JellyBAM ROM v7.6.2 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/GT-i9100G/SGH-i777]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the latest version of JellyBAM ROM. As we saw about a month ago on version 7, JellyBAM has been steadily improving with more added features and stability.

Some notable features include completely redesigned HoloBAM, whic allows you to enjoy full inverted GMail, Play Store, Google Talk, and YouTube at the touch of a button. There’s many custom ROMs that actually ship with inverted apps but this one you can have the best of both worlds, just turn it off if you don’t like it.

Other than that, the latest version does ship with AOKP MR1 Build 6 ROM Control setttings, ParanoidAndroid Settings, and stability of CM10.1

Definitely, JellyBAM is looking better than ever and if you wanted one ROM to flash and get the best of all three ROMs (AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, CM10.1), this is the ROM for you.

Try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

No Gapps needed

Credits – JellyBAM <— Please donate to the developers of this ROM if you like it, thx!

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58 Responses

  1. amir,v says:

    What is the battery life on this rom? Good or bad?

  2. prajith says:

    i installed this rom… but now when i connect my fone to pc via usb…. it works for about 10mins…. then suddenly my fone hangs and i have to remove the battery to restart it…..i cant transfer big files to my phone….what shoould i do ? thanks in advance

    • Zurueckwinker says:

      I had this issue with the latest AOKP rom. This worked for me: go to settings, storage, hit the menue button, choose USB computer connection, enable mass storage.

      • Prajith says:

        Yea i tried that but still the prob persists… Transfr rate is very slow.. And connect keeps getting lost in 5min….i tried super nexus and jellybam both the rom had this prob… Now back to stock version and ders no prob now…. Is there any soln for this bcz i really want to put custom rom…

  3. Jason says:

    can the roms from this site be downloaded in .tar format so that i can use odin to flash? I cant seem to be able to flash with it being a zip file. it doesn’t recognize the file. and when i try putting the zip on the phone then using moble odin it gest and error and says “install aborted”

    • dave says:

      you dont use these with odin . you put on sd card then reboot into recovery and install like that . thats why they are zip files and not tar..

  4. jackto says:

    is this rom stable ?

    can i install it with odin? if not ,how do i install this rom ?
    can i install it over the leaked version of jelly bean(xxlsj)?

  5. lijojolly says:

    Jason, Jackto you have to flash they rom via recovery mode(volume up+power button+menu button) and select install zip from external storage. Mobile odin will support tar files only.

    • Jason says:

      When I do that I get the same error “install aborted”

      • lijojolly says:

        Jason do not extract the zip file, make sure that you completely download the full zip file because sometimes download can intrupt because of server overloads, I advice you to put each copy of the zip file in both your internal and external memory and reboot the phone in recovery mode. Invalid files can abort the installation.

      • Jayson says:

        What kernel are you using when you get install aborted? I keep 2 kernels and try both if I get install aborted code 7 I try the other kernel

        • Jason says:

          below is the kernel.

          kernel Version:
          se.infra@SEP-111 #3
          SMP PREEMPT tue Nov 6 02.42.23
          KST 2012

          Could this be the reson for my problem?

      • dave says:

        I have found if the file is about 400mb then it will install on my gt -i900.
        if the file is about 200 it will not install .

    • jackto says:

      thanks for your reply

  6. Cyyap95 says:

    I am facing some serious problem on every 4.2.2 rom….

    most of 4.2+ rom will freeze randomly when running some apps or games….
    I’ve tried jellybam,cm10.1,thinkingbridge,paranoid,omega… and more
    is that a known issue ? cause i can’t find any developers of those rom stated it …
    and here’s a video

  7. They call me Tim says:

    Installed this rom and it instantly crashes on gapps.

  8. jd says:

    This ROM runs really smooth with sti kernel. Plus sti(i have noticed) helps out a lot with battery rather than stock.

  9. Mr & Mrs. Dingle says:

    hey max..

    we downloaded this to update our jellybam rom..after rebooting the app drawer that’s supposed to be seen on the middle of the dock in the homescreen is not there..what can we do?..we can’t find it in the settings..hope you can help us..

    thank you

  10. Bhargav says:

    hey max

    am from India
    where is the maps and navigation?

    please help
    thank you

  11. Atif says:

    This ROM is good but battery life is pathetic …full charge drains in around 2hrs

  12. Fatherseye says:

    The best ROM I have tried. Runs beautifully and provides excellent battery performance – as good as I have seen. I don’t use any of the performance tweaks because it really doesn’t need it.

    It has the same audio chopping issue as AOKP when playing music at very low volume – something to do with the DSP junk – but it isn’t too bad.

  13. Kai Y says:

    My phone keeps rebooting itself if I am playing music and then send a text. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  14. Christopher says:

    I dont have instal this room, when i intal that, his tell me aborte, help, the file is download perfectly.

