Biftor ROM V12 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]

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Probably one of my favorite custom ROMs all-time, Biftor has now released V12 of his Biftor ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and SGH-i777 users.

Packing Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz-based along with Jeboo kernel (that’s super fast), latest Biftor ROM is faster than ever, all the while bring you perfected Biftor ROM Control so you can control every detail of your Galaxy S2 down to the colors of your text on the status bar.

While many S2 ROM developers are moving away to Galaxy S3 or even S4, Biftor ROM has been continually developing for S2 users so you can enjoy the latest tweaks/features the open source developers bring you. That is one thing I really like about Biftor ROM, there are new releases at least once/twice a month.

With Biftor ROM, you will get a ton of lockscreens, shortcuts (like lockscreen Torch), full rotation for launcher/drawer, and more features than you can ever imagine. (Don’t forget to watch the video overview!)

If you are looking for the best Galaxy S2 ROM for your GT-i9100/SGH-i777, definitely give Biftor ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know!


Download Biftor ROM V12 for Galaxy S2 [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]

For installing this ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2, see How to Install GT-i9100 ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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83 Responses

  1. andre says:

    Hey, max from the netherlands
    Using it for a week
    Very good and stable rom
    Great batterie
    Keep up the good work


  2. Levin Yeo says:

    Hi guys! if I’m coming from v10 biftor rom , do i still need to factory reset to flash this rom? PLS HELP THANKS!

  3. Sandeep says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Really really appreciate the BIFTOR work on S2…….It would be great if latest 4.3 features also incorporated into BIFTOR in future as an Enhancement. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Kike says:

    Thanks max and Biftor for bring us this great rom . If works well in my i777

  5. Nick says:

    I’ve been using the Snapdragon up until now, but I am really liking BIFTOR V12. Thanks you Max!!

  6. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Hi. Dont know why but after install that rom , the phone dont pass from the screen with yellow triangle…

  7. gaz says:

    How is the battery life on this.. And how would I go about calibrating it to put it to its best use?

  8. AS says:

    There is a bug with keyboard. Once you move it upwards you will not be able to move it downwards and it blocks the screen. You can’t see what you are typing….

  9. Ahmad says:

    Its a good rom, good bettey life, fast and stable. but when I press the power button I get just screen capture, nothing else, no power off no reboot. help please!!

    • Kike says:

      It would be good that you downloaded again and do all the wipes do not forget use the correct kernel and modem if you are using the i777 version. This ROM is fast and good battery life.

  10. per says:

    does it include the Samsung email client?

  11. Julian says:

    Sorry guys, but IMO, the biftor roms are AWFUL. At least for my phone. Resurrection is better.

  12. Luis says:

    This ROM is excellent is one of the most customizable for the s2 and for me looks nice. Thanks

  13. Jamril says:

    Is this Rom and kernel, supports aircarck-ng and airmon-ng ????

  14. Jamril says:

    Is this Rom and kernel, supports aircrack-ng and airmon-ng ????

  15. Nick says:

    I have been using Aaliance Rom until now. I must say Biftor Rom is smooth, fast and not glitchy like Aaliance Rom. Navigon now works properly and a few seconds to pick up satellite. I recommend Biftor rom. It’s not loaded bloat wares either and it’s highly customisable.

  16. Julio México says:

    tengo la rom original stock jelly bean 4.1.2 en el galaxy s2 i777 con root, como puedo tener CWM? quiero esta rom biftor.

  17. Julio México says:

    I have the original ROM jelly bean stock 4.1.2 on galaxy s2 i777 with root, as I can have CWM? biftor want this ROM.

  18. Julio México says:

    luis, instalare un kernel con el odin se llama siyah, despues instalo el kernel jeboo y el modem? y la rom? podrias explicarme mejor? cual usas tu?

    • Luis says:

      Asegurate de que el kernel sea para tu versión de android y tu modelo de teléfono , cuando ya tengas el recovery, instalas esta ROM, el módem y por ultimo jeboo. Este kernel es estable y biftor ROM es muy fluida y se puede personalizar como quieras.

    • Luis says:

      Julio, Asegurate de que el kernel sea para tu versión de android y tu modelo de teléfono , cuando ya tengas el recovery, instalas esta ROM, el módem y por ultimo jeboo. Este kernel es estable y biftor ROM es muy fluida y se puede personalizar como quieras.

      • Julio México says:

        ok muchas gracias, hoy mismo lo hare, uso la rom oficial de jelly bean 4.1.2 en el s2 i777 y solo tengo root aun no tengo el CWM ;/

  19. Julio México says:

    ya instale siyah kernel y ya tengo el ClockWorkMod, ahora instalare la rom, modem y kernel jeebo. espero y funcione todo bien, debo hacer los wipes vdd?

  20. unk says:

    excuse me , im a newbie here , sorry if im bothering you all , but what is best kernel for this rom? thanks

  21. Petar says:

    Just installed… on my birthday… hope it is a best birthday gift to me 😉

  22. Mudit says:

    Is Dis custom work fine with version I9100XWLSE….?????????

