AOKP MR1 Build 5 ROM for T-Mobile/GT-i9100 Galaxy S2!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out AOKP’s MR1 Build 5, available for T-Mobile and international GT-i9100 Galaxy S2.

UPDATE: There’s a newer MR1 Build 6, see the newer version instead of this!

Latest Android 4.2.2 fixes a vulnerable memory leak problem and adds traditional toggle option for quick toggles, new navigation ring menu, and quiet hours toggle.

Certainly, AOKP is probably the epitome of custom ROMs and the latest version proves AOKP’s customization and stability is still one of the best out there.

If you haven’t tried 100% pure AOKP ROMs (as these builds are 100% official builds directly from AOKP Team), definitely give the latest MR1 Build 5 a try and let me know what you think (if you aren’t running this already)!


Download AOKP MR1 Build 5 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Download AOKP MR1 Build 5 for GT-i9100 Galaxy S2

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP Android 4.2.1/4.2.2 ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – T-Mobile, GT-i9100 <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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104 Responses

  1. dario says:

    What is currently the best ROM (best for battery life, fast and configurable) on the GT9100? Last “The Best ROM” post was long time ago. 🙂

    • ironhawse says:

      Hey, Some weeks ago i installed the Beftor Rom on my S2 I9100 and its great. I find the battery life to be much improved . I get some were between 24/36 hrs with normal use and 12/ 18 hrs with heavier use. I have tried Roms like alliance,pacman, jelly bam , to name a few but went back to Beftor. It is fast,smooth, , nice features that works for me,no hick-ups, good B/life and just over all a very well made Rom. I highly recommend it

  2. Wayne W. says:

    Hey Max, my navigation bar works fine as long as I enable the bar, and there is a new gapp (gapps-jb-20130301). Keep em’ coming.

  3. Wayne W. says:

    Super Rom!!! I love it!

  4. alex_kbron says:

    Hi friends, I have a t989 (t-mobile SII) and this AOKP work fine in this smartphone, has resolved constantly freezes when activate WIFi service.

  5. Nick says:

    On build 5 is wifi calling working? if not is there a way to get it?

    • Mike says:

      Use Vonage and it sounds better than TMO wi-fi calling at least that’s what I did, for everything else this ROM is the best I’ve tried!

  6. Wayne W. says:

    No wifi calling on AOKP

  7. Xavier says:

    working fine here on the t989 for the last 11 days!!

  8. Marcus says:

    how is the camera on this ? Any problems installing apps from market? also can i set up a acreen lock ? i think i tried the build before this and it didnt work out well let me know anyone

  9. john says:

    keeps on saying installation abort and fail… 🙁

    • filster27 says:

      Same here. Will try to re-download and try again

    • Jeremy says:

      scroll up to where it says “credits”. Click on the version you are installing. On their page there will be install instructions. Make sure you are following them. I was having the same problem but fixed when I did it this way. Also I downloaded straight to my device then moved the file to my SD card with my computer. When I downloaded to my computer and moved the file over it wouldn’t work. Good luck.

    • john says:

      where’s the play store?

      • royjr says:

        just flash gapps

        • john says:

          i have no idea how to do that…most of the flash gapps i download is zip file and the phone wont open it…and the other ones, play store wold just crash and wont open

          • JC says:

            the exact same problem here…i must be doing somthing wrong. no understanding why google play was not pre installed just seems like more of a headache.

            • Bandito says:

              Install the Gapps RIGHT after you flash the ROM. The ROM is a zip file, and so is Gapps. After that, reboot and start using your phone.

    • Wayne W. says:

      Install the app Goo Manager. Make sure you go to Goo Manager’s settings and Install Open Recovery Script. Then browse compatible ROMS, select AOKP, (for T-Mobile select Hercules). This app is the easiest way ever to flash a ROM. NO COMPUTER NEEDED!

  10. Robert says:

    is theere any roms or patchs that work with Samsung drive , apps , kies email me please if any if not can some one make one for the galaxy s2 i9100 not happy that these don’t work since I rooted my s2 if cant get working I will be putting the stock rom back thanks.
    my email :

  11. KEMANTH RAJ says:

    i have tried many roms like aokp, super nexus, alliance,but these roms have good battery life and performance but less features I you want balanced performance, features and battery life use biftor rom v6 which is best rom it gives all the features of note 2 and has good battery life

  12. Andrew says:

    :'( i cant mount my usb to the computer!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. steven says:

    Excuse me, this ROM have FM RADIO.apk (original-not streaming)?? Please reply… 🙂

  14. Jon says:

    Works great other than the fact my auto-rotate has stopped working. Solid battery life so far. Thumbs up from me.

