It’s under Settings->Security for unknown sources and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer Options. Then close TItanium Backup app using recent apps button, restart, voila.

  9. SCP says:

    Hey guys, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I did a “wipe data / factory reset” instead of “wipe cache” while trying to flash a ROM in recovery mode. Now, will this hurt or affect my phone in any way?

    T-mobile Samsung Galaxy II (T989)

    • Max says:

      Actually you did it right u only do cache after installing rom

      • SCP says:

        Well, now whenever I try to flash a NEW rom on my phone, it won’t detect my SIM card & I get a “” (error) at home screen. I did the following: 1.) Remove battery 2.) Wipe Cache 3.) Advanced (Wipe Dilvak Cache) 4.) Reboot. With this done, I get too many bugs or glitches with NEW roms, or better yet, just get stuck in bootloops. So, I guess I’m stuck with a stock ROM. Oh well, I have “Tues-Blu-Shade” for time being (Nice!), but I’d like try others as well. Thanks again!

  10. nelson says:

    Hello man i just wanted to say thanks for all your support with this community, since i bought my s2 i have been around this website all day long and learning tons of cool stuff. Keep it up all this great work!

  11. Trey Nelson says:

    hello i installed the new jedi mind trick rom and its beautiful but now my problem is that its saying that the phone is not rooted when i try to restore my apps. Do i need to root my phone again or what? please respond as soon as possible

  12. Trey Nelson says:

    never mind i just had to reboot the phone lol

  13. Isaac says:

    I think this needs an update due to TB being updated, as I’m guessing it has been since the release of this vid. By hitting Menu on a Tmobile T-989 in TB – the menu that pops up is different than in the video – there’s no “Batch” option. You have to scroll through your apps that are backed up and restore/install 1 by 1 which is a huge hassle.

  14. Chris says:

    Same as Isaac, uploading 1 by 1….

  15. Chris says:

    you got to push button at top right corner under backup/restore tab and youll see same menu he had to restore all apps and data

  16. bryant footes says:

    Can you help me.? I installed liquismooth on my sgs2 and I can’t restore my apps or link with Google. What do I do.?

  17. Keith says:

    I rooted, then backed up with Titanium & CWM – all is well. Then installed Revolution Rom via CWM – all ok. Restored some apps with Titanium – all ok. My problem is now when using the keyboard, I have no system dictionary. Any idea how to get it back or download it?

  18. jason says:

    Evening all, I rooted my t989 had cwm, root manager and titanium. I installed CM11, works great but cant access any apps. INCLUDING GOOGLE PLAY. Thanks for the helping advance.

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