CM11 Android 4.4.3 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and SGH-i777 ROM of the Week, check out latest CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.3!

CM11 now brings the latest, bleeding-edge Android 4.4.3 to Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 officially, straight from the CM team and the SGH-i777 ported from the official as it’s nearly identical in hardware specs.

Out of the box, you will feel the faster performance that Android 4.4.3 brings to the table and even Antutu benchmarks show nice 20% improvement over older Android versions.

Of course, that’s not all, you can expect much better battery life with Android 4.4.3 custom ROMs.  All of this without upgrading your phone or hardware?  Yes, it’s a win-win situation for Galaxy S2 users and you can get it today instead of waiting on carriers to update their software (and Samsung has completely stopped support for this phone long time ago).

Overall, Android 4.4.3 is certainly near flawless with the latest CM11 ROMs so definitely give it a twhirl this week(end) and do let me know how much faster your S2 runs!


Download CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.3 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.3 for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i777

Download Micro Gapps (Don’t use regular Gapps!)

For installation, please follow How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat ROM on Galaxy S2!

Credits – i9100, i777 <— Please donate to the developers of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.


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52 Responses

  1. ivan says:

    stuck at galaxy s2 boot screen with yellow triangle after flashing this and rebooting

    • Jay Sackey says:

      Make sure you are using cwm 6.0.4.x above
      any less example will break the install and destroy your previous rom. check your sd card using recovery and check if you put the zip file for cwm (as suggested in the instructions)

  2. sunny says:

    Your phone might be dead. Kitkat broke my phone once and i replaced mmotherboard. I also had same problem like yours stuck at yellow triangle.

  3. Chad says:

    That is, with this version of android?

  4. Ishmael says:

    this is the best rom i have flashed my s2 with everything works and good battery life… many thanks

  5. Rolando says:

    This rom has bugs???

  6. Hugo Diaz says:

    Still checking it out. Apart from random start ups, that are diminishing with time, it looks good.
    Battery life seems to be a bit better. Lasts a couple of hours more with my normal use.
    I miss AM/PM on the clock, and the In/Out bps speed.
    Very stable now that the random start ups are almost a thing of the past.
    Yes, I recommend this ROM to everyone.

    • macnifico says:

      Progress report:
      Still using it, still stable.
      Speed and battery life very similar to Resurrection Remix 4.4.2.
      Just 2 random lock ups or reboots in the last week.
      I still recommend it, but I’ll return to RRMix 4.4.2 because they look into the little details.

  7. Rolando says:

    The battery life is the only problem that I found with this rom… Is there a way to fix it? I have a I 777… and in a couple of hours 2 or 3 maybe the battery exhausted a 50%

  8. Santa says:

    Cant change font even with ifont.
    cant set my own music as notification ringtones.
    battery drains rather fast.
    performance definitely faster although there are random sudden lags.

    is there any way to solve to above mentioned problems?

    • Jay Sackey says:

      same problems. rom is fairly stable though. but the font is really an issue for me, any solutions yet?

  9. Harley Gozxk says:

    Does this rom have a kernel to fit in? i want to undervolt my phone :I

  10. Sufyan Samar says:

    I installed the Rom yesterday, 2 major short comings as per the usage till now, not able to lock the key pad while watching the videos which is a very very basic requirement and secondly can’t multi edit the contacts which is also a very essential requirement.

  11. Meirs Maz says:

    Use’d this rom on my SGH-I777 (AT&T)

    -This is a good rom and good performance but the battery life sucks and my phone gets really hot idk why when i use this rom i wanna ask if you are experiencing this things like myn on your phone

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  12. SanJ says:

    Has anyone else had network issues using this rom or any other kitkat roms? Lately ive had network issues where, though my phone shows that i have signal, i cannot make or receive calls or txts and data is a no go as well. A restart fixes this issue but it can go back to having network issues again not too long after a restart. It does not always need a restart, if just left alone it will start working by itself.
    Can this be a hardware issue? Ive only noticed it in the last couple of months and ive had kitkat running in that period of time. Can it be that?

  13. AnthonyKay04 says:

    My only problem is that no Gapps works for me.

  14. Mark says:

    I have the sgh-t989 I’m currently using radio T989uvmc6. Can someone direct me to the most updated radio that I might use. Thank you.

  15. Nick One says:

    I am really liking this ROM. It has crashed a few times on me since installing it on the weekend, so i’ve had to reboot a few times. apart from that it’s real nice around. battery life is good, I like the themes app as well, but sometimes you have to reboot to change the icons. hopefully they can address the few snags and it would be great for everyday use.

  16. Jason says:

    I think it’s time to say good bye to my Galaxy S2 and to Android. I have tried so many roms but all end up with the same result. After 3-4 months using the same ROM installation the phone gets slow and you have to re-install the roms every time this happens. Those apps and forum methods where you clean your phone for a better performance, total rubbish.

    With my experience with Android phones, they have a lifetime of 3 year max. I know 3 years might be a lot to you but I expect more when buying a new phone from the market costing 500 Euros. Another problem I discovered with android throughout experience, all software and updates are not tested on every phone with all different OS versions unlike Apple iOS.

    So i’m going to make my first attempt in switching on an Apple phone. Besides, the price ranges today between the latest Android phones and iPhone are getting quite similar.