  15. sudipto says:

    can i flash latest dorimanx kernel wid dis rom?????

  16. Bandito says:

    Voice search and voice-to-text is not working on my phone. I have to turn off the Google Voice Typing to use my keyboard at all. Otherwise, when I try to open the keyboard in any app, I get a quick flash that “Unfortunately, ….” and then it closes. I’ve tried clearing the data on the AOSP keyboard and Dictionary Provider, but still get the same results. Any ideas on how to fix this? I really like the voice dictation for texts while I’m driving.

    Other than than, seems to be very solid.

    • Wayne W. says:

      Which version of gapps did you flash?

      • Bandito says:, the one on this page. Is there a newer version I should have installed?

        • Wayne W. says:

          The version gapps-jb-20130301 is the one you want. Good luck!

        • Wayne W. says:

          You can find it if you download the app Goo Manager

          • Bandito says:

            Installed the newer version. Now, the keyboard comes up, but when I tap the mic icon, I still get the error window and the keyboard disappears.

            • Wayne W. says:

              Pull up your keyboard settings and enable G Talk

              • Bandito says:

                Are you referring to Google voice typing (Settings > Language & input)? That is enabled. I don’t see anything for G Talk.

                • Wayne W. says:

                  Yes Voice Typing. Try another keyboard. I also use Nova Launcher

                  • Bandito says:

                    Tried TouchPal as the default keyboard, same thing. Google Search keeps erroring out. I’m at a loss, might just reinstall the ROM this weekend and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the help!

              • Wayne W. says:

                I think by default G. Talk is disabled. I personally use Swiftkey full version, there is a free version also.

                • Bandito says:

                  Resolved! I wiped and reinstalled the ROM and Gapps, but still had the same results. I checked the Play store and installed an update to Google Search and then opened it. It asked me to configure Google Now, and after I did that the voice search and voice-to-text started working!

  17. john says:

    k….got my google play but now somehow it won’t connect to the tmobile through data…i can call but can’t do anything that requires data…unless i wifi connect…help please

    • Bandito says:

      Is your mobile data turned on under the settings? I had to turn it on for my phone after the upgrade.

      • john says:

        yeah i did…it’s enable.

        • Marcus says:

          try downloading touchpal keyboard

          if not.maybe re flash the rom?

          i havent had that problem on any of my roms but then again i dont use stock keyboard

          • Marcus says:

            whoops sorry thought it was a keyboard question …

            try to restart your phone take out your sim wait like 2 mins and then reconnect maje sure your in a spot where you have good 4g service. leave wifi off until it connects. If mot reflash. i have bad signal in my home so im left with empty signal bar. Make sure data is enabled in the settings for tmobile

          • john says:

            I’m not having problem with keyboard…not finding network is the problem

            • Wayne W. says:

              To receive data from your cell phone provider:
              Go to settings/ROM control/Toggles/Toggle Setup/ Change Toggles: make sure signal and wifi are checked. Go to home screen pull down notifications select to view your toggles. Make sure wifi is off it will be white in color select the signal toggle it should have 3G, H or E above it, blue in color. Be patient it takes a second or two to change.
              Good luck.

  18. Hany says:

    JellyBam ROM is the best one, version 7.0.0 will be released in few hours from now on their new site:
    The battery life with 6.7.0 can reach 3 and a half days without recharging.

    JellyBam FTW.

    Check it out! 😀

  19. jassi says:

    hi can you tell me this rom has theme chooser??? im waiting for ur reply..then i will download…

  20. Lazlo says:

    If i using usb mount and copy something from pc always freeze . Why?
    How can i Fix?
    …maybe blocking some application ?

    • aaron says:

      have you tried mtp transfer instead of mass storage. I have done some searching and this is “supposed” to work. I got a app called usb switcher to put it in the mode, but I haven’t tried it yet.

      Also as mass storage, I have been able to transfer files to the interal storage but it was slow. Then move the files to the external card with the file manager.

      Let me know if this works for you.

      • Lazlo says:

        Where can i find a mtp transfer ? (t989 hercules)
        setting->storage … i cant fiind

        • aaron says:

          like i said below this method crashed my external sd card. Luckly with some work I was able to reformat it in linux and save my 32gb card. so I do not recommend this method. you need the app called usb switcher from the app store to do use mtp

          • Lazlo says:

            ok. thx
            One more question …
            CM 10.1 do a same thing. so this jelly bean (4.2.2) issue ? (t989)

            • Aaron says:

              i am not sure, i tried cm 10.1 a while back but i don’t recall running into this issue. I didn’t use it long so i may not have tried to transfer any files. I have rolled back to stock, de-bloated, and overclocked for now. I was thinking of trying SOA. I just haven’t found jb to be worth the hassle, i mean i like the features but i want to avoid the issues.

