How to Install ROM on Galaxy S2!

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Once you’ve rooted your Galaxy S2, you will probably want to try out several different ROMs, which will give you goodies like longer battery life and allowing your phone to be much more customized than stock.

Before we begin, make sure you’ve made a backup copy of your current ROM, you can see How to backup/restore ROMs on Galaxy S2.

Also, if you want to backup/restore apps, use Titanium Backup to do so, here’s How to backup/restore apps on Galaxy S2.

Once you’ve got backups cleared out of the way, it’s time to install a brand, spanking new ROM on your Galaxy S2.

Go download the ROM zip file and copy it over to the root folder of your Galaxy S2’s internal storage.  (DO NOT unzip the zip file!!!)

Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Home Button, and the Power Button together.

Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, do a “wipe data/factory reset”.

Then do “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from sdcard”.

Then find the ROM zip file you copied over earlier.

Hit “Yes”.

Once installation of new ROM is complete, reboot and enjoy your new ROM.

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134 Responses

  1. Shanil says:

    Hello Max,
    First of all thank you very much for the helpful tutorials. The S2 is my first Android phone and I’m very new to Rooting and installing new ROMs. Just wanted to clarify few things before installing a custom rom. I’m looking to install the Lite’ning Rom v6.1. . My kernal (I9100UHKG7) and baseband (I9100UHKG4) seems to be different from the one provided in the link. My questions are:
    *Does the custom ROM kernal/baseband have to match the existing one on the phone?
    *If I need to go back to the stock OS, is it the same procedure as installing the custom ROM.
    *Can these ROMs be installed through Odin instead of placing the file in the SD card.
    *If I am able to install the custom ROM, will I be able to update to future OTA stock Android releases.

    I searched for the above questions abut could not locate a proper solution in one place. Thank you very much in advance. If these questions have been answered before, Pls direct me to same. Thanks again.


    • admin says:

      *Does the custom ROM kernal/baseband have to match the existing one on the phone?
      no they don’t have to match
      *If I need to go back to the stock OS, is it the same procedure as installing the custom ROM.
      Make sure you backup ROM first before installing then you can always restore.
      *Can these ROMs be installed through Odin instead of placing the file in the SD card.
      I wouldn’t, I would flash it through recovery only.
      *If I am able to install the custom ROM, will I be able to update to future OTA stock Android releases.
      Yes, there’s always ROMs with OTA updates.

      • Shanil says:

        Thank You very much!!! really appreciate it. Followed your instructions to the letter and the letter, rooted the phone. next step is to install a ROM!! super helpful videos I must say. Thanks again.

  2. Viper71 says:

    Hey Max,

    Once rooted would all these custom ROM’s work on any Samsung Galaxy S2, Sprint Epic Touch 4g, ect..? Or is every carrier/phone different that we would need to use specific roms? Great work man and kudos to all your videos.



  3. Santu says:

    Hey man thanks a lot for ur videos……I have a problem when backing up using rom manager….When i choose backup in rom manager the phone reboots but backup doesn happen…..It displays a e-signature error and installation aborts….Pls help

    • Santu says:

      this is the exact error…it says installing packages….finding update packages…..verifying update packages then e-failed to verify whole-file signature….e-signature verification failed then installation aborted….

  4. George says:

    I like to say thank you for your support.
    My problem is: I have SG2 from China now I’m living in Europe. The original firmware was ZCKG4 after update fail with Europe firmware now I use ZCKI2 also Chinese firmware. Any chance to bring my android to international firmware in order to have access to android market and other app???

  5. hynos says:

    hi admin, how to restore Samsung galaxy s2 to factory settings, can you help me

  6. Thomas says:

    hey admin,

    thnx for your tutorials, they were great. i have a problem though. i accidently placed the miui rom on my external sd card in stead of my internal storage. after i found out i tried restoring to the backup with clockwork recovery. it says it has been succesful, but then it does not go past the screen with the yellow triangle when booting. help me please!


    • Thomas says:

      *when i restore using clockwork it doesn’t say succesful, it says android_secure.img was not found

      • admin says:

        That means you did not backup correctly for some odd reason, you might want to try installing another ROM at this point, that should at least get ur phone up and running.

