Batista70 ICS ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100!

Batista Gingerbread ROM was probably my favorite Gingerbread ROM of all time for the Galaxy S2 i9100. Well, Batista70 ICS ROM is now available. Based off the latest official ICS XXLPQ, the Batista70 ICS ROM is surely good news for all of us with a Galaxy S2 i9100.

UPDATE: There’s a newer version of this ROM!!!
Although this is still one of the earlier builds, you can expect some very good battery life and performance with lots of tweaks.

We will have an updated review of this new Batista70 ICS ROM also but in the meanwhile, you can give it a go and let us know what you think of this ROM.

How to Install this ROM video:

Download ROM:

Download Batista70 ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Also refer to Galaxy S2 FAQ.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100 series, not compatible with other Galaxy S2 phones.

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7 Responses

  1. tobydarklord says:

    i like the layout …. but messaging icon dissapears and when u go to use sound fx its buggs out and locks up and force closes … but apart from that nice layout and good vid cheers man 😀

  2. Kit says:

    The layout looks awesome! Only it kept crashing and bugging, so I flashed back to the OTA ICS Rom which works like a freaking charm

  3. richard says:


    i used several of ur roms and to be honest they all dont work verry well they lag a lot and now i try to instal Batista70 ICS ROM and now i cant instal it and it keeps booting up :S i know what to do and how to do it its verry simpel and clear the way u said it but the roms are no good for me i guess cos this is the second rom that i try from u and the second rom that simply dous not work. maybe u have solusion cos i dont anymore.

    THnx Richard.

    • luke says:

      Try the pure ics rom? Or miui? A lot of these roms are for test purposethey aren’t perfect but they may work flr you as long as you install them correctly i always make sure i wipe dalvik and the other data cache before installing a new rom saves you getting a boot loop oh yeah having a few backups is always good such as on phone storage, sd card and computer just in ase something goes wrong

  4. paulo says:

    Batista70 is freezing up on start up

  5. Kelvin says:

    Data network didn’t work for me after installing this ROM, also I wiped dalvik cache and still experienced the boot loop.

    I checked everything, from the settings to auto detect network, held the power button to see whether network was activated and rebooted several times, flashed the siyah kernel for resurrection rom (which I tried out, looks great too, feels a little more responsive than the batista ICS rom, but the data network doesn’t work either, which is why I tried this out) and to no avail the data network still doesn’t work.

    I have tried searching on the xda forums and there are no answers as of yet, I just hope Max has the answer.

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