Alliance ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

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For those of you looking for stability, TouchWiz, and Samsung Kies USB support, give the Alliance ICS ROM a go for your rooted Galaxy S2 GT-i9100.

The Alliance ICS ROM features TouchWiz UX Galaxy S3 launcher, Galaxy Note 2 Gallery app, modded camera for higher quality videos, pop-up video player, and even UI customization similar to ROM Control in AOKP ROMs.

I know many of you actually are running this (and recommended it to me) and also many of you asked me a more stock-like ROM with great features, this is that ROM. So, don’t wait, flash this ROM if that’s what you are looking for, I think you will love it.


Download Alliance ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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67 Responses

  1. nightvave says:

    Is it GOOD ?.. has any 1 tried it yet

  2. Reza says:

    What rom is yours favorite?

  3. Ben says:

    can I dual boot it with RR 3.8

  4. hadiabu says:

    Any feedback on this ROM yet?

  5. Tootronix says:

    Nice one…really nice near to stock and better.. with the video calling facility working too unlike a few other ROM’s.

  6. Krishnesh G says:

    hey i have followed for a while now and im no noob but this rom makes me feel like one idk how to install Google now properly when i try to the voice search messes up. please help

  7. michael t says:

    Hey guys, great rom !

    Although i cant figure out how to screenshot or install the new google search !
    Has anyone got a solution ?

    • michael t says:

      Screenshot was just home button and power button held together
      Still dont know how to get the updated google search

  8. yi says:

    after using this rom, i can not call or pick up a call, please help

  9. Maor says:

    First of all great rom! everything worx fine. the only problem is that i cant syinc my phone with the google account and the calander…
    Any idia whay?

  10. Reza says:

    Max whats your favorite rom for galaxy s2. ?????? Please answer

  11. rfb813 says:

    I hellraised this ROM for the ATT Galaxy S2 and it works very well, really nice. I still prefer the ported Salman ROM.

  12. elkin says:

    you can pored to a sgh i777 plssss

  13. Reza says:

    Thanks a lot max

  14. Ben says:

    Nice and Cool Rom. lots of effect, I love it

  15. Reza says:

    Hello max i realy need to buy a phone and i love android .wich android phone is the best and fastest to buy is it the note 2 of galaxy s3 or other phones???

  16. Olivr says:

    Can I flash Siyah on this? I’m wanna keep the dual boot feature from siyah.

  17. ali says:

    hello there … i tried to flash this ROM but too bad freezes at tringle screen and no more ..
    is there any idea although i did erease everything ….

  18. Tootronix says:

    I dont seem to find Swype on this Rom..Do i have to download an external app????

  19. bernard says:

    my phone gets hot when im using it…..
    pls help………………………..

  20. Martin says:

    How can I install it? 1. wipe data 2. wipe cache and flash?

  21. ellusionist says:

    Galaxy Note 2 Gallery app doesnt work why?

  22. brian says:

    i like this rom alot but just like every other rom the battery drain is killing it, every rom my screen uses 50 plus etc etc why?????

  23. Ibrahim says:

    A great room used 5 days every thinks working very well.


  24. mike says:

    Great rom beeing using it for a bit now on my Galaxy S2 everything works great running a dual boot with RR.

  25. Maryus says:

    i have a good internet connexion but the rom is downloading very very slow…it shows me that the download would finish on 2 hours ;((

  26. Reza says:

    Max please help me i cant install roms on my phone it says install says wipe but wen i wipe my phone and try again it will say the same words install aborted wipe first help me 🙁

  27. Thomas says:

    Flashed this rom into my SGS2 I9100 international last week.
    So far, can’t get the bluetooth to work. It says “On”, but doesn’t show “On “in the statusbar, and I can’t connect to bluetooth devices. Battery time not so good. Experiencing memory drainage.
    Other than that, it’s a stable ROM, no crashes etc, boots up nicelly.

    • iZel says:

      i agree with you regarding “bluetooth”, no icon at status bar but it is actually connected. It can receive & send data same as normal, ive tried it. Only thing is no icon at status bar which can drain ur battery if you dont know u’ve turned your bluetooth on..