  7. Dirk says:


    Your tips are really helpfull to me, thanks 😉

    The only problem that I’m facing is with the Clockworkmod installation.
    If I follow your step, my root rights are gone and I don;t have CWM installed???

    andriod version 2.3.5 XWKI8 and I used the secure and orginal kernels of the mentioned site.

    Do to have any tips for me?

  8. John says:

    I have rooted my T-Mobile S2 and everything worked fine. I have tried your Batista ROM and after installation completed I have restarted and my phone is dead… no power nothing… I have tried to many ways … removed my simm card and battery …there is no power at all ! it’s DEAD 🙁 please Help?

    • admin says:

      Bastista ROM is only for international/original Galaxy S2. You should be able to recover your T-Mobile S2 though, did you make a backup of your rooted ROM in CWM? And can you access CWM?

  9. John says:

    I have backed up my ROM … but i can not get the phone to power up.

    • admin says:

      Do you get any leds on when you put usb adapter to it? Did you try charging it fully?

      • John says:

        The Battery was full… and I tried it on USB … somehow there is no power get in the phone … no leds …

        • admin says:

          what did you do exactly? Did you flash bastista from ClockworkMod Recovery? If so, you should still be able to power up the phone. Did you flash anything from ODIN?

          • John says:

            I have Follow up your post for to how to install ROM step by step… everything went well until the ROM installation completed and I move to restart the phone and pressed the power button to reboot. The phone start to reboot and didn’t start… I have remove the Battery and Simm card and memory and pressed the power … nothing … it’s like the phone doesn’t get any power… I even took it to T-Mobile store and they told me to bring my box to replace the phone!!!! 

  10. admin says:

    Sorry to hear that but don’t install Galaxy S2 ROMs for the future, just install T-Mobile Galaxy S2 ROMs, they are completely different phones as T-Mobile uses Qualcomm S3 CPU while rest Galaxy S2 use Samsung Exynos processor.

    • John says:

      Well I didn’t know that 🙁 … It was a good listen for me 🙂 … where I can get T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Rom anyway? After I rooted my phone and installed Rom Manger… there was no ROM on Download Option for S2! Maybe that’s why there was nothing to download !… well I have to wait for 24 hours for my new phone to come in 😉

      BTW, I like your Web site … you have the best and easy to follow stuff for S2 … way to go 🙂

  11. galaxys2noob says:

    hey admin i got a question, will freezing the apps using titanium backup increase the battery life?

  12. Tiff says:

    If by root you meant just place it in the SD card without folders, etc, I did and the zip isn’t showing up. I dl’d the unnamed rom. And I didn’t extract it, it’s still in .zip format. Okay now when I try to go into recovery, it goes to that screen you get BEFORE it’s rooted. Aka that “warning, a custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications” and I can’t get into the clockworkmod menu anymore.

    • Tiff says:

      After that it’s an endless circle. I either continue and have to re-root. Or I just cancel and the phone just turns on normally aghh.

  13. Ali S says:

    Will the standard Samsung Touchwiz enhancements (widgets, task mgr app, accelerometer-based zoom & page switching) work on custom ROMs like CM or Unnamed?

  14. Jimmie says:

    I installed RevolutionRom via the Kitchen App, and I didn’t know what I was doing and I installed a different modem and now I can’t find the I777UCKH7 modem. I have restored my phone from backups, and unrooted using your instructions, and it still has PHONE : I9100XXKH1. Can you help me get my correct modem back?

  15. Ian says:

    Hi Max, thank you for all of the info guides on here.

    I have rooted my phone like in your vid, installed clockwork and backed it up, installed titanium pro and backed up.

    next im thinking about a rom. I have been told that the VillainRom 3.0 is very good. do you have a guide/links to what is needed for this rom please. i have a international s2 (uk)


  16. F says:

    Thanks a lot for the walkthroughs! I have the same problem as Santu above. All’s well until I choose the ROM, where I get “E:signature verification failed / Installation aborted”. I’m trying to install Cognition 777. Is it an issue with the ROM?

  17. Lord Tutton says:

    Thanks for the tutorials they helped a lot. My friends are now jealous that I have an Alienware phone! Keep up the good work!

  18. Joshua says:

    hello admin i just rooted my device a couple of days ago and i really want to try the cm7 rom……
    would it be possible to install cm 7.1.x on my galaxy s2 – android 2.3.3
    sorry for the noobness but where can i find the root folder of my galaxys2 internal storage….if possible can you provide me a screenshot of it………thank you.

