Biftor ROM v10 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and AT&T SGH-i777!

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 ROM of the week, check out the latest Biftor ROM version 10.

UPDATE: Version 12 is OUT, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this older version!

Better than ever, latest Biftor ROM comes with a completely revamped Biftor ROM Control Settings that allow you to tweak every part of your Galaxy S2 including your status bar, lockscreen, battery, signal, and even change the colors of each parts. Of course, there’s even more cool stuff like auto call recording settings, soft navigation buttons, and much more.

Other notable feature include Kill App button (menu or back button), lockscreen torch, 6 different lockscreens, lots of wallpapers, scrolling wallpaper, launcher rotation, and even more.

Overall, I am impressed by the integration of Biftor ROM Control Settings that provide many more customization/settings than ever before and also working stable out of the box.

It’s probably safe to say Biftor ROM is one of the best ROMs for the GT-i9100 so if you haven’t tried the latest version, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Biftor ROM v10 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

For installing this ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2, see How to Install GT-i9100 ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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64 Responses

  1. Kyt says:

    This ROM is very interesting but you don’t say us how we can install this ROM on our galaxy S Two! Can you do a tutorial ?

    • slasher1986 says:

      are you new to s2 roms?

    • aayushjha99 says:

      install da rom on ure pc nd transr it to ure external sdcard!
      den get into recovery mode by pressing volume up+home+power button!
      choose install from sdcard! it will automatically instalL!

      yu need to root your phone b4 flashin new roms!

  2. rayner says:

    Nothing else I can say..with latest biftor everything cool.. Max say ” probably its safe to say biftor is the one of best rom for i9100″ True ! Haha but I will say latest biftor v10 the best custom rom based touchwiz. Really smooth and really nice customization and battery so friendly ! Thanks biftor ! XD

  3. vik1109 says:

    hows battery life???? any drain experiences??

  4. Khan says:

    Okay, so to install this Rom you must only wipe data / factory reset , don’t you ?

  5. Brad Froelich says:

    Will the rom support the NFC function of the gti9100P???????

  6. Brad Froelich says:

    Will this rom suppory the NFC function of the SIi GTI9100P????

  7. slasher1986 says:

    the download link has an administrator error ?

  8. truongdt says:

    Can I install this Rom for s2-i9100g ?

  9. truongdt says:

    By the way, you can show me how to use the NFC on S2-I9100G? I use rom stock jb 4.1.2.

  10. extraaworks says:

    I used v9 and v10 both.
    I liked the customization provided in the rom.
    But unfortunately,I found both very buggy.
    Every 5-10 secs i was getting “Unfortunately, system UI stopped responding” error message.
    Even when I am just scrolling setting menu.
    If you change color or any customize anything and restart anything(status bar..etc), system stops responding.

    • ike says:

      I also installed from Snapdragon S2 rom. After changing the system notification to my liking, it was error, error, error after 5 seconds. flashed back to Snapdragon S2. will try next good rom. This one is buggggy

      • Andy says:

        make a full wipe.. factory reset. backup your app using titanium backup.. install rom then restore app using titinaum bckup.. i hope its never lagg.. cuz i been using this rom 3 month never have bad issue πŸ˜€

    • Goran Leskov says:

      I didn’t have your problem with rom, did you do FORMAT SYSTEM, DAVLIK, CASHE partition AND DATA format before install.
      I did all of that even without data format everythig worked fine , my only problem is the ram usage, ity uses a lot of ram, more than my ics which I still use.

  11. Justin says:

    Downloaded this rom and I love it… Followed the directions for my sgh-1777 and everything works fine, except for the phone!! Anybody else having this problem? Cant hear anybody and nobody can hear me at all. I can text, I can do EVERYTHING, except use the actual phone function. Any Help?

  12. Chrisss5000 says:

    Hi the stock music player dosen’t work at me please!

  13. sakkie says:

    This rom is a battery thieve it chows batteries for breakfast !! It also reminds me of a cheap 10 cent store totally overcrowded with to much colors and functions ! Wallpapers are nice so is the record function in the dial pad. Dev could easily half the functions.

  14. Mr.Tony says:

    Flashed it successfully on my SGH-I777, everything is smooth ,now testing the battery ! So much options in this ROM.
    Niiiice! πŸ™‚

  15. Krasy says:

    is it just me or no mail or exchange apk?

