How to Make a USB Jig for your Galaxy S2!

If you’ve hard bricked your Galaxy S2 (and can’t get into download mode) or you want to reset the ODIN download counter (so no one will no you’ve rooted your Galaxy S2), or you just simply
want to remove the i9100 splash screen, you can make a USB jig to solve all your problems.

What is a USB jig?

USB jig is a simple circuit that allows you to reset the download mode and also get into it for Samsung smartphones (can work on other Samsung phones besides the Galaxy S2) just in case something goes wrong.  On a hard brick, this can save your phone as it will enter into download mode.  Think of it as a reset switch.

You can buy a USB jig on Amazon for around $6-10 or for about $2, you can make your own.  It’s a really simple circuit that involves putting 300K Ohms of resistors between pin 4 and 5 of the microUSB connector.

Here’s how to make your own for $2!

You can order a micro USB cable for $1 on Amazon and pick up 300K resistors for about $1. (or you can use 3 100K resistors in series, which is what I did since Radio Shack didn’t have 300K resistors)

Step 1. Cut the micro USB connector off your micro USB cable.

Step 2. Start taking off the plastic on the side with heavy-duty scissors or knife until you get to the metal bones.

Just cut it all the way until you can access all FIVE pins.

Although every microUSB connector is different, mine had all the pin soldered except for pin 4 (which is shown by the arrow below), this is the pin that’s unused, so it was easy for me to identify.  You need to connect a resistor in between this pin 4 and pin 5.  Pin 5 is located to the right of pin 4.

Below is what the pins look like for microUSB:


Step 3. You will need resistors, I am using 100K Ohm resistors I bought at Radio Shack.

Step 4. Since the pins are so darn small, it’s going to be rather hard to solder the resistors right onto it.  So I got 2 insulated wire pieces and solder them onto the pin 4 and pin 5.



Step 5. Below shows my wires soldered securely onto pin 4 and pin 5.

Step 6. Since I don’t have a 300K Ohm resistor, I am simply going to put three 100K Ohm resistors in series and solder them, this is actually pretty fun to do.

Step 7. Last step is simply soldering the resistor piece onto the wires and voila, USB Jig is done.  It took me about 15 minutes at most and I haven’t soldered for around 3 years so not too bad so long as it works.  You can make it nicer by putting some hot glue over it then putting it in a case but I like having bare circuits, I can always make new ones if I break it.

Step 8. Below shows my ODIN download count over 400+ on my Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S2.  This is before using the USB Jig.

Step 9. I turn the phone off then insert my new USB Jig, hoping that I did it right the first time.

Step 10. After about 3 seconds, my Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S2 boots up by itself to download mode, my “custom binary download” count reset to zero and says “erasing download information succeeded”.    Congrats!

Step 11. I reboot the phone and find the i9100 boot splash gone!

Next I used the jig on my AT&T Galaxy S2 and worked fine.  This USB Jig works on all Samsung devices that support it.

By resetting your download mode count, you’ve truly erased any history that you’ve rooted your phone.




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55 Responses

  1. jeff says:

    how come the tmo gs2 doesnt require this jig. i mean dont u flash the same stuff

  2. pranjay says:

    why does the phone get bricked?????what does it mean

  3. Maxim says:

    Did you check if such USB Jug would work on a hard bricked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989? You don’ specifically mention T989 and leave some hope, yet on the JTAG experts’ site it says that their service is not for SGH-T989.

    Just don’t want to let my hopes high, during the time till I get to shop for the resistors 😉

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Maxim says:

    I ended up buying and industrially made usb jig, it did not work. I checked it on another, ricked, but not hard bricked, phone – jig worked like a charm.

  5. Fernando says:

    Wich android version you make -it?

  6. Alex says:


    I have a question, I have a Galaxy S2 i777 At&t, and I’m using a custom rom, “ICScrewD” and I wanna as if its possible to reset the the product name from GT-i9100 to SGH-i777 in the ODIN MODE? I’ve used the jig but still says i9100..

  7. ashhad says:

    followed your procedure… worked like a charm… Thanks man
    one thing was little different… my USB connector pins order was little changed… from inside, they were all in a straight line.. strange..
    anyways.. i manually used tester to figure our pin 4 and pin 5.

