CM9 ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100!

Another ICS ROM you can try on your i9100 Galaxy S2 besides the leaked ICS ROM is the CM9 (Cyanogenmod 9) ROM. This one comes with Face Unlock and everything working except camcorder.

This is another great ICS ROM that gives you full ICS experience (without TouchWiz) you can try for now.


Download CM9 ROM

Download Face Unlock
Download GoogleApps

Install all of them from ClockworkMod Recovery.

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30 Responses

  1. ronak says:

    bro !

    any way to get the video camera working ?

    and are there any other bugs besides that ?

  2. Renny Summer says:

    Mmmm cant copy apps from my pc to galaxy

  3. Renny Summer says:

    not working the MTP Mode i think btw

  4. wasim says:

    is there a video how to instal this rom on the galaxy s2 ??

  5. Willie says:

    When I load this Rom from a 2.3.3 version can I just go straight CWM and install zip from sdcard? Otherwise man have to say your guides and work is awesome. Thanks

  6. wayne says:

    i have just installed the cm9 rom and downloaded many file explorers but it will not load my external sd on this rom but all other roms it will, anyone come across this and a fix? .

    thanks Wayne

  7. Josh says:

    Hey, just loaded the ROM and face unlock isn’t working and I can not seem to get the market or log into gmail via the phone. This is my first ROM I have loaded. Is there a step I am missing?

  8. mike says:

    Anyway of accessing your sd card?
    have tried loads of file manager programs off the android market but none of them seem to work?

  9. wasim says:

    how do i put the face unlock and google apps onto phone??

  10. michael says:

    Does this cm9 ics Rom works on the t mobile galaxy s2 T989

  11. Rajendra Patel says:

    USB mode is not working. other app. is working fine

  12. Renny Summer says:

    Known issues
    RIL: Sending SMS might crash rild
    RIL: 2g/3g toggle not working
    MTP: File Transfer partially broken
    Video: HW codecs aren’t used
    Video: wrong Pixel format
    Camera: video recording broken
    Camera: does not support scene modes
    Camera: crashes when changing resolution
    Camera: crashes when using face effects
    FM Radio: not implemented
    Gallery: face glow FCs
    Screenshot: shutter sound
    TV Out: broken on sleep
    TV Out: not working for HW-decoded video (probably won’t be fixed)

  13. output says:

    I keep getting this: Unfortunately “CHINESE LETTERS” has stopped working and the keyboard doesn’t work either… What can I do?

  14. wasim says:

    Hey Max!.
    i have a problem!,CWM on my galaxy s2 i9100 will not restore my original backuped rom.
    is there a way to get the original rom that i hand when i bougth the phone back?
    or you can maybe make a backup on your friends phone using CWM and send it to me.
    please help!!.

  15. Renny Summer says:

    Hey wasim
    [ROM+Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares
    i download for my samsung just for backup but i never use it.

  16. Digaant says:

    phone is not detecting sdcard so how can i change my rom….??? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Renny Summer says:

      transfer files.
      test AirDroid app
      i dont got wireless/wifi

      i know the MTP access doesn’t work properly but use that In the meantime

  17. thomas says:

    This is a great rom. I did however have some issues. The worst part was the keyboard. sometimes when writing, the keyboard disappeared, I’d then have to tab the text box 5-10 times to get it back. then when trying to complete the word i was writing, the start of the word which i had already written got deleted. Then I’d try writing the same word again, and at the exact same place as last time, the keyboard disapeared. So for example if i wanted to write “lift” it go wrong after “li”. The only way to write this word was if i wrote “ft” and then went back to write “li” in front of “ft”. Kind of a dealbreaker for me. Also youtube just wouldn’t play any videos.

  18. Rishi says:

    I’ve used CM9 and AndyX Rom v5.1, and found that AndyX is much better… Almost everything works but some apps like camera seem to be the old GB apps. Doesn’t matter to me as long as it works. though I’m having a few net issues; I won’t say for sure as I don’t have a wifi…. Other than that everything looks good. Still not satisfying though…. Waiting for the completed upgrade.
    AndyX rom 5.1-
    Let me know if anything better comes up. 😉 🙂

  19. franco says:

    Hi, USB didnt work for me either, impossible to connect to the PC for file exchange. Reverted back to stock waiting for more stable version, probably after the official ics comes out this month?

  20. Andy says:

    I currrently have the second latest nightly build of Cyanogenmod 9 and it is very stable in my opinion. No real problems i have run into yet. I was wondering if, when i download the latest version of the cyanogenmod 9 ROM, i will still need to do a factory reset and partition wipe, even when i am just going from an older version of CM9 to a newer version. Help would be greatly appreciated

  21. Tedi says:

    guys need help. just installed this ROM but my phone does not BOOT. it has been showing that bule alien for more than 1 hour. what should i do???? pls pls pls help… i need my phone

  22. scott coley says:

    @Tedi … Go to clockwork mod recovery. vol up,home button, and power. Install cm9 agsin factory reset/wipr the rom. clear cache & delvik cache then reboot. should have you working there.

    okaygot a problem of my own too. i dont have wifi at home. so when i factory wipe cy9 and it asks me to sighn in to my gmail service to restore it has to connect to wifi which restricts me from using many roms, anyway to bypass this. thanks.

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