Siyah Kernel v.3.3.2 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [ICS]

For those of you dual-booting, overclocking, or just simply enjoying Siyah kernel on your ICS ROM, Siyah Kernel version 3.3.2 is out with the following changes:

USB mode selection in ExTweaks (default, force mass storage, force mtp)
some tweaks & patches from upstream
battery charging animation, service and lpm.rc from CM9
wifi country code lookup part delegated back to the driver code
Linux 3.0.34

NOTE: This is only for those of you on ICS, please do not flash on Gingerbread!

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42 Responses

  1. Jeff Lieby says:

    I wasn’t thinking clearly and I installed the siyah kernael for ICS on my gingerbread phone. Now it won’t do anything…. is there anything I can do to fix it. I can’t get back into recovery mode, the screen is just black. Help a newb!!!

  2. Jason Zhu says:

    after flashed this kernel, my wifi is not working, with CM9 latest build 20120615 nightly i9100

  3. shayek says:

    how do you use odin while on a custom rom?? because before you have to boot into download mode and now there is no download mode

  4. sadem says:

    Hi, my sim card is not recognized since i flashed my S2 gingerbread to ics 4.0.3. My S2 is the CSC KOR but now i want to downgrade to gingerbread again. Is it possible !!!

  5. Haider says:

    so is it okay if i install this kernel on F1 ROM ?????? reply asap…

  6. stuart says:

    +1 for ghetto Wi-Fi issues, since flashing siyah on Slim ICS. The Wi-Fi no work…

    Please advise on a work around or even better a fix!

  7. gali says:

    Pls help me out, since when I flashed my s2
    from gb to ics 4.0.3 I’ve been having
    problem with my battery always draining
    Itself even without use…am so

  8. zeedoo says:

    which ics rom do you use officially on ur galaxy s2 be truthful…………………..

  9. gauntlet says:

    Since I installed this kernel phone will only get to boot screen and then shut off? Any suggestions?
    I can install my old kernel back on it and works fine.
    I’m using Frankenstein’s rom
    ics 4.0.4

  10. Serge says:

    Hi Max,
    can i use this kernel on the i9100g?

  11. Vzan says:

    Hi Max,
    I accidentally flash this kernel to SGH-T989, phone won’t power up, won’t get into the recovery, please help.
    Thank you

  12. Max says:

    U will need to get a new phone do u have warranty? If you dont mobiletechvideos does jtag repair for 50 bucks.

    • Vzan says:

      Max, thanks alot for the info on mobiletechvideos. Got the phone exchanged at local Tmo store, problem solved. Now I know to be more careful with the KERNELS !
      thanks again,

  13. Avoral says:

    hey m8..does this kernel affect tje performamce? Dpes it make d game and system performamce better on stock rom?

  14. noobs says:


    Can i flash this Kernel on a VK ICS i9100 Rom? Or is there other ways for me to overclock using this Rom?


  15. Blolbo says:

    Siyah kernel sucks balls! Fluxi kernel is dah shit ! 😀

  16. marcus says:

    hey max whenever i flash any of these updated kernals i lose my ability to hear phone calls the device dials out but i cant hear nor can anyone hear me i wanted to update to mystics glory 4.2 which has the updated kernal same problem i cant hear any one and no one can hear me. why is this?

  17. sieg says:

    hello will this work on s2 stock rom LPG? ICS..

  18. AHMED says:

    max plese help me

    i rooted my phone and get my screen frezze when i open it

    i cant accest it

    wht i do?

    can i remove the root???

  19. Alex says:


    I have added this kernel and I have 2 issues:

    1. bluetooth not working
    2. camera screen is black.

    Everything its perfect in the rest.


  20. Nick says:

    i installed beats audio onto my GS2 i9100xxlpq using the ClockWork app thingy but turns out its was for the T-mobile model. now my camera screen is black (but still takes photos fine) and videos on youtube are black also but i can still hear the sound, is their anyway to fix this problem? ..PLEASE HELP ME.. i restored my phone to factory settings thinking it would fix it but it didnt work.

    Is there any way to fix this Max?

  21. Mohit says:

    I rooted my S2 running on ICS 4.0.4. Guess what it made bluetooth stop working,Video player stop showing visuals while playing videos nd what not. Please help me with this.

  22. Nick says:

    Same problem with me but i installed the beats audio rom which was for the tmobile gs2 model. I use the gs3mod ROM seeing as the video and camera and bluetooh works with it but the only thing is my Android version is 4.0.3 instead of 4.0.4 :/ and when i unroot my gs2 it goes back to 4.0.4 but the camera problem and that comes up again so im just sticking with this GS3 ROM till i get some acutual help. If you find out how to fix it can you let me know please??

  23. adrian says:

    i’m just curios if this kernel work on omega black blue rom?

  24. Thomas says:

    Can I use this kernel with resurrection remix JB?

  25. Kaan says:

    hi max i really appreciate your site and your work.
    there is a question which i couldnt get an answer to anywhere.
    i noticed the latest siyah kernel in the siyah kernel website is SiyahKernel S2-v5.0.1.

    can i use that with JB rom? or is it just for ics?
    and if so how is it possible that a lower version of that kernel which you published here supports jb but a more advanced one does not?

    waiting for your answer,
    thnx alot.

  26. REVANTH says:

    This kernel was acting weird when I flashed it using Odin..once I freeze unwanted app nd de freeze it again, titanium backup says app successfully defrosted but I won’t see it back in system app tray.. Please help. What’s the problem dint I install it well??

  27. REVANTH says:

    Iam new to android..will loading another kernel by flashing it using Odin root my phone? And you said we can do it using cwm get cwm we should be rooted rite? Once loading kernel ill be rooted then why again cwm? Please do help me

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