AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-T989/SGH-i777/SGH-i727]

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Looking for good, stable Android 4.2.2 with UI customization? Look no further than AOKP’s latest MR1 Build 4 for your Galaxy S2. Available as official ROM for the international GT-i9100 and T-Mobile SGH-T989 while ported for AT&T SGH-i777 and SGH-i727, you can expect a ton of good stability with the latest version.

The official versions for GT-i9100 and SGH-T989 work flawless out of the box, the AT&T SGH-i777 version might need to be flashed with a AJK custom kernel(Use the AOSP version) to get it working correctly (for me this was the case, I couldn’t get camcorder working without the kernel). But no worries, with all versions you can experience full Android 4.2.2 at best as there are no major bugs.

AOKP has been pioneering the future of Android and many of AOKP’s previous features have been incorporated into Google’s new Android releases such as lockscreen widgets (which were first practically invented by AOKP until Google copied) and more. And of course, for those of you serious tinkerers, there’s even more customized ROMs like Resurrection Remix, RevoltJB, JellyBAM, and PACman to name a few. But with AOKP’s “official” versions (or at least ported ones), you can expect the full stability/features coming straight from the AOKP team, not modified in any way.

So, if you haven’t tried the latest AOKP MR1 Build 4 with Android 4.2.2, definitely give it a try this week(end) and let me know what you think.


Download AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile SGH-T989

Download AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i777

Download AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i727 (Skyrocket)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset(unless coming from another AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – GT-i9100, SGH-T989, SGH-i777, SGH-i727 <--- Please donate to the developers of this ROM, if you like it, thanks!

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192 Responses

  1. hisham says:

    download links dosnt work >>it keeps given me empty pages ???!!! help

    • Max says:

      That’s weird working fine here, are you downloading on your phone or computer?

      • Roman says:

        He is just trying to download it with some Download Manager. It dosent wokr that way.

      • cross80 says:

        it’s funny you always mentioned that AOKP ROMs don’t support wify calling but you tend to forget to mentioned that they also don’t support HML transfer through adapter, is there a work around for these issue

  2. hisham says:

    now its okaY :)))) I GARIT

  3. jason says:

    i installed after factory reset was missing play store so i installed the gapps with it and now setup wizard has stopped and can not get to work

    • Lubby Runz-iT says:

      Download Gapps again, place it in your internal SD card. Go to recovery, install from ZIP, choose install from Internal Storage, select Gapps Zip File, and reboot.

      If this does not work, restart installation process. Factory reset, clear caches, darkside superwipe, install rom, and then continue to my instructions above.

      • tommy says:

        Every ROM I install: factory data reset, clear cache, darkside superwipe, darkside cache — install ROM, install whatever gapps they say — darkside cache again. Ever since I started that method, I’ve never had any problems flashing, or any of the bugs people claim to have with these ROMs.

        However, does anyone find that sometimes pictures rotate themselves to landscape mode and get sent sideways in a text message? And this stock camera can’t save pictures directly to SD card?

        • filster27 says:

          I hahve seen tis happen as well.

          • Shawn says:

            agreed, in clock work, this works as well…
            Before install, factory data reset, format the system,. then, in clockwork, clear cache, clear dalvik, fix permissions (in advanced.) then, install the rom, then clear cache, clear dalvik, fix permissions 1 more time.
            then flash gapps.

  4. Wil says:

    How’s the battery life?

  5. Bicky says:

    Hey Max !!!
    I am new to rooting and want to root and install CWM on my international version of Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.
    My phone is currently running ICS 4.0.4 XWLPW firmware.
    Please help me to root my phone so that i can install custom roms.

  6. Kyle says:

    I think that it would be great if you could include a comment with your ROM reviews that speaks to how secure these ROM’s are. I am a little bit hesitant about installing all of these different versions because I do so many personal things on my phone. I would really hate to open myself up to malware that could potentially steal my information. Maybe it is my lack of knowledge of mobile phone security, but it would be great to know if security is being built into these ROM’s.


  7. dhen says:

    Awesome rom the best.