  16. Goran Leskov says:

    Hi, I have tried almost every rom you posted, I like biftor rom a lot IT’s the best JB:) but the only thing I do not like is the ram memory which it has, I have on my ICS Omega rom around 550 mb of ram full with running apps that I use on iddle, and on a biftor rom 700mb something ram with same my apps, do not lke that. Is there a way to make it more ram friendly. And thanks for all the roms you tested, you helped me a lot with testing roms for my s2. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  17. kai says:

    I’m sure you are also looking for a good jelly bean rom for your SGS2 GTi9100, based on stock but clean, slim, battery-friendly and stable as a mountain. I have tried them all: Omega, Snapdragon, RainboxRom, NeatRom and this one Biftor. They are all buggy, unstable, fat, and battery and/or ram hungry.
    There is only one out there that definitely stands out from the mass: Chameleon ROM v3.0.2. Though the upgrade version 3.0.3 isn’t as stable as its predecessor, version 3.0.2 is absolutely worth a try. Check the features.

    • slasher1986 says:

      I have found no bugs with omega v22-v23 or v24. I find them extremely stable and fast and have used omega for a long time now and will encourage anyone that owns an s2 to flash it. When I comes to Biftor, if you found its predecessors unstable stay well away.

      • kai says:

        You will encourage anyone that owns an s2 to flash Omega and who doesn’t care about battery life…

        • slasher1986 says:

          my battery has bean going for 14 hours and I still have 43% can’t get better then that

          • kai says:

            Yes, that’s right. I had also about 50% of battery with my mobile running for about 12 hours. That’s usual for Omega, Biftor, NeatROM, etc. but I suggest you to take a look to Chameleon. A full battery lasts for about 45 hours. No kidding!. Of course, provided you don’t abuse :-). Give it a try!. I don’t say Chameleon 3.0.2 is perfect but it has most of what a normal user desires for custom rom with samsung functionalities.

  18. Quckman says:

    I have webroot secureanywhere protection app and it says Biftor gallery has a trojan!! Can it be true?

  19. jeevan says:

    This is not one of the best rom…
    This is one nd only best s2 rom…..
    Keep it up team, I jst wnt to say smthng abt lee “man u r awesome”

    • kai says:

      Then tell us in detail what “good” is about this ROM…

    • kai says:

      If this ROM is the best according to you, than what “extraaworks”, “ike”, “Goran Leskov”, “Justin”, “Chrisss5000”, “sakkie” and “krasy” did wrong?…

  20. slasher1986 says:

    link still isant working for me : (

  21. dumpster says:

    I’m trying to install using hiemidall frontend on mac. I get the zip file and selected the modem/kernel like you said but don’t know what to select for the ROM itself?

  22. dumpster says:

    there is not factoryfs.img file

  23. brandon says:

    which gapps to use?

  24. kai says:

    @ slasher1986
    Of course!
    Check the features, follow instructions, do a CLEAN installation. DO NOT flash the upgrade 3.0.3 because it is not as stable as the previous version 3.0.2. If the link above is erased here or doesn’t work, google Chameleon ROM in xda developers. Enjoy and forget about other samsung based custom roms πŸ˜‰

  25. dev says:

    nice rom
    but can’t find the wifi and network signal

  26. joel says:

    kev. i already have BIFTOR V8 . and i really want to update to V10.
    just wanna ask how to just update it without worrying losing my data..
    is there a way? or i really need to flash v10 like im flashing new ROM?


  27. Jinner says:

    Can this be flashed on a Galaxy i9100 international currently running ICS (v. 4.0.3)?

  28. mate says:

    this is one of the best roms for galaxy s2 and it is sooo fast and battery is perfect but i have only one problem, i was traying to restore it from backup and cannot boot it now i dont know why,have done wipe cache,wipe data,fix permissions,another kernel but cannot boot it, have anyone this problem

  29. Sandeep says:

    video recording cant be done…… got stuck and exits…..
    any reason?plz help….

  30. neoBIT666 says:

    Biftor has any problem working in i777?… I’ve paranoid android working but has a hard batery use.

  31. jteles says:

    Hey guys, what’s up? I’ve got a question.
    To install a ROM on my S2(GT-i9100), should it be in a specific
    ANDROID version(mine is 4.0.3) or being in any is OK ?


  32. luvis says:

    Hey there, nice rom πŸ˜‰
    Is there any bugs in this rom ?
    im using 4.1.2 root right now, so i can just install it straight away ?
    any kernel for this ?

  33. IanH says:

    ROM looks good, lots of stuff in there but I immediately notice that I can’g connect to my office Exchange Mail any more, only Gmail available. And Titanium restore of the email and exchange services just fails.

    Any ROM that can’t support my work email is useless to me no matter how good the other features are. Any suggestions? I don’t particularly want to use K9 tried it on mt tab, didn’t like it and forgot why, the stock android app was fine

  34. slasher1986 says:

    I like this ROM but only for the gallery. just find myself going back to omega v24 the most stable ROM out there in my opinion. sorry biftor

  35. slasher1986 says:

    Biftor v11 has bean released. copy and past this URL

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