  8. manish says:

    made the jig in 10min and cost me 15rs totally 🙂

  9. Jerky says:

    My options are 100k ohm at 1/4w and 1/2 watt. Which resistor should I buy? Does it matter?

  10. Ayman Aleskafi says:

    Dear Max,

    it’s kind of weird but this is really happened to me I did the jig following your instructions and guess what ?

    it goes to the “Factory Mode” instead than ” Odin Mode” without resetting the counter ?

    I test it on my brother galaxy and it worked also on another galaxy of my friend and it worked fine as well?

    could you please advice ?

    I can provide a picture if you would


  11. benblanco says:

    Hey mate,
    My Samsung 2 has spontaneously hard bricked itself in my pocket.
    Does this type of jig mean I can recovery some of the data on it or is it f#cked?
    Just want my photos back.

    • Hal Motley says:


      The jig is designed to allow your phone to enter a special download mode (similar to ODIN mode) called Factory mode.

      From there it should (under older firmware) remove the yellow triangle and reset your custom binary counter. (Mine didn’t so I bravely used TriangleAway to remove it)

      But I assume you can also use the Factory mode to flash ROMs (with ODIN or Heimdall) such as the stock ROM, CyanogenMod and MIUI which would effectively get rid of your bricking. Interestingly though after flashing to the stock I couldn’t get CM7 back on, so I now stick with CM9 (despite the fact it’s a nightly with things missing and plenty of bugs).

      Hope I helped!

  12. Raxor says:

    Thank you… thank you very much, you saved my ass, helped me unbrick my phone, for some reason It’s not reset the custom ROM count, but that’s not as important, great instructional mate, FANTASTIC 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  13. littlecrazywolf says:

    ive got my usb jig today and tried it out, but it dont work on mine, is it maybe that i have ice 4.0.3 and it only works on gingerbread????

  14. littlecrazywolf says:

    i mean the counter reset

  15. bricked says:

    I just made this jig for my hard bricked sgh-t989 and it is a NO go! it did not work at all, please advice.

  16. fernando says:

    This usb jig works very well. I was able to unbrick my galaxy s2-g.
    Thanks a lot.

  17. Loki says:

    You may find it easier to keep some of the cable attached to the plug, and using a multimeter test through to identify which core relates to which pin. After that, you can then solder your resistor/s between the cabling, and make it a nice in-line jig with a tail. For extra neatness and robustness, wrap the finished end in LX tape!

  18. Schlorg says:

    Weird, i can enter factory mode with my jig, but it wont erase the download counter…

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • Luis says:

      ok.. I used USB JIG to unbrick my t-mobile samsung galaxy s2 , that is complete bricked ,phone not
      turn on nothing work…So USB JIG not work for this model sorry guys , only the repair way for this t-mobile phone is JTAG, but is little hard .

    • admin says:

      You can use Triangle Away app.

  19. Mido says:

    hi …thank you so much about that ..but i want ask you plz ..i installed program cwm recovery to my galaxy ace and i turned and was work very good after 1st restart my phone dead not allow to open or do anything plz tell me is usb jig can back life to it

  20. Aiman says:

    Well what do you know. I got a soldering iron, probably some thin wire and a micro USB cable sitting around somewhere, those same exact resistors from radio shack I bought a while back, and a new Epic 4G Touch with 1 Odin count that I need to take to Sprint.

  21. himeyhwa says:

    i have biricked my galaxy mini TT,TT because i use rom manager apk.. i dont know if that apk isnt compotible for galaxy mini.. n when i turn off my phone.. n i want turn on again my phone not on anymore 🙁 can u help me?? what should i do?? TT,TT

  22. Leo says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the info. Why soldering cables on the USB connector rather than mapping the wires (wire color pin number) and soldering the resistor to the original wires?

    • Max says:

      Good question this is because one of the pins do not have physical connection to the actual wires.

