AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 2 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/GT-i9100G/SGH-T989]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 ROM of the week on the international GT-i9100, GT-i9100G, or T-Mobile SGH-T989, check out latest AOKP MR1 Milestone 2.

I know some of you swear by AOKP (and probably your daily driver) and if you haven’t updated to the latest MR1 Milestone 2, it’s time to get some more cool features and more performance for your phone.

The latest AOKP MR1 Milestone 2 features new stuff like Ribbons under ROM Control Settings, that allow you to add more ribbon shortcuts to literally everywhere on your phone. You can see our full tutorial guide on AOKP Ribbons here. (If you don’t know what ROM Control is, then you should see our full AOKP ROM Control tutorial first!) Other neat features include HDR camera (you need to use a tripod for this btw), quick lockscreen torch, and some more.

These are “official builds” straight from AOKP Team so they should be more stable than other versions you might find. So, if AOKP is your thang, give it a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 2 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 2 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G

Download AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 2 for Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 (T-Mobile)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

If Google Now search broken, simply update “Google Search” app on Play Store for fix!

Credits – AOKP

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52 Responses

  1. Mohammad El-Ghandour says:

    Please How could I download it and what are the Gapps ?!
    Please help thanks

  2. Eric says:

    So I did a clean update from Milestone 1 on my T989, and its great. only thing is, I cant seem to get my capacitive buttons to work as my LED anymore, which was one of my favorite features. I’ve played with the check box in the display settings, as well as the LED options in ROM control.

    If anyone knows any fixes or other options I can use to get the capacitive buttons to light up for notifications, that’d be awesome.

    Other than this though, the rom is great.

  3. Nawras Saiymeh says:

    I have installed this rom and everything went fine except the wifi is not scanning networks!! please help me

    I had no problem with this rom (aokp_i9100_jb-mr1_milestone-1)


  4. NickyPaing says:

    Dear Admin,
    When i was downloading this ROM for T-mobile (T989),stopping at 17 % (25 MB). Can you upload this Rom on any other Link Please??Mediafire or Dropbox 🙁 please send an email to

  5. Alex says:

    I have a GT-i9100T, will I be able to flash this rom? Been looking around and apparently the only thing different between a GT-i9100 and a GT-i9100T is the modem, and apparently this has to be flashed over the top of the GT-i9100 rom to allow 3G access, is this true? If so where can I download this? Phone was bought in New Zealand.


  6. john says:

    The gapps is the same one used in milestone 1 20130301 make sure you flash the new radio as well or you will find considerable issues with your signal. For whatever reason I was on uvle1 and that caused a lot of issues its uvmc6 for the t989.

  7. Andray says:

    Having no signal issue and wifi is flaky on T989, I flashed it with a new radio didn’t fix the issues.

  8. Mike says:

    Having issues with the Bluetooth on sght989, for some reason the Bluetooth service randomly shuts itself down and I can’t get it to come back on unless I completely shutdown the phone and turn it back on, a reboot doesn’t fix the problem, so weird! I’m thinking on trying out another kernel.

  9. Mike says:

    What’s up with the theme chooser it just keeps on crashing!

  10. seymour says:

    Cannot make phone calls or connect to internet after updating from previous AOKP milestone.

    Also, I get a message that Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped working.

  11. buklau says:

    like a somboody when wil there be a aopk android 4.3 rom avaible
    greetings from buklau

  12. Numnizzle says:

    I installed this a few times because I was stupid and kept importing EVERYTHING from Titanium, I kept getting issues with my contacts where it kept closing out and didnt let me use it at all.

    My issue I’m having now is also to do with my contacts, I can import them fine and it says synced however they don’t show up. Face book and Gmail do the same thing. Any help ?

  13. Ron says:

    Works great, but I did encounter one problem. When I try to access the camera through the gallery (button on the upper right), the camera loads with its menu but all I can see is a black screen (that is, I can’t see the world through the camera). When I access the camera directly I don’t have that problem.

    any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Jan says:

      I have the same problem. It crashes whenever I open the camera app or in the gallery. Went back to aokp jb mr1 milestone1 very stable.

    • Mike says:

      Had that problem too, it’s just very frustrating this Rom is crap compared to the previous release, I even did a fresh clean install of everything and still had issues popping up now and then, went back to AOKP-Milestone1.

  14. Allura says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 T989.. and I am having a problem. I actually had a different ROM installed, from this site. Checking today, my SwiftKey app stopped working, so did my camera and gallery. They all mention ‘no SD card’ or ‘no external storage available. I have an SD card in my phone, used an adapter to put into the computer to see if they worked, and they did. I thought maybe something went wrong with the previous ROM, so I installed this one.