  8. benjy says:

    Cannot download via phone only via computer but not a big problem for me anyway just to let you people know

  9. Art says:

    I installed the AOKP Build 4 but now get an error message “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped. I already had AOKP installed earlier. Suggestions?

  10. royjr says:

    beautiful! LOVE IT, video works, no service though!!! NO SERVICE!!!, its not a phone anymore, any help?

    • Lubby Runz-iT says:

      Service is working fine for me, as well as every aspect of the phone so far. -Tmobile Galaxy S2 (Hercules) T989

      • royjr says:

        Yea, your right, all it needed was a reboot (T989) This is the bomb, finally a good rom. (as of now).

        Is there any know bugs/features missing?

        • Lubby Runz-iT says:

          Only bug I have encountered up to date is the few times that it turns the status bar gray sometimes switching in between apps. Not a big deal.

          • royjr says:

            I’ve had that in Rootbox also, not much of a bigge.

          • Aaron says:

            You need the change the transparency settings. If it is current set to transparent it will cause this when opening some apps.

            Settings/Rom Controls/General UI/Transparency

        • Norm says:

          Please tell me is T-Mobile WiFi Calling working in the ROM?

  11. Tracie says:

    please i need help…gogle play is missing after installing this rom.

  12. BoBo says:

    EXCELLENT !!!! The problem with the blurry video camera is solved . Thank you Max

  13. archie says:

    Hey guys. Is this ROM that good? Tethering?Wifi calling?

    • Aaron says:

      Great Rom-Smooth with good battery life
      No wifi calling, this is not a Tmobile port
      No Wifi Hotspot, Some kind of issue with 4.2.2 same as CM10.1. USB tethering works.

  14. Sour says:

    When i installed the ROM i didnt have google play i read some comments and people say flah gapps. ill try tht and allso i cant get to my toggles menu any suggestions. i swipe with 2 fingers and it just pulls down notifications.

  15. archie says:

    Hey guys. On the official xda forum the link for doad of the rom for sg2 t989 is of feb 24 and lower you have link for the LATEST NIGHTLY VERSION as of feb 28. Can anyone tell me what is that supposed to be? Is it just more updated version of this ROM if so should i flash first rom as of feb 24 version and then feb 28 on to or I’ll be fine with flashing feb 28 right away. Much thanks.

  16. tomo says:

    34.6 meg download? dont think so max? you need a new download site this one has started giving me and others a headache

  17. Casey says:

    Anyone know whether backlight notifications are enabled in this release? Searched through the settings, can’t find it anywhere…? Galaxy SII GT-I9100

  18. Tracie says:

    Best rom by far. Thanks a lot guys

  19. eric says:

    i think ever since i used darkside superwipe it messed up my clockwork mod I can still backup my rom and flash previously backed up ROMs but flashing a new or different ROM won’t work ever since I used darkside super wipe what can I do to fix this? can i re-install clockwork? I have clockwork v6.0.2.8.

  20. edcer says:

    I need help installing gapps it says bad intallation aborted

  21. Brandon says:

    Question. Why can I not download the file? Everytime I try, I get a delayed response from the website. This site and XDA. What am I doing (or not doing)?

  22. bernard says:


  23. jay says:

    Sooo which is a better ROM… This or JMT ??

  24. ardillateo says:

    I have a problem, when i pull down my status bar there are no toggles… i have them activated but they dont appear

  25. Steve says:

    The ROM installed just fine, had to reboot to get phone service then it all worked except i can’t see the apps on the SD card, i can see in Storage there’s over 7 gigs of data but i can’t access. My Titanium backup is on there and i need that to restore everything. Any ideas?

  26. bobby says:

    JMT or this rom?
    in terms of battery life, how fast it is, stability, and features.

    • joel says:

      i felt this rom is the smoothest i used till date….but i heard that 2day cyanogen mod has released its latest build for 4.2.2 final….

  27. Tracie says:

    I just encountered a flaw in this rom. i cannot add photos to my contacts. Anybody out there having the same issue? Max any solution to this problem.

