How to Dual-Boot ROMs AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

Looking to dual-boot two ROMs on your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777? Here’s a video tutorial showing you how to do that. Dual-booting two ROMs can have great benefits, that you can run a stock-like TouchWiz ROM and AOKP ICS ROM side-by-side. For people on the go (like myself) who need to test out several ROMs on the go, this feature really saves time and headache of backing up and restoring different ROMs.

You will need to run ICS ROMs though and install Siyah kernel for both ROMs you run.

Download Kernel:

Download Siyah ICS Kernel

Credits – XDA

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26 Responses

  1. Tolga says:

    I tried this, it worked, but then my home button and back button stop working

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks man. This worked like a charm. Now I’m running Phone Bricker (which supports MHL) alongside AOKP, my daily driver. I’m an Android developer at work, and I had to do this to give presentations on the big screen via HDMI. This was a hell of a lot easier than backing up and installing a completely new rom.

  3. Parth Walikhindi says:

    HI max
    i have installed Ressurection remix v1.9.2 on my GALAXY S2 I9100…..which has siyah kernel
    can u please tell me if dual boot is possible on my phone??
    coz last time i tried my home options and bck button stopped working!!! any suggestions|??

  4. Parth Walikhindi says:

    oops sorry i meant Ressurection remix v 1.9.1 😛

  5. Parth Walikhindi says:

    i have installed F1 galaxy nexus ROM and Ressurection remix v 1.9.1 the home key and back key r working fine on the secondary ROM but not on the primary one!! any suggestions how to get it to work again???
    NOTE: I use Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100!

  6. RFB813 says:

    I have flashed the Zip UCLE5 ICS ROM and installed the Siyah Kernal without Mic Swap. The phone is working beautifully. I want to dual boot with Phonebricker as my secondary ROM but they say to use the Siyah with Mic swap. I read that you have to have Siyah on both ROM’s. Can one be Siyah with Mic Swap and the other Siyah without Mic Swap?

  7. Angabow says:

    i installed two roms – dualbooting sg2, siyah kernel latest, modem xxlps, ics 4.0.4 official leaked as primary rom and tried many other ics roms as secondary rom, every thing went fine, but the only problem is that , the secondary rom has no internet access?
    please any who can find the Fix?

  8. John Marshall says:

    I really Want to do this, Im running the Rooted Att 4.0.3 rom with the Siyah kernel. Id like to add AOKP. But I wonder How do you un dual boot it and return it to stock when its time to sell it? (always a concern for me)

  9. Andres Tineo says:

    Hi man! why did you cancel your youtube account?????? none of the videos you have in the web site works

    • Max says:

      I am trying to get it back in the meanwhile, I will update videos with my own video server, you will be able to then download them straight to your phone or computer with full 1080P, much better than streaming from youtube.

  10. Mike says:

    Do you have a video available that you can post so I can attempt to dual boot NY phone? The YouTube video doesn’t work and I really want to do this but don’t know how!

  11. remixer says:

    so just a quick question, does the dual-boot feature mean i can run both roms simultaneously or would i have to switch between them? and would that have to be through CWM?

  12. grahampler says:

    hi, i used this tutorial and it worked. But as i rebooted it, it never turned back on. screen doesnt turn on, none of the lights, nothing. cant go into recovery mode or download mode. its acting like it doesnt even have the battery in it. im using galaxy s2 i777. any advise on fixing this would be much appreciated.


  13. Daniel says:


    What are the ROMs that I could use for dual boot? Do I have to use only stock-based ROMs?


  14. Ricardo Haynes says:

    Does Dual boot work on ShoStock3 v4.0?

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