Alliance Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Multi-window][Overclocking]

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For those of you looking for a solid, stable TouchWiz-based ROM with lots of features added like Multi-window and overclocking, check out the latest Alliance Jelly Bean ROM.

With the Alliance ROM you will get full multi-window (enable for all apps), Siyah Dorimanx kernel with support for up to 1.6Ghz overclocking plus dual-booting, and Alliance custom settings to customize the UI and lockscreen to your likings.

Also the ROM comes with ability to switch between many different lockscreens to satisfy your cravings. I do highly recommend this ROM for stability and those who want a more stock-like experience with latest Samsung TouchWiz features off Note 2.

For camera, you will get a nice modded camera with Volume shutter buttons and enhanced video recording (higher bitrate).

So, if you haven’t tried this ROM, definitely give it a go today and do let me know if you like it or not.


Download Alliance Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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58 Responses

  1. Richardsoffice says:

    However there is one thing missing and that is the spell checker from previous android Version (not the predictive spelling) the one that underscores all the misspelt words in red that you’ve typed into a page, and with suggested corrections.

  2. mark says:

    downloaded and installed , love the look of it but I get sim lock !! my phone is unlocked and rooted , how do i get around this ?

  3. Kamraan says:

    Hey I’m getting the same problem of Sim locked. I tried apps such as Galaxy unlocker and Galaxy_S unlock but they’re not helping 🙁
    I’m really liking this ROM but I have no option but to switch back.

    I’d really appreciate a solution, thanks!

  4. utsav says:

    The notification bar doesn’t show unless i swipe doen!!.. Downloading it again..:(

  5. zoran says:

    i replace my jb nexus with this rom but i have problem…with aliance rom my phone is stock on logo samsung…how to solve this problem???

  6. Roberto says:

    cant enable hotspot…always turned off by itself…and also the video player doesnt work

  7. Kabz says:

    Drains battery. 54% to 14% in less than 30min. Very glitchy, a few restarts. Had to switch back to lion rom 1.3 as it’s much smoother and battery lasts. The UI for alliance rom is superb, looks stunning with great lock screen features. But the other stuff let it down. I’ll try the next update to see if it’s smoother. The link from alliance Roms official site has a faster download speed if your looking to get this rom.

  8. pallav says:

    dude we can just set wallpeprs from gallery only and not live wallpapaers.

    how to fix this problem

  9. Xtgib says:

    Few things I’ve noticed since I installed this ROM, first thing would be the major issue which my wifi connection, apparently when I try to do things with an internet connection for the first time (ex. sending a tweet, going onto playstore, updating apps) it would just load and load forever, to solve this I had to take off my WiFi and use data to make it work but from what I can tell after the first time you do it data, WiFi works after fine…it was just weird to me and I have no idea if there’s an issue with my phone but whatever its over with. Second thing I noticed was that my phone would randomly restart by its self…no idea why and been running the ROM for about 2-3 days now and its happened twice. Third, after reboot phone is really laggy for a bit and seeing how I’m running STweek overclock to 1.4ghz you would think the phone would run faster but I ended up turning it back down to 1.2ghz and its been working fine since. Over all the ROM is pretty good and the UI works really well and having a torch button is awesome but may need some fixes here and there, hopefully the next update the ROM will run a lot smoother.

  10. Kasske says:

    Does anyone know how to turn off “google voice search”.
    It get’s annoying when I long press headset button.
    I am used to switching songs with long press, now i have to pull the phone out of my pocket to switch it manually…
    If someone could give me a tip on how to disable/delete this google feature, i’ll appreciate it 🙂

  11. Patrick Bellamy says:

    Question…. I just installed this ROM but it doesn’t seem to have a dictionary. I use continuous input and I get no words except for the ones I have already typed manually. Anyone else having this issue?

  12. eyad says:

    this rom……totaly sux 🙁
    i compare it with rainbox rom
    this rom have sooo much problems like freezing and some internet apps dosn’t work smoofly like before
    i did mistake when i update rainbox to this rom

  13. naz conspiracy says:

    This rom sucks your ram till dry & freezing your device badly..:(

  14. Con says:

    While play song on lock screen sometime got interferance noise, and also missing spell checker. So far I think Lion ROM was the best.

    • Kabz says:

      Agree. Lion Rom 1.3 with HK kernel is the best rom if your looking for Samsungs latest feature. (touchwiz multi windows, pop up video/browser etc). Great battery life as well. Highly recommend.

  15. Pepi says:

    I use this ROM for 2 days…very good but isn’t stable…my smartphone is freezing always when i run some apps, and the gallery is very slowly to open…now i haven’t found other prolem…10 stars if upgraded

  16. Sachin says:

    alliance rom is better than space & time rom reply soon as possible…….. ???????????????????????????

  17. Narell says:

    How do I load a 2nd rom for dual boot?

  18. afghan says:

    hi, I have installed this rom and the Multi window (on left side) does not appear! how can I bring/activate that?

  19. kunal says:

    standby music player problem.noise generate

  20. VanJaime says:

    This ROM comes rooted? or i need to root after install it? Thx

  21. VanJaime says:

    I get FC when i try to open “ROM-Customizer” and OTA Alliance what can i do to fix? I9100

  22. adil says:

    from where should i download google apps zip file for this rom?

  23. kaleem says:

    I rooted my galaxy S2 and instal Alliance ROM but my phone restart and just showing Samsung logo again and again…. Please help me out

  24. amarchinnu says:

    this ROM is way cooler than my ICS ROM ,.but i have this problem when ever i play music player and lock my phone after 5 secs the audio out both via speakers and headphones it’s just began to break and i cant able to hear clearly …………..wht can i do?????????????

  25. DuckThom says:

    I’ve never flashed my phone before so I know very little about it. But I want to try out this rom. I know that I have to root and install clockwork recovery. My phone is now running ICS 4.0.4. Will I be able to install this 4.1.2 ROM over my stock ROM? I don’t want to brick my phone on my first attempt to flash it. 😉


  26. help says:

    what is this know i havent cwm little help some body help meee facebook name erdi taspunar please help

  27. Karan says:

    Major memory problems in this ROM. Takes about 580-600 mb when idle out of the available 758. If you put in a few widgets then it goes up to 650-670. You can imagine what happens next. Open temple run 2, screen freeze, remove battery, restart. Open internet browser, the same. Open currents, the same.
    Had to remove all widgets, clean up memory every 1 hour to make it work. Trying Biftor now.

  28. Muhammad Al Fahad says:

    I rooted my Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100) couple of weeks befor and I try many Costume roms and atlast I put Alliancerom v6.1, for the past 3 days I have noticed when the phone is locked it turns off
    automatically and I dont know when and how it happens. 🙁

    Why is it happening ?
    What should I do ?
    Help me

  29. Cuezed Deen says:

    really liked the look of it but after 24 hours of use, i found a few problems. status bar sometimes dont show up after start, until i restarted phone a couple times. also phone slows down and eventually crashes when using multi-window and pop-up browser. also the general ui is quite slow.

  30. Frozar says:

    i jus installed the alliance rom on my phone , how long does it take to boot up to android for the first time ?
    i have been waiting for more than 15 minutes and it is still showing the boot up screen ..

  31. Kamyar says:

    im from iran
    my current rom is 4.0.4 official and unrooted
    this rom is for i9100 or i9100G?
    can i update to this rom directly? or my phone will go to break?
    how can i upgrade my phone to this rom?
    i9100 16GB
    im waiting for ure answer. tnx

  32. Jari says:

    works perfectly until I switch off airplane mode. then it freezes like every 6 seconds shows “” is stopped. what should I do??

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