Biftor ROM v7.2 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [ROM Control]

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One of my favorite Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz ROMs Biftor ROM is BACK with more goodies and feature than ever!

UPDATE: There’s a new version 8, CLICK HERE to see!

The latest version of Biftor ROM comes with multi-window enabled for all apps, signal/wifi icons placed to the left, center clock, revamped notification bar with quick toggles on the bottom, and even AOKP-like notifications right on your icons!

At the heart of Biftor ROM you will also find some neat customization menus using Biftor ROM Control and Biftor Settings. Although not entirely identical to AOKP ROM Control, it does add new features like ability to change your DPI, add soft navigation buttons, overlocking performance settings, enable AOSP lockscreen, enable lockscreen torch, enable lockscreen ink effects, enable auto call-recording, and way more.

If you are looking for a good TouchWiz-based ROM loaded with features and customization, definitely give the latest version of Biftor ROM a try and let me know how much you love it!


Download Biftor ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (Please do not flash on any other Galaxy S2s!)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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37 Responses

  1. Perera says:

    Fantastic ROM. Smooth and running effortless. Good battery life as well. I would have liked the signal bars, the clock and wi-fi icons on status bar to the right. This has been requested by others, but Biftor has said that he will have to go for the default settings to do so. May be he will do so in a future update. He has advised against substituting the System UI.apk of the previous ROM (7.1). My wi-fi connection has never dropped since I installed this ROM. This is the best ROM I ever had. Thanks Bitfor for your effort to please so many S2 owners.

  2. slasher says:

    divice options in rom control fuls closes every tolime I try to go into it 🙁 any idear y?

  3. slasher says:

    divice options in rom control fuls closes every time I try to go into it 🙁 any idear y?

  4. Rich says:

    Hey People,
    I have used this Rom and think it’s very good, the the only two things i have come accross that need fixing is: 1.Rom control is very limited, But there is no overclocking only set features, i.e performance, ondemand etc… there is no way to make the slider move to overclock over 1200MHZ!!
    Maybe i am missing something??

    2.Also, i have noticed that when txting, the top contact bar doesn’t show all the txt, it only shows half the line, so maybe some bug fixes need applying please Biftor??

    Other than these two hiccups, this Rom is very good.

  5. s2 says:

    A really great rom, darn fast and packed with useful options.

    The Samsung Email client app is unfortunately not included and to my knowledge it cannot be installed separately, being a system app. I am using the Samsung Email app a lot due to its ability to link with the S planner.

    Therefore I’m not in a position to retain the room.

    Many thanks.

  6. Gunshot0 says:

    ThIs rom is based on what.????????xxlsj or xwlsd or xwms1 or xxls8!???

  7. David says:

    Battery life suck

  8. feras says:

    hi man im having simple question to flash this rom you need an a custom kernel so what kernel is needed could give it to me cuz when rooting with custom i dont have that cwm icon is it needed or not and thanks for the rom

  9. slasher says:

    I is very fast but the battery life isn’t good and my phone heats up very quick. very nice rom but will have to go back to omega rom v23.

    • praful says:

      what makes u to come from omega 23 to biftor 7.2
      reason i am asking bcoz i want to try this biftor 7.2 again
      reason want to try bcoz omega battery life just good for 10 to 12 hours with continue wifi on so i want to give try this biftor please reply me whats your opinion

      • slasher says:

        omega rom 23 is a better rom for speed and battery life and can do all the things that Biftor rom can do I.e torch on lock screen. you will have to try both to dicide on the one for you. I qm runnung Biftor now and I am going to be returning to omega. hope this was pelpfull to you.

  10. marcy says:

    Does anybody know how to take a screenshot with the Biftor ROM? That is the only function I can`t find in this rom. Other than that trully amazing. Thanks S2Root for such a cool rom

    • Perera says:

      I too tried doing the usual button combination said to work on JB ROMs but failed. I suppose it is some thing to do with the kernel. The only alternative was to download the app “Screenshot Ultimate Pro” from the playstore and configure the program to take screenshots while it is running in the background.

    • ajax says:

      HOME button plus POWER button works for me

  11. Paľo says:

    Street view in google maps no working…….
    Everithing else works….

  12. Luke Thomas says:

    Wonderful ROM…very stable and second all the positive comments above.

    Only one issue…this ROM for some reason doesn’t support MS Exchange Server..Any workaround for this would be highly appreciated :))..


  13. sandeep says:

    It has good features….but while charging it gets heated up more …..

  14. sandeep says:

    Even in normal use also its getting heated up.
    Any solution ?

  15. Thor says:

    Nice ROM, but I seem to have an issue with GPS. I can’t connect to any satellites. Anyone else had problems with the GPS?

  16. chris rolo says:

    Hi I installed this rom…tried it for a bit..didnt like it so went back to the lion rom I was useing. And now im running a mix of both lion and biftor rom.? Anyone know How?

  17. KalRav says:

    Best custom rom ever for S2. Used AOKP build 5/6, CMD 10.1, Parandroid, Slimbean and MIUI in last 2 months. Never face any problem at all. Thanks Bitfor

  18. gandhi says:

    overall great rom but a few small issues.
    im having issues with the call logs, its not loading any log entries.
    any ideas as to why?
    battery life is a little poor, which kernel is giving best battery life with this rom?

  19. D says:

    Nice Rom. I installed it successfully, but it asks for a SIM PIN, otherwise I cannot use my phone or data function! Phone company says it’s not their end. Should work with their SIM card upon plugging in. Anybody else have this problem?

  20. Prince says:

    Battery life sucks…..and mi wifi and data connection cannot turn off 🙁

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