Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 for i9100 Now Supports Jelly Bean and ICS ROMs! [Dual Boot JB/ICS]

Looking to dual-boot Jelly Bean and ICS custom ROMs on your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100?

Well, the latest stable version 4.0.1 for i9100 supports Jelly Bean and ICS custom ROMs, just tested working flawless!


Download Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 ZIP for CWM
Download Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 TAR for ODIN

Credits – GoKhanmoral

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69 Responses

  1. Avaish D says:

    Hi can i use it on ginger bread ?…so that i can flash to jb

  2. Glenn Davis says:

    V .4.0.1 doesn’t give me the option to dual boot with CyanogenMod X-TremE CM10 Beta .
    It also doesn’t give me the option to answer the phone hahahahaha lol .
    My wife rang me five times at work and I couldn’t answer her , damn it was good ,and very funny lol lots .
    In the end ,after I had stopped crying laughing , and could finally get up off the floor , I sent her a text , to text me.
    None of the physical buttons worked , nor the stupid bloody on screen button , and it felt soooooo good to hang up on my wife five times , and have a perfectly valid excuse LOL .
    Truth IS stranger than fiction , and this was funnier than any joke I have EVER heard .
    After over thirty years of mental torture , I got one back , and , I didn’t even have to try hahahahahaha .
    I’m past help now , ( I’m going straight to the laughing academy ) but could you please help me answer the phone LOL , and tell me how to set up or find dual boot in the bios , because the option was there until I loaded X-TremE !.
    I have enough experience at building computers and installing Roms on phones to know what I am doing .
    Your help will be much appreciated
    Thank you .
    Glenn .

  3. marcusmichelsen says:

    help help help i have tried to install from fresh wipe and factory wipe dalvick you name it no matter what i loose my ability to make phone calls whe trying to install any jellybean roms i have followed the steps but every time i try to install any jb upgrade this happens why? im using a gt i9100 and have used all the siyah 4.1 and the 4.1.1 with the jb and i still loose the ability to make calls i use the kernal v3.5.1 with ics and it and it works fine can some one tell me what im doing wrong? i know im using the proper kernal with the jb but it never works.

  4. Gürkan Coşkun says:

    Tskler ustad aradigim buydu jely bean cm10icin eyvallah..

  5. crazyandroid says:

    Thanks for posting on updated kernel for SGS II.

    i have a query regarding dual boot OS. My SII is just rooted and updated with Siyah Kernel 4.0.1.

    can install dual boot JB OS on ICS stock OS of SGS II?


  6. tejas says:

    this doesn’t work on jellybean resurrection remix

  7. tejas says:

    i got in boot loop after installing this kernel. please don’t install this guys or ull brick ur phone

  8. Phu says:

    Hey Max i have a question, also im new here and i don’t realy know about this stuff.
    my sgs2 runs ginger bread and i flashed for 2 days salman ics rom, so will this kernel work on my phone?

  9. mike says:

    Im running the RR Jelly bean and the siyah kernel and it works fine.

  10. jamesGS2 says:

    do u have any link how to dual boot? tia

  11. Murray says:

    Hi, So I have just rooted my samsung SII GT-I9100. It is still running Gingerbread and I have also backed up using Titanium so I’m sure the root is working. I would like to get the latest kernel on my phone, and then get the latest version of JB. So my main question is, what kernel can I install if I’m using Gingerbread???

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  12. Slim says:

    I have the older version Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1. Are there any certain steps I should take before flashing this kernel. I ask this becasue I already have two ics roms dual booted. Therefore must I delete one of my roms ( so im no long dual booting) before i flash thde new Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 or can I just flash it with the new one and it would automatically keep my two dual booted roms without conflict?

  13. Slim says:

    Can both one ICS rom and one JB rom be dualbooted together at once with this curretnt version?

  14. Julian Spring says:

    It doesn’t work with the CN10 JB?/? and help?

  15. Niklas says:


    I made my old original ICS 4 ROM as 2nd ROM.
    Then I installed CM10 ROM as 1st ROM. Then the kernel was overwritten to… so i can’t use dual boot.
    Then I installed Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 again.

    The boot up menu with countdown then comes up again and it works to press home button and start the original ROM. BUT the CM10 does not start when just wating… =(

    Im a rookie on all of this, but did I miss anything? Doesn’t CM10 work with Siyah??

  16. Uzair says:

    I have got this kernel and installed it on my s2 via Odin. After getting auto restart, my phone gives yellow triangle beneath the samsung image. Moreover, Syah kernels logo appears on phone and it lasts for 4-5mints. After that a new screen appears with the Android image by saying Kernel Panic Mode (something like that) and nothings happens further..! I am stuck in this situation and it creeping me out..!
    Best Regards,

  17. Uzair says:

    Hey! I have got this kernel 4.0.1 and installed it on my s2 via Odin v3.04. After getting auto restart, my phone gives yellow triangle beneath the samsung image. Moreover, Siyah kernel logo appears on phone and it lasts to 4-5mints. After that a new screen appears with the Android image by saying Kernel Panic Mode (something like that) and nothing happens further..! I am stuck in this situation and it creeping me out..!
    Best Regards,

  18. Don says:

    Can it be use on I9100DXLPB?

  19. jeev says:

    Sea of information from this site, awsome job you guys are doing.

    I tried this kernel for i777 and the back button is not working. Also its not able to boot into the second supernexus jb rom. No complaints, I just tried the unintended! Any plans of it to come out for i777 and support for second jb roms?

  20. Lukas says:

    This doesn`t work on JB 4.1.2. Tried with stock and Rootbox ROMs. Galaxy S2 won`t boot, but when using CWM to flash backup firmware, it shows Siyah CWM interface with touch screen navigation.

  21. bothylad says:

    Dual booting works well but with recent builds of JB I’ve been unable to get JB to load. I’ve tried Siyah Kernel Vers5 with no luck. Is there a solution at present

    Best regards

  22. Raymondo says:

    This is compatible with Rainbox i9100 ROM??

  23. Jorge M says:

    I installed it and remains sinyah logo flashing on reboot

    • sfdsd says:

      hey dude..reset again to cwm and clear everything factory reset, dalvik, battery stat and cache..i works just fine for me. I had also experience this when installing. It was bootloop but i don’t fret..try it n enjoy rainbox with siyah but somehow battery is draining fast though 🙁

  24. Sachin says:

    can i use this on my galaxy s2 I9100 4.1 jelly bean. REPLY

  25. Sachin says:

    can i use this on my galaxy s2 I9100 4.1 jelly bean for installing custom roms REPLY

  26. Kemal says:

    Can i root my s2 ics with this kernel ? 🙂

  27. GALAXY S I9100 4.1 Jelly Bean says:

    how to install this in my GALAXY S I9100 4.1 Jelly Bean REPLYYY

  28. remixer says:

    would this kernel cause me any issues since i have a galaxy s2 i777 model with the ressurection remix jb rom?

  29. Nadeem says:

    Hey guys I have a galaxy s2 gti9100 and it was on stock gingerbread 2.3.5 so I rooted it using the speed mod kernel and then I installed the Cm9 stable version. But with cm9 or any other ics rom my battery drains too much during night and while standby. Any suggestions how to overcome this problem?? Moreover when I turn off my phone during the night and when I turn it on in the morning the battery drains almost 25%!. So does flashing the latest siyah kernel help me with battery issues and if yes how do I flash it?? will it work for CM9 stable version as I don’t want to move away from cm9.

    • Nadeem says:

      I flashed the zip file via cwm and my phone wouldn’t boot! The screen would just give a faint white flash so I had to go into download mode and then flash the speedmod kernel again after which I had to reinstall the cm9 stable rom. I thought I had bricked my phone :-(. And now I am scared to flash this kernel can anybody tell me what is the correct way to flash this kernel with cm9 stable on board. Thanks

  30. Nick says:

    My GT-I9100 wont dual boot rooted official 4.0.4 ICS on Boot 1 & Rainbox V7 JB on Boot 2. Hangs after yellow triangle, blank screen on boot 2. Boot 1 works ok.

    If I load ICS on Boot 1 & 2 or JB on Boot 1 & 2 all ok but wont allow ICS & JB?

    Any help?

    • dave says:

      I have rooted 4.0.3 siyah 5.0.1 runs ics on both roms fine but I cannot get JB to run on second rom.
      Tried multiple tutorials best I can get is looping “unfortunately, process has stopped” error.
      Have tried spanish official 4.1.2, (worked but had to wipe ics rom 4.0.3 as it was not upgradeable, wouldn’t dual-boot with 4.0.3 intact), jellybam=no boot at all, slimBean=unrecoverable error or endless logo screen.
      Can anyone confirm actual running ics / JB setup?
      Spent hours on this, very frustrating!

  31. Daniel says:

    Can I use this Kernel in an AT&T Galaxy S2 (I777)?

  32. sergio says:

    will work Siyah-v3.2.6.4.tar change to Siyah-s2-v4.0.1.tar? so have first unroot??

  33. mike says:

    I have jelly bean and just flashed it and bricked my phone (is correct phone and sw version) – anyone have a solution? help!

  34. adel says:

    i wana know can i install kernel after installing alliance JB rom?? if yes, how do i install/flash a new kernel ??

  35. sergio says:

    will work Siyah-v3.2.6.4.tar change to Siyah-s2-v4.0.1.tar? so I have to first unroot?? ASAP!!

  36. REVANTH says:

    Iam new to android..will loading another kernel by flashing it using Odin root my phone? And you said we can do it using cwm get cwm we should be rooted rite? Once loading kernel ill be rooted then why again cwm? Please do help me.. And how many ways are there to root android phone? Thanks in advance

  37. AD Kool says:

    Dude i just have Biftor Rom in my s2, i flashed this kernel….guess what??
    my phone is not booting!!!!
    i can got to the download screen + CWM screen….what should i do now??

  38. Sanes10 says:

    Does this works with AOKP JB-MR1 (Android 4.2.2) roms?

  39. DaveC says:

    I know this is old but can I dual boot stock rom UNROOTED as well as the 4.2.2 rom i’m running now? My current AOKP rom is still recognised as being rooted even with hide my root app, would like to be able to use Barclays Pingit…

  40. sochai says:

    I have install this kernel combine with biftor rom v8 but it cannot boot my phone. Flashed it for 2 times also same result. Now i just flash the Dorimanx Kernel & still using the same rom on my s2 i9100. All good at the installing procedure but after the phone boot & android updating my phone screen cannot touch.

    Can u help me Max. I need to use Siyah Kernel for dual boot my phone.Tq…

  41. potato says:

    will this work in my samsung galaxy s2 with omega rom?

  42. xsingh says:

    I need your help My usb port of samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100 is not working When i connect it to my pc It is not detected by my pc Only phone starts charging I’ve tried it on my PC and one another PC with different cables but it does not connect

    So my question is, is it possible to root my phone without a PC? Now i am using stock rom 2.3.6 Gingerbread Reply me soon

  43. Gustavi says:

    Hi! I have the AT&T i777 stock rom of android 4.1.2, can I use this kernell on this rom???

  44. sufyan says:

    can i use this siyah kernal on my kitkat omni rom

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