  19. Fraser says:

    What folder do i put the zipped rom into on my phone?

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Lorenz says:

    What if i want to reset to my stock version?
    just install the backup. or what?

  21. Tiyaj says:

    Excellent ! It worked. Thanks for your complete guide. My S2 is running on Resurrection Remix ICS ROM now 🙂

  22. Amar says:

    cant the cwm read the external_sd folder? i installed the zip file in that folder nd it says no file found … please helP !

  23. TLMacson says:

    When I downloaded the Resurrection ICS Rom and the related google apps & google apps fixer via my GS2 (ROOTED via NEW method GT I-9100) browser they did not find their way to a root folder, but instead ended up in a download folder on my EXTERNAL SD card. I’m guessing this is why CWM did not find the files when I attempted to “choose zip from sdcard”. I attempted to create a “rootfolder” file on my GS2, but according to my laptop this folder was created on the phone’s internal “sd storage” and not on the external SD card. Based on various Android forums I’ve perused and this site I’ve concluded that the external sd card is the correct location for the root folder. Am I correct? If so, how do I get the 3 zipfiles into a “rootfolder” file on the external sd-card so that they can be “found” by CWM? Will that solve my problem(s)? One last question: would I have fewer hassles if I just downloaded the Rom Manager from Android Market to flash new roms. I’ve heard various pros & cons.

  24. Nawras says:

    How do you get rid of that Yellow Triangle after flashing ???

  25. Mbamber01 says:

    PLease, PLease reply with clarity, do we need to root with new roms made on 3-13 or not? Name indicates rot included but instructions say, “after you rooted” ?
    Is root part of the new “Official” ROMS?

  26. jolo says:

    please tell do u need an sd card for downloading a rom?

  27. Alpa says:

    Perform the steps in the tutorial for t mobile samsung T989 galaxy s2 but did not get a good result does not indicate failure to load, I just listed two new logos at the beginning, one load bar and one more flashing, after the latter only the screen is suspended, I left for a little over 10 minutes and still the same, turn it off and this gives two short vibrations, and depues shows the status of battery charging when connected to cable.
    i use this Tuesday (ROM Blu-Shade Edition for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!)
    I tried to enter recovery mode but the usual procedure does not work (power and volume buttons) any help please?

  28. Sandy says:

    Please help me out. I did exactly whats said in this page. Everything went right as said. But after the installation completed successfully, I rebooted my phone as said. Now it just keeps flashing “Samsung Galaxy S-II” with long intervals. Neither does it go to recover mode nor does it restart.

  29. Sandy says:

    However I am able to go to download mode by pressing volume down key, home and power buttons but it just won’t go to recovery mode by pressing volume up, home and power buttons. Help me please ..

    • Refaii says:

      Sandy, it should take about 2-30 minutes for the new ROM to actually start functioning… So waitibg is okay. 😉

  30. Cinos says:

    Gosh, I noticed not every recovery uses the same method! This is how I do mine:

    1 – The biggest mistake someone makes when trying to go into recovery is to have the phone plugged in to a computer! For some reason, download mode takes priority when plugged so, make sure it’s UNPLUGGED.

    2 – I hold only Power, and BOTH Volume Up and Down at the same time. NO HOME BUTTON for me, and voila! CWM!

    Try this, and feel free to plug the phone after you are in recovery.

  31. Anirudh says:

    Awesome site. Was able to root, flash and prepare a usb jig all thanks to you!
    Thanks and keep the vids coming..!

  32. samelson says:

    Thanks for the vid!

    I have a problem – Everything went well until I rebooted the phone…it has the 3 colorful balls thing that come down from the top of the screen and then it freezes there and then keep trying to reboot but gets stuck there every time…Any suggestions?


  33. Bjorn says:

    Installing a ROM following your instructions was easy enough–and successful, but backing up and erasing everything is a hastle. If you upgrade a ROM with a newer version of the same one, do you also have to erase everything, or does this become unnecessary? I’m currently using version 1.8.1 of the Resurrection Remix ICS AOKP ROM.


  34. Dom says:

    My SGSII wont flash the rom. When I go To select it, it will abort not allowing a new rom to be flashed. What should I do?