    • Shaun says:

      works on mine ok

    • royjr says:

      Yea, works perfectly. I dont know if this is your problem, but I think the contacts you are trying to add a picture for are from the SIM and not the ones that are synced from your google account. You cant add pictures to SIM contacts. Hope this helps.

  28. dukens says:

    anyone encounter problems with voice message and call reception on this rom. its so bad. is it just my phone or the rom?

  29. jbuchmann says:

    Lot of troubles with PACMan, this one works great.


  30. Nestor says:

    Max after install the AJK Kernel while still in recovery I went to advance and reset recover, now my phone is not turning on, what can I do, Thanks.

    • matthew says:

      Plug your phone into computer while holding power and up and down volume buttons then wait press up and recover stock ics

  31. Steve says:

    Okay, have tried 2 different ROMs now, and can’t see apps on SD

  32. Xavier says:

    working great. dont know why but all my sim contacts disappeared. luckily i had them backed up on google. cant find a way to copy all of them back to the sim card either. i upgraded from jedi jelly bean and miss the gallery menu options, i’m only getting grid view and filmstrip view. i was hoping multiwindow would work here but i can’t . is there any way to get both of these back.


  33. martin says:

    after doing the titanium backup i keep getting “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” 🙁

  34. John says:

    Hi max I have tried this rom and my play store has lost what should I do

    • xavier says:

      you have to download gapps and install it the same way you installed the rom. g for google, app and s for store!

  35. vinicius says:

    nice room!
    but still with video recording problems!
    it kind of records zoomed with 720p and 1080p =/

  36. Kabz says:

    Battery life is not good. Major drainage within 6hours of normal use. Jelly Bam v6 is out 4.2.2 a fantastic all round rom. Good customersation (with pie and more) excellent battery life and very stable.

    • Xavier says:

      people seem to be having battery issues with that rom also, plus i didn’t see a version for the tmobile t989

      • Aaron says:

        battery life for me is great, it will run all day long with normal use. Could get 2 days if I took it easy. Try Greenify to sleep apps you are not using. it is available for t989 that is what i am usings

    • Tracie says:

      where can i get the jelly bean rom plzzzz

      • Kabz says: then download for your phone type. I’ve had no battery issue, lasts around a day and half with moderate usage (wifi on) all the latest goodness of android plus tons of customersation. I’ve become a real fan of their work.

  37. Zopolis8 says:

    Anyone having a problem with Bluetooth ? It won’t stay in the “ON” position.Switches back to “OFF”

  38. John says:

    Hi max i have just installed this rom and also the gapps but why there is no file manager in the rom itself ? not familiar with AOKP roms cheers

  39. eric says:

    (T989 tmobile) apk’s I download from 4shared won’t install. the install bottom is non responsive and every now and then it forgets my wallpaper and resets it to default moving wallpaper.. So how do I install non market AP??

  40. matthew says:

    Best build hands down jedi CM build 4! For t- mobile sg2 running flawlessly with xposed apps running and ps controls! Ran new pac man could not boot! Sons of android build 1 was slow and missing tons. Trying aokp rom mr1 build 5 tomorrow

  41. matthew says:

    this build sucks for t-mobile

  42. xavier says:

    everything is still working for me. the only thing i dont like is that i dont have the speed dial feature unless i buy an app of the play store. the other thing i dont like is the gallery view. i really liked the 3d spiral gallery option on jedi jelly bean even though i never really used it. also the multiwindow option is gone from all these 4.2.2 roms (i think). i wonder why, it looked like a cool feature.

    if you are having a problem i would wipe and re install the rom again. that has always work for me. if you still getting a problem after that, wipe and go back to a previous rom that used to work for you or wait for a new rom to come out.

  43. Nigel Caba says:

    Has anyone experienced a problem where applications that need your microphone don’t seem to work? For example, I tried to tag a song with soundhound and it said that, “another application may have locked the microphone.” Also, my sound recorder app just says, “internal application error”. I thought it was a hardware issue but my phone calls still work when I speak. Does anyone have any similar problems? I’m using the kernal they suggested for AT&T.