  23. Noor khan says:

    I think it would be good rom.. But I don’t know how to install.. Pls guaid me Tnx..
    Gt i9100 ICS 4.0.3
    Kernel version 3.0.15-i9100dxlp9.cl431438dpi@dell176#3

  24. Suleman Gul says:

    I have GT-I9100 4.1.2 base version I9100XXLS6 Kernel version 3.0.31-462349 se.infra@sep-111 #3 SMP PREEMPT Tue Nov 6 02:42:23 KST 2012 Build number JZO54K.I9100XXLSJ
    The phone is rooted and PhilZ Touch 3 CWM base version: installed.
    I tried different kind of ROMs but everytime i get Status 7 error. Any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

  25. Hidayat says:

    My Gallery and Camera does not work.
    It hangs the phone and the screen goes black.
    Any advice on how to T/S on this?
    Appreciate the assistance! Thanks!

  26. Markús says:

    Great rom, just full wipe and flash. No problems so far. I have tried quite a few roms and this one of the best ones.

  27. Nex says:

    There is no Exchange email support in this ROM. Only has Gmail app.

  28. Joe says:

    Is normal if back touch key not run on my s2 i777?? what i need do?? thanks!!

    Quiero saber si es una desventaja de esta rom o hice algo mal para que no funcionen las teclas de busqueda u retroceso en mi s2 i777? Gracias!!

  29. marc simmler says:

    So I’m having a problem with the biftor tom I’m. running ajker
    nel the problem I’m having is when I hold the home button down it will show me what’s open I can close them but if I click on one the dont open and no pics so I can’t multitast need he’ll pleasr

  30. Ibrahim says:


    Biftor is very smart and smooth. But OMG. It is soooo ugly. How can I change the layout to the stockrom, but maintain the functionality and smoothness of biftor?

  31. remi says:

    I am very enthousiastic about this rom. Only problem I have is that I am missing secemail.apk and secexchange.apk.

    Is there a work arround? I would like stay on this rom but I need my emails….

  32. Tre says:

    Need multitask help.. Holding home button only allows me to close apps by swiping left or right but not open them for quick switching from app to app… This is annoying to have to go to home and find app and open again. e

  33. Victor says:

    how do i download this max. i clicked the link above but nothing man. am i missing something or what the heck

  34. Makesh says:

    I have followed the steps under (How to Install GT-i9100 ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2.), now i after I reboot the biftor rom boot logo keeps looping and doesn’t proceed further..

    I tried reinstalling ROM and as well but doesn’t work.

    Please provide some suggestion to troubleshoot this.


  35. Marcelo says:

    I didn’t like its UI. Although developers did a good work on building this ROM, I can’t tell the same about the theme of its interface. It shows bad taste for colours (you get confused whether a feature is on or off) and buttons (Toggle and Check buttons are better on other ROMs). An interesting feature is that you can replace the battery icon (you have dozens of options to pick up). Showing your connection speed beside network signal is another cool feature as well. Customizing colours is possible, but it would be better if it had had themes to be chosen. About its performance, well . .. its UI didn’t keep me motivated to stay with this ROM more than a day. I’ve just moved to Paranoid.

  36. slasher1986 says:

    Biftor v14 is out : ) has anyone tested it?

  37. marc says:

    TtHow come when u press the home you can’t multi task ? And no camera will work when I make the 4
    On an i777

  38. Najim says:

    Switching … to another….. Coz… its every things are ok… but When I long press home button show all recent apps then why I try to go one of them its not working ….. I think its great problem for multitasking …….:(

  39. Arturo says:

    will this work for gt-i9100, JB 4.1.2,
    I am from Mexico.

  40. Celes says:

    This is an awesome rom, performance wise and battery life wise.. both are great, but it keeps hanging all of a sudden (randomly more specifically said) while texting, whatsapp, in settings, navigating. Occurs few times a week.. kinda irritating while in a hurry :/
    any suggestions pls???

  41. Daniel says:

    El multitask no funciona con esta room en mi s2 gt-i9100, dejo pulsado el boton central y me aparece la pantalla de todas las tareas abiertas pero al intentar accesar en algunas de las abiertas me regresa a la pantalla de inicio, alguien me puede decir como lo puedo arreglar?

  42. Stefan says:

    Best rom I ever had. I did tried lots of roms, but this one have also very good battery life. Thank you!

    • Richie says:

      The V12 ROM crashes alot especially with UI system error force close. I installed the ROM several times but the same error occurs. I installed Biftor V14 and the problems were solved. Its much more stable. The only problem now is that the battery drains twice as fast as stock ROM but only when the screen is on.
      I like Biftor, it is super fast. I hope they make a new version to address the battery.

  43. Inigo says:

    No me aparecen las notificaciones por ejemplo de whatsaap. Alguna solucion?

  44. Uffe says:

    after installing Biftrom i cant acces the apps in the background, like when i hit on messages then go back and hold the home button to acces the messages again but nothing comes up please help….

  45. Zebi Rajpot says:

    its really awesome but multi window not working . . .. 🙁 going to remove

  46. ronit says:

    I have tried to download this rom on crome and uc browser but I am not able to download full file.. It breaks after several mega bytes. …. can you suggest any method to download roms without breaking? ???.

  47. ronit says:

    i have just rooted my s2 gt i9100 …. now i want to install this rom but i dont know how to do it…i have currently 4.1.2 and baseband version i9100pxxls8 and jeboo kernel installed as shown in root tutorial…. can i flash this rom? how? can you send me links on it… plz reply…

    • Richie says:

      This guy explains everything:

      I just installed it on my Galaxy S2 I9100. Works fast and stable. It does not include the samsung bloatware. The advanced setting on in the Biftor control panel does not work – not a problem, its just for customization.
      There is a Biftor V14 but I do not know how stable it is.

  48. mohammed says:

    Is this room supports the arabic language

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