JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777][Android 4.2.1]

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JellyBAM is one of my favorite ROMs of all time nowadays and they have released their latest Android 4.2.1 version of the ROM.

Now, with previous JellyBAM builds, it was a mix of CM10, AOKP, and ParanoidAndroid. With the newer Android 4.2.1 builds, you will just get a mix of just CM10.1 and AOKP Android 4.2.1.

For ParanoidAndroid-like settings, the latest JellyBAM ROM ships with Xposed app, which allows you to run apps in Phone or Tablet mode. I think this feature is still experimental as I have not been able to get it working so far (but please feel free to correct me otherwise with instructions at the comments!).

Overall, even with some features not working, the JellyBAM ROM brings the same customizations offered by AOKP and CM10.1 ROMs. Well, it’s a mix of the two.

I do highly like the latest version and looking forward to newer versions on the JellyBAM ROM.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, definitely give it a go, I think it might suit many people’s desires to customize the heck out of their phone.


Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer if this ROM has made your life better, thx!

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48 Responses

  1. ck says:

    how about rootbox rom for gt-i9100. Almost the same feature with little size and more feature in nightly build. Hope can recomend it

  2. jesus says:

    Its all working?

  3. julio says:

    wing step photos as SD memory?

  4. bilal jamil says:

    I am in love with ressurection remix 2.7 stable ics version, because it has the aokp navigation bar soft keys.

    only thing it misses is the call recording key on dialer, now i am looking to shift to jb rom, kindly advise which rom will suit me more having navigation bar is a must. i have tried biftor but its navigation bar size blocks the dialer button.

    kindly advice me with ur expertise. i would prefer the rom having battery with maximum screen on time.


  5. ken says:

    Not sure why I am getting E-signature verification failed. anyone with suggestion ?

  6. Julio cesar says:

    I could not install this rom, the installation failed, I think I need the siyah kernel and kernel cleaner, anyone know how to have it for the S2 i777???

  7. Julie says:

    Same here. Installation failed.

  8. Gilbert Aporto says:

    Google now doesn’t work . any Suggestion?

  9. moe says:

    I have problem my galaxy s2 from T Mobile I can’t format the phone on and unhack and I have to return the phone to T-Mobile in 2 days

  10. ash says:

    Installation was aborted.
    I even flashed a siyah kernel but it still can’t install.
    Any help please??

  11. Daus says:

    please help, cant use wifi-tethering.

  12. Johannes Sujendro says:

    I have got Xposed App to work. First you need to install the Xposed framework (using the Xposed Installer) – once the framework is installed, tick Xposed App settings to enable it. And you can use it.
    In fact, I exported both apps to another ROM, and I am enjoying a Paranoid Android-like DPI changer.
    Tethering does not work (it is a problem still with Android 4.2.1)

  13. kabz says:

    Here’s the solution to the error message people are getting.

    1. Install Dorimanx with recovery. Link
    2. Flash kenerl. Reboot.
    3.reboot to recovery.
    3. Wipe data . Flash jellybam.

    Done. Works.

  14. Julio cesar Mexico says:

    can leave siyah download link support and s2 i777 kernel cleaner? Please Zedomax

  15. Fred says:

    Google voice does not work on the i777.

  16. julio says:

    unfortunate iu the application system stopped, because I get that? can anyone help? I need the kernel cleaner for galaxy s2 i777

  17. aj dorkee says:

    hi, this rom does not have a radio.apk

    can someone provide me one? the one that does not need wifi/internet access.

  18. lucky says:

    m using it frm last 2 months…..this is a new version…i like the most…no problem in it…if u face any problem then please download it from its original website…or …blog…:)….and aj dorkee you can download radio app from jellybam blog or website its available there….

  19. ali says:

    how can i install to phone

  20. ali says:

    plz tell me how can i download this rom to my phone

  21. Dan says:

    my mobile data is not working!! 🙁

  22. John says:

    Hello I am using a SGH-I777 and been using that Shoshock 3 for awhile now… I went ahead and whiped factory restart than flash a new Siyah than tried the ROM.. Its getting a assert failed than installation aborted.. I have two other Siyah I tried and still the same thing… nomswap and a mali-jb-mswap…. Any help would be amazing right now… This rom looks like a lot of fun to have.

  23. suhas says:

    First install any aokp roms and they try to install..I also got the same problem at first.I am using it now

  24. suhas says:

    Google voice search is not working.any suggestion.

  25. David Fisher says:

    I tried to load the JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]. I had no luck at all. I have a Galaxy S2 Sgh i777 I was under the understanding that this is the correct ROM for my phone. Do you have any tips or ideas why it will not load I get a abort every time I wipe all of the cash my self before I ever start loading and still won’t load.

  26. Sidharth .R says:

    Google voice not working for me too…

  27. amir says:

    I did install the rom on Siyah kernal version 5 and it works fine, just needed an update from google play to fix some of the bugs with google voice and google now. there are some minor problems,
    1- the keyboard looks funny after pressing more than 15-20 characters! (nothing major)
    2- the music player stops working if you are using the headphones and some one calls you! i had to reboot the phone after my call to make it work again.
    3- the battery is not stable, it went from 3% to 45% after 15 min charging and then when it was full charge it took 1:45 hours to go from 100% to 49% over the night while not using the phone at all. instead it went from 49% to 46% in one hour while i was streaming live radio using wifi for 1 hour.
    4- there are many detailed settings for the phone which is perfect but sometimes confusing, not all of them work, it is good to leave some sort of instruction on how to use them.
    5- the Awesome beats app makes phone unstable if enabled, it seems the processor can not afford it.
    6- the phone gets warm if you are using it for a while (comparing to stock rom).
    7- the ram is busier than stock rom, you need to kill some apps time to time in order to run other. (100 mb is free for me while having 5-6 apps open in the background)

    other than above it is smooth, fast with no glitches! I did not have to long hold he power button to force reset the phone ever. the interface is perfect too! in general I am happy with it as long as i can find a way to fix the battery issues. please let me know if anyone has any suggestion regarding the battery problems.

  28. Risspartan117 says:

    This ROM is fantastic. I downloaded it from xda without any issues. It does overheat once in a while (but I’ve been having this issue in all JB roms) and the battery life is livable.
    One major issue I’m having though, is that it doesnt read my mass storage. I have to reboot multiple times for it to read it once. Real pain. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  29. Martin says:

    Really good rom, its pretty stable and fast. But i experience some connection problems with it which caused me to flash my old rom from my nandroid backup. Thinking of coming back to jellybam tho. Loved the 4.2.1 experience

  30. darren says:

    just loaded the rom, my google play store isnt allowing me to download any thing at all ..

  31. darren says:

    I’ve set dpi to 240, clear data, reboot but still to no available.

  32. amir says:

    here is another update after using it for a week, i will consider the bugs for now:
    1- the Apollo has stopped working and never plays any music any more, I had to use an external music player to listen to my music.
    2- the battery life got worst with operating system using about 55% of my battery and screen using 20%.
    3- the phone goes to silent or vibrator for no reason when the screen goes off, checked all the setting and found nothing about it.
    4-the xposed app settings does not work at all.
    5- have some problems charging the phone (it can be hardware but i did not have that problem before this)

    now it is time to talk about goodies, the interface is perfect and smooth, the phone is really fast, never had problem with connections and network.

  33. jay says:

    your download link is missing. The only working site I’ve found is >

  34. masi says:

    how to know if it can be flashed if you have insane chip?

  35. jbuchmann says:

    JellyBAM 6.5.0 (4.2.2) solves most of this issues, Im using right now and seems to be rock solid !

    Give it a try.

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