Biftor ROM v8 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out latest Biftor ROM version 8. Better than ever, latest Biftor ROM brings you additional tweaks/customization with its Biftor ROM Control along with many cool features like auto call-recording, multi-window enabled for all apps, rotatable TouchWiz launcher, lockscreen torch, multiple lockscreens, and a whole lot more.

Also latest version ships with Sony Bravia Engine from Xperia Z for better-quality images.

Certainly, Biftor ROM is one of my favorites when it comes to having the latest TouchWiz with multi-window on top of many UI customization this ROM provides.

If you are already running an older version or never tried this ROM yet, definitely give it a twirl this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Biftor ROM v8

Download Removed Apps for Biftor ROM (if you want to re-install Samsung bloatware apps)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like it!

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62 Responses

  1. slasher1986 says:

    had this rom on my phone last week and the status bar wouldent change colour : ) dont like the translucent effect

    • Jay Joshi says:


      Goto BiftorTM Rom Control from Settings
      Select Colors Control, Chose [Status Bar Color], here you can change the color of Status Bar.
      In-case if it doesn’t pick a value, click on the HEX code, and enter #ff000000, then click on the Color in the Right Box and Click Set.
      Note: [#ff000000 is Black Color].

  2. ilyag says:

    why does the file say “NO-WIPE”? am i not supposed to do a wipe at all? even if i’m coming from aosp?

  3. stefan says:

    i have instaled the rom and did a total clean.
    1e time it only showed me the bootschreen!
    went back to recovery and reinstaled the rom again and everything is perfect now.
    i like this rom dont know the batery satus yet but i will keep you informed!
    popupbrowser is a nice app and you can adjust allot in Biftor rom control!

  4. Andre says:

    Hey Max, from the Netherlands
    Using this rom for a week very good rom and great battery
    Everything works well

  5. sarang says:

    does this have samsung email app?

    • stefan says:

      hello Sarang,
      no it comes with Gmail and everysting els from google.
      but you can remove all these apps fom google if you want!
      and instal samsung email!

      • sarang says:

        how do you do that? I got the zip file and flashed it but doesn’t seem to work.

        • stefan says:

          Hello Sarang,

          do you mean that the rom dossent work?
          when i instaled the rom I need to instal it a second time because it got stuck on bootscreen!
          but if you want to shutdown google apps go to the apps then click EDIT then click an hold the app you want to remove and slide it to the upper right corner to APP INFO.
          then you get the option to shut the app down! and later you can put ik back on if you want!

  6. Khanh says:

    V8 is really nice. I’m using it for days, nothing bad happened. But this version still has a bug when I add widget or icon to the home screen. The home screen pages change from full transparent to semi transparent when I swipe between pages. It’ll be normal when reboot. Could sb give me another solution?
    Everything else works great! Still the best rom I’ve ever experienced.

    • Philippe says:

      Hi I found a solution! This issue was really anoying me too. The bug is in the Touchwiz launcher. So from the application manager, or any task manager, just kill it. It will restart and it will work afterward. Much quicker than do a reboot :p

  7. stefan says:

    I’m using it also for a couple day’s now and i have allot of bugs.
    first setting was gone for some reason and when i starten setting in the a app it crasht.
    did a factory reset and it was back. so okay that can heapen!
    now my agenda wigged won’t work and it crashes randomly touch-wiss closed:(
    and the battery live is less then the leaked stock rom from samsung on this site.
    but the looks and adjustment are perfect!

    let me now what your experiance are

    using a I9100

    Greats from the Netherland

    • de canadees says:

      This is a good and stable rom battery is very good did Superwipe by biftor .zip
      This rom is awsome

  8. Sam7 says:

    does it can be install o i9100G version

  9. omar says:

    hi, i am using biftor rom v7.2 and i was wondering should i wipe data before updating to v8 and does all my apps will be gone ?

  10. s2 says:

    has anyone managed to flash the removed apps? if yes, would you care to share the method with me please?

    tried to flash it with cwm, it completes successfully, but no sign of any new apps after reboot.

    thanks in advance

    • Philippe says:

      I used CWM recovery to flash it and it worked. At the boot it says android is upgrading and all your new apps get optimized. But seriously I understand why they removed these apps. The bloatwares suck so hard! I do not recommend to anybody to install it. I flashed it thinking I would at least have an email client, but no.

