How to Get Rid of Yellow Triangle Using Triangle Away App on Galaxy S2!

For those of you who want to get rid of that yellow triangle on boot, you can do it using a USB jig or use the Triangle Away app by famous XDA developer ChainFire.

This should work on all versions of Galaxy S2 so if you need to get rid of it, there you go!

You can download the app on XDA.

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34 Responses

  1. Greendouglash says:

    I used this on my SGH-i777 running a ported i9100 version of AOKP milestone 5 ICS and it worked perfectly. Good job guys!

  2. meci says:

    Funciona correctamente, mil gracias es una buena solucion para ese traingulo muy moletoso .

  3. SuperVirus78 says:

    after doing this,may i uninstall the application?

  4. SuperVirus78 says:

    thank you for the answer ADMIN…

  5. SuperVirus78 says:

    and by the way,thank you for all the tutorials that you make for us,because of you i have a rooted with CWM and a custom Rom Galaxy S2…

  6. Lucky Kobla Ahiable says:

    Why is that you have stripped a lot of the programs for the rr 2.2 rom. I was expecting overclocking and the rest. But the speed is limited to 1200. I hope you would consider this in the 2.3 version.

  7. samuraijack says:

    Yo dude, thanks for the video. What ROM have you got installed in this video? The start up animation is epic!!

  8. Dave Carr says:

    Apparently under NEW SOPA TYPE RULES that were brought in by the big players & NOT THE US GOVT on 07/01/2012 in the US it appears that YouTube has decided to terminate the account that these videos were hosted on so the videos are now lost FOREVER!!!

    F**K U YouTube >.<

  9. Dave Carr says:

    Yep I think I can get you the information to prove this…

    American ISPs to launch massive copyright spying scheme on July 1:-

    Will you urge the ISPs to back down from this plan? Just click here:-

    I suppose if you get no satisfaction from You Tube then there is Daily Motion or host the videos on an off shore file hosting site like 4Shared or MediaFire or similar.

    What really annoys me is that the Android OS is an open source code which Google came up with & is Linux based & You Tube is owned by Google as well, go figure :/

    It is most likely the hardware manufacturers like Samsung who did it on the grounds of intellectual property infringement.

    Mind you it’s not the only thing that You Tube is cracking down on either, If you use copyright music in your video they can get it taken down as well (I had this happen to a couple of friends of mine already. >.<) since these "Voluntary Guidelines" that Movie & TV, Recording & Software industries teamed up with the ISP's in the US to enforce their own version of SOPA which came into effect on 07/01/2012

    So I guess SOPA is now a reality…

  10. Dave Carr says:

    God knows, but I’m suspecting the likes of Samsung (and most likely others as well.) is playing the intellectual property card & could well only be a matter of time before all those others who host similar how to root ones cellphone will suffer a similar fate to you.

    Censorship on the internet is now a reality because of a back door SOPA type rulings (Laws) & I don’t understand why we had the action back in January against this & yet it still came in & came in via the backdoor despite all our ranting & raving against this BS.

  11. Dave Carr says:

    Mmmm. I guess only time will tell who was responsible & on what grounds it was shut down.

    Still managed to rid myself of the yellow triangle without the vid, but at one stage using it I thought I had bricked it when the menu & return lights stayed on & the cell looked dead, so I left it for a couple of mins & it sprang into life without the triangle & then I un-installed that app after that. xD

  12. george says:

    Thanks for your tutorial, I have rooted my stock ics sgs2 i777 with siyah kernel . Now I have this yellow triangle and I would like to remove it. I would just ask to clarify and be safe if this app you link by chainfire would be ok to run on a stock at&t ics rom as this haven’t mentioned here. As I have read this is a dangerous procedure. Thanks in advance. FYI I have an at&t SGS2 i777 on stock rom running siyah kernel. Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated.

    • george says:

      as an update, I bit the bullet and installed triangle away app by chainfire and reset the counter back to zero and the yellow triangle now diasappears including I1900 during boot. Thanks a bunch for this link.

      • kelly says:

        hi Gorge, is it mormal that the I1900 during boot also dissapear mine did the same thing and i was a little bit worried. that i did something wrong.

        • george says:

          that’s normal. no worries. I don’t like the i900 either as my phone is i777, no biggie there. As long as your phone boots and operate normally you’re good to go.

  13. mR.k says:

    I can’t download the apk from the xda.Admin,Can you please email a link to me of the download ?

  14. Prithivi says:

    Does this work on SGS2 Jellybean rom? E.g. Ressurection Remix?

  15. NiWrAd says:

    Thanks for all your tutorial! I installed this on SGS2 running Faryaab Supernexus and it worked perfectly!

    Thank you so much!

  16. Pranky says:

    Kool Tutorial Max. I used chainfire’s triangle away app on rooted AT&T galaxy SII(SGH-I777) runing on Latest Siyah kernel Siyah-v4.3.1 and I777 Jelly Bean rom build 10.11.2012 by Task650 and Ktoonez. Worked as smooth as butter and finally reseted counter to 0 and got rid of that irritating yellow traingle. Hurrah!!!!

  17. Michael says:

    This application doesn’t work with the newest Galaxy S2 Jellybean stock rom.
    Is there any other method that I can use with this particular Rom?

  18. Purushu says:

    How to remove triangle from Galaxy s2. looking for free programs. thanx

  19. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this… Worked for me with the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100T variant without an issue on Cynogonmod 11.

  20. show says:

    You are great, it worked magic on my Galaxy appeal i827 By just installing the app, opened it and tapped reset binary, that’s all. no need to install tar, cf root, etc. mine is now clean booting, once again, thanks for help removing the nuisance triangle

  21. show says:

    those with problem of bootscreen stuck phone, call me on +263772895668 or do this. reset your phone again, before leaving android setting or once at gmail account setup, connect your phone to wifi OR connect your phone to a pc where mobogenie is installed and is internet accessible, install the app missing using mobogenie if chosen second option. if on wifi you simply download that missing app, install it and reboot your phone. do not wonder what app is missing to cause phone to be stuck on booting screen, its very simple. its the Launcher apk or launcher pro apk only.

  22. bongizy says:

    hahahha tanks a lot admin,at first i was afaid but i did it and it worked cool tanx a alot big ups.

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