Batista ICS ROM with Overclocking for Galaxy S2 i9100!

Want overclocking (up to 1.6Ghz) with ICS on your Galaxy S2 i9100? You can now get overclocking with the Batista ICS ROM.
I couldn’t really get stable overclocking at 1.6Ghz (nor 1.5Ghz) but I did get pretty good stable OC at 1.4Ghz.

Performance? Seems pretty good on this ROM, if you want overclocking now with ICS, give this ROM a try and let me know how it goes for you!

Here’s an installation video from the previous version, it’s same method just newer files:

Download ROM:

Download Batista ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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20 Responses

  1. GiantKiwi says:

    ROM is an absolute pile of crap, black text on dark grey UI is just stupid, and it keeps crashing once the 2nd part is installed, reinstalled the entire thing 3 times over to check (Wipe data, cache, dalvik and battery data).

    • Bernardso far says:

      Rom is excellent, maybe is your instalation wrong.

      • mahmood alasfoor says:

        rom is a complete shit .. just like u said who puts a black text on a dark UI ?!? it was smooth and fast for the first 15 minutes but then when i restored my apps and luanch them every single app crashed on me … im gonna switch back to Darky ICS rom .. its the best one for me .. i used (resurrection + batista + Darky ) ..

        • mahmood alasfoor says:

          take back everything i said .. i reinstalled it and its working great.. some apps crash every now and then but i can live with that 🙂 .. the dark color is still stupid though .. what made change my mind is the performance .. this rom is an absolute beast when it comes to performance i overclocked it to 1400MHz lulzactive and it got me a nice 4800 benchmark score :):):) apps run much faster but some of them crash every now & then

  2. Francis Arjonillo says:

    So, what’s better?? Batista or Resurrection? Im still on resurrection 9.6 and watching your videos, maybe a pros and cons of each?

    • Tony Stark says:

      Well ill suggest you to stick to your current rom
      The pro edition of the resurrection rom is crap
      Personally i feel the 9.6 is more stable.
      I have no idea about batista rom exept that it has default. Tw dialer which is way better then the default ics dialer.

    • Bernardso far says:

      Batista is much way better, resurrection is bugish

  3. Bernardso far says:

    Great rom, but i can’t add to work group of family group people in my adress book, why?

    and set default call number to people who had more that one number?

    the best rom for me, and i’ve tried so many so far

  4. noorhashim says:

    Hey bro .. my sg2 is ;; 1.2 — i9100 .. batista work ? .. ”

    egyption – middle east .. give me more tips

  5. Mats Rydholm says:

    I can´t update google maps. An error message says “packagefile was not signed correctly. Uninstall the preivous copy of the app and try again. How do i uninstall google maps?

    / Mats

  6. joselesanroman says:

    Hi everyone 🙂
    I am currently using the resurrection remix pro v1.0 on my SGS2 as I followed the instructions from this side. Well, i first installed the resurrection remix v 9.6, THEN to pro v1.0 (now I dont have clockworkmod :/ but thats no big deal, i can install it again, i just have a mac and find it hard to get a windows in order to run odin to install CWM)
    Anyways,,, i was wondering which one is better. Is there any hope that the ICS Batista rom would be even better???
    Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

    • fuad says:

      for me batista is should try it..but backup all your using cwm(just in case you wanna change back to your original rom) and titanium backup(for application).. =)

  7. fuad says:

    anyway i can change the color of the background??sometimes it really hard to see the font..

  8. richard says:

    i have trouble with my samsung galaxy s 2 and sinse i had ics it has always be buggy and its crappy idk whats wrong with it but when i have ultra toxic lightning rom than is working fine and i do it the good way so maybe my phone is crap of the rom isnt good i dont know but is been verry buggy lately at first the performance was great and all of a suddan its being verry annoying and restart and wifi dous not work etc. etc. this was my first and last samsung i think cos the last one i had was crappy too so maybe i switch to htc orso i dont know but i dont have time for buggy phones. It wasnt u max cos u did a verry good job to tell how it al works and it used to work fine but after a couple of weeks the crap started.

  9. richard says:

    o yes the batista rom did not even instal it keeps lagging and do not want to install so i go back to ultra toxic rom again and never touch it or flash that phone again.

  10. Nikhil says:

    hi max,
    i amfrom india, i had updated my S2 using kies to ICS 4.0.3…. yesterday i was installing CWR using odin on my rooted s2… but after completion of the process the phone was not booting up….i want to samsung service center and installed a freash setup of gingerbrid 2.3.6 and unrooted my phone..

    now when i am connecting my phone to kies it is showing the msg as your device does not support software upgrading via kies and another msg as your device does not support initializing.

    please help me with this

  11. Chris says:

    eveything worked except wifi

  12. chullian says:

    i cannot play asphalt6 on my GT i9100

  13. chullian says:

    it will work only on rooted device?

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