Alliance ROM V8 + Dorimanx Kernel for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Custom Pull-Down]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 ROM/kernel combo of the week, check out latest Alliance ROM version 8 coupled with Siyah Dorimanx kernel.

UPDATE: Alliance ROM V9 is available now, CLICK HERE to see it!

The latest Alliance ROM v8 ships with pull-down menu background in which you can easily set your favorite image as pull-down background. (To do this, place your favorite image file in .jpg file format under /sdcard/Alliance directory and rename it as temp.jpg then run the Alliance Wallpaper app.) I know many of you have been asking me for this so I am sure you will like it.

Also, some more options have been added to Alliance ROM Control settings, which allow you to fully customize your clock, battery, status bar, etc…etc…

Other notable features include multi-window enabled for apps (to enable, toggle multi-window option in Settings->Display) and all other features from last version. (Sorry, no update for SGH-i777 users this time!)

The Alliance ROM ships with a stock kernel which gives you fairly good battery life but if you want some boost in performance with overclocking up to 1.6Ghz, flash the Dorimanx kernel (should also give you excellent battery life).

Check it out for this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Alliance ROM

Download Dorimanx Kernel

Credits – ROM, Kernel

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107 Responses

  1. slasher1986 says:

    Bean running this rom for a week now and not a single issue 馃檪 very fast with stock kirnaland battery life is great : )

  2. jokerhunter5 says:

    Help!! I cant find the alliance wallpaper app, can someone send me a apk file? Plsss thanksss

  3. lie.paguio says:

    Great. I will give it a try next time. Thankyou so much bro

  4. pege63 says:

    I flash this rom but my phone get so hot that i allmost bur my hand, cant be right that the phone is so hot???

    • Jochen K. says:

      Don’t think so.
      I’ve been running it (with the non-Dorimanx Siyah kernel since Saturday and had no problems.
      Sometimes when it has to work hard it gets rather warm near the camera, but definitely not hot.

      • pege63 says:

        Its not just WARm its realy HOT not just around the camera lens, the stickers on the battery has melt.

        • Jochen K. says:

          You should ask about this on – they have a dedicated i9100 forum with a section for just such problems.
          (You will have to register, but it’s free and non-intrusive.

  5. ajax says:

    Am liking this ROM but is there a way of changing the clock on the Lock Screen???

  6. Metha says:

    Excuse my q, it may seem stupid but is it a TW ROM ?

  7. S贸crates says:

    Hi, please help me.
    How can i put a wallpaper in notification area?
    I copy a wallpaper file to Aliance folder in my sdcart an rename it to temp.jpg, so I open the wallpaer Aliance app.
    after it, i click in the button set and resize, but the wallpaper don麓t appear in the notification area.
    The Aliance customization don麓t saving my choices, and it麓s stop to work frenquently.
    My fone model is Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100
    Please help me!!!!!
    Other question where i find the app Aliance Wallpaper??
    It麓s desapear of my initial screen.

  8. S贸crates says:

    My friend Jochen K.
    Hi thanks for your fast response.
    So i just rename it without “e”
    Look this temp.jpg
    and i have other problem, with call record. It麓s don麓t work.
    please helpe me.

    • Jochen K. says:


      sorry – too little information here, Socrates.

      Did you tick the two relevant items in Settings / Alliance Control

  9. S贸crates says:

    Ok I see the coment five, and i download the 2 updates,
    What can i do now???
    I want to put the wallpaper in notification area, and record some calls.
    but it doesn麓t work.
    Please help me.

  10. Jochen K. says:


    sorry – too little information here, Socrates.

    Did you tick the two relevant items in

    Settings / Alliance control / Custom settings / Phone mods?

  11. S贸crates says:

    Hi man, I tick the two itens, and install it. notification area, Settings, Alliance, Alliance OTA, Folder 鈥淭wo Updates鈥
    So i go to the aliance wallpaper options and click on set and resize. but the imagem don麓t apear in the notification area.
    I go to Settings / Alliance control / Custom settings / Phone mods and tick two relevant itens.
    appear the messagem record call sucessuful, but i can麓t find the record file. The past Record Call in the internal storage is empty.
    Do you understand me now?
    thanks for response me.

  12. S贸crates says:

    I don麓t understad what you ask.
    My kernel is Siyah Dorimanx-V8.20-JB-SGII-PWR-Core

    I just want to record some calls, and put my favorte wallpaper in my notification area.
    But the function doesn麓t work.
    do you understand me?
    Sorry my english. i麓m from Brazil.

    • Jochen K. says:


      1. Is your notification area empty? If not, any picture will be hidden behind the notifications.

      2. On my phone the calls are saved on the ” internal SD card” in the folder “total_recall”.

      My file manager lists this near the end (after the folders beginning with Capital Letters.