  35. mark fulwider says:

    I have rooted my T-Mobile S2 and everything worked fine. I tried the miui ROM and after installation was completed I got a boot loop. So i tried the Chicago Rom. same thing. then i read that i needed the base ICS Rom installed first. so i did that and installed Miui on top of that. when i rebooted…. dead phone… no power… dead phone…. brick… dead parrot. this is a dead parrot. i did back up with CWM but the phone will not power up. this is a brick!… is there a way to wake the phone up?
    thanks Admin

    • admin says:

      OMG, you don’t need a base ICS, I don’t know who told you that but that’s probably causing it, is your phone powering on at all?

  36. Mikachu says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’ve installed everything from the videos to the T and when I try to go in CWM and click install zip from sd I just get a hat on top of an orange cirlce. Actually, I get this is I click on anything!!! Help! Obviously I’m a noob so there’s that lol

  37. galaxydeads2 says:

    i rooted, downloaded spb shell 3d then i wanted to try the ressurection mod, followed instructions to the letter, i have the same version as of the one in this video. well my phone does that start up screen thingy and then it just stops! Help! Will i be able to use spb shell 3d with this rom as well?

  38. Laming says:

    need some help here, Signature verification failed during installing the ROM….How can i solve this…plz help

    • admin says:

      Try redownloading the ROM file it can get corrupted during download sometimes or try another ROM if that doesn’t work.

  39. Fede says:

    I copied the zip file on the internal storage part (I don’t have a separated SD card) and I can’t find it using CWM. Any tip for a noob?

  40. geoff says:

    hey, just want to know can you use cwm manager instead of clockmod and if so how can you flash it using that

  41. Allan says:

    Hi, I was able to flash the Resurrection Rom, reboot it, the ics yingyang logo appeared, after that nothing happend. Unlike your video at 3:52 where android icon and below 3 loading box appeared and so on…. Need help.. Thanks!!

  42. Eddy says:

    where can i find the root folder in my phone? and do i extract the zip file first before copying it to the phone?

  43. chris says:

    hey max, thanks for all the vids they have been soo helpful in learning how to do this.. I have a question though, I recently rooted my girlfriends ph using your easy safe method, have root access, then I installed CWM, flashed it, then tried to backup the rom so I could flash an ICS rom but when it reboots into recovery it just gets an error abort message, like it doesn’t even start to go into CWM recovery, is this because I haven’t flashed a custom kernel? I notice in your vid you have that yellow triangle you spoke of in an earlier vid from the custom kernel install..
    thanks heaps 🙂

    • Max says:

      probably just a bad download, try downloading ROM on your computer then copy over to the phone.

      • chris says:

        I had tried that also, with the same result, here is a pic of the screen once it tries to boot into recovery

        when rom manager asks what model it its I choose galaxy s2, there is a galaxy s2 I777.. something option there as well but didn’t think that was right,I think its a gsm (has sim card) but the startup screen has the telecom logo (its a telecom NZ ph) don’t think that has anything to do with it..?
        also titanium backup said something about a su binary fix, it said it fixed it though so don’t know if that’s relevant or not, thanks heaps for the quick reply and keep making these awesome tutorials!!

        • chris says:

          also just tried to install clockwork mod recovery touch by applying update from sd card (downloaded from CWM recovery site) and it comes up with an error also, I’m really keen to flash ICS ROM on this ph, your tutorial worked for my evo 3d perfectly, running the king cobra ROM, absolutely love it.

  44. Honey says:

    Can u list out roms snd kernels required for them..

  45. colin says:

    hey would like some help plz im installing salman rom on my gi9100 ive clicked on link to download and theyre are 2 files im wondering if i transfer the file that says extract to my sd card as well as the salman rom zip file im new to this so dont want do anything wrong,help would gratefully appreciated in advance

  46. colin says:

    hey max thx for replying,i understand now its just the rom file i flash the problem im having now is that when i try to transfer the file using kies i wont transfer over to the phone do i have to do something with the file first before it will move over

  47. BiggestNoobOut says:

    Is it necessary to , do a “wipe data/factory reset” ?
    Can you just install the ROM without doing a reset?