      • s2 says:

        thanks for your reply Philippe.

        I will try again.

        Are you sure the email client is not included in the removed apps?

  11. Rayner says:

    This is my favourite custom rom based touchwiz, really good customization , if you flash different kernel from original build, it makes your phone slow if you install a lot app, the original build of kernel only 1200 mAh, hope soon the will add more additional overclocking and update it to Android 4.2.+++ :3

  12. Sychobob says:


    I would like to know if this rom is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100m from Virgin Mobile Canada. A friend on mine just put cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly on my phone and I don’t like this rom. Now my friend told me that he was forced to upgrade the radio so Android 4.2.2 could work. Will I screw my phone if I install Bitfor v8? Will I have issues making call’s and receiving them. Also sending and receiving text message will still work? By the way I am new with rom so I have no clue where the radio settings are: in the kernel, in the rom, are they hard coded in the phone? I can not find my answer on the web so far.

    Thank you!

    • Philippe Fontaine says:

      I too have a gt-i9100m and I have used plenty of custom roms, including biftor v8. You can flash this rom safely don’t worry about your signal :p

  13. Kalind says:

    The browser is not properly working with google search

  14. feras alnimie says:


    I want to install that rom im having biftor rom v7.2 and I want to upgrade when get to recovery should I do the super wipe before install the rom or after and is it needed if I wipe data factory reset and wipe chach partition
    And the devlick chach I don’t know is super wipe essential to install the rom or not and any body advice me to install the removed app s which given in the link hope any body answer

  15. Craig says:

    Used this one for a couple of days, liked the GUI very much, unfortunately kept freezing and had to remove battery to reset, then would be fine for a few/many hours, then do the same, was a bit annoying when alarm was going off at 5am for work and couldn’t dismiss it, the GF gave me an earful.. have gone back to Thunderbolt ROM and all is fine again..shame because I did like so much about this ROM..(Siyah Kernal 4.0.1)

  16. Sychobob says:

    I want to report issues with Bitfor 8.2. To who should I report it?

    On the GT-i9100m in the Bitfor ROM Control Under Device options, if I click on ‘device’ I receive the message ‘Bitfor ROM Control has stopped’ and I am getting kicked out. All other functionnalities are working.

    Also at the first reboot after the installation of the ROM for the French language, only French (France) is available. The issue it is causing is that the keyboard layout is Azerty instead of Qwerty. I was able to download the French Canadian language for the typing language but I am still stuck with a Azerty keyboard layout. Would it be possible to include the French (Canada) language as a default installation language so we can get the Qwerty keyboard layout?

    Thank you!

  17. Aindey says:

    Biftor rom is the best customization based touchwiz, now im running latest biftor v8.2 awesome ! Havent facing any problem with latest biftor v8.2 v8.1 v8.0 .
    If u guys live custom rom based touchwiz, definitely u must get this rom. Do not flash dorimanx kernel on this rom, it makes your phone pretty slow, im using siyrah”? I didnt remember much kernels nme the im currently use. Haha , but its very smooth using siryah kernel. 😀

    • feras alnimie says:

      hi man i want to update to biftor v8.2 and having its till that there is an armor installer what is that mean just enter it from recover and open that file for bifror which is 186 mp and do that custom installer really hope any one to answer how to flash that rom v8.2

      • Aindey says:

        yes , just go to recovery and flash biftor v8.2 aroma installer, but make sure you are running biftor v8. you must flash biftor v8 which more than 500 Mb. when u done install v8, then flash biftor v8.2(186 Mb) using recovery phone. i hope its helpful. B)

  18. #include says:

    Hi…my video player is not working??? Anyone having the solution to ths??

  19. bothylad says:

    I installed this ROM but it’s not for me. Is there a way to restore my CMW backups ?. Previously using Jallybam ROM and wish to restore it.

    • Philippe says:

      Go in recovery, go to backup and restore, click on restore and select the date at which you made your backup

  20. Sychobob says:


    I like Biftor 8.2 and I would like to do a clean install of Biftor 8.2 on my phone. Is there a way to wipe everything on the phone except the kernel and the EFS driver so I could do a clean install after?

    Thank you!