  44. Wachicamo says:

    For some reason, when I’m on 3g, I can’t access all the social networks, YouTube and I can’t web browsing. I receive notifications from Twitter, fb, etc. But, when I open the app, it keeps loading, and gives error connection. Do I have something wrong or it just the Rom? (in Wifi, everything works fine).

  45. roger says:

    should the kernels be installed before gapps and rom? im currently using the att&t i727. please help. thanks in advance guys

  46. jana says:

    after installed this rom, i can’t turn t989 off. it just stuck on powering off screen. help

  47. Michael Sta Maria says:

    Do i need to use Darkside Super wipe to install this Rom???

  48. Xavier says:

    i think LTE Band 4 radio support is gone on this rom

  49. stu says:

    i did every thing like they say in the video and the mr1 aopk rom works for the most part but voice search dose not work… i even rerooted my phone and same problem it just says voice search stopped working dont know what to do

  50. Shawn says:

    So far this ROM is running great on T-Mobile T989.
    For some reason my camera/camcorder is missing. did it not come included with this ROM?

    Coming from JediMindTrick X4 I had quadrant bench test results of 3860
    With this AOKP MR1 Build 4 my results are only 2807

    Can any one recommend a link where I can get kernals for the t989 for an over clock?

    Also, I tried to flash the 3d spiral gallery but no success… I agree with the other comments on this gallery,,, any way we can get the spiral gallery working on this ROM.

    • Aaron says:

      Did you flash gapps? I have been using snap camera because of the iso controls.

      Also looking for overcooked kernels for 4.2.2

      • Shawn says:

        Ya, I flashed gapps.

        But did this rom come with a stock camcorder? of did you have to install snap camera off gapps?

        I noticed the video posted on this thread by glaxys2root shows an example of the camcorder focusing…

    • Shawn says:

      Also, is it possible to to stop the LED from flashing at all?

  51. Xavier says:

    JB-MR1 Build 5 IS OUT!!!! you should see it here shortly. so far its working great!!

    • Shawn says:

      Damn, I just got done customizing this build

      • Shawn says:

        can you list the differences between build 4 and build 5?

        • xavier says:

          this version is suppose to have some kind of a leak. build 5 is still 4.2.2 but its a fix for the issues with this one. back up all your apps and if your using nova launcher use their back up. then when you do the upgrade restore everything and you save a lot of time.

  52. dan says:

    is there wifi calling?

  53. Sebastian says:

    Need some help here, every time I try installing this ROM it aborts with the same error:
    E: Can’t Copy META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary.
    Installation aborted.

    Dont know what to do! Please Help!

    • roman says:

      Hi. I hade the same problem with lasmtest clockworkmod recovery, I clouldnt even run dark side cach wipe coz it was alwayes getting stuck…..
      How to fix it: just instal difrene version of recovery. worked for me.

    • Xavier says:



  54. Shawn says:

    has any one overclocked this rom or can any one explain how to overclock it?
    let me know, Thanks.

  55. Maddy O says:

    I love this ROM but I’m having problems with CWM! every time I try to back up my ROM it says something about sum error or something and it won’t let me back up my ROM!

  56. Shawn says:

    Another problem I noticed is transferring large files from internal drive to external drive via USB… the rom crashes and im forced to restart in order to connect via USB again…

  57. Michael says:

    Google now is not working. 🙁

  58. kristina says:

    Everytime I am in recovery and select install it says installation bad and next to the download name it says bad. What is wrong with it. Is it the link I got it from here its the T-Mobile sght989.galaxy s2.

    • kristina says:

      HELPP!!!!! i finally got it to install and i did the reboot and its been rebooting for about 15 min now, it gets to the lock screen and shuts off and tries again been doing this for about 15 min at least, i tried doing a hard reset and same thing???

  59. JeffS says:

    No way to assign wallpaper to the lockscreen on build 4? Also, I tried Sons of Android build 2, works ok, but lots of stuff missing. I miss the Sith ICS – expecting one for JB?