  15. Poko says:

    How to it install i can’t do this xD help me

  16. Michael M says:

    I really like this ROM but am having a lot of issues with the phone’s signal. It has been losing signal a lot for no reason since I downloaded it yesterday. I would restart the phone and it would be fine for a while. I tried doing it again a min ago and it isnt working at all. I should have a great signal where I am at but nothing. It also can’t find any network carriers whenever I search for it… I have never had this happen before with any other ROM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Sdimas says:

    I did a clean install and when it starts up for the first time, it does not go past the android robot animation thing. It just stays there for hours. I restored back to stock but rooted firmware, just like it was before. I really want to try this rom so what can be the problem?
    I have the SGH-I777

    • Ken Brown says:

      _I had the same problem with losing signal it turned out it had nothing to do with the the ROM. This ROM is the best ROM out right now. Try getting a new sim card from your carrier it fixed my problems. Also people take advantage of the Acid sound tweak and it removes DSP manager.

  18. benjy says:

    hey why don’t you put on new roms weekley and actully about every 2 weeks we are waitng

  19. Cudziak says:

    Hi, I have a problem, when installs the system error pops up “Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped.” What should I do in order to work correctly? Sorry for the english, but I’m Polish: P

  20. bhargav says:

    hey max,

    bluetooth won’t work for files(25mb and more)
    please help me for this.

    thank you

  21. mythm says:

    i downlode the wrong virgin i have Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 G
    and now i cant open my phone or but it in any mode
    how can i install any rom now 🙁 it’s only shows
    phone and ! mark then computer and i can’t do any thing
    pleas help me can show me how to install if you want pic for my phone tell me

  22. mythm says:

    i downlode the wrong virgin i have Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 G
    and now i cant open my phone or but it in any mode
    how can i install any rom now 🙁 it’s only shows
    phone and ! mark then computer and i can’t do any thing
    pleas help me can show me how to install any

  23. mythm says:

    umm you dont understand i didn’t install the rom it had some kind of error
    and i did’t know what you are talking BOUT can you explain more
    what is sim card from your carrier and Acid sound tweak and it removes DSP manager??
    i cant go to download mod or any thing

  24. filip says:

    Cansome1 please tell me whats the best rom jb stock stable for the samsung galaxy s2

  25. Shurjith says:

    Stock roms arent as osm as custom ones

  26. Celes says:

    I’m unable to install this rom. Currently im using Omega v20.1-XWLSD
    I have wipe data/ factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvic cache. Once i try installing the zip, it shows error as ‘install error’. Evan tried downloading the file again, same error.
    Any idea anyone????

  27. yahya says:

    Hi !
    This rom has a bad effect on mobile voice. When playing music or sound bad when the phone is ringing. What is the solution?

  28. AR says:

    Can anyone advise if the official Samsung analog audio car dock will work with this rom? I have tried loads of other roms including CM10.1 and they never work. Thanks

  29. Lc says:

    eh instalado esta rom pero cuando intento activar mi conexion de datos moviles,, no me funciona… que eh echo mal en la instalacion????

    • neoBIT666 says:

      ¿Has configurado el apn?
      Redes Moviles…
      Tienes que configurar el APN de tu proveedor.

  30. Sasa says:

    Hi, e are fighting for freedom in middl-East. would you please rellease it with farsi=Persian language in menu.
    thanks alott.
    Best Regards for Best men/Women!

  31. Sasa says:

    hi, please let me know what kind of reset doesn’t earase my phone book and apps.
    You are great!

  32. Sasa says:

    Hi, We are fighting for freedom in Middel-East. would you please release it with farsi=Persian language in menu.
    thanks a lot.
    Best Regards for Best men/Women!

  33. KC says:

    I have a I777 but the
    Model number says GT-I9100 running
    Android verion 2.3.6
    Baseband version I777uckh7
    Siyah kernel
    Which version will work on my device?

  34. jokerlight says:

    hello Zedomax

    I need some help I have a galaxy s2 sgh-i777 with android 4.2.2 AOKP rom with kernel-ATTGalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxKernel SGH-I777, but I want another rom jelly bam putting on 10.1.0, but some time ago set you try jelly version bam 7.1 and could not I said he could not by the kernel my question is which kernel I need to run on my device jelly bam I appreciate

  35. Ken Brown says:

    I have the same phone as you. I used to run AOKP roms. But I’ve been using jellybam for a quite a bit of time now and I think its the best rom. I’m running late is version with 4.3 jelly bean. Jellybam comes with its own kernel. So do a complete backup. Complete wipe and I need to complete data everything. And then just install. The 10 .0 version was a little bug you but the 10 .1 version is great. Good luck

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