    N.B. I would like to report to the owner of Biftor that there is a problem with the Boftor Rom Control. Where can I report the issue?

  21. Sychobob says:


    In the Biftor Rom Control under Device Options if I press on device, the Biftor Rom Control close with an error and I am not able to adjust the touch sensitivity because that menu does not show. Is there a way to fix that in the Rom Control? When I first install Biftor 8.0 before upgrading to 8.2 the Device Options were working well.

    Will I have to downgrade to Biftor 8.1 to fix that?

    Thank you!

    P.S. I am seriously thinking about re-installing the stock rom from Virgin Mobile with Odin just because of that issue. I will stay on Biftor if the device options issue can be fix.

  22. feras says:

    I have installed thr rom video player is not working should I do the super wipe to fix on my GT-I9100

    • Aindey says:

      yes , just go to recovery and flash biftor v8.2 aroma installer, but make sure you are running biftor v8. you must flash biftor v8 which more than 500 Mb. when u done install v8, then flash biftor v8.2(186 Mb) using recovery phone. i hope its helpful. B)

      • Aindey says:

        sorry for the first reply comment, wrongly post haha,

        video player is working welll with latest biftorv8.2, havent face any problem. go to xda biftor to download latest biftor v8.2 B)

        • feras says:

          Thanks alot man

        • feras alnimie says:

          hi man i just installed biftor v8.2 armmor installer (in the first time i had chosen some optional things like 23 toglles and full transpat things ……etc0
          while installing the installing stucked up in the middle of installing so i removed the battery and reinstalle it and hide to recovry and restore biftor v8 cuz things massed up and then install the biftor v8.2 with not choosing any thing and i didnt make it auto reboot then go to recovery and wiped chach so every thing is working now fine i dont know why it stuck while installing at the first time when choosing some of optional things but how ever thinks for replying in the first time

  23. Callan Heath says:

    Hey guys

    First off great rom! better than most others ive come across cause it actually performs well and gives everything i really want except one thing. I see lcddensity is embedded into the rom. Any idea how it works? tried using it but doesnt take the custom i put in. Iv’e put it in manually bia build.prop file and that worked except on the main screen everything is smaller but abit out of proportion. and its just on the main screen and the phone app. Any solution? or do i have to keep it 240dpi?

  24. Sm0lya says:

    established. loaded. all the programs in place, contacts, sms.
    decided to do a reset to factory defaults. rebooted. now displays a welcome screen with a yellow triangle and all … already half an hour ….

  25. Harry says:

    Still has many bugs. Biftor should fix this because its still buggy :((

  26. Major says:

    Working ok…
    Looks great
    But phone is hanging sometimes..
    N lots of battery consumption. .
    juice draining quickly….
    So at last swiching rom..

  27. Major says:

    Working ok…
    Looks great
    But phone is hanging sometimes..
    N lots of battery consumption. .
    juice draining quickly….
    So at last swiching rom.. sad

  28. Dan says:

    Im running 7.2 biftor since weekend and im missing 1 feature that cyanogenmod has.

    Its screencaptureing option when you pressed powerbutton. Now you have to do a multipress that im usually failing with.

    Else it working perfectly.

    Regards from sweden!

  29. Inder says:

    Hi, I flash this ROM as per instruction after superwipe on my i9100. I am facing number of problems with this. First of all my phone become sooo laggy, hardly response on anything. I keep waiting n waiting to screen come appear, its very frustrating. Whenever i try to awake my phone it get hanged, thn i have to reboot it forcefully. And other problem is tht if somebody send me text, i keep getting it again n again, sometimes 6-7 times. I wont get any delivery report even for text i sent to someone. I did all the msg setting for delivery reports bt not working. I tried using Siyah v6.0b4 kernel bt no change.
    I main concern at the moment is lag. Anyone can suggest me solution or any other stable ROM with gud battery life. I have tried all ROM of this site bt everyone has some issues. Guys help me..

  30. dani says:

    Gps is not working properly with biftor rom.Is that a problem with the rom or there may be any other issue?
    Can anyone help me to fix it please…!

  31. Nathi says:

    I’m using Gt-I9100 with XWLP7 kernel, wanna install the Biftor ROM v8, but not sure what kernel to use and where to get it please help.

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