How to Overclock Rooted AT&T Galaxy S2 to 1.6Ghz! [SGH-I777][4400+ Quadrant]

For those of you who want to get every bit of performance from your AT&T Galaxy S2 (SGH-I777), you might want to think about overclocking your phone to 1.6Ghz from the stock 1.2Ghz.

This can be good for 3D gaming and other instances where CPU performance might be in need.

To overclock, you will need an overclockable kernel, you can try my Zedomax OC Kernel, which allows you to overclock up to 1.6Ghz. (or 1.4Ghz too)

To install, simply flash the following kernel zip file in ClockworkMod Recovery: (See How to Install Kernel on Galaxy S2 if you don’t know how to do this.)

Download Zedomax OC Kernel



You will need an app like SetCPU (available on Market or google it) or CPUMaster to actually overclock.

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21 Responses

  1. Funk says:

    Not stable for me in the SetCPU stress test. It reboots or just stops the stress test. Rooted, 1.0.4 and your kernel.

    It gets HOT on the back of the phone to the right side of the camera.


  2. Stryker says:

    Heya max. I just rooted my phone using your kernel and instructions and then went on to use the OC kernel. I installed SetCPU and even running it at 1.5ghz, the phone is just rebooting time after time.

    It’ll get into the Media scanner and when it’s loaded everything, it’ll just reboot. I can’t even get into SetCPU to tone down the frequency anymore. Any ideas?

  3. Jake says:

    What about for T-mobile galaxy s2?

  4. iROOT says:

    btw: it’s the at&t i777 running 2.3.4
    bbv: KH7
    kv: _ZedomaxStockKernel

  5. Chris says:

    This kernal bricked my phone, too unstable for my liking, I’ll stick with your original kernal + CM7.

  6. Steve Deng says:

    Hey, I applied this kernel but now my wifi will not connect.
    What do I do?

  7. Scott says:

    Hey Max, Im currently using the latest AOKP ROM and siyah kernel on my AT&T galaxy S2 and I got setCPU, but the max cpu I can set it at is 1.2 GHz. How come I can’t increase it? I can’t increase it through the AROM controls either. Thanks for the help!

  8. raj lucky says:

    i was using the latest cm10 nightlu rom , i just instilled the .zip that is zedomax oc kernal. my phone is bricked
    . any help in unbricking ?

  9. GN Pathy says:

    What Kernel should I be using to overclock for Galaxy S2 (AT&T) running Resurrection Remix JB3.1.3 (Android 4.2.1) ?


  10. markbc says:


    Max, please respond and correct me if I am wrong, but I just tried it by flashing this on top of my i777 running Shostock3 (with Siyah 1.25_s) and it did bad things to the phone.

    The phone was stuck at the “samsung” logo and my “old” nandroid backups were missing since (I think) the file system was read differently with the overclocking (old) kernel. (sorry if that is technically illiterate!)

    Anyway you can get out of it -regardless of your rom if you preload a working kernel in several spots on your SD card (root directory and others) and on the internal memory root level –even if you are frozen or semi-bricked your crippled file system will allow recovery to see the kernel and you can flash out of it.

    However, if you did what I did (don’t do what I did 😉 you won’t have pre-staged a kernel anywhere and your “old” download directory won’t be accessible –so you can’t find a (JB) kernel to flash.

    In that case you need a tar version of the kernel and I found one on AJ Newkirk’s XDA thread for the “everything works” kernel (here : ht tp:// search the thread for tar and then you can download the kernel –put your phone into download mode ( jig or Vol +/- & Power while plugged into USB) and install the kernel via odin and suddenly your old file system is back — I could see my old nandroid backups and immediately restored without issue. ( I will have to remove the triangle and i9100 symbols again!)

    hope this helps others!

  11. Jey says:

    I want this wallpaper
    Can point you to a download?

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