  60. Bradf says:

    When will we see support for the Sgh-i777 (Att) in Build 5? – Figured it would be on release, but it’s been basically a week now, and no support yet :/

  61. jeffc says:

    I just installed this ROM the other night and noticed now when i plug my phone into computer, the computer won’t recognize it unless i put it in mass storage mode. It cant even be recognized by kies. How do i get the drivers back?

  62. JHed says:

    I can’t make calls, send texts, or look at contacts. I get an error about android.process.acore has stopped.

    Anyone else having the same issue? I’ve done a clean install twice, but no luck.

  63. Tommy says:

    Just flashed build 5. Its pretty good. Drains the battery pretty quick. Somebody said use greenify. Small difference, but not a game changer. Damn, battery goes quick.

  64. Aeonphlux says:

    After installing, wifi does not work. I try to turn the wifi on and it just hangs and then restarts phone. I’m using the nova launcher, is this the issue or is there another reason the wifi antenna won’t turn on?

  65. xavier says:

    with build 5 i fully charged the phone over night and got about 14 hours of used and the battery was at 10 percent. the phone was used all day with wifi on, watch some youtube videos, instagram, facebook, some calls. just about a bit of everything. 14 hours of use is pretty darn good to me.

  66. Alex says:

    I’ve been running this rom for a few weeks now and have had my phone rooted for a few months. I’m not sure when, but I lost the ability to send MMS. They can still be received but not sent! Any ideas on a fix?

  67. abdallah says:

    i have issue in calling
    cant hear any thing but the mobile ringing dont whats the problem
    then a force stop to the phone call

  68. Koontz says:

    After install, all my contacts are lost. Also my music app is gone and the message “Unfortunately, Exchange Services has stopped.” keeps popping up.

  69. jeffc says:

    Great ROM except mhl wouldn’t work. Is this a jellybean issue for this phone right now? I can only get mhl on ICS ROMs

  70. Adams says:

    Hmm, can’t seem to get my facebook contacts to show up. Any suggestions?

  71. Jeb Eldridge says:

    NO SIGNAL!!!! :((

  72. Sami says:

    Mos Important for new ROM in the phone is Battery Life. In this ROM battery life is 4 hours shorter then battery Life in CM9 or Super Nexus Build 5

  73. Boyzie69 says:

    I updated from an earlier aokp to this one and also did my kernel, But I keep getting android.process.acore has stopped and wont go away. I know how to do roms and kernels. Cant seem to figure this out. Could anyone please help. Thanks

  74. Kevin Racek says:

    i installed this rom, everything works great, but instead of showing 4G, it switches between 3G and H+…..can anyone help?

    • royjr says:

      Dont worry about that. all good,. same here. Its just that 4g will show if we really had 4g (LTE). I have 4g from T-Mobile, its normal.

      • Kevin Racek says:

        is there anyway i can get the 4g icon to show?

        • royjr says:

          well I dont think that there’s a setting for that. But there might be a way to do so if your were able to probebly get a notification bar changer. Dont worry it doesnt annoy much. It actually helps me. It changess from H+, H, 3G, E, and helps to tell me how much service im actually getting.

        • Xavier says:

          you can download ROM Toolbox Pro from the play store and you can do the 4G logo and a lot more but like royjr said, i rather see what signal i’m really getting. the app will flash the 4g logo over the H and H+

  75. v4sflats says:

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me if they’re having trouble accessing their sd card. I installed file manager from play store and when trying to get to my external sd it doesn’t show anything. Also i notice there there is no music player after installing this rom. any help would be great thanks

  76. HamidHelal says:

    I tried to download the AOKP MR1 Build 4 for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile SGH-T989 with IDM
    but when 90~95 % done.. download stops… tried 4/5 time…
    How can i download thid ?

  77. Michael Sta Maria says:

    Does Anyone know how to take “screen capture” with this Rom???

  78. Kelly says:

    I’m Having Problems with the battery life, it would last me less than a day with normal use. i flashed the AJK Kernel but this one automatic set itself to work on Hyper and even if i change it it goes back to it.

  79. geno says:

    I just flashed this in my I727 it looks great but i do not have signal any longer i have T-mobile. What should i try for a radio flash?

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