    • Root HydroLife says:

      Because it has no wire on pin 4. Watch tutorial and read info again. Google is a great resource, ask google XP. Hard bricked is when nothing will ever fix the device. Soft brick is basic boot loop error. Take out the battery if not fused to device. That requires re-soldering and technical know how. Or hold power and a volume key up or down depending on device and reboot through the menu by pressing volume keys and power. Read specific directions on your device. Reading, an amazing concept. Most hard bricked devices are because of a lack of reading. If it says WAIT TILL READY. do it!!!! Wait till the device is ready or don’t try to be weekend hackers without devices you are willing to destroy if you don’t read directions well. To fix a device not booting or charging. Replace the battery or if needed, manually drain it out of the device using a simple led light to show it runs a charge. When fully dead, put it in your device and charge fully. If this does not fix it, I would assume the USB port is busted. Again, GOOGLE is your best friend. Hit him up and READ.


  23. DGH says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100).

    I built the jig just like you mentioned here.
    It resets the phone, takes it to download mode, but it doesn’t reset the custom binary count or get rid of the yellow triangle.

    Any help please.

  24. Dani says:

    I have 330K resistor (because i could not find 300k or 100k Resistors in the shop) n would like to know that if I try that resistor, will it do any damage to my phone?
    My phone is hard bricked!!!

  25. Dani says:

    Will the resistor with different colour code work or the only mentioned in XDA brown,black,yellow gold works?

  26. rakeeb says:

    ma s2 GT-9100 still not booting up… its showing yellow triangle i tired 320k homes usb jig its any problem plz…. help me any one plzz………

  27. Hawk says:

    Since all you are doing is pulling D+ to ground… the specific value is irrelevant! Where did you get 300K? It doesn’t matter! You can use 100k, 50k, 10k, even 1k.

  28. MAC says:

    Hi Zedo,

    Love the tutorials. Great website. too me from a noob to a competent android user.
    have some trouble. phone was stuck in bootloop. tried to reflash with recovery.tried with phone cant go into recovery.
    was running rootbox JB Rom with Dorimnanx kernal 7.xx on I9100. tried flashing other kernals and stock roms but doesnt work. made 2 usb jigs. phone goes into “factory mode” but doesnt clear the counter. any other ways of clearing the counter to save my warranty?
    appreciate the assistance

  29. Jim says:

    Saved my Samsung Galaxy S9000

    Thanks, Jim

  30. Toha says:

    Probably not the best forum but I need to ask as I am going crazy and not finding answer.
    USB memory stick via OTG cable work perfect on my SGS2 (stok android 4.0.4) or LG 2X CM7.2.
    But on Nexus 7 it only works with Nexus media import (only to read files), I have been reading root need for apps like stickmount but why when all working as normal android function on SGS2 as example?
    I dont want to root my Nexus 7…….

  31. Elias says:

    I followed the instructions and it works perfectly. I did on my SGS I9100 from Europe. Thank you and good luck.

  32. rusty says:

    max i am glad you use your powers for good. But wat is the difference between a brick and a hard brick. Brilliant forum BTW

  33. Michael Sta Maria says:

    What is the difference between Bricked and Hard Bricked Phone????

  34. swivelzz says:

    Hallo, is this work for epic touch 4g a.k.a sph-d710? (GB27 stock rooted)
    If u don’t mind, post more detail on pin 4 and 5, can’t see it clearly :'(

    Swivelzz – D710

  35. shah says:

    how to make jig usb for galaxy tab p6200?’.

  36. Ralph says:

    I would like to ask a stupid question… The wired are already soldered in place, Why cut open the mini USB ? Just know which color wires go to the right pin and solder the resistor onto the right colored wires. It just seems a waste to cut wires that already work ?

  37. Jonathan says:

    one question, can i use this to boot my phone? my phone is completely dead, not turning on, ive even replace the battery, i also connect the phone to pc and doesnt detect the device, tried volume up/down + home + power still not comming up, i wonder if this could fix the problem?.. thanks in advance

  38. Zahid says:

    my sony ericsson xperia x8 hard bricked while installing custom rom
    and it is completely dead no charging no led
    can this solution help me to repair my phone,
    please help !!

  39. Rick Ramo says:

    Thanks Max, that was interesting. Ever since I hardwired some ram chips piggyback onto existing ram in an Atari 400 I have been fascinated with this crap.

    I am still using a loyal SGH-i727.

  40. Ikyak Zaboenk says:

    Great article,
    my GT-I9100 stuck during downloading PIT file, so i decided to disconnect the USB, and suddenly it’s only blank screen, can’t enter both downloading mode (Home+vol down+power) or recovery mode (Home+vol up+power).
    will it solve the problem?

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