  13. S贸crates says:

    1. Is your notification area empty? If not, any picture will be hidden behind the notifications.
    Well i think is empty, just has the normal icons like wifi, bluetooth,sound, etc. I don麓t know how i can clean it.

    2. On my phone the calls are saved on the ” internal SD card” in the folder “total_recall”.
    My phone don麓t have this folder, it has the CallRecorder folder in the internal sd.

    Please help me friend. I麓m crazy with this rom.

    • Jochen K. says:

      Sorry – I’m obviously not an expert either.
      I suppose you too had better ask your questions at

      in their GT-I9100 forum.

      There are two sub-forums:

      -Full releases – with the [V8.0] discussion; probably your best bet;

      -problems and questions – currentlynot quite as agtive.

    • Jochen K. says:

      Oh, just one thing:

      if your file manager has a Search function, you might have it search for either “Out_” or “.amr”.

      Total commander found the recordings both times.

    • Jochen K. says:

      Hi, S贸crates,

      over on someone was complaining that the backdrop didn’t work for him and was told to install Siyah.
      Have you tried that?

    • rojo says:

      Hi Socrates
      Go to settings-alliance control-alliance ota control-2apps-download image resizer and install it-it will replace the previous app-then open the installed app and it will work
      To find your recorded calls open your voice recorder app and find it from the list of recordings…..

    • sudipto says:

      hello S贸crates,
      even i had the same problem regarding custion notification wallpaper….since u have already downloaded the two updates, all you need to do now is change the kernel. stock kernel doesnt seem to support custom wallpaper. i flashed dorimanx kernel v8.34 and the wallpaper in notification area changed without any issues. good luck .

  14. Android Villian says:

    Really enjoying the updated rom and kernel. I was an avid 7.01 user and even did a review on youtube. I guess my only issue is that on the lock screen the digital clock numbers are blue instead of silver like in 7.01as well as the owner info. Anyway to change this?
    Also if im not mistaken it was not this difficult to change task bar background in last version. Well done tho I recommend this rom highly and will once again review on my youtube page 馃榾

  15. Android Villian says:

    Any way to fix the new sliding keyboard to the bottom of the screen like the stock samsung keyboard? I think I did something to make it the sliding keyboard. Any help.?

  16. Android Villian says:

    I have it safely over clocked at 1.5ghz. Anyone been able to overclock it to 1.6ghz?
    Is there a siyah-dorimanx kernel forbthe s2 skyrocket? I been searching for a custom overclock kernel for the skyrocket running stock JB 4.1.2 but have had no luck. Any ideas?

  17. Randy Orton says:

    i like this rom but please help me about a vpndialogs
    when i download hotspot shield app it sayed vpndialogs not installed in your device
    so help me please

    • Jochen K. says:

      You’re better off than I was; on Alliance ROM 4I could use HSS without any problems, whereas on v.7 it refused to work – with some very cryptic error messages.

      I turned to the forum on for help and eventually was advised to use the ROM customizer (in Settings/Alliance control); its item “Manage system apps” showed that one file with VPN in the name was listed as Uninstalled; I installed it, thinking that when I removed some bloatware I had accidentally removed vpndialogs as well.

      However, when I switched to v.8 I didn’t remove anything and tried out HSS as one of the first things after installing the ROM – same error message, and this time vpndialogs.apk was missing completely.

      So I made a cwm backup of v.8, restored one of my older backups, extracted the file, restored v.8… and now HSS works again.


      1. Look at the Uninstalled files in ROM customizer; if it’s there, you’re good.

      2.If not, you’ll have to get it somewhere – depending on how urgently you need it, you could…

      -google it – maybe there’s somewhere you can download it from.

      -back up your v.8, install a ROM that has the file (Alliance v.4 should do) and extract it,

      -ask the developers on to upload the file.



  18. Jacques says:

    How long does it take to flash alliance ROM on i9100, my phone seems to get stuck at rooting your phone part. Please help?

    • Android Villian says:

      It only took me afew minutes to flash. 5 minutes at best. First flash I got stuck in a boot loop. I restarted the phone and it booted in afew seconds with no issues.

  19. Samuel says:

    Hi i got a lot of rom’s from you and there awesome but my question for this one is if i get every text message that i have again.
    I really need them to be on my phone.
    Thank you in advance

    • Jochen K. says:

      Did you save them before switching ROMs?

      If not, they may well be lost (unless they are included in Google’s sync, which I don’t use).

  20. Jacques says:

    Thank you for the reply. Please advise if the kernel Dorimanx must be flashed first before the Rom?

    • Jochen K. says:

      No – the kernel is part of the package.