  28. MARIUS BURGER says:

    my google play store does not want to start up and keeps on crashing and my phone looses connection to the GSM network.

    please be so kind to reply

  29. Tushar Gupta says:

    No zoom in camera. The vol key captures a pic rather than zooming/unzoominh. Wtf?

  30. Anuj says:

    it doesnot display clock at the top..
    please help

  31. Elkindelta says:

    For all everyone doesn’t work the rom try make a full wipe

  32. john says:

    This is my fav ROM that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a fair few !!!

    Very stable….

  33. nightvave says:

    This ROM sucks… most of the app I used ended up crashing even the default Google maps and local…even the played apps are crashing… its really pissing me off…any fixes….only reason I am using this is bcz of the S3’s touch wiz… so pls help

    • john says:

      Sounds like its a problem with your install. I would suggest trying to install it again….

      I’ve been using this ROM for a couple of weeks now and have not had one crash…

      • astralbee says:

        This is typical of the support on Alliance’s own forums. Reinstall. You did it wrong.

        Everyone uses different apps on their phone. If a rom isnt working out for you, try something different.

        • john says:

          A little harsh !!! Not saying ‘he did it wrong’ I’ve flashed ROMS in the past and had the forced closure issues and after reinstalling they worked without me doing anything different. Its worth a try before stating that ‘This ROM sucks’

  34. rahman says:

    hi… your rom is good.. but i got same problem. can u help me how to hide the toggle?

  35. Allan says:

    This rom is awsome! Only problem is the GPS dosent work. Any tips?

  36. astralbee says:

    I’ve used Alliance ROM (and prior to that Darky ROM, from who the team broke away) exclusively for the past 2 or 3 years. I’ve always thought that because they used Samsung roms as a base that they would be the most stable, and aside from a couple of bugs in some releases they have been pretty good up to now. Just recently though, they have started dropping the ball too much for my liking. Each “full” release comes out chock full of bugs, and while there is usually an update within a day or two there are usually some bugs remaining. The support forums are good, but it feels like when you have a problem nobody believes you…. error reports often get met with “well you mustn’t have wiped properly when you installed”.

    This week I switched for the first time to an AOKP based rom (Resurrection Remix) and I’ve got to say I’m far more impressed with what I have now. I’m not dissing what Alliance do, they clearly have a lot of people who like the same old mods grafted onto each new samsung release; but I am enjoying having a clean rom with a less stock feel.

    • john says:

      Think you will find that most custom ROMS have bugs on their release including RR. They are constantly updating their ROMS with bug fixes and that’s what is good about the forums. I would always encourage people to post any possible bugs that they might have found and not to take offence to any possible suggestions to fix the problem. After all these people on the forums are only trying to help 🙂

  37. Malusi says:

    I have been using the rom for 4 days now and it’s an awesome rom. The only thing that seems to not work it hiding the toggles. Even when i disable them the still show, but everything is works perfect. I havent had 1 fc. Battery life is better then my previous stock 4.0.3.

  38. oblivion202 says:

    running this rom for a couple of weeks no problems every thing working great.
    with ref to clock, blue tooth icons in status bar go to phone settings and go into alliance settings
    and you can customise your status bar.

  39. cyrus says:

    hey max,

    what kernel should I use for this rom??

  40. cyrus says:

    I installed this rom on my gs2 , every thing is just fine unless usb connection. I cant connect my phone to pc through usb (usb debugging is enabled)
    can anybody help?

  41. vuselo says:

    I tried allmoast every rom from here and this is the best… stable, works perfectly…

  42. ganesh says:

    hi… my internet got very slow after i install this rom can anyone help me plz it tke 6 min to download 2 mb file…. i have a full signal and i hve a 3g data…. before it took 16 sec

    sorry for my english

  43. merin says:

    flashed this today, as of now, its very cool !!! looks great !!

  44. bernard says:


  45. Marshal Xavier says:

    I have tried many roms n this is 1 of d best.. I’m really looking forward to an Alliance Rom update wit d all new JellyBean..

  46. Anshu says:


    I tried to install Alliance ROM , but its showing an error (E: Signature Verification Failed)
    Any solution for this problem ???

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