    I am still having the same issues, I’ve cleared cache in the recovery menu, and in the apps>all>gallery section of the settings, rebooted my phone, unmounted/mounted the SD card, and still no luck. Though, for a while now I have been having trouble with flash when taking photos. It would cause my phone to restart, and more recently just shut down. Every now and then I noticed it would sign me out of all the apps I use (twitter, foursquare, facebook, etc..). I’m not sure if the two could be related or not. I have tried googling the ‘No SD card detected error’ and no such luck with it.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • bc says:

      Did you follow the instructions as it says?

      • Allura says:

        Yes, the SD card is already in the phone, so not sure why it’s saying there isn’t one there. I’ve tried multiple SD cards also, even one that works on my sisters phone. I tried another data wipe/factory reset in recovery mode, I noticed this error:

        — Wiping data…
        Formatting /data…
        Formatting /cache…
        Formatting /sd-ext…
        Formatting /sdcard/.andrioid_secure…
        Error mounting /sdcard/.android_secure!
        Skipping format…
        Data wipe complete

  15. Kurvin says:

    i have a galaxy s2 gt i9100 which has been rooted with a chainfire insecure kernel, running ICS 4.0.3,
    will i be able to run the AOKP rom on this kernel or would it be more advisable to unroot and reroot using a different insercure kernel?

  16. Ali says:

    Thank u but I had one problem the mobile data did work beside that everything is good so can u plz help me out here cause I love this Rom

  17. Ali says:

    The mobile data didn’t work beside that everything is good

  18. Amby says:

    guys what is the most stable version of cyanogenmod for GT-I9100 android 4.2.2 right now?

  19. Robertkmy says:

    Flashed this ROM today.. everything worked well as it should, its very light, doesn’t hang and the battery life is sweet compared to other roms..i have only one problem and unfortunately its very important to me, i cant find a way to select 3G only, particularly hate 3G/2G mode for my network because i find its a battery drainer most times.. if someone could show me how to select 3G only the this ROM will be the best for me..Staying high on android…lol

  20. undersiege24 says:

    Has anyone had any problems sending pictures with this ROM? I cant seem to get mine to send. Everything else works fine. I’m using T-989

  21. buklau says:

    got only 5 hours of battery life did a full wipe this is outrages.
    for all the rest im happy with the rom it runs smooth the camera i replaced with zoomfx.
    the only thing i hate is the 4 hour of battery life i can watch the battery decline evry minute.

    • Alex says:

      Very odd. Installed this rom and I’m getting roughly double the battery life than the Stock samsung rom. Weird that our cases are so different, you sure that you didn’t have a few battery draining apps installed?

  22. Brian says:

    My lock button doesn’t work. If i told it for 2 seconds, the power menu pops up but it never goes to sleep. I’ve checked the settings to all my apps and the system apps. Nothing should inhibit the phone from sleeping. Help please! I get great battery life from this rom and I have no problems other than the lock button!

    • Jason says:

      I am having the same issue. I don’t know what is causing it, but i’ve been reinstalling their latest nightly zip. That seems to be a temporary work around until it’s figured out.

  23. Robertkmy says:

    Arigato Amby-san

  24. Jason says:

    Android Keyboard (AOSP) keeps crashing on me. Anyone else with this issue?

  25. Pierre says:

    Unable to have network with Telus, even with updated RADIO, keeps going on and off, and data not working ever. Any idea why this would be happening ?

  26. Rubens says:

    After installed this Rom, I couldn’t see the SIM Toolkit. What’s wrong?

  27. suren says:

    Does anyone know how to disable these annoying “mobile broadcast” messages.I tried disabling it under settings then wireless and networks, I unticked all the boxes but I still get those annoying broadcasts after every call I make.

    Also does anyone know which dorimanx kernel is the best, what I meant with that is for example 8.26 or 8.30 and so on

  28. Darwin says:

    you doing really nice work tanks a lot for your help

  29. bishow says:

    i ve installed rom when i tried to shear things with bluetooth or doesht connect or it does’nt connect with other device..
    could any body help

  30. mido66 says:

    I installed “AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 1”

    I want to install “AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 2” but are stuck on the boot.
    I do all the wipe

  31. mido66 says:

    I have a i9100G

  32. søren says:

    i cant use it im stuck at a start screen with a red, blue, green and yellow x sign with pulsating lights in the same colors. pls help ?

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