  48. micheal maxims says:

    i did the step by step you just described…. but after reboot it only displays ‘KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE’ why is that and how can i fix this? please let me know?

  49. Conor says:

    I was wondering can anyone help me. Have a awful feeling I wreaked my phone. Seriously cant believe I messed up simple instructions. I rooted my phone and backed it up according to the instructions on the faq page.

    Then went and installed the rom Resurrection remix 5.2. The installation seemed to go ok and went through to the default, light and custom option page. Picked default and installation completed. It asked me to reboot so I did but it kept going back into clock work mod recovery. Kept restarting the phone and it kept going back in.

    So I tried install the rom again by following the same instruction did the wipe as instructed and installed the rom. Seemed to go ok. It loaded into the default, light and custom option page. I choose default again. It installed and asked me to reboot. So i did but its stuck on the galaxy s2 start up page (the one with the yellow triangle).

    Does anyone know what to do now? I am a complete newb but any help would be appreciated. Sorry if my description isnt clear.

    • Leonard357951 says:

      i did that once with the OG droid. when you boot the phone up, trying going back into the recovery screen instead of letting it load. then when you get to the recovery screen you will do a factory reboot. you will have to regain root again but at least it will turn on lol.

  50. Leonard357951 says:

    so i tried to load a rom onto my phone threw the recovery screen. Now my phone will not turn on!!! what can I do?

  51. Brady says:

    Do you have the CWM Recovery for the AT&T Galaxy s2? can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  52. Archuriel says:

    Why do you say in the tutorial to copy zipped rom file into “root menu of internal storage”. Then later in your tutorial it says to flash new rom from “sd card”. I’m afraid I am missing something. How did a file I put in root menu show up on sd card?????

    • Max says:

      The CWM sometimes gets messed up, internal storage can sometimes be sd card and vice versa.

      • Archuriel says:

        So to make sure I have this right. I connect to usb storage and put both zip files (including Gapps) on the phones internal usb storage. Right. Thanks.
        By the way everyone Rom manager will Hard brick the Galaxy S2 I777 if you try to flash CWM with it. I did follow your root directions Max but CWM said I had the wrong version for the Siria Kernel so I used rom Manager to reflash CWM to get the correct one. Then booted into recovery mode with Rom Manager and Hard bricked My Phone. First root and I read up for months ahead of time. Lol. Not funny.

        • Max says:

          Rom manager is only compatible with phones with separate recovery partition. Only tmobile galaxy s2 are compatible with rom manager and i dont know why rom manager app developer does not put a big warning sign not to flash with other galaxy s2 phones.

  53. David says:

    So I followed this guide except I had to place the ROM zip file in a created folder I titled “Zip” because it wasn’t showing up even though I placed it in the internal sd. It would show up under “my files” on my phone, just not when I was in clockwork. So I did this, found the zip file, installed it and everything. It said it installed the ROM successfully, but when I got to reboot, nothing happens. My phone will no longer turn on. I get the yellow triangle screen, then nothing. I can get back into clockwork, and have tried the process a second time, with no luck. HELP!

    • David says:

      After doing some research, I think it’s because I still have gingerbread kernel and I’m flashing an ICS ROM. My only question is how can I flash the ICS kernel if I can’t get my computer to recognize my phone? I don’t know how to get the kernel onto my phone so I can flash it. Plus I’m using a MAC.

  54. Archuriel says:

    Are you sure you are doing the right button combinations. Look up what it is for your phone. You may still be able to get into download mode or recovery. I thought I new the button sequence for my phone but I was wrong. On the galaxy s2 you let go of the power button once you see the samsung splash screen and keep holding up and down volume.

  55. Lazar says:

    Hey Max, I got problem with WiFi and Bluetooth… It doesn’t work, please help me 🙂

  56. Janell says:

    The contract with my iPhone 4 just ended and i decided to pick up the Galaxy Note to get AT&Ts 4G LTE speeds and it works phenomenally. I work as a graphic designer and i am able to send out presentations to my customers instantly with a simple touch.

  57. Tushar says:

    Is it necessary to wipe data/factory reset before installing custom roms? :/
    I don’t know much about android

  58. yiren1 says:

    Hi, i am new to Android OS. I do not know what happens to my phone(Black screen) after trying to backup my Rom using CWM (Cm9 nightly). And now my Samsung Galaxy S2 unable to boot up, cant enter Recovery mode either but was able to enter Download Mode. May i know what can i do to save my device? Your help will be appreciated!!!

