How to Backup/Restore ROM on Galaxy S2!

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For those of you who’ve recently rooted your Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, you will probably want to learn how to backup/restore ROMs on your phone using ClockworkMod Recovery. By backing up your rooted ROM, you will have an insurance in case something goes wrong in the future such as bricking your phone while installing a new kernel or ROM.

After rooting, we highly advise you to backup your rooted stock ROM as you will also need this to unroot if needed later on.

Here’s how to backup/restore ROM on your Galaxy S2:

Step 1. Power off your phone then reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Down, Home button, and Power button together and hit the Volume Up button when you see a screen with options.

Note – You may have to hit the Home button instead of Power button in these instructions depending on which version of ClockworkMod Recovery you have.

Step 2. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “Backup and Restore” and hit the Power button.

Step 3. Choose “Backup” and hit the Power button.

Step 4. When backup is done, it will be backed up to a folder with current date and time. You can always change this folder name to something more memorable like “rooted stock ROM”.

Step 5. To restore, simply hit “Restore” instead of “Backup” and choose the backup folder you want to restore.

Backup will backup everything including your ROM, kernel, contacts, apps, etc…etc… The only thing that won’t be backed up are the contents of your SD card.

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112 Responses

  1. Tyrone says:

    Good day

    I recently followed all the above instructions and rooted my galaxy s2. Thereafter i installed the Batista ROM as shown on your site. I did a backup before installing this ROM. After I installed the Batista ROM i did a wipe data/ factory reset hoping to install a different ROM. Once that was completed i was unable to load anything onto my phone. It starts up and an icon of an android is on the screen telling me to “tap the android to continue”. I tap it and it does not do anything. How can i fix my phone please?

    Thank you

  2. Kevin says:


    Just wanted to ask does the clockwork recovery mod backup all datat so stuff like messages and contacts?
    Btw love the guides so useful for poeple who are new to this stuff.

    P.s could you also do a video on the app clockwork recovery?

  3. Mat says:


    I was reading up regarding rooting and custom ROMS and came across this awesome tutorial.

    I’m not really sure but is it possible to mix and match ROMS and KERNELS ? I read that I could use Batista ROM, Ninphetamine KERNEL and KI3 modem package.

    For that matter, what exactly is ROM and KERNEL ? I’ve always thought there were one and the same.. :p

    Is there an order to install these 3 items though ?

    Thanks a bunch and do forgive my newb ignorance.. :p

    • admin says:

      ROM is the filesystem and kernel is the underlying OS, in layman’s terms. You can usually mix/match ROMs but make sure to make a backup before you do as sometimes you can end up in bootloop with certain ROM/kernel mix.

  4. Richie says:

    How do i get clockwork recovery?

  5. Michael says:

    Will those that have the at&t version of the GS2, I believe it is SGH-i777, be able to root like you did with the international version? Same process but with different files? I should have mine on Monday but have read on XDA that it is to new. I really like the setup you had on the international variant.


  6. Biju Abraham says:

    I have the following error

    — Installing package —

    finding update package–

    verifying update package—

    E: failed to verify whole-file signature

    E: signature verification failed

    instillation aborted

    What do I do? You have commented toggle singature verification. How do I do that?

  7. Chico says:

    I actually have two questions:
    1) I have AT&T i777 UCKH7 Android 2.3.4 and Kernel — Will these root instructions still apply OK?

    2) Is there a way I can make a backup of my current ROM/Kernel before rooting?

    Thank you so much!

    • Mario says:

      I have the same exact version as you Chico. The root functioned perfect for me. Enjoy!

      Question: When doing my first backup on CWM, I click backup and restore and the phone simply displays the bowler hat with refresh symbol for what appears to be an infinite length of time. Does not allow me to select either backup or restore, simply continues displaying this symbol. I’d like to get my backup done before i start flashin ROMs. Any ideas?

      I am now your biggest fan, after scouring the internet for over a week to find a root solution that would function for such a new version, Thanks!

  8. Mario says:

    As for your desire to backup before rooting, it’s not necessary. Rooting will simply allow access while installing the new kernel. All my data remained exactly the same. Be sure to backup using CWM before modding though!

  9. Mario says:

    Disregard my question about the icon remaining there. I reflashed CWM from ROM manager app and followed backup instructions. Works perfectly.

  10. Adrian says:

    I have the zedomax kernal installed on my galaxy s2 ATT i777. When i installed rom manager and tried to update it i get:

    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    How do i update clockwork mod to the latest version?

