ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

For those of you looking for stable ICS ROM that’s rooted and with Face Unlock working, give this ICS ROM a go, which is the best all-around ICS ROM I’ve tried. (Yes, this is off the ICS Leak but better.)

The leaked version of ICS I tried couple days back didn’t have face unlock working and was very buggy but this ICS ROM fixes those issues.  There’s a bit of lag at times but otherwise it’s a complete ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 i9100 series.

Try it out and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download ICS for Galaxy S2 i9100


Don’t forget to say thanks to XDA user remorema for putting this awesome ICS ROM!

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26 Responses

  1. ronak says:

    is this better compared to cm9 ICS ?

  2. doug says:

    been coming on here for a while but theres never a new rom for sgh-t988

  3. michael says:

    Can this work with galaxy s2 t989

  4. alfie says:

    can you give the tutorial for installing this

  5. output says:

    umm… I flashed this rom, I get TouchWiz interace with ICS animations?

  6. sarang says:

    i tried this yesterday but it was keep losing my internet setting and reboot the phone alot. so didn’t like it.
    the only thing i liked about it was face unluck, which my partnet didn’t like.

  7. Kevin says:

    does this rom work with the at&t galaxy s2 or no?

  8. roddney says:

    hey dude, the market app doesn’t work on this ROM – any idea why? ‘Server Error’ connection problem – do you get the same thing?

    • admin says:

      Yes this happens to me all the time while installing new ROMs, it’s because your cache and dalvik cache got corrupted, just format cache and clear dalvik cache in ClockworkMod Recovery and voila, will fix the Market issue.

  9. Ariel says:

    the rom is great a bit lagy at first but all and all its great….i have just one issue…the cntacts app keeps crashing….dont know why….any idea??

  10. GnR says:

    please help me no lockscreen and home button not working

  11. Rob says:

    Love this ROM thanks but just one thing it keeps dropping my 3g signal and can only get it back with a reboot. Can u help please?

  12. marc says:

    Hey there,
    I’ve installed this rom, and to me, when i watch movies from youtube or my gallerlooks a little bit like its in 3d, the movie is in blue en green, really annoying, does anyone know how to fix this?

  13. jason says:

    I tried this rom… worked fine for an hour but crashed … restored my phone back to my back up
    i am trying to put this rom bac k using clockworkmod… but it says aborted all the time please help

  14. wasim says:

    is it possible to get a rom that enables NFC on the galaxy s2 i9100??

  15. xal says:

    Hi there… can’t seem to see the link to download this rom. Any idea where I can download it?

  16. xal says:

    Thanks man. I actually found it after send the comment. 🙂

  17. Ryanb says:

    Hi all,

    I have found a little bug fix.
    If you download go launcher from the market, just install it.
    After that uninstall it and your lag problem has been solved on the background.

    The only issue is after a reboot you will have to do it all over again.
    I am no developer so I don’t know the cause of it but it helps!

  18. Elias says:

    is this better than the ultraICS ?

  19. Elias says:

    can i overclock it ?
    its good without touchwiz ..its too laggy with it

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