      However, from what I’ve read on, it would be best after installation to go to Settings / Alliance control / Alliance OTA and flash the Siyah kernel (i.e. non-Dorimanx), as quite often people ask about problems they are experiencing and are then asked which kernel they use; the advice is then something like “flash Siyah – Siyah is best”.



    • Android Villian says:

      From my experience with this ROM, I flashed siyah dorimanx kernel first then the I flashed the ROM from within CWM siyah build

  21. Jacques says:

    Please note that my setting : Alliance OTA and Rom customizer is not working, when I click on them the setting have stopped working icon comes up.
    how to resolve this?? please

  22. Gabe says:

    I haven’t been able to get the ink effect to work, not able to select a lock screen background from the alliance control, the multi window not working for me either, also randomly goes to the dorimanx boot logo, have had it on my I9100 for a couple of days now, I believe it’s time I move to another rom. Not really impressed so far, this is my first custom rom attempt.

    • Jochen K. says:

      Hi, Gabe,

      as the experts on would probably say: Install Siyah (via Alliance OTA).

    • wut says:

      it was also happen to me mate, just try this:
      – Flash ROM via CWM recovery mode
      – Install Siyah Kernel with rom customizer, you can get the .zip from AllianceOTA
      – For INK Effect you need to check “Ink Effect” on Lock Screen Mode on Alliance ROM Setting, you can also set the ink colour
      – For multi window try to check and uncheck, until side bar appear
      Hopefully it can help you mate, sorry I’m just newbie….:-)

  23. wut says:

    Hi Jochen K,

    I really enjoy this ROM, but still have problem with Alliance Wallpaper, even I already put image on Alliance folder and set up the function but still the image not appear at pulling down notification. I see my kernel version is 3.0.31-xxxxx not Dirimanx-siyah as you mentioned that this ROM is include with the kernel package. My Question is how to install Dirimanx-siyah, because I already try so many times to install the kernel before and after flash the ROM it seems not working, if I install before the ROM the kernel will be like now but if I install after flash the ROM it will be hanging in boot up. Thank you.

    • Jochen K. says:

      Sorry – my mistake.

      The ROM comes with the stock kernel, which, according to the Alliance developers, you should replace with Siyah, as both the stock kernel and Siyah Dorimanx “have issues” with this ROM – no idea why the don’t bundle the ROM with Siyah in the first place; legal reasons?

      Go to Settings / Alliance control / AllianceOTA / kernels and download/ install Siyah from there.

  24. Samuel says:


    My 3g/mobile internet doesn’t work. I tap on the symbol but it doesn’t do anything.

    Thank you in advance

    • Jochen K. says:

      What kernel do you use? Oh – and could you retrieve your text messages?



      • Samuel says:

        Yes i had used the SMS backup + app and everything is back as it was.
        And de kernel name is: siyah-Dorimanx. My 3G is still not working.

        The Alliance wallpaper app and Stweakers overclock app or not on my phone. I have tried to reflash it but still nothing.

        Thank you

        • Samuel says:

          Also the AllianceOTA (over-the-air) doesn’t work. I push it and then i get a black window and a message saying that it has crashed

  25. Jochen K. says:

    You might try installing ROM Customizer again from the Play Store; if that works, install Siyah kernel.

  26. Black says:

    does it support galaxy s2 i9100G version.. since i never see anyone installing this rom on their phone

    • Jochen K. says:


      I doubt it; I just searched on the Alliance-rom website, and found just a few words by the developers concerning “G”; they were all in threads for older ROM versions, but still…

      1. Someone reported an installation going horribly wrong, and the main(?) developer answered “is your phone definitely a i9100?? Not an i9100g or something?”

      2. Someone asked about a version for the “G” and was told “different chip set on the i9100G and none of tue devs have one for us to be able to test and build on, sorry”.

      Not very promising, I think.



      • Jochen K. says:

        …and a few days ago someone specifically asked about v.8 and “G”; so far there hasn’t been any answer.

    • Android Villian says:

      Im not sure about all of that but if it helps my s2 is the i9100m from Bell Mobility.

      • Jochen K. says:

        I’m afraid that this won’t help Black; I’ve just gone to again and found several quotes iike “works great on my i9100m!”


  27. Samuel says:


    Got rom custimezer and the app for the image on the phone. But my image is still not on the menu. And my biggest problem is my mobile internet/ 3g because i use it allot. If this doenst gonna work i am gonna go for a different rom.
    Thank you

  28. Android Villian says:

    Im not sure about all of that but if it helps my s2 is the i9100m from Bell Mobility.

  29. manan says:

    what is the size of the rom is it over 600 mb or is it 175 mb

  30. Harry says:


    Can I install on this baseband version?:
    I9100XXLS6 ?