  59. eliogn says:

    hi guys, help me i have a problem with my phone after installing a custom ROM the WIFI IS NOT WORKING… can anynone help me plxx :s im tired reading forums and nothing! how can i fix it

  60. Zoidbort says:

    So I just rooted a friends S2 i9100 and it is currently on 2.3.3
    Do I need to update CWM etc to flash a Jelly Bean ROM or can I flash the ROM and CWM 10 via the already installed I used via your link?
    I know with my Note it required me to be on a rooted Gingerbread to update to Jelly Bean etc.


  61. garry says:

    Hey man thanks a lot for ur videos……I have a problem when backing up using rom manager….When i choose backup in rom manager the phone reboots but backup doesn happen…..It displays a e-signature error and installation aborts….Pls help plz plz plz pllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  62. JT says:

    If you prefer to not have your phone stuck in a boot loop do not use this ROM! I am a programmer and a droid app developer and this Rom is faulty, I am stuck in a boot loop… Be very careful. Very!

  63. JT says:

    Hey Max, Do you have a fix for this Rom? Any way to get it out of boot loop….CyanogenMod boot Screen?

  64. Zoidbort says:

    I don’t think he specified a ROM, just to go find and download one.
    If you are in a boot loop most likely you had a corrupt download on the ROM.
    Redownload it and have it ready.
    Try to get into Recovery via holding Vol up/down & Power until the boot screen starts up or it jumps into Recovery.

  65. JT says:

    Are you Suck in Boot loop from this mod? Pull Battery and sim… Hold power and volume up/down…. Should get you out of it.

  66. Zoidbort says:

    That is what I just told you to do lol

  67. matt says:

    Hey Max, you forgot how to explain “copy ROM file in to root of phone”.

  68. othman says:

    when i do a “wipe data/factory reset” , it give me an error coz of android secure !
    so when i try to choose the rom zip file from sdcard, it says can’t mount sdcard !!

  69. ibrahim says:

    i couldnt install the rom pls help..its telling me
    e:signature verification failed

  70. jordan says:

    i tried to install this clockwork recovery but its got my phone froze at startup, i think i know why, i have ics and later i watched the video and you say this is ony for gingerbread, dosent say that in the read along though anyways i can still get into my clockwork and mess around and such but thats it i have put the new roms on an external sd card but cant seemto access the sd card through the clockwork i can only see onboard memory i beleive im not sure what to do as of now. any help?

  71. Mubashar Iqbal says:

    1-How i know which ROM i am running in my Orange galaxy S2.
    2- Which ROMS can be used on samsung galaxy s2 of orange(united kingdom).
    3- what is meant by dual boot ie ICS and JB and how to install them.

  72. Xavier says:

    does the phone has to be unlocked to install custom rom?

  73. parwez says:

    sir i install slimbean 4.2.2 slimbean is installed but gapps not install becose signature fail so what i m do? tell me
    any google apps not be open downloding is faild only doing browsing plzz…….help me

  74. abhishek says:

    whenever i turn on my bluetooth my phone crashes. i have rooted my phone and installed resurrection remix ics v2.2…android version 4.0.4.
    plz help?????

  75. aayush says:

    hey i wanna have the shostock3 v3.0.2 on my sgh i777 do i have to install lernel or rom first

  76. Noob says:

    i just wanted to ask that can i install custom rom from any base version of android…..
    i’m currently on gingrebread 2.3.6 and i want to install a custom rom of 4.4.4 so will it create any problem??
    I guess i’m pretty late but please do reply my question 🙂

  77. noel says:

    When i flash my samsung galaxy s2 through custom recovery mode it’s showing “installation aborted”

  78. noel says:

    When i flash my samsung galaxy s2 through custom recovery mode it’s showing “installation aborted”
    I tried to install two ROM several times

  79. noel says:

    When i flash my samsung galaxy s2 through custom recovery mode it’s showing “installation aborted”
    I tried to install two ROM several times
    Please do reply

  80. noel says:

    When i flash my samsung galaxy s2 through custom recovery mode it’s showing “installation aborted”
    I tried to install two ROM several times
    Please do reply

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