              • Lazlo says:

                Settings -> Storage -> click menu button -> USB computer connection
                check the box next to Media Device (MTP)

                Working everything finally

    • aaron says:

      I just tested mtp transfer and it worked great about 65mb/s and didn’t freeze the phone up. A little disclaimer i am running linux on my computer, so I am not sure how well this works with windows or mac.

      give it a try

    • aaron says:


  21. jokerhunter says:

    Help!!! The media scanning is eating my battery and making my phone very hot 🙁

    • aaron says:

      try creating a blank file named .nomedia and save it to the directories you don’t want the phone to scan. This will stop apps like the gallery from searching these areas when updating. This will conserve the battery and might fix your overheating issue.

      i use this to stop images from my corporate email from showing in my gallery.

  22. jokerhunter says:

    Oh BTW I got the navigation ring working on my i9100, you must 1st enable the navigation bar to get it work, it looks weird with it lol

  23. Shmoe says:

    how come no supported music player for the recent roms? We need one and Dsp manager also

    • aaron says:

      aokp is closer to aosp so i doesn’t have a bunch of bloatware. You can always get music player from the app store. I am using Google Music with MusicFx. I think MusicFx is part of the rom, but it is on the play store anyway.

      Sounds great

  24. AJ says:

    does this rom have call echo problem? im using cm 10.1 and it does. or is there a way to fix it on cm 10.1.

  25. sandeep says:

    Cant install this rom………getting error –
    installation aborted
    status 7.
    Plz ….can anyone help on this?

    I tried downloading from phone
    I tried downloading from PC then transfering to phone as well….but same error.
    Please guys help me.

  26. sandeep says:

    Dude u are awesome……Thanks for the quick replys…… But as it was not working I went for biftor ROM then to cross check again flashed this AOKP ROM….and it worked fine for me …….thanks again …..

    • sandeep says:

      But Wayne …. this rom is not up to my satisfaction….BCz …no multi window….no smart stay n smart rotation feature….no note 2 gallery view ….no advanced music player ……BCz of this again I may go to Lion ROM …..or is there any other good ROM which has all such features?

  27. Neutrino7 says:

    I have bean running AOKP mr1 v5 now for a week and it is one of the best roms I have ever had, but there is a tiny problem in as much as the kernal does not support cwm backups. When I try to backup it tells me that not all features are supported and the I need CF-Root V5 or greater as a kernal.when I try to flash this via odin it does not pass. I have always done a full wipe before hand. Any advice on another kernal?

  28. alexj91 says:

    i have a problem the wifi doesn’t conect ..the signal goes from strong to weak..

  29. AJ says:

    AOKP build 6 is out.. Anyone know if there is any big changes if I should flash..

    • Wayne W. says:

      Nothing too much new. It benchmarks a little faster. Pretty stable. When you turn Bluetooth off for over night it won’t turn back on until you reboot. Personally I like the ROM enough to keep it.

  30. AJ says:

    with this rom my phone keeps freezing when its on usb mode for some reason. I have to reboot phone every time to unfreeze

  31. Shuvendu says:

    I am getting very poor battery life with this rom. around 4-5 hrs whit full charge. Is there anyone else who is also facing the same issue?
    Is there any setting that I can change to improve the battery life?

    • Wayne W. says:

      My battery life on 5 build was terrible too, but build 6 my battery lasts to about 70% while I’m at work. Of course I’m not on the phone that much at work. About 1 hour total.

  32. Abel says:

    This rom is stable, but call quality is absolutely awful. Gps takes forever to locate and isn’t very accurate. Bluetooth is sketchy, frequently disconnects so that I have to restart to get functioning properly. People here seem to be so distracted with themes and silly UI hacks that they have forgotten that this is intending to be used as a phone first and foremost. Why aren’t these things touched on in the video reviews, they are the most important.

  33. Remco says:

    I have installed this version, works great !!!!!

    The only problem i have, is that i can not install samsung apps store with an .apk file.
    Some of my apps are from samsung apps.

    Do you know a sollution for this problem ?

    greetings from The Netherlands

  34. Wayne W. says:

    Install file manager. This will Allow you to install the apk files

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