  17. daspei says:

    Installed this ROm 2days ago and everything worked fine untill today, cant ccharge my phone it’s een on charger for hours and the battery is not really chargning, it gets to like 5% then drops to 1% can’t pass 13% for hours now, have a new charger been chargning fine untill now

  18. Naineel Shah says:

    4.4.2 resurrection remix vs 4.4.3 cm11… I have to say 4.4.2 resurrection remix rom is better than cm11. It is more customizable and also I didn’t have crashes in that as often as I have in cm11. I think I will move back to 4.4.2.

  19. sanjay mehta says:

    this rom is stable, for sure.
    but battery is a problem.
    just noticed one issue when receiving calls. when i answer an incomeing call, there is a silence, for a few seconds. i keep saying hello, but cannot hear from the other end. after few seconds, the other party voice starts coming in. but by then some people actually hang up.
    has anyone noticed the above problem ?

  20. daspei says:

    Any help with battery? Charged the phone over night, when I woke up it was full then when I took it off the charger instantly it went to 7% it’s very annoying having a useless phone right now since I cant charge the battery

  21. daspei says:

    Since no help on the battery issue I wiped data and flashed rom again several times but this time I had prolbems with Wifi so I did a factory reset, how do I ROOT the device with this rom now?

  22. TSellers says:

    Installation kept aborting, so installed the jeboo kernel and modem. After installing jeboo, did factory reset, got the same result, cannot install this CM11 ROM on I9100. Thankful that jeboo was able to restore my backup however. Jason, I hear what you’re saying, after paying $600.00 on Newegg maybe 3 years ago for an i9100, kind of a bummer to have to throw it out. Now sure about goig to iPhone, thinking perhaps about Xaomi.

    • TSellers says:

      PS, the CWM I was originally using was

      • TSellers says:

        “I did a factory reset, how do I ROOT the device with this rom now?”

        I found that after you attempt to install this ROM you get a message from CWM you have lost your root and need to fix it. However the fix attempt fails. This has happened to me twice now. Both times, the only thing you can do is restore your backup. If your phone was rooted, then it will be restored to that state.

    • TSellers says:

      Got it installed, my bad, I was not using the right version of CWM ( I should have read Jay’s comment above!). However not sure if my phone happened to go bad at the same time by co-incidence because no-one can hear when I call them (even does that when I restore the old system). Tried a new modem file I777UCMD8, but it still doesn’t work, perhaps I bricked the phone by not using the correct CWM from the start.

  23. Gen4sr says:

    Tried this ROM last night. Installed very quickly, thought that was a little strange, gapps micro failed. Restarted and Couldn’t get it to boot part the yellow exclamation mark. It took a heap of reboots to get it to boot back into CWM recovery. Luckily it did. Back to RR. Ah stability.

  24. TSellers says:

    Finally got it working by installing a new modem file. However, I started to find it would frequently slow to a crawl, or just hang and you’d have to do a hard reboot. After hours of trying, finally gave up and went back to my old stable ROM. Like many of the others above, I would not recommend that anyone install this ROM.

  25. cooldread13 says:

    Hey I flashed this tomorrow as well as the resurrection remix & I loss my 3g …anyone have that probably? Anyone no a fix?

  26. sergio says:

    i cant find play store so i downloaded room with micro gapps…please help.

  27. rafay says:

    Google play store and gmail r not working.

  28. vg says:

    This ROM works fine although I lost security completely on SGH-i777: no pattern lock no face lock – nothing.

  29. Brennon says:

    I like this ROM, though there aren’t many customizations.
    I think my phone had an increase in battery life. I don’t have stats to back it up, but the battery does have more life than the previous ROM at the end the day.
    Problems I’ve had:
    1.Sometimes after unplugging (after charging) the battery life icon still looks like it’s charging. If left like this the battery power runs down.
    It becomes difficult to do anything, the screen don’t respond well. Can’t reboot via options found by holding the power button. The phone has to be switched off by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Even when this is done the charging icon is displayed (green battery). A battery pull has to be done. Sometimes even after the battery pull, on restarting the same problem occurs and the above procedure is repeated.
    2. Sometimes the home screen gets stuck looking like when the options to change wallpapers is on- that is smaller and raised a bit. The options for the wallpapers are not there. Switching the screen off and on doesn’t help. I can still access apps though, it’s just that the home screen is not the right size.
    3. I use no wallpaper. Twice I’ve seen wallpaper return for itself.

    Problem #1 is my main concern since it happens almost every day.

    I think I’ve been using this ROM for about a month.

  30. joel says:

    Amazing ROM…but since slowly I don’t remember for how long …maybe even b4 installation I have noticed my camera quality completely degraded….while my friends s2 seems just it coz 2many scratches on da back?

  31. mannix says:

    i have flashed this 4.4.3 last week, and it works just fine with no problems… have it updated to 4.4.4 and installed SpiritFM to have a working fm radio. anyone tried using Triangle Away? it warns me of not using SuperSU for rooting my phone…. 😉

  32. Jonathan says:

    Hello. Why is on this ROM no any extra menu for settings? ALso no developer menu. Works great but battery work only 5-6 hours lol

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