Bezke Ultra ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

Want an ultra-fast ICS ROM that’s stable with everything working including Face Unlock on your rooted Galaxy S2 i9100?

Well, Bezke Ultra ICS ROM does exactly that, no force closes and runs smoother than any other ICS ROM I’ve tried so far. If you’ve been waiting (and I know, you’ve been waiting) for an ICS ROM that works right out of the box, this is a good ICS ROM to start with.

I will have more ICS ROM reviews this upcoming week and find which one is the best but in the meanwhile, you can try this Bezke Ultra ICS ROM, which is nearly perfect and faster than Galaxy Nexus ICS in my opinion.

Download ROM:

Download Bezke Ultra ICS ROM

Credits – Link

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28 Responses

  1. Taj Tanveer says:

    i’ve got an even better rom than this: lidroid-resurrection remix ics 9.2

    its got all the features you showed in the video but it got a benchmark result of 4038, which s much greater than this rom…

    u can find it here:

  2. Mark O says:

    will it work on AT&T Galaxy S2 i777?

  3. hidde says:

    I really like this ROM on the vid, but can you please make a page with instructions to get this one working on the most awesome phone existing? That would be really great!:) thanks and keep up with the vids!

  4. Nio says:

    Battery info doesn’t work. It always shows 49% for me 🙁

  5. luke says:

    can’t wait for overclock! does anyone have a good CM9 that would work on the SGS2? would much appreciate it if you could send me a link 😉 peace

  6. Andro says:

    Hi, Max.

    Thanks, for al the info.

    I really like this ICS-ROM stable with everything working including Face Unlock (Quadrant + 4100)

    Resurrection Remix ICS V-9.3

    >> <<

  7. Max says:

    beautiful ui, loaded smoothly and work flawlessly, well. all but internet connection. 🙁
    For some odd reason, just could not get the internet enabled no matter what APN settings i used from the service provider. would this have anything to do with the fact i live in Australia?

  8. jake says:

    i couldnt get internet to work either

  9. Mazi says:

    sorry but this soft sux, no interneet, when do phon call no screen available, u say its stabile , but it crash many times

  10. Elias says:

    so i have the rom… i have no 3g or whatsoever…what did i do wrong ?

  11. seVenrider says:

    It’s still very buggy.. couldn’t restore all my app data… face unlock doesn’t load at times..
    Worst of all is that i CANNOT rearrange my icons in the drawer… Random reboot but very rare.
    Its a decent rom, apart from the rearrangement off apps in a everyday rom. not too annoying..

    • Mazi says:

      lot work sorry mate but i will disagre try use polish lang ond this soft and just cant understand that is no translate proper if all softs for samsung are well translate, its very buged its not stabil, its most likle not work all those what they told it work.

      • seVenrider says:

        Firstly i cannot understand half of what u said…!!! Secondly – stick to the universal language. Is the developer polish??

  12. luke says:

    i thought it was relatively good been using it for a few hours now the only things i could see that were wrong with it are no 3g, mms didn’t work (could be from no internet) and motion activation works when you practice but not on home screen (could be just me?) but apart from that the rm is very smooth and i like how the colours are bright and the backgrounds are really dark…. also I noticed that when a pop up menu came up like to click ‘ok’ the button was rather dark i soon got used to it it could be just how ICS is but in GB it is lighter more noticable… again this could just be one of my dodgy installs. I still reccommend everyone give it a try face unlock will impress your friends… when it works (I have troubles because my fringe gets in the way of my face sometimes and it doesn’t recognise me so its good for people with short hair)

  13. dism says:

    I can make outgoing calls but I can’t hear anything on the other end.

  14. wil says:

    i like this one!
    have u tried the Andyx 5.3?

  15. max says:

    Is there a way to get my crt animation working

  16. Michael says:


    May i know if there’s a way to install this to my phone? Can i change the baseband to something that has ICS Rom available? I am from Phil but the phone was originated from Poland from the details seen on box of the phone.

    PDA: I9100XXKI4
    Phone: I9100XXKI4
    CSC: I9100OXAKI4

    Thank you in advance!

  17. rushan says:

    first of all very good rom.. i have only 2 complaints: 1) facebook keeps crashing!!!! 2) whenever i deleting a contacts my phone hangs then crash (very very damn annoying)

  18. rushan says:

    oh one more 3) this rom not reading my sim card contacts and it doesnt give you the option to store contact on the sim card!!!!!

  19. Lodi says:

    3g didn’t work for me. Can’t live without that. Otherwise it seemed nice.

  20. Marie says:

    I cant get my internet working either, how can this be fixed? ive been playing with all the settings i can think of and it wont make a difference, I also am from Australia, does that have anything to do with it?

  21. Marie says:

    Never mind, i found a solution to the internet problem, download HiAPN app from the market place

  22. Marie says:

    have to try to unroot my phone or something cause now i cant send messages but i can make phone calls, when i make phone calls the screen goes black and you cant access the phone after because the screen stays black.

  23. Vee says:

    hey thanks for the info, whish i discovered your site sooner, this rom works great n very smooth.

  24. mauricejsolid says:

    this rom is great i just installed it and have been using it for a few hours, the main problem is that i cant make calls screen goes black, also i cant change my bluetooth phone name, is there a way to stop it freezing when making phone calls pliz help, i dont want to go back to the stock rom

  25. mauricejsolid says:

    this rom is great i just installed it and have been using it for a few hours, the main problem is that i cant make calls screen goes black, also i cant change my bluetooth phone name, is there a way to stop it freezing when making phone calls pliz help, i dont want to go back to the stock rom

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