  31. ransomsaha says:

    cool dosent really matter the android build number…it feels better than 4.2.2 for now…cheerrsss

  32. Mauricio says:

    I liked the style of this rom.
    But I’ve been missing the new email sign at the status bar… it doesn’t have it?
    It only appears when you pull the status bar down, showing at the pull down menu.

    • Jochen K. says:


      I just checked: as soon as I activated Automatic Sync for GMail, there was the icon in the top lefthand corner of the screen.

      (Same question I have asked repeatedly: did you flash Siyah?)

      • Mauricio says:

        No sir!
        I’ll try, but can I flash Siyah now? Or I’ll have to do everything again?

        Thank you very much!

        • Mauricio says:

          Ok… Just flashed Siyah.
          Unfortunately the icon in the top left didn’t show up. I noticed that no icon shows up there (missing calls, email, notes, etc.).
          Strange, isn’t it?


  33. Ramon says:

    My text messages are limited to 70 instead or 160 how can I fix datt. Plus of the 3 kernels available for updating which one is the best to choose

    • Jochen K. says:


      can’t comment on your first question – my texts are short.

      As to your second question: you could read the half a dozen messages I wrote above concerning kernels.
      Alternatively, you could simply flash (non-Dorimanx) Siyah. 馃槈

  34. Brent Jacques says:

    Hi all flashed this rom and love it the only problem I have is the battery life is poor I charge my fone over night then bye about 12 my phone is nearly flat with not much use any ideas thanx

    • Jochen K. says:

      have you tried recalibrating your battery?
      There are various App Store apps that do that.
      One that is supposed to be quite good according to some forum is by N茅Ma – search in the PlayStore for pub:”N茅Ma” (search for app producers needs the exact spelling as used in the Store)

  35. Mr munek says:

    hi there.. ive got some problem phone got stuck at samsung galaxys2 screen..ive been waiting for half an hour but nothing happen…someone please help me.

    • Jochen K. says:


      did you resolve your problem?
      In such cases it’s usually best to boot into recovery, wipe everything and re-install.



  36. sudipto says:

    i hav been usin dis rom for over a week now….though it has a ton of features and customizations, it becomes laggy after while. if u run 3-4 apps at a time, it freezes for 5-6 secs and the freq of freezing is also so high that it starts to annoy you. u can flash dis rom to play around wid d features but its nt a good option if u you r into multitasking.

  37. Andre Isteban says:

    Hey, I’ve just flashed this rom. Everything is working fine and good but the only problem is that my phone is not getting locked. I’ve flashed the rom properly. I’ve tried changing the lockscreen settings from slide to password, still my phone is not getting locked. Please help me with the bug.

    • Andre Isteban says:

      I’ve even flashed only siyah kernel. before i had flashed dorimax-siyah kernal. now my baseband version is I9100XXMS2, Kernel version is 3.0.31-Siyah-s2-v6.0b5+gm@ubuntu #177… and my build number is AllianceRom_JB_I9100XWLSS-v8.0…… Still i am unable to lock my screen. Please help me Mr. Jockhen.

      • Jochen K. says:

        Hi, Andre,

        not sure as I don’t have this problem, but over on the Alliance-rom the advice for a similar issue was to try an app called LockScreenFix.

        You might give it a try.



  38. Allan Dall says:

    How long should it take to flash the rom. I have been at it for over an hour now and it looks stuck. to be fair it does say it will take a while but how long is that. the back is warm so it is still doing something. a little advice would be appreciated.

  39. Jochen K. says:

    Hi, Allan,

    I hope you solved your problem one way or another – sorry, I only just accessed GoogleMail again after a week or so.

    The answer is definitely “far less than one hour” – I seem to remember roughly five minutes.



  40. shiva says:

    hey .. i recently flashed this ROM and KERNEL and my phone is stickin alot.. also my games keep sticking and after about a week with this ROM.. the video shortcut is nt working .. could you please help me ?

    • Jochen K. says:

      which kernel did you use?


      In this case you should move over to and download the Siyah kernel (without Dorimanx).


  41. sergio says:

    i accident put rom to my i777 so back button not where link for i777?

  42. kyle says:

    i used alliance last night and flashed with siyah kernel and the siyah dorimanx and with both everythings perfect other than play store plays up wen i want to download and install my apps after there installed when i reboot my device play store wont let me install anymore apps it says something like cannot install to internal storage or sd or something like that anyways but that apps that i installed on first boot up wen i click on them it says there not installed ! so i dont know wats goin on there so i switched to a different rom but if this issue was fixed id would swith back in a heart beat 馃檪

    • Jochen K. says:

      Hmmm – weird: this very problem appeared several times on, but always was solved when people installed Siyah.
      If you are interested in the Alliance ROM, I guess asking on their forum for the i9100 would be your best bet – I haven’t been there for quite a while because v.9 works like a dream for me.



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