Batista ROM for Galaxy S2! [4500+ Quadrant][1.6Ghz Dual Core Overclock]

One of the most popular and better aftermarket ROMs for the Galaxy S2 right now in my opinion is the Batista ROM for the Galaxy S2, it comes with minor tweaks to the UI (although still pretty much Samsung TouchWiz UI), 1.6Ghz overclockable kernel, and other goodies. I think this is the best Galaxy S2 ROM out there right now.

At 1.6Ghz overclocked (use free app CPU Master off Market), I am getting near 120 on Linpack multi-thread test and also near 4500+ on Quadrant.

For those of you who don’t know what Linpack and Quadrant is, Linpack basically tests your CPU’s raw processing power.  120 on Linpack is comparable to a dual-core 1.6Ghz smartphone, which there isn’t one yet!

For Quadrant, 4400 is a very high number, which tests CPU, file read write speeds, and 3D graphic processing power.  That is very high number again.

Other than than you will enjoy this Batista ROM, try it out and let me know what you think.

Download ROM here:

Download Batista ROM


Donate to original developer here.


Don’t know how to install a new ROM?  Read up on How to install a ROM on Galaxy S2.

You will need to root your Galaxy S2 first, make sure you make at least one backup of your ROM, and also backup your apps using Titanium backup so you can restore them after installing new ROM.


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