How to Install/Flash a New Kernel on Galaxy S2 i9100!

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For those of you who want to flash a custom kernel on your Galaxy S2 i9100, it’s very easy to do so and while I was installing a custom kernel (to enable overclocking) on the latest Resurrection ICS ROM, I took a video.

The process is exactly identical to flashing/installing a new ROM except you do not need to wipe.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, flash only Gingerbread kernels to Gingerbread ROMs and ICS kernels to ICS ROMs.

If you accidentally flash ICS to Gingerbread ROM or Gingerbread to ICS ROM, simply flash the correct kernel and you will be able to get out of boot loops.

The process is pretty much identical to other Galaxy S2 variants, just a different method to get into recovery.

Download Siyah ICS Kernel

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9 Responses

  1. extreme4123 says:

    hi buddy.
    thanks a ton for a charming rom. resurrection 1.8.1. no problem uptill now, but as i have flashed a new kernel the siyah kernel , my s2 is getting stuck up again and again, sometimes on the main menu, sometimes on startup, i dont know whats the problem. The first time i flashed the kernel i overclocked my s2, but that was only the first time. i had to reboot after that and from then on the phone is getting stuck again and again . please help

  2. Ahmad says:

    Hello MAX…. Thanks for previous help.. I wanted to ask you about the boot animation shown in the video if you could give me its name and where to download it…. Thanks in advance…

  3. Kwame says:

    I installed a jelly bean on my rooted galaxy s2 gt i9100 and after it came it notified me that my usb storage was damaged. I cant use camera, i cant use wifi, bluetooth nothing. basically nothing works on the phone. please help me. Thanks

  4. Nate says:

    hey, my phone is at a black screen and doesn’t show anything and wont connect to computer

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