  11. caleb says:

    after following your instructions for rooting, backing up the rooted stock rom, and then installing a new custom rom, i’d like to go back to the original stock rooted rom. when i go into cwm-based recovery -> backup and restore -> restore -> and then select the backup i want to use, i get an error message that says ‘MD5 mismatch!’ and i do not know what this means or how to continue restoring my backup. can you please provide some direction?

  12. Niall says:

    I followed the instructions above but it leads me into download mode. When i tried vol up+home+power it brings me to the android recovery mode instead of clockworkmod (even though it is installed). Also when i tried pressing “backup rom” from within rom manager it says “e: signature verification failed”. I appoligise for my stupidity
    Any help would be greatly apreciated

  13. abz says:

    hi man, help on backing up efs folder?

  14. ikeyes says:

    I cannot get into CWM from boot with my AT&T SGH-i777…


  15. ikeyes says:

    I just installed ROM Manager and selected “Reboot into Recovery” on my AT&T SGH-i777

    Still would like you to post something specific for the SGH-i777 as that was quite confusing for a minute there!

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. ikeyes says:

    One other question… I am still concerned with not knowing the key combination to boot into CWM.

    If I brick my phone I won’t be able to launch it through ROM Manager I assume?

    This is def. something we need to know.


  17. ikeyes says:

    Found it!

    For SGH-i777 “With the phone powered off, hold both volume buttons and the power button for about 10 seconds and then release all three when you see the Galaxy S II logo disappear and reappear. This should boot you into CWM.”

  18. AbbasRaza says:

    Hi everyone! i am new to android ,i bought my galaxy s2 recently but before rooting i want to back up its stock firmware completly,its HONGKONG version,help how to get complete back up ,and this turtorial is it only for rooted phones or for all?

  19. rAkz says:

    @ ikeyes Normal procedure is to boot to recovery using CWM programs, but if u want to boot into recovery switch off mobile then press Vol up button+home button+power button combination :D. By the way i using international ver of Sgs2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Jason says:

    Hey Admin, does this work for SG S2 Skyrocket?

  21. zach says:

    hi, I love your website and used it to root and change to beast rom v2.5. Well i got greedy and changed to beastmod v4.2. Its great but it took away my rom manager and titanium and now gives me error 492 on the android market whenever i try to download anything. I backed up the stock rom and beastmod v2.5. I tried to go to recovery mode but it just keeps buzzing and doesnt ever get to recovery mode nor download mode. So basically i cant boot to recovery or download from android. Is there anyway to get to old stock or take care of error 492 or anything?

    • Lewis says:

      I need to talk to someone who has rooted a t-mobile sgs2 t989. My phone is still untouched However, I need help. Can you direct me? Lew

  22. manuel says:

    hola, ayer cambie la rom de mi samsung galaxy s2 , pero quiero saber como volver a la oficial que venia de fabrica . soy de chile el movil esta liberado de fabrica . lo intente volver pero no pude al igual que los colores de la pantalla no son del total nitidos.

    • Mark Turner says:

      Revise las notas anteriores. Hay una explicaciรณn completa sobre cรณmo restaurar la ROM original.

  23. Amar says:

    hey, i recently viewed your tutorials(i’m a newbie) nd accidentally copied the miui zip file to the sd card instead of root folder, nd so when it came time to install it.. i couldn’t .. i tried “restore” on CWM nd now my phone’s stuck on the galaxy s2 boot screen…. HELP !

  24. Amar says:

    hey, i recently viewed your tutorials(i’m a newbie) nd accidentally copied the miui zip file to the sd card instead of root folder, nd so when it came time to install it.. i couldn’t .. i tried “restore” on CWM nd now my phone’s stuck on the galaxy s2 animation boot screen…. HELP !

  25. hvd says:

    hi pls advice
    1. what is clockworkmod recovery n cyanogenmod n what r their uses ? how to install them ?
    2. do i need clockworkmod recovery to root o install roms n is it required to do so ?
    3. do i need to root my gs2 thn install a custom rom[my gs2 doesnt hav clockworkmod recovery o cyanogenmod ]

  26. MJR says:

    [B][U]all the steps below were taken from as well as the files[/U][/B]
    i have i9100 with a stock rom 2.3.4 (ki4) (and 1.4gb of free memory-maybe that was the problem).
    yesterday i rooted it (everything was fine) and then i installed CWM recovery through odin v1.85 (went fine too) and then on my way to find myself a new rom i decided to backup my current one with cwm. then i entered cwm by pressing vol-down+pwr+home and hit “backup”. it backed up the system and then moved on to the data and thats where it got stuck for like an hour…. from the guide i understood that it shouldnt take more than 10 min- 15 min top so i figured that im having a problem, i tuned off the phone by pressing pwr button and turn it back on, then the phone got stuck on the sgs2 screen with the triangle so i turned it off again—-> this time it didnt came back on, and not responding to download mode neither to polling battery out or not even by connecting to usb and charger- just dead!
    how is it possible? and what should i do to bring it back to life? (and myself)

    thank you very much, and sorry for the long text and the bad english

  27. JC says:

    Hey, I flashed CWR to my phone through the app as I could not locate it as per you instructions is stage 18 of rooting. I get this error

    โ€“ Installing package โ€” finding update packageโ€“ verifying update packageโ€” E: failed to verify whole-file signature E: signature verification failed instillation aborted What do I do? You have commented toggle singature verification.
    Any ideas??

  28. F.K. Morshed says:

    I tried the way u said but after pressing the up button my phone screen comes up with “Downloading” & it stucks there. What should I do now???

  29. Paul says:

    Hi there Max ..

    Can you please tell me how i can back up my offical stock ICS 4.3 which was updated via Keis .
    Ive noticed that you can cack up the data using Titanium but not the whole thing .
    Ive created a back up of the apps and the contacts but im wanting to back up everything so if i try a ROM and it fails to run or has any problems i can put back my original Stock firmware …
    many thanks for all your helpful videos ive leaned some interesting things …
    Cheers buddy

  30. Pete says:

    Step 1. Power off your phone then reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Down, Home button, and Power button together and hit the Volume Up button when you see a screen with options.

    Might want to edit that, holding down the volume Down key is a mistype i think ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. roberto says:

    I recently tried to restore a previous rom with cwm, but it keeps saying md5 checksum not valid or something like that. It worked previously, but it doesn’t want to work anymore. I moved the backups off my phone and put the one i wanted to back in internal sd. I also renamed the folder. don’t know if that has something to do with it?

    Another thing: I tried to install the stock ICS rom again from the omega rom, odin shows the yellow box, but when i choose the pda and press start, it runs for like 10 seconds and then stops. I flashed the stock ics twice without problem. why would this happen now all of a sudden?

  32. Nicko says:

    Hi i recently flashed the latest Lite’ning Rom v2.8 and would like to go back to my previous which i backed up (i think it was v2.2) , but this version no longer has cwm recovery built in – if i understand correctly because when i try to go into recovery mode to restore my previous rom it goes into the stock recovery (android system recovery ) .
    Even going into rom manager and trying manage and restore backups does not work just ends up having to force closing the main reason i want to go back is problems with random system shutdowns and reboots and terrible slow text box response can anyone help me???
    Thanks in advance Nick

  33. firas says:

    i backed up my phone using cwm-based recovery v5.0.2.3 is it okay or what
    please reply asap

  34. zubair rathore says:

    Can you please make a video on how to install backedup rom i mean to bring back to its last working rom.

  35. zubair rathore says:

    i had ics 4.0.3.I rooted it.backed up my rom and data.then i installed ressurection rom 1.9.1.Now if i want to install my backedup rom.How do i do it.please give steps in detail or make a video.

  36. LISA says:


    i have rooted my galaxy s2 from the guide in FAQ.
    when prees on back it cam,t maount backup path Plz HELP n plz ASAP


  37. Damian says:

    Hey I love all your tutorials!! I watched your vid on how to backup/restore. My CWM based recovery screen is blue and in v5.0.2.7.

    And I cant seem to get enough space for backup as I have loads of vids/pics etc. The menu also includes backup/restore as well as backup to sd/restore to sd. Can I still use this version to backup. If not how to i get it back to the orange version. Please reply! XD Thanks!

  38. Luqman says:


    I recently rooted my Galaxy SII ICS From the guide given in FAQ

    When I press on backup an error comes theat ” Cant Mount Sd card ”

    WAt to do

  39. Brady says:

    I keep getting the error:

    E:Failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verfication failed

  40. kanna says:

    Is the procedure for backing up same for SGH-I777
    are the downloads same for SGH-I777 ???

  41. Guy says:

    I followed your guide after backing up the phone it went all ok no errors of some sort but when the phone rebooted it got stuck on the galaxy s 2 logo with the yellow triangle and it wont boot at all!
    I followed each step of the guide i don’t know what is wrong

  42. omafovbe says:

    Hello, i love your many tutorials cos it has being helpful, but i recently updated to a custom ics rom (ressurection remix to be precise) but i find it confusing but this is not my problem. My problem is i want to restore my backup rom which i backed up before upgrading to ics and whem i hit RESTORE in Recovery mode it says MD5 does not match and therefore cant restore to my backup rom. So please how can i restore to my backup rom. Thanks

    • m9rkanthony112 says:

      Mine is doing that now. i have the tmobile galaxy s2 and i want to restore my stock rom… did you find a solution?

  43. Federico says:

    Hi Max,

    Please check the instructions to get into CWM as it says home, power and volume down, instead of volume up.

    Thanks for everything!


  44. Zeeshan says:

    i was using my new galaxy s2 i updated it on ICS 4.0.4 n rooted it.
    then i install ICS rom 2.4.1 without creating backup of my original firmware rom, now can i go back to my original rom? if yes then please how?
    i have not created any backup.


  45. Tony says:

    Hey max.. I can’t get my phone into download mode for the life of me!!!! I have USB debugging on… I’m running an AOKP ICS ROM, but I just feel like unrooting, factory reset and updating my phone to stock ICS then rooting again… Why won’t it go into download mode!??! >.<

    • Max says:

      You have to connect your USB cable to computer.

      • Tony says:

        I should have mentioned I didn’t forget that part either ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Max says:

          I do mention that in my videos but they are down right now sorry!

          • Tony says:

            Wow. I guess it was the cable I was using. Somehow it’s not “data transfer” capable or something? It charges just fine.. but I tried a different cable and everything works.

            • Max says:

              Most likely the usb cable is bad, throw it away, sometimes when your cable gets folded and whatnot, they can go bad, they are small wires inside, they can break but good thing u figured it out!

  46. Rahul says:


    I rooted my phone running on ICS 4.0.3 and installed resurrection rom on it. Everything went fine. However, when i go to settings -> storage, Im getting ‘unfortunately settings has stopped’ error. Also, when im trying to restore the stock rom (which i backed up on sd card) Im getting ‘MD5 mismatch’ error. Any help on this?

  47. Will says:

    Hey Max,

    I just rooted my AT&T galaxy S II that is running ICS. I rooted because the ATT update to ICS is horrible. Anyways, I was looking at this page to backup my phone. I installed clockwork mod recovery from play store. I tried doing the 1st step after installing it from the playstore, and it couldn’t work. When I turned the phone on, I saw that clockwork has a backup button in the app. I pressed it, and the phone went blank. It was still on, I could still the button lights on, but it wasn’t doing anything. After a few minutes I turned the phone off. When I turned it back on, it only shows the 1st screen, and then turns off. I have no clue on what to do. Could you, or anybody else on here help me out?

  48. Jake says:

    hi Max, just wanted to ask if the data on my games will be preserved if i backed up the rom?

  49. Freida says:

    I have a gs2 i777 unrooted rom on my phone. Mostly everything worked until I tried to put in into recovery mode. It only gives me the options to reboot, apply update, data/factory reset, & wipe cache. No backup. Also at the bottom it states ” can’t access to /system/csc/ATT/system/”. I’ve looked online and everyone else who see’s this is bricked. what exactly does this mean and how do i get the correct cwm?

  50. Kam Perez says:

    HELP! I made sure I backedup! but I installed super nexus jelly and it says no files found?! I have the ATT i777 version what can I do?? any alternatives?? anyway to go back to the original? :c

  51. Abraham says:

    Hi Max

    I tried to restore my stock rom, but it shows “/system” error.
    What do I do?

  52. yossi cohen says:

    My galaxy s2 model i9100 had cleared earesed the IMEI without any logical reason ( I didn’t drop or change anything in my phone ). and now it doesn’t function as a phone at all.
    I have been tried hard throughtout the furoms and guides to restore the IMEI but I failed in all the methods.
    I notice that if will insall a new ROM it will fix the IMEI so I had rooted my phone due to your directions I backup everything but, when I treied to backup my original ROM with ClockworkMod it is not working and I had a note that my model i9100 is not supported in ClockworkMod.
    My questions are:
    1. Does installing of a new ROM fixes the EMEI problem ?
    2. Hoe to backup my original ROM if my model is not supported by ClockworkMod ?

    Sincerely yours

    Yossi Cohen

    • Max says:

      Did you try unrooting? That usually brings IMEI back.

      • Yossi Cohen says:

        Dear Max !
        I had unrooting due to your guide ” How to Unroot/Unbrick your Galaxy S2 i9100! [ICS] ”
        and now I have the ICS stock ROM as displayed on phone status ” GT-I9100XXLPQ” but,
        it didn’t bring my IMEI yet. When I dial *#06# I get only blanks. Please advise me what I can do to get my EMEI back.

        Sincerely yours

        Yossi Cohen

  53. Eli says:

    HI i recently rooted my i9100 and before i did, i backed up my stock rom.
    i would like to restore to my stock rom but when i do it says “MD5 mismatch”
    please can you help me out here


    • Max says:

      Make sure there’s no spaces in your backup folder name.

      • Eli says:

        thanks for the response ๐Ÿ™‚ but sadly it didn’t work ๐Ÿ™
        i made a back up of my current custom rom (RR 3.1.1)
        and i compared it to my stock rom back up, i see that there is no “recovery.img”
        file on my stock back up i guess it didn’t back up properly

        oh well joys of rooting ๐Ÿ˜›

        thanks again max ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. harpz says:

    i am new to rooting.. i wanted to ask that i have created the backup of my stock rom… and now if i full wipe my phone to install a new rom … my back up will get deleted… how to copy my stock rom back up ?????? please reply soon …..

  55. Nathanael says:

    My power button seems to have quit working. I installed “ressurection” rom a few minutes ago, but no keyboard works and a few other problems. So, I decided to restore my old rom. So, I restored Clockworkmod and rebooted into recovery. Now, I’m stuck in there because I cant choose any options without a power button! I cant even escape from Clockworkmod screen. I remove the battery, reinsert, and am always in the same spot. Help!!! Any options or suggestions?

  56. Marcelo Fenoll Ramal says:

    My phone does not do a backup correctly. At the end, it says “error while renerating md5 sum”. What could I do?

  57. Aron says:

    i rooted my phone, and now cannot turn on wifi. i dont care about keeping the root, i just want the stats and everything in my games, and my contacts. PLZ HELP!

    • Marcelo Fenoll Ramal says:

      There is nothing related between root and wifi. You shoud try this.
      – install titanium backup from google play store
      – do a complete backup (system and aplications + data)
      – do a factory reset
      – do the basic configuration (language, your google account, your wifi password)
      – test the internet. Is it ok?
      – install titanium backup from google play store again
      – do a system restore first
      – boot your phone
      – do a data restore now.
      …it should work fine now.

      ps. you can find you tube videos about how to use titanium backup

  58. vetteengr says:

    Hi Mark,
    Have an ICS 4.0+ – rooted the phone per your instructions and all went well – decided to install clockwork and the installation went well and I can boot into clockwork recovery – but now that is it! I can’t boot to normal state – the screen is fixed on the Splash screen “Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100” — Please help –

  59. Pratski says:

    After restoring the backup per your instructions, is the phone automatically unrooted?

  60. Yaw Nkansah says:

    Max, please, my problem is with my nandroid backup. It starts perfectly well backing up boot image, recovery image, system image, data image, and android secure. When it reaches backing up cache, it gets stuck and gives this error message: “Error while making a backup image of /cache!”.
    I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 at&t i777. I have rooted it and it currently running Shostock2 (ics) rom. Thanks.

  61. Thomas S2 says:


    can I copy my room backup from S2 to my computer to have security coppy of my room also there ?

    Thank’s for your help . Very awesome Site ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. nayan says:

    SOS.need help. have a rooted samsung galaxy s2 i9100. bought it second hand so don’t know much about how it was rooted or what ROM it was running except that it was a nightly build Cyanogenmod of the ICS.hadn’t updated it for a long time and it kept notifications for updating the ROM. the phone just stopped running today.the battery is okay.but the phone wouldn’t switch on.doesn’t even show the warning page when i try the power button+volume down+home screen button combo…need the phone repaired urgently.pls help if you have any idea of what has happened to my phone and how it could be repaired…..

  63. zwivhuya says:

    I have a problem with my galaxy s2 gt i9100..I had reset it on settings and then switched of and when I switch it on it stops at the logo..what must I do?????help please please

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