Alien ROM for Galaxy S2!

If you are looking to completely alienate your Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, you might just want to try the Alien ROM, which comes with its own custom “Alien” theme, I kinda like it as it gives you a feeling of having a custom Galaxy S2.

This ROM comes with an overclockable kernel (up to 1.6Ghz) and lots of custom stuff.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Download ROM here:

Download Alien ROM

Donate to original developer here


Don’t know how to install a new ROM?  Look here.

Don’t forget, you need to root your Galaxy S2 and make a backup of your ROM first before installing new ROMs!!!  Also backup apps!

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10 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi there, Love your Alien Rom. Could hardly find any fault with it….until I tried using both the Camera and the Calculator. Found that even though there is an icon for both, it does not seem to be able to open (it gave a message saving that is FORCE CLOSE). Really hope that you can resolve this so that I can seriously stop looking for other ROMs to try (so far this is the best ROM that I have experience, other than the above mentioned fault, which I seriously hope that you can resolve).

    Hope to receive an updated ROM version (with the above issues resolved).


  2. Farooq says:

    I tried this rom after using almost every other Galaxy S2 rom there is. this is by far the best rom i have tried except for the already mentioned issue with the camera and the calculator. please resolve these in the updated versions or provide a solution for the existing one as i would really like to keep using this rom. but with the camera not working, i have to say, it’s not worth staying on this even with all the revamped functions and animations. thanks.

  3. kelvin says:

    Make one for T-mobile’s galaxy. I will really appreciate that!

  4. Matt says:

    I have the At&t Galaxy S2 not the one showed in the video but this is still a Very nice rom. At 1st i thought it was broken because it stayed on the boot animation for a while but it worked. takes a little getting used to i dont like that it disables my menu, search, and back buttons to make my home button the back button. very nice set up though. had the same issue with camera couldnt install the apps i saved from my previous rom because they would FC or say error. this is probly because i dont have the same hone as the video but it works fairly well for me. very beautiful and lots of customization and some nice wallpapers too.

  5. sarang says:

    i love this rom!! but it’s disapointing that i can’t use camera.
    I downloaded pudding camera app so i can take photos with it and i thought i solved the problem of not being able to use the camera function until i tried to use the video (pudding camera is only for taking pictures not videos).
    It would be the perfect rom if they fix these faults.

  6. tobydarklord says:

    this is an amazing rom …. BRILLIANT … and he has released a v.3 … hopefully cam is fixed 😀 booya

  7. Tom says:


  8. James says:

    Beautiful rom.
    Too bad its not ICS, camera doesn’t work and market gives me an error on every attempt to use it. Will have to find another I guess, but this thing is REALLY REALLY nice…get on fixing it and you’ll